WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Services RFP Questions and

WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Services RFP
Questions and Answers Bidders Conference
1. Our organization has an independent audit annually. Is this sufficient to meet the audit
requirement or must a single program audit be conducted? If so, can this be billed to the
The type of audit required is dependent on the organization’s budget. Audit requirements are
determined by Federal (OMB) and State of South Carolina requirements. The MWDB does not
add additional requirements. If an organization is currently operating State and/or Federal
programs, it is likely they will meet the audit requirements of this solicitation. The portion of
the audit related to the Midlands WIOA program can be billed in the future to the WIOA grant.
2. Can a profit percentage be added to a fixed price budget?
In a fixed price contract, payments are based on achievement of agreed upon performance
benchmarks. Any earned revenue above and beyond the actual costs of the program is
considered either profit (for-profit organizations) or program income (governmental and nonprofit organizations). For governmental and non-profit organizations, the program income must
be used to provide additional ETA-funded services or accounted for with already recorded
allowable grant expenditures that were not paid by the grant.
3. Can the performance based budget be invoiced monthly with fixed costs and guaranteed base
percentage of profit with additional profit for exceeding performance measures?
Guidance from USDOL regarding WIOA is not yet released. The law specifically noted fixed price
performance based contracts but offers no guidelines. Currently all we have is guidance
regarding WIA. They did address fixed price/performance based contracts (FP/PBC) as a part of
the Technical Assistance Guide (TAG) issued in July 2011 for Workforce Investment Act
programs. It can be found at http://www.doleta.gov/grants/pdf/TAG_PartII_July2011.pdf. The
language for FP/PBC can be found beginning on page 139. Specifically it notes that payments
are issued on delivery of agreed upon measureable outcomes. Additionally, revenue earned
that exceeds actual costs is treated as program income when the contractor is a governmental
or non-profit organization. There are specifics on how program income may be used also
addressed in the TAG. At this time, our guidance is to treat WIOA in accordance with the
current WIA guidance we have. As such, the MWDB accepts invoices on a monthly basis but will
only pay for the benchmarks earned when the contract is a fixed price/performance based
4. Can the performance based budget be invoiced monthly with fixed costs along with a base
percentage of profit? Can an additional incentive then be negotiated for meeting/exceeding
performance measures?
See question #3 for the specific citations but at this time the MWDB would expect monthly
invoices from all contractors. In the instance of a fixed price/performance based contract,
payment will be rendered for achieved benchmarks only. It is expected that fixed
price/performance based contracts would earn payment beyond actual costs when meeting or
exceeding the performance benchmarks negotiated for the contract. Because this type of
contract risks the financial loss associated with a failed program, efficient and effective
programs would likely earn in excess of the actual costs (profit).
5. Can the performance based budget be invoiced monthly for cost reimbursement for salaries
and operations with a profit charged for performance?
WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Services RFP
Questions and Answers Bidders Conference
Questions #3 and #4 cite the USDOL guidance in place for Employment and Training programs to
date. Payments for the grant are based on the achievement of benchmarks leading to the
successful performance of the individuals served by the grant and thus the success of the grant.
Multiple benchmarks may be establish for incremental measurement of the success of the
program and considered on a monthly basis in alignment with the monthly invoicing to the
6. In the technical response package for the Adult and Dislocated Worker RFP there is a check
box for training services. If our organization does not conduct training but will link
participants to training, should that box be marked, same question would apply to many other
Without knowing your proposed delivery strategy, it’s difficult to fully understand your
question. For instance, if your intention is to link participants to training providers through the
Eligible Training Provider (ETP) list for WIOA services, these services would be paid for through
the grant and should be indicated on the technical response package and budgeted. In contrast,
if your service strategy is to refer participants to one of the SC Works Center partners for
scholarship opportunities for training services, the activity would actually be captured as a
Career Service – referral to programs.
7. Is the proposed service level requested in the RFP the number of participants we should
anticipate serving?
Yes, the proposed service level included in the RFP is a round number of participants anticipated
to be served with the funds included in the RFP.
8. Does the $1,600,000 for the Adult/DW budget include training and supportive service dollars
or just operations? If it does include training and supportive services, what is the percentage
of each?
Yes, the $1,600,000 in the RFP includes the full range of services included in the RFP for the
three-county area. There is not a required percentage of funds allocated to training and
supportive services as a category. Most of the facility costs associated with the program
operation is not included in the budget because the Board will allocate the costs for operations
within SC Works Centers into its budget. It is expected that a reasonably significant portion of
the RFP budgeted funds be spent on direct participant services (training and supportive
9. Who provides the equipment for the staff? Does this include computers, telephones and cell
There is existing equipment for the staff to use that will be made available to the contractor.
Workstations complete with desks, chairs, computers and wired-desk telephones are available
for staff use within the SC Works Centers and does not need to be budgeted in the proposal.
Cell phones are not included. Additional printing availability is established within each of the SC
Works Centers through a combination of networked copy machines and printers, as appropriate
to Center volume.
10. Will the contractor pay rent for the staff who reside in SC Works locations? If so, what it the
current rental rate?
WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Services RFP
Questions and Answers Bidders Conference
The WIOA Title I program will pay a fair share of operational costs (rent, utilities, maintenance,
etc.) for occupancy in the SC Works Center. However, an estimation of the costs has been setaside at the local administrative level to pay the cost for the WIOA providers operating within
the SC Works Centers.
11. Is there a transitional budget allowed for the contractor when they are awarded?
At this point, the Midlands plans to issue contracts with an effective date of July 1, 2015. As
stated in the RFP, WIOA Regulations have not yet been released although we understand that
some guidance is expected in the coming weeks.
We will communicate via
www.midlandsworkforce.org with additional guidance regarding any transitional latitude
resulting from USDOL guidance within the period the RFP is out for bid.
12. What is the current number of employees who perform this work? Where are they currently
located? Please identify those positions in management, support, case managers, etc.? What
is their current rate of pay or pay range expected? Is there a level of benefits required?
There are currently two certification staff members and twenty-one case management
positions. The certification staff members are shared across all three programs and all three SC
Works offices. All but one and one-third of those staff members are working out of the SC
Works Centers (Columbia, Lexington and Winnsboro). The only positions outside of the Center
work in a community services building and a position that rotates part-time to the Technical
College campus for the convenience of participants attending school full-time. Those positions
are case manager positions. The program supervisor is currently a shared role with the Youth
program supervisor. The average salary is $34,000. There is not a benefit level required for the
staff in this grant. It is expected that the contractor would extend similar benefits to the grant
staff as similarly situated existing employees with the contractor’s organization. With the
programmatic changes of WIOA, the staff structure and number may change from the current
arrangement and is allowable.
13. On the budget worksheet, there is a matching section. Is there a cash match or in-kind match
required? If so, how much?
Match funds are possible but not required for this grant application. We are interested in any
leveraged resources to support the overall mission of the WIOA program strategies.
14. Will the budget worksheet be made available in Excel or are the responders expected to create
this form?
The budget forms (in Excel) will be made available via the Board’s website
(www.midlandsworkforce.org) in the afternoon of March 16 2015 following the Bidder’s
15. Will top bidders be expected to give a presentation? If so, when is this planned?
Bidders may or may not be asked to make a presentation to evaluation committee. No
presentation meeting is currently planned. Requested presentation will be announced following
the meeting of the evaluation committee. The presentation would occur prior to the any
recommendation being forwarded to Midlands Workforce Development Board.
WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Services RFP
Questions and Answers Bidders Conference
16. On Page 8, Section C indicates that orientation must be completed in accordance with the
Midlands Workforce Development Board’s procedure. Could a copy of this procedure be
Currently the MWDB’s WIA Orientation is found on-line at www.midlandsworks.org so that is
available 24 hours per day to be accessed at the customer’s convenience and speed enrollment
and focus staff time on service delivery. In addition, the orientation can be delivered face-toface with staff in a one-on-one or mass group, when needed or requested. Accommodations
for disabilities or language interpretation is also available. With the limited guidance on WIOA
implementation, the MWDB acknowledges changes will need to be made for WIOA
implementation. It may be as simple as updating the information contained in the on-line
orientation or it may be more complicated. We will work closely with the contractor for WIOA
orientation. The same delivery options will be expected of WIOA Orientation.
17. Page 10, Section E requires a full time presence in the SC Works Center in each of the three
counties. Are there currently any staff located in satellite offices? If so, could you provide the
name and address of these locations?
Case management staff is present full-time in each of the three current SC Works Centers. The
comprehensive center is located at 700 Taylor Street Columbia (SC Works Midlands). The two
satellite offices are located at 671 Main Street West Columbia (SC Works Lexington) and 414
South Congress Street Winnsboro (SC Works Fairfield). Fairfield County has an additional fulltime staff member working from a community based center. One case manager from the SC
Works Center rotates on a part-time basis to one campus of the technical center.
18. Will the MWDB provide directives to address Career Pathways?
The MWDB has identified the following clusters are priority training areas: Advanced
Manufacturing, Business, Healthcare, Information Technology, and Transportation and Logistics.
These clusters have been viewed on an Annual Basis and published in the MWDB’s Workforce
Report. We anticipate issuing additional directives regarding Career Pathways as additional
information and guidance is issued from USDOL and the State throughout the implementation
of WIOA. An additional, unscheduled review is planned April/May of this year.
19. Will MWDB provide eligibility staff or should this be a component of the Agency’s grant
All participant services are being bid in this RFP including certification of eligibility.
20. Can we place the completed proposal response in a binder and tab out the sections requested?
The proposals can be bound in any method by the proposer.
21. Will there be an evaluation form provided to include in section 3?
The evaluation criteria included on pages 26-27 (section 3) of the solicitation is the evaluation
criteria for the breakout of scoring of each proposal submitted and will be used by the
evaluation committee. This is not a section to be completed by proposer. It is included in the
solicitation as information.
22. Is there a page limit to the narrative section?
There is not page limit to the narrative section of the proposal. Bidders are encouraged to
present a clear, concise description of the proposal.
WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Services RFP
Questions and Answers Bidders Conference
23. Are MOUS/Letters of support required?
Existing MOUs and/or Letters of support are allowed but are not required for the proposal. The
Board is interested in any existing working relationships that will enhance the service delivery
but it can be described as an existing partnership and explain how it will benefit the WIOA
services within the narrative section.
24. The RFP indicated all pages of the response shall be numbered. Is this only applicable to the
narrative section?
All pages of the proposal should be numbered to include the forms in the Bidders Response
Package and the narrative.
25. If forms such as the title page require a number can a word version be provided so we can
change page number to ensure a logical flow?
The forms in the Budget Response section (in Word and Excel as appropriate) will be made
available via the Board’s website (www.midlandsworkforce.org) in the afternoon of March 16
2015 following the Bidder’s conference.
26. Is classroom space available for training use in each of the SC Works Centers?
In the SC Works Midlands office, there are several group meeting spaces with a combination of
computer labs and classroom space. The SC Works Lexington office also has both computer labs
and classroom spaces. The SC Works Fairfield has a single room that can be used as classroom
or computer lab for a small group. These spaces will not be dedicated to the WIOA program
services but are shared for all partners and workshops and training classes for the public.
27. Can you provide us with budget form in excel format?
The forms in the Budget Response section (in Word and Excel as appropriate) will be made
available via the Board’s website (www.midlandsworkforce.org) in the afternoon of March 16
2015 following the Bidder’s conference.