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Introducing kerabead™ technology for hair care products
Kerabead™ microcapsules are a
unique new technology made with real
keratin that rebuilds healthy hair
structure naturally. Kerabead products
give hair manageability and shine
without buildup, and they feel amazing.
Only kerabeads give all-day softness
and control, reactivating whenever hair
is combed or brushed. Tiny and flexible,
kerabead capsules slowly feed hair
actives like shea butter and argan from
a proprietary natural polymer complex.
Kerabeads are too tiny to see, each
only microns across. They naturally
distribute over hair and nestle into
crevices, instantly smoothing it and
restoring a healthy, glossy shine and
remarkable, touchable softness.
Kerabeads naturally go where they are
needed most, and are the first
microcapsule that actually targets
damage to repair hair structure. The
tiny keratin packages flow into rough
areas and split ends, instantaneously
sealing and restoring hair structure to a
luxurious smoothness. Kerabead Shea,
Argan, Mango butter, and silicone
encaps are ideal for all hair products.
For more information about patented kerabead™
technology, please visit
To inquire about purchasing kerabead products,
please contact Earth Supplied Products by email at
[email protected] or phone 239-598-5088
Fluorescent-labeled kerabeads
spontaneously repair a split end.
Long lasting repair of split ends by kerabead™ products
Before treatment, hair samples
show severe splitting, with single
and multiple branch patterns due
to heat and chemical processing
and mechanical stress.
Hair is repaired almost instantly on
contact with kerabead
encapsulates, which preferentially
flow into split areas. The keratin
complex integrates with the matrix
of the hair shaft while benefit oils
are released, smoothing the hair
surface and “sealing” the repair.
Repairs are long-lasting. Even after
36 hours in soapy water and hot air
drying, the end of the hair shaft
remains sealed and whole. A slight
visible seam remains under higher
magnification, but the split end is
fully repaired.
Technical information for kerabead™ hair products
Key characteristics based on a simple model spray formulation* at 15% use level:
++ Tactile softness: Strong improvement
++ Cascade after displacement: Strong improvement
++ Frizz: Strong improvement
++ Split ends: Strong improvement
++ Combing resistance: Strong improvement
+ Flyaway: Moderate improvement
+ Shine: Moderate improvement
Recommended product types:
Leave-in detanglers and/or defrizz
Gel styling aids
Straightening serum
Damage-repair serums
Transition to natural ethnic hair after relaxing
Recommended hair types:
Ethnic African kinky
Ethnic Latina
Ethnic Asian
Thick, curly or wavy
Grey wiry
Use level: 1% - 20%. Low levels for light control, high levels for intensive repair serum.
*Example Formula for Frizz-control mist
Part Component A A A A A A A A A 1% solution of Manucol DH 1% solution Viscarin PC 109 ESP Kerabead™ S ESP Kerabead™ Shea ESP Kerabead™ Argan ESP Kerabead™ Mango 0.1% solution of Gellan Gum Citric Acid – adjust to pH 5.5 Fragrance A Euxyl K100 INCI Sodium Alginate Carrageenan See Product Bulletin See Product Bulletin See Product Bulletin See Product Bulletin Gellan Gum Citric Acid Benzyl Alcohol, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone
Percent 39.20% 0.50% 7.50% 6.75% 0.50% 0.25% 45.00% 0.10% 0.20% 0.10%