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Available at Sysco Metro
Made with pure cane sugar, Boylan Bottling’s sodas are a great way to elevate your beverage options, while commanding a higher margin.
Boylan Bottling is a 123-year-old American heritage brand. The mention of it’s storied tradition or use of pure cane sugar can
increase beverage sales significantly. Emphasizing the brand’s
heritage will lead to greater profits.
Drinks with cane sugar are perceived as high quality and will
command a premium price point. Consumers seeking alternatives
to traditional brands or exploring new flavors will pay additional for
premium CSDs.
Boylan Bottling’s products are available in embossed 12 oz. glass bottles with flavors including Black Cherry, Root Beer
Crème Soda, Ginger Ale, Orange, and Birch Beer.
Premium CSD beverages are visually appealing for dining-in and are
also great for consumers who want a grab-and-go drink.
1 - Source: Beverage Industry News, 2013.
Item Description
Pack Size
Soda Orange
6/4 12 oz
Soda Creme
6/4 12 oz
Soda Black Cherry
6/4 12 oz
Soda Root Beer
6/4 12 oz
Soda Ginger Ale
6/4 12 oz
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