National Rifle Association Certified Rifle and Shotgun Instructor

National Rifle Association
Certified Rifle and Shotgun Instructor
This is an opportunity to become an NRA certified rifle and/or shotgun instructor. If you
are interested in helping people become more familiar with these firearms and shooting
sports, these are the courses for you. If you are interested in becoming a shooting sports merit badge counselor with the
Boy Scouts of America, these are required. This certification, along with the range officer certification, will enable you to
support shooting sports activities in Seneca Waterways Council, BSA.
The course will include topics on rifle/shotgun knowledge and safe handling, ammunition knowledge, firing the first
shots, the various positions used in rifle shooting, how to evaluate and improve the performance of beginning shooters and
rifle and shotgun sports and activities. In addition, we will review how an instructor fits into the NRA basic firearm
training program, using a training team to deliver the program, training materials and aids and how to use them, and the
essentials of organizing a rifle or shotgun course.
Depending on your current certification the course covers multiple days of instruction which will include “live-firing”
exercises on the specified day(s). NO LIVE AMMUNITION SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO THE COURSE until the
firearm specific sessions. Participants must be familiar with the firearm involved with the certification desired.
There is a pre-test to be completed prior to the course and live-fire qualification will be conducted during the
course. In order to complete certification, applicants must participate in all required days of training, demonstrate their
ability as instructors, complete and earn a 90% grade on the instructor exam and submit an application with the
appropriate fees to the National Rifle Association.
April 28th and 30th, 2015 – Basic Instructor Course (required for all participants who are not
currently certified NRA instructors OR current instructors who have
not participated in the BIT course in the past two years.)
May 2nd, 2015 – Shotgun specific instructor session
May 7th and 9th, 2015 – Rifle specific instructor sessions
April 28 & 30, 2015 (basic instructor) (Seneca Waterways Council service center)
2320 Brighton-Henrietta Townline Rd., Rochester, NY 14623
6:00 – 9:30 pm
May 2, 2015 (shotgun) – Mendon Conservation League
927 Boughton Hill Rd., Victor, NY 14564
7:45 am – 6:00 pm
May 7, 2015 (rifle) (Seneca Waterways Council service center)
2320 Brighton-Henrietta Townline Rd., Rochester, NY 14623
6:00 – 9:30 pm
May 9, 2015 (rifle) – Camp Babcock-Hovey
7294 County Rd. 132, Ovid, NY 14521 ; Pederson Lodge
7:45 am – 6:00 pm
On any full day sessions, participants are responsible to bring their own lunch. Coffee, tea and
snacks will be provided on those days.
$75 – Basic Instructor course plus one discipline
$115 – Basic Instructor course plus both disciplines
$50 – Currently certified NRA instructor, one discipline
$90 – Currently certified NRA instructor, two disciplines
NRA Certified Training Counselors Eric Falkman, Mark Rugaber & Jerry
NRA Certified Rifle and Shotgun Instructor Course Registration Form
Registration Deadline: April 14th
Please complete the information on this registration form and send it with your check made out to Eric Falkman. Mail it
to the 2693 Sand Rd., Bloomfield, NY 14469-9568. The registration deadline is Friday, April 14th in order to have an
adequate amount of time to order training materials.
Please PRINT
Are you an NRA member?
If YES, your NRA membership #:
(Membership in the NRA is not a requirement to be an NRA instructor.)
Are you a currently certified NRA instructor? YES
If YES, when did you last participate in the Basic Instructor Course?
Please register me to participate in the NRA Certified Rifle/Shotgun Instructor Classes as specified below.
Basic Instructor Classes (April 28th and 30th)
Shotgun Instructor Class (May 2nd)
Rifle Instructor Classes (May 7th and May 9th)
Fees: (Check the one that applies)
Basic Instructor plus one discipline (circle one)
Basic Instructor plus two disciplines (rifle AND shotgun)
Current NRA certified Instructor – one discipline (circle one)
Current NRA certified Instructor – two disciplines (rifle AND shotgun)
Ø Shotgun candidates will need to supply their own ammunition and pay the Mendon Conservation
League’s Club shot fees. The fees should not exceed $15.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact course director Eric Falkman at (585) 233-6293 or by e-mail at [email protected]