Reunion Express

REU ESS 2014
e 4 | Sund
Campfire was a
roaring success!
A brilliant campfire was
held yet again, well
done to David, Glen and
Chris from the Regional
Development Service,
very literally providing
support in the field.
We’ve had loads of great
comments, including a
tweet from one of our
neighbours who said “I
live in Chingford, over a
mile from Gilwell Park,
and I can hear you all
shouting.” We’d be more
worried if you were
near a Scout campfire
Duke of Edinburgh International Award
Foundation blazes a trail across the world.
and you couldn’t hear
us to be honest....
we’re not known for
being quiet! We also
saw some interesting
outfits in the Lid last
night, a Rubix cube,
Rambo, a squadron of
Mavericks (get it?), a
village full of people all
taking advice from 118
118, cow girls and even
How sore is your head
this morning...from the
music of course.
The Secretary General of
the Duke of Edinburgh
International Award
Foundation, John May,
spoke with the Express today
about some of the fantastic
achievements they have
made. John told the Express
that the Awards Foundation
are currently working in
144 Countries across the
world with a total of over
one million members taking
part in the scheme. This of
course is comparable to
Scouting worldwide who
work together to achieve
Members of the
during the Saturday
‘Real Pulse’. The force
Eastbourne District
Scout First Aid Team
(EDSFAT) Scout
Active Support Unit
were delighted with
the interest shown
in STATMAN, the
portable SMART STAT
patient simulator,
activities in the
Training Field at the
Reunion. A large
number of participants
took the opportunity
to practice their CPR
skills on the intelligent
manikin that actually
‘Breathes’ and has a
Happy Birthday!
Louise Smith, District Explorer
Scout Commissioner from Ely
district Cambridge, is 50 today!!!!!
Happy birthday from all of us at Ely
Its Carl-Anita Marchants 1st
birthday today here at Reunion
2014. I am sure we are all together
in wishing baby Carl-Anita……..
required to carry out
effective CPR on the
manikin is similar to
that of a real person
and people could
practice how to use an
Automated External
Defibrillator (AED) at
the same time.
from Norwich. Congratulations!
Congratulations to Simon Patrick
one of the originators of the Silver
Arrows on his 25th reunion.
Well done, organisers, volunteers
and fellow scouters for a brilliant
reunion, having a great time.
And there are more reunion first
Welcome to Tom Law - SL 53rd
Lancaster and George van Ark Gopher 53rd Lancaster
6 new members of were invested
The Silver Arrows would like to
into 1st Norford Scouts at Reunion
welcome Connor, James and
yesterday, 3 from Oxford and 3
some great results. John did
point out some interesting
differences between our
respective high awards such
as the Gold Duke of Edinburgh
and the Queen Scouts. With
the Queen Scouts, the Award
is recognised for its hard
work and achievements in the
U.K. whereas, the Gold, silver
and Bronze awards for Duke
of Edinburgh, is recognised
worldwide. The main reason
for this is that format remains
the same throughout the
world. There may be small
differences with the skills part
of the scheme, such as in
Uganda, a Duke of Edinburgh
hopeful may wish to learn the
skill of Brick making which
will be of a great importance
and use to them, as opposed
to piano learning for a skill
in the UK. This all takes place
under the international
umbrella of the Duke of
Edinburgh Award Scheme and
is widely respected. Whilst the
scheme is not a membership
organisation like the Scouts,
they do however; work closely
with organisations such as
Scouts, as well as in prisons,
schools, and other youth
organisations such as Girl
Guides and Cadets. John
May actively leads the Award
scheme globally along with his
team and is a busy bee. When
he isn’t working hard with the
Award, he is actively working
as the District Chair for the
North Oxfordshire District
Scouts. We just have to say
that we are very proud to have
him here with us at Reunion
2014. Well done John and his
Cooking the books?
Our Scout Group, 1st Sheldon, 144th Birmingham
is looking to compile a minibook of Scout Leaders
funny anecdotes to raise funds. If you can help me
with any funny stories we would love to use them,
we would only credit with a first name and county
or if you wished to remain anonymous then no
problem. Obviously no real young peoples names
please. If you can help, please send us an email at
[email protected] Can you help?
Samuel. We hope you enjoyed your Hannah from Leeds (thats all we
first reunion.
Thanks to the person who handed
in the glasses I dropped – note left
in the Reunion Express box.
Reunion Matches
John Nelson, from Rea Valley
District, Birmingham, is having
a great time at his first Gilwell
Reunion, from Fitz and Beth.
Ian and Sarah from 4th Aldershot,
met last year at Reunion and married
in December. They are here again
and really enjoying themselves. They
are planning to help their District
Blackwater Valley to recruit more
Scouts during their Centenary Year.
Clive from 24th Borstal and Hilary
from 2nd Hawkwell met at Reunion
Happy Birthday to Wichted from
2013 and got engaged at Winter
the German Scouts of DPV, here on Camp, they are here again and
his first Reunion. Alles Gute zum
looking forward to a Scouting
wedding in 7 weeks time.
Zach Hill & Jane Elson from Axe
07553 107 551
[email protected]
Issue 4 | Sunday 6th September
Have you seen our ASL?
Good Morning Campers!
Good Morning,
Peter Rogers voice just
about held up to welcome
us all to the campfire and
that incredible reading
from Claire Woodforde,
bringing a moment of
remembrance into our
Campfire last night moved
many people who heard
it and it was indeed
a though provoking
Is it me or can I still hear
The Beavers ringing in my
ears – The 3rd Davyhulme
Scout and Guide Band
were just amazing such
talented young people!!
So many conversations
along Essex Chase, plans
for the Jamboree in 2015,
plans for the Cub Scout
Centenary and plans for
breakfast this morning –
happy faces, happy smiles
and happy people.
Change” which will be
So to Sunday Morning at followed by the AGM
Reunion and a dip into the of the 1st Gilwell Scout
Programme has tempted Group which is really a
me to find out about
chance to find out about
the coming Programme
all that have been going
Changes, try some laser
on at Gilwell Park during
clay shooting, and maybe the past year and plans for
drop into the Q & A
the year ahead for all of
Session with Matt and
us as we look forwards to
Wayne at 10:30 on the
The 2015 Jamboree, the
Training Ground.
next stage of achieving
the Vision 2018, the full
The answer to the number Programme changes and
quiz was Number 39 –
the 800th Annivarsary of
why well I do like Prawn
Magna Carta !!
Crackers with my take
away 3 = Prawn Toast,
See you on the Training
7 = Sweet n Sour Prawn Ground later where I will
Balls, 13 = King Prawn
be looking for more great
Fried Rice and 36 =
programme idea …
Shredded Seaweed
“What do you teach
This afternoon will
young people to do
bring the 88th Reunion
when a firework doesn’t
to a gentle close with
go off...leave it. Ergo, if
our Scouts Own on the
your programme doesn’t
Training Ground which has go off like a firework...
the theme of “Embracing they will leave it!”
Emma Livett, ASL of the 28th Oxford is strangely absent before
10am every morning here at Reunion 2014. If anybody should
see her before the hours of 10am, please assume it to be an
imposter and escort her off the premises. If anybody is in the
area of the 28th Oxford before 10am, please raise a yell.! To
rouse her from her sleep.
It’s Official!
Bear says we’re the ‘Greatest
Youth Movement on the face
of the Planet’ He was greeted
by a huge round of applause
as he said he loved coming to
Gilwell Park and especially to
see the 2500 adults at Reunion.
Thanking everyone for their
energy and commitment
working with our young people,
he said ‘you can get anything in
life you want if you help other
people, Scouting changes lives
and he is so excited to be part
of our Growth together, this is
the Greatest Youth Movement
on the face of the Planet’.
Reunionites take part in the headscarf challenge
A programme idea to help grow your group!
Welcome to our brothers and sisters from around the World.
Here are some of the Portuguese Scouts, their younger Scouts
were off having a great time on the Sumo wrestling. We’d love
to see photos of our friends from overseas details of where to
send them bottom of page.
Is anyone
‘just’ a
upstanding members of the
community. I give them the
opportunity to take part in an
active and diverse programme
that lets them learn essential
skills such as working within
a team. I give my Beavers the
We loved this piece from our
opportunity to go on sleep
Twitter follower Sarah Bellis.
overs, for many it is the first
“I was asked today what I did
night they have ever spent
outside work. My reply was
away from their family. Thats a
I’m just a beaver leader. On
really big thing when your only
reflection I think I did myself
6! Over the past twelve months
a disservice. Because actually
my Beavers have taken part in
I’m part of one of the largest
lots of exciting activities. They
youth organisation in the UK. I had a visit it a fire station and
give up a considerable amount were all given the opportunity
of my time, not for the good
to operate their hoses. We
of myself, but for the good of had a visit to the Museum
other people. I enable young
of Science and Industry and
people to become decent
had our first ride on a train.
We were given a tour of the
local church and found out
what they keep in the ornate
golden box on the altar. The
local PCSO came to visit us and
we were taught how to keep
safe while Trick ‘o’ treating. We
helped to train a Guide Dog
puppy, the puppy had to get
used to children, so we were
all learning things that night!
But best of all we had a night
sleeping with the sharks at the
Deep in Hull. So maybe next
time I’m asked what I do in my
spare time, ill think a little more
about my answer!”
07553 107 551
Happy Birthday!
1st Rando Parrot Patrol are on the Branchet Field
and having a Street Party to celebrating 30 years
together. They met on a Cub Advanced course at
Gilwell in 1984. You can’t miss them, just look for
the parrots!!
[email protected]