Rookie League Rule Summary

2015 Rookie League Director
Brian DelSolia
[email protected]
Methuen Youth Baseball
2015 Rookie League Rules Summary
Playing time:
a. No player may play more than one inning than any other player.
b. All players must play at least 1 inning in the outfield and 1 inning in the infield.
c. No player may play more than 4 innings in the infield (pitcher exception).
d. Continuous batting order for the regular season. Batting order may be changed once for the playoffs.
e. Batting order resets each playoff game (i.e. #1 batter is the leadoff batter each game).
f. Free substitution is allowed in the field.
Pitching Restrictions:
a. Pitchers are limited to 75 pitches per game and are subject to the following rest rules:
Number of Pitches
66 or more
51 to 65
36 to 50
21 to 35
Under 21
Days of Rest
Pitchers throwing 40 or more pitches and/or 3 or more innings may not reenter as a catcher.
Catchers who catch more than 3 innings may not reenter as a pitcher.
Advancing base runners:
a. Maximum of 4 runs per inning (unlimited runs in the final/extra inning(s)).
b. Limited to five attempted steals per inning.
c. Delayed steals are allowed. See full set of rules for restrictions.
d. May steal home once per inning.
e. No stealing of home in the 6th inning or extra innings.
f. Bunting is allowed once per inning.
g. Batter may not advance on a dropped/missed third strike.
a. Home team provides bases. Visiting team puts bases away. Coaches of both teams ensure fields have
been raked and dug outs have been picked-up.
b. Players must slide to avoid collisions.
c. Players may run through home plate ONLY if there is no play at the plate.
Pinch Runner:
a. One pinch runner allowed per inning.
b. In addition, the catcher may be pinch run for to speed up game play.
c. No player can be pinch run for more than once per game (unless injured).
Coach Responsibilities:
a. Responsible for knowing and following all rules of the game including but not limited to playing time,
pitching restrictions and rules of conduct.
b. Submit required information through the Methuen Youth Baseball Web Site:
i. pitch count for each player that pitches in the game
ii. score of the game and any game highlights
c. Responsible for resolving disagreements without significant interruption to the game.
d. Responsible for supplying volunteers to work the concession stand on their designated days.
2015 Methuen Youth Baseball Rookies Rules Summary – Revised 3/18/15
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