Race Officer Checklist

Race Officer Check List
Your primary responsibility as Race Officer is to ensure the safety of all
1. Re-read the Sailing Instructions, which are found on both the MHASC WebSite and the Notice
Board. If you want to know more, read the Race Officer Guidelines.
2. Arrive at the club AT LEAST 3 hours before racing to commence duties.
Before Racing
1. Place “MHASC No Parking” sign in position at entrance to our leased area.
2. Check starter horn has been charged, if not connect to charger. Takes a good hour to charge.
3. Sweep out whole clubhouse including Men’s and Women’s Change Rooms.
4. Place anti-slip mat on ramp.
5. Check forecast and tides and summarise with date on notice board for briefing.
6. Place Sign-on Sheet on clip board and place on notice board.
7. Re-fill tub for cleaning boots and place at entrance to Men’s Change Room.
Before Leaving for Race Area
1. Check to ensure there is sufficient fuel for the outboard for the day. If not contact the Vice
Commodore or Committee member for the premixed fuel under the stairs.
2. Collect RO’s bag and signalling horn. Use Equipment Check List (copy in Red Folder).
Advise Committee member if anything is missing.
3. Check all marks, ground tackle and flags.
Rescue/Committee Boat Operation
1. The two pin plug on the motor must be connected to the socket on the hull and both “kill
switch” cords must be engaged before the motor can be started. Check spare cord is in the
RO’s bag.
2. Kill the motor immediately any person in the water is closer than about 3 metres to the motor.
Throw out the anchor if you are close to a lee shore. The motor MUST be stopped before
recovering someone from the water or using the ladder on the boat’s stern.
Before and During Racing
1. The quality of the day’s racing largely depends on YOU. The Sailing Instructions are your bible
– ALWAYS re-read them. If in doubt, consult an experienced sailor.
2. Have your flags sorted before going into starting sequence, including recall and general recall
flags. Fly the AP if the start will be later than scheduled.
3. Always set the start line at right angles to the average wind direction – a compass helps.
After Racing
1. Check Sign On Sheet and trollies on beach to ensure all competitors have returned.
2. Stow equipment from boat and run fresh water through outboard. Remove ears from motor.
3. Connect the starter horn to the charger and turn on.
4. Check-off contents of RO’s bag and place in secure stowage.
5. Retrieve and stow ramp mats, hoses and “MHASC No Parking Sign”.
6. Lock chains on ramp, yellow carpark post and the start boat.
7. In absence of Handicapper, calculate results showing date and duty crew names. Pin results to
notice board. Phone results to AAP (9322 8000 give skippers’ names, not boat names)
8. Hose out men’s change room.
9. Put the internal garbage bag in the outside bin and wheel the bin to MHYC for collection.
10. Arrange for clubhouse to be locked.
Frank Walsh
9 April 2015