June 2015 Newsletter

Ju n e 2 0 1 5 N ew s l e t t e r
Dear Residents, Families, and Staff:
Warmer weather has arrived (a couple of times since winter) and the patio
furniture is in now place – so, go out and enjoy our two (2) beautiful
courtyards. The Master Gardeners have been busy making our courtyard
gardens and flower beds beautiful for everyone to enjoy.
Our Activity and Dietary staff are planning some outdoor activities, treats,
and meals for summer. Watch the calendar for special summertime events
in the coming months.
I would like to wish all fathers a very Happy Father’s Day on June 21st!
Have a wonderful summer!
Mark Eubank
Summer is here and we are all looking forward to the warm sunny weather!
We hope everyone takes the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful courtyards this
year. Please remember to stay well hydrated and protect yourselves from
sunburn by wearing sun screen and don’t forget the sun glasses!!!
This month we will be celebrating
National Certified Nursing Assistant Week.
This week long celebration will take place June 11th thru the 18th. Please help
us thank them for all the wonderful care they provide. We have some of the
best caregivers and are truly blessed to have Them!!!!!!
A reminder to our residents: Please don’t give any personal information
over the phone to someone you do not know. There are a lot of scammers out
there who make a living out of taking innocent persons money and can sound
very convincing. If you receive a phone call and someone is asking for
personal information such as checking account/banking information or
personal identification questions simply hang up. If the phone calls continue
please let your family or KDH staff know.
Happy Summer!
Jo Lynn Gunderman DON
Melissa Pate ADON
6/26 Lib Olson
6/28 Howard Garrett
6/19 Jennifer Lincoln
6/25 Elizabeth Rittmaier
6/27 Jessica Dzurka
Please join us
on Wednesday, June 10th
1:00-3:00 pm
(back parking lot)
Baby Acres
Petting Farm
Resident Rights Review
10. A Resident is entitled to know who is responsible for and who is
providing his or her direct care, and is entitled to receive information
concerning his or her continuing health needs, and be involved with
discharge planning, if appropriate.
11. Each nursing home Resident shall be afforded the opportunity to
discharge him or herself from the nursing home, if appropriate.
12. A Resident is entitled to receive and examine an explanation of his or
her bill regardless of the source of payment and receive, upon request,
information relating to financial assistance available through the health
Contact person
Resident care, treatment goal(s) concerns, nursing policy
and procedure, nursing staff
Jo Lynn Gunderman
See above and all resident safety issues (i.e. alarms)
Melissa Pate
Activity and Social Services, resident personal property
Becky Peters
Dietary and nutritional issues/concerns
Traci Gobrogge
Laundry, housekeeping, and maintenance issues/concerns
Doug Glazier
Billing, admission issues, long term care insurance
Lisa Pomranky
Scheduling rooms for private resident/family social events
Kelly Wejrowski
Care conference/service plan meeting scheduling, times,
planning telephone conferences
Cathy Stavely
Regulatory issues and facility operational concerns
Mark Eubank
Pharmaceutical billing questions and concerns
Hometown Pharmacy
800 792-4880
June was named after the Roman goddess Juno, who is the wife of Jupiter.
In June, spring ends and summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere.
During this time, all the flowers and plants are very beautiful.
In the southern hemisphere, winter begins in June.
Birth Flower: Rose
Birth Stone: Pearl, Alexandrite & Moonstone
Zodiac Signs: Gemini May 21-June 20
Cancer June 21-July 22
On June 14, 1777, the flag of the United States
was adopted by the Continental Congress.
KDH Home Contact
Mark Eubank
Administrator/Director of Operations
2410 Rodd St, Midland
(989) 839-9800
Special Events at KDH
6/1 Mango the Therapy Dog visits @ 3:00 pm (living room)
6/1 Linda Lee Accordion Performance @ 7:00 pm
6/2 Bingo with KDH Circle @ 7:15 pm
6/3 Antique Country Music with Dick Schulz @ 2:30 pm
6/4 Resident Meeting with Mark @ 2:30 pm
6/4 Music by Jeff Walikangas @ 3:30 pm (living room)
6/5 Sing Along with Val Lemen @ 2:30 pm
6/6 Hymn Sing with Charlotte @ 3:00 pm (living room)
6/8 Music with Dave Shaffer @ 2:30 pm
6/9 Monthly Birthday Party @ 2:30 pm
6/10 Lecronier’s Baby Acres Petting Farm 1:00-3:00 pm (back parking lot)
6/11 Family Traditions (old country & gospel music) @ 3:00 pm
6/13 Ice Cream Social @ 2:30 pm
6/15 Sunshine String Band with Kim Maul @ 2:30 pm
6/16 Trinity Lutheran Children’s Musical @ 1:00 pm (living room)
6/16 True Spirit Singers @ 7:00 pm
6/17 Reminiscing with Sally Hahn @ 2:00 pm
6/18 Arlyn @ the Piano @ 2:30 pm (living room)
6/22 Over the Hill Gang @ 2:30 pm
6/23 Shopping Trip to the Mall & lunch @ Food Court 10:00-1:00 (see Becky)
6/24 Flute Performance with Will Greeley @ 3:00 pm
Wishing all of our
Wonderful Dads out there
a very