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Horse with Large Wound on Neck
Day 2
14 Days
After 33 Days
Information displayed is provided by our customers. MicrocynAH® is a great addition to any wound care regimen. Always consult with a veterinarian for systemic conditions.
Belinda Barbas
Bailey – Arabian Horse (30ish)
Large abscess on neck
MicrocynAH® Product:
MicrocynAH® Wound & Skin Care - Liquid
Application: (initial
usage, current usage,
Applied MicrocynAH® 3 times a day in conjunction with a
sterile water flush infused with antibiotics for 5 days. We
used MicrocynAH® at each dressing change, which was
3x a day until the wound began to drain, then 2x a day.
Antibiotics used in conjunction with MicrocynAH®: SMZS
for 10 days, Metronidazole for a couple of days because
Bailey could not tolerate it.
Healing Period:
4 weeks and 5 days
Owner Comments:
“Bailey is a thirty-something Arab, who I have owned for
14 years. He is an amazing horse with a strong will to
live. Bailey was so sick from the wound that I discussed
euthanasia with my vet. I believe that the antibiotic flush
helped fight the raging infection, but the daily care with
the MicrocynAH® speeded his remarkable recovery.
There is barely a scar where the wound was. For a horse
at Bailey’s age to recover from such a severe wound (so
deep that I could put my hand into the wound up to the
end of my fingers), is just a miracle.
I feel that MicrocynAH® played an important role in
his recovery. I am glad that a friend told me about
MicrocynAH® when I was beginning to feel hopeless that
the wound would never heal. My vet was also pleased
with the results.”
MicrocynAH® Wound and Skin Care products are
innovative topical solutions for the care of wounds
and irritations. MicrocynAH® is non-toxic, steroid-free
and antibiotic-free and will not sting when applied.
There is no rinsing or staining after use. MicrocynAH®
is intended for OTC management of skin abrasions,
lacerations, minor irritations, cuts and intact skin.
Use For:
`` Cleaning and Debriding
`` Ear Irritations**
`` Post-Surgical Sites
`` Skin Rashes
`` Irritated Skin
`` Skin Ulcers
`` Scratches
`` Hot Spots
`` Cleaning the Umbilical & Navel
`` Cuts
`` Cracked Teats
`` Burns
`` Sores
`` Eye Irritations*
`` Lacerations
* For superficial use with intact cornea
** Not for inner ear infections
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Belinda Barbas