April Newsletter 2015 - King`s Daughters Home

Ap r i l N ew s l e t t e r 2 0 1 5
Dear Residents, Families, and Staff:
Since we’ve welcomed some new residents in the past few months, it is
appropriate to remind everyone of the informational poster that applies to both
nursing and assisted living/home for the aged residents entitled: Patient/Resident
Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. It is posted in two places around the
building: on the wall in the nursing hallway just outside the Sun Porch and on the
brick pillar between the front door and the reception desk. Plus, there are smaller
pamphlets with the same information available at the reception desk. We also
post an article (Resident Rights Review) in each newsletter, too. Please read
these and become familiar with them. If you have any questions or concerns,
please contact the Director of Social Work & Activities (Becky Peters) for
May you have a Blessed Easter!
Mark Eubank
Nursing News
Its spring!!!! We are all very excited for the warmer weather
and the beautiful flowers that are soon to appear. Happy
Spring to all our residents, staff, family and friends of KDH!!
King’s Daughter’s Home offers a wide range of services for our residents.
Instead of making multiple outside appointments nearly all of your health care
needs can be met right here. We have a physician who along with the nurse
practitioner come r ight to our home and see our residents on a regular
basis. They are also available for consultation during emergency situations.
If you wish to see the in house physician, please let your charge nurse know.
If you are interested in receiving dental, podiatry, vision, or audiology services
the specialists with the Mobile Medical group are routinely in our home to tend
to your needs. Laboratory and x-ray ser vices are also available in house and
are able to accommodate our resident’s on a daily basis.
Please see your nurse to sign up for any of the services that are offered.
Have a wonderful Easter,
Jo Lynn Gunderman / Director of Nursing
Melissa Pate / Assistant Director of Nursing
4/3 Betty Strauch
4/9 Sylvia Bridge
4/11 Betty Keil
4/11 Laurene Kerr
4/15 Nancee Most
4/24 Rose Marie Snyder
4/4 Dawn Walker
4/11 Mark Eubank
4/11 Becky Peters
4/11 Sam Pomranky
4/11 Carrie Roebuck
4/24 Diane Coons
4/26 Tammy Sauve
4/30 Janet France
Howard Garrett
Ruth Green
Karey Robinson– CNA
Keith Yingling– Charge Nurse
Cassondra Green– CNA
Helena Krancich– CNA
Resident Rights Review
7. A Resident has the right to refuse treatment to the extent provided by
law and to be informed of the consequences of that refusal.
8. A Resident is entitled to information concerning an experimental procedure proposed as part of his or her care and shall have the right to refuse to
participate in the experiment without jeopardizing his/her continuing care.
9. A nursing home Resident is entitled to choose a personal attending
physician and shall be informed of the name, specialty and way of
contacting the physician responsible for his/her care. If a Resident desires
treatment by a licensed member of the healing arts, the treatment shall be
made available.
Contact person
Resident care, treatment goal(s) concerns, nursing policy
and procedure, nursing staff
Jo Lynn Gunderman
See above and all resident safety issues (i.e. alarms)
Melissa Pate
Activity and Social Services, resident personal property
Becky Peters
Dietary and nutritional issues/concerns
Traci Gobrogge
Laundry, housekeeping, and maintenance issues/concerns
Doug Glazier
Billing, admission issues, long term care insurance
Lisa Pomranky
Scheduling rooms for private resident/family social events
Kelly Wejrowski
Care conference/service plan meeting scheduling, times,
planning telephone conferences
Cathy Stavely
Regulatory issues and facility operational concerns
Mark Eubank
Pharmaceutical billing questions and concerns
Hometown Pharmacy
800 792-4880
April Facts
In the USA, April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month,
National Poetry Month, and Autism Awareness Month!
Birth Flower: Sweet Pea & Daisy
Birth Stone: Diamond
Zodiac Signs: Aries March 21– April 19
Taurus April 20-May 20
One of April’s birth month flowers is the Sweet Pea. The Sweet Pea stands
for happiness, blissfulness, and is used to say goodbye. The other flower
that represents the month of April is the daisy. This birth month flower
represents innocence, certainty, and modesty. Many people give the Daisy
to wish good fortune, happiness, and pleasure. It is believed that a nymph
wanted to be left alone, so she turned herself into a Daisy.
KDH Home Contact
Mark Eubank
Administrator/Director of Operations
2410 Rodd St, Midland
(989) 839-9800
Special Events at KDH
4/1 Antique Country Music @ 2:30 pm
4/2 Resident Meeting @ 2:30 pm
4/3 Sing Along w/ Val @ 2:30 pm
4/4 Easter Egg Hunt @ 2:00 pm
4/7 Butterfly Expo outing @ Dow Gardens $5/ person @ 2:00 pm
4/7 KDH circle Bingo @ 7:15 pm
4/8 Detroit Tigers Party @ 1:00 pm
4/9 Family Traditions (old country & gospel music) @ 3:00 pm
4/10 KDH Buck Auction w/ Dexter the Auctioneer @ 3:00 pm
4/11 Ice Cream Social @ 2:30 pm
4/13 Music w/ Dave Shaffer @ 2:30 pm
4/14 Monthly Birthday Party @ 2:30 pm
4/16 Arlyn @ the Piano @ 2:30 pm
4/17 Golden Guild Drama Club performs “Ole Time Radio” @ 3:00 pm
4/20 Sunshine String Band @ 2:30 pm
4/21 Crafter’s Cove @ 2:30 pm
4/23 Music by Jeff Walikangas @ 3:00 pm
4/27 Over the Hill Gang @ 2:30 pm