MidCoast Improv Auditions The MidCoast Improv repertory auditions

 MidCoast Improv Auditions The MidCoast Improv repertory auditions will be held at the Uptown Arts Bar, 3611 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64111, Saturday June 13th 2015 starting at 3:00pm. Be prepared! We probably don’t know you, so help us out. Bring a acting resume (you can ​
it) with you. This should include a headshot (selfie is fine), all relevant acting/improv experience and education. This doesn't need to be extensive, just a way for us to get to know you and where you’re coming from. Read up on what we do! We play long­form, game based improv. Experience in this isn’t required as learning it will be part of what we do in rehearsals. However take some time and get familiar with what we are about. You can get a copy of the ​
UCB manual​
or listen to the ​
UCB longform conversations​
or ​
Kevin Mullaney’s IRC​
podcasts. The Audition Process Sign up ​
get your spot! Space is limited and on a first come first served basis. Email [email protected]​
if you have any questions. Auditions will take place at the Uptown Arts Bar at 3:00pm. If we get a lot of sign ups we will split it into two groups, so make sure to sign up. If you show up day of with no sign up we will try and fit you in but we cannot make any promises. Also if you are late and there are players who showed up early or on time your spot could be given away. If you cannot make it on that day and time, sorry, we’ll catch you next time. You will be playing in long­form scenes, so be ready to play! You will be doing scenes with other auditioning actors as well as team members from Babies. We will be casting based on skill demonstrated during audition as well as skills demonstrated in other performances. Everyone will be given notes on their audition. Got a show coming up between now and June 13? Let us know, and we'll do our best to get one more MidCoast flunkies to go see it so we can see you in action. Our Expectations We are looking for performers with a solid understanding of long­form with the willingness to learn. We are also looking for people without a solid understanding of long­form but have a burning need to learn! We want people who thrive off of hard work and being challenged. Performers with a good sense of fun and collaboration. People who can help us grow and be a part of something awesome! So if starting a collaborative group of hard working, driven comedic minds all working, challenging and supporting each other to build something unique sounds fun we’ll see you June 13th. A little about MidCoast Improv Rep. Rehearsals will be at the Uptown Arts Bar Wednesdays from 7pm to 9pm every week except for holidays. We’re also looking for flexible performers, people who can make it weekly or only once a month. Each rehearsal will be lead by Christian Robinson and Juliette Everhart. At first we will focus on getting everyone on board with game based long form and playing with each other. As we grow we will focus on specific shows and skills during rehearsal. You will also have the opportunity to work with teachers and coaches from around the country. Rehearsals will be held weekly, except for holidays. The more you come the more you will be cast in however you only need to be able to attend once a month to be eligible to be cast in shows. People have busy lives and we don’t want this to prevent talented performers from being able to play. Performers in the rep company will be cast monthly shows at the Arts Bar, other KC theaters as well as the opportunity to travel to perform around the country. In addition, when Midcoast Improv house teams like Babies and That's No Moon look for new members, they'll choose from company members.