March 2015

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March 2015
From the President:
• The Road District will be painting the Beach Access lines on
Oceania, moving and replacing street signs, and paving selected streets very soon.
• We are making good progress on becoming tax exempt for our
community property; we will know more with in a month or
• There will be elections in May for new directors. If you are
interested and want to know more about it please call Mary
Lou Morris or Kathi at the office.
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• Suggestion Box - The suggestion box is working well and I
have received several requests. Two suggestions were:
• Notification that a street light was out.
• Member asked to trim back dangerous tree limbs.
Bayshore Suggestion Box
Have an idea or a suggestion for our leaders?
Try Bayshore’s new e-mail Suggestion Box.
The e-mail address is: [email protected]
Or you can access the Suggestion Box from the Bayshore Web page
by copying or clicking to send an e-mail
BOD Meetings
18 Apr--BOD
16 May--Members
Office Manager Hours
M-F 11:00 am--3:00 pm
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Spring Is Here
Spring Clean Up
The annual Bayshore
Spring Clean Up, May 16th
& 17th, is scheduled to coincide with the Members Meeting on May 16th.
From/For Our
For Your Information
The CCFF is a charter club under the group
exemption of the Federation of Fly Fishers,
and if you wish to join CCFF you will also
need to join the FFF.
The CCFF and the FFF have non-profit status
under section 501 (c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.
Meet 2nd Thursday of each month
6PM- 8 PM Bayshore Club House Waldport
PO Box 1121
Waldport, Oregon 97394
Please visit our web site:
Contact: Past President
Alan Canfield
Evening Sky
Melissa’s work is available at:
Photos from
Thank You, Melissa Hansen
The Coast Photographic Art
for sharing with members.
Page 2
From/For Our
M e m b e r sBay Shore Gardens
Margaret Partlow
An Uninvited Guest
One of the benefits of taking the
OSU Extension Master Gardeners
course has been exposure to new information about plants, environments
and our indwelling insect neighbors.
About four weeks ago, right after our insect identification class, we
noted three caterpillars we hadn’t
seen before on our backyard deck
railing; they were near some potted
plants on which they did not appear
to be feeding. In appearance, they
were very hairy or bristly, about
20mm long, and orange and black in
Then on March 3rd we discovered masses of them on a young shore
pine in our back yard. Larger larvae
appeared to be feeding on needles;
they were apparent clustered near
the tips of branches and sometimes
inside. Younger, smaller larvae were
concentrated around branches which
were brown, defoliated and covered
in a webbing. The larger larvae were
about 30mm long, the smaller ones
between 3-6mm.
We removed the obviously affected branches and caterpillars by hand,
immersing in soapy water.
The tree is about 8 feet tall, located in a relatively open, sunny spot.
The affected branches were mainly,
but not entirely, on the southwest side
of the tree. We have other shore pines
on the property but have not yet noticed any infestations on them.
Eric went out subsequently to
pick additional caterpillars that were
not originally removed. There have
been more hatchings as well, with
young larvae on the plant even last
week. We have again removed affected plant parts and hand-picked
We have been able to find this
caterpillar in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) insect handbook online and in
Insects of the Pacific Northwest, Peter & Judy Haggard, Timber Press,
2006, page 148. They are silver
spotted tiger moths (Lophocampa argentata). Their preferred menu is native and introduced conifers such as
Douglas fir, Sitka spruce and lodgepole pine. As a historical note, when
they were busily planting Bayshore in
the 1960’s with European grass rather
than natives, they also planted some
Page 3
lodgepole pines (native to Colorado)
instead of its native cousin, the shore
pine. Our Lophocampa argentata may
discovered one of those Colorado
tourists in our backyard .
As this is the only pine tree in our
yard that currently houses this unwelcome visitor, we have opted to continue conservative cultural control
management: Prune out and destroy
tents with caterpillars; hand pick
larger larvae. Dunk all specimens
in soapy water before discarding.
We are down to one lone caterpillar
found yesterday but will continue to
monitor the infestation site.
NOTE: Caterpillar hairs can
cause skin irritation in some people
if they are handled without gloves.
Don’t rub eyes or hairs can become
painfully embedded in the eye tissue.
Lophocampa argentata
Link to web page is:
From/For Our
Crime Update/Waldport Citizens Patrol Report
As you are probably aware, two
people have been arrested for the
thefts that were occurring in Bayshore late last year. According to
the deputies who attended our last
meeting, no new reports of thefts
or burglaries have been reported in
Bayshore since their arrest. A rumor
exists that several more people from
out of the area may also have been
involved. We have been told that the
police consider this as possible, but
that the suspects have "moved on".
In the greater community, there
were some vandalism issues south of
town. Arrests have been made in the
last few weeks. It appears that these
crimes were committed by youth
who held a grudge against someone
in the neighborhood and, therefore,
considered an isolated event.
The really good news for our
community is that several new deputy recruits are finishing training and
starting patrols. The police should
have a greater presence in Waldport,
and throughout the county.
Publisher’s Note:
by Laurie Fischer
At our monthly Waldport Citizens Patrol (WCP) meeting, a couple of things were mentioned with
respect to Bayshore in particular
from those who patrol the area.
Several patrollees noted that garage
doors are being left open for long
periods of time, exposing valuable
sporting goods, tools, etc. to all who
pass by. If you are not working
in the garage, it would be a good
idea to close the door. Additionally, when the winds stir (frequently), garbage and recycling bins are
laid down or knocked about. We
have noted that cans may lie in the
same position for several weeks at a
time, alerting a ne'er-do-well that no
one is tending to the place. Ask a
neighbor or hire a teen to come by
regularly and pick up your cans,
replacing them where they belong. These and other "flags" alert
criminal types that your home might
be a good one to target. Don't be
that target.
Any Bayshorian with the
time to volunteer should consider joining the Waldport Citizens Patrol. We work around
your schedule and you will never
confront anyone directly. Being a WCP volunteer means that
you'll not only enjoy the benefit
of helping your community; your
involvement gives you access
to information as it develops.
If you have an interest, please
contact Alan Canfield, our WCP
leader, at 541-563-6979. If you'd
like to provide input to this report
or ask a question of me, you are
welcome to contact me at [email protected]
On behalf of Bayshore property owners and residents, the
Breeze offers a big “Thank you” to the volunteers of the
Waldport Citizens Patrol! •
The Waldport Citizens’ Patrol •
(WPC), operating since 2002, and •
the Bayshore Safety Committee •
are separate but mutually supportive groups. The WPC patrols a "25
mile area in and around Waldport”,
including Bayshore. The Bayshore
Safety Committee’s work is specific
to the Bayshore community.
Kudos From The President
Jesse installed the stop sign at the end of the clubhouse driveway.
The ADA Ramp is completed - Vision Builders did a great job.
The suggestion Box is working well - thank you for your suggestions.
The Communication Committee has provided a detailed survey for our
I want to thank the Nominating Committee for doing a great job finding directors to run in the May election. There are two more openings
available if interested.
I want to thank the Road district for helping us to resolve a safety issue
at the clubhouse driveway and moving the stop sign on Oceania.
Page 4
From/For Our
The Phantom Photographer
The Power of Pictures
New poop bag/poop bag
disposal station on tennis
court fence in Park.
Have photos for the
Phantom Photographer?
Send your photos to
[email protected]
Clubhouse Ramp Nearing Completion
View From West Parking Lot
Building inspectors give “preliminary"
thumbs up to new Bayshore Ramp.
More remodeling pictures on page 9.
Page 5
From/For Our
Bayshore Sales Report 2015
Sharron Rotty of Bayshore Realty
Price Range
Sold 2/17/15
to 3/18/15
Sold Year
To Date
Price Range
Residential Site-Built . . . . . . . 26 . . . . . . . . . $65k-$670k . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . . . 7 . . . . . $121k-$360k
Manufactured Homes . . . . . . . . 0 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NA . . . . . . . . . . . 0 . . . . . . . . . . . 0 . . . . . . . . . . . . . NA
Vacant land . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 . . . . . . . $126.5k-$225k . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . $126.9-$225.2
Information made available from the Lincoln County Flexmls database & is not guaranteed
The market is still active and every broker I know is very busy. We are starting to see some sales of vacant land
and clients talking about building because they can’t find what they want on the market. Inventories of homes
listed below $200,000 are low.
Don’t Spray "Round Up"
I am deeply concerned over the
following suggestion in the Feb.
“You can kill puncturevine easily with glyphosate, 2,4-D or other
postemergence herbicides,”
“Try to spray before flowering."
Glyphosate is commonly know
as "Round Up". I believe you can
find many more articles, other than
the ones I copy here, on the internet
regarding the dangers of its use.
It harms humans and animals
and seeps into the water. In fact, I
believe it to be as bad or worse than
dog "poop"! Some studies have
shown that Glyphosate can impact
our drinking water. Dogs pick it
upon their paws and ingest it when
licking them. Children and adults
walk barefoot out here. There is
evidence proving that "glyphosate"
does not really kill weeds. The
products overuse here in the USA
have allowed weeds to build up resistance, over time, to its use.
I personally have been pouring
boiling water on "goat head" in my
yard then pulling out the roots a few
days later after the growth above
ground has been killed by the boiling water. Time consuming yes,
but I am not endangering humans or
animals, or birds...and I am controlling it in my immediate front, fenced
yard and back yard. My outside
fenced area I am working on as well.
However, the county easement is at
least 40% or more covered with the
nasty stickers. The next time I pay
to have the "easement" mowed I will
instruct the person to do it LAST,
just before they load their mower
back into their as not to
spread the seeds in my yard they
have taken care of my yard where I
seem to have more control over the
spread of the seeds. I have always
dumped this weed into the trash barrel to be removed by Dahl.
Deck Construction
Page 6
The author of the above
asked that their name not be
published with the contribution
Since this contribution suggests another way of tending to
noxious weeds, the Communication Committee judged the
information useful and honored
the authors request to remain
Pretty In Pink
Bob Mowrer
Bayshore has a member “planting” pink reminders for dog walkers. This good samaritan bags
poop left behind in pink bags—and
leaves them. A fertile (and colorful) reminder to pick up after your
dog. Good Sam even left a pink
bag in his yard—right behind the
sign reminding dog walkers to pick
up after their dogs.
Pick up your pet’s poop and
spread the word. You might join
our good Sam and carry pink poop
bags and/or pick up the pink bags
to finish the job the pet owner left
From / For Our
Spiritual Cinema Circle Movies
First Friday of each month.
Our movie crew meets at 6 pm, upstairs at the lovely Bayshore Clubhouse.
Bring family, friends, a snack to share and beverage of choice. Hope to see you there.
Thank you, Carolann
The Choice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 min Eng.
Man on journey discovers part of his past (some adult language)
The Interviewer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 min Eng.
Job applicant gets more than he’s bargained for at prestigious law firm
Love and happy spring,
Carolann Host
These April Films
w/b our Easter Offering
(you could dress up as
Easter Bunnies :)
Wow, Early Easter, April
5th Celebrate....
That Doesn’t Look Like Me . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 min Eng.
The Forgotten Kingdom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96 min Eng.
Young man embarks on journey to Lesotho to bury his father..and....
(selection of the 2013 TV Conscious Media Festival )
President Vice President
Corp Secretary
Marcella Brodowy Walt Goodin Judi Swift
Mary Lou Morris
Maren Taylor
Terry Pina Max Metcalf
Expires Division
Leave msg at office
541 563-2851
Leave msg at office
E-Mail Address
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Leave msg at office
Office Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Kathi Loughman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 541-563-3040
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fax 541-563-3871
Facilities Managers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Marsha Heuer/Jesse Thomas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Message 541-563-7253
Planning Committee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bobbie MacPhee & Mary Lou Morris . . . . . . . . Message 541 563-3040
Pool Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fax: 541-563-6489
E-mail: [email protected]:
Page 7
From / For Our
Bayshore Book Club--Mink River
Marv Waterstone
The Bayshore Book Club met
on 16 March to discuss best selling
Brian Doyle’s novel Mink River,
published in 2010. The title refers to
the river that runs through small, fictional Oregon coast town of Neawanaka in which the book is set. Using
a poetic and atypical style, Doyle
weaves together the intersecting
lives of about a dozen main characters, including a talking crow and a
reasonably helpful, young mother
bear, all of whom take turns in controlling the narrative voice. The cast
encompasses a Puccini-loving cop
(but who only sings the opera Tosca),
the two eccentric employees of the
town’s unique Department of Public Works (whose purview includes
everything from street and sewer
maintenance to oral history and uncanny rescues of the town’s inhabitants from various perils), the women
and children, and grandchildren in
their lives, and a variety of other residents. The whole story takes place
over a period of about three weeks,
but includes a number of short-, medium-, and long-term memories of
the characters either as flashbacks
or as stories within the story. There
are also elements of Irish and Salish mythology, and Catholic faith,
which inform the contemporary
lives of the Neawanakans. The book
does an outstanding job of capturing
the natural elements of coastal Oregon, and evokes the intricate and
constant interplay between the environment and its inhabitants (human
and non-human). The style, which
includes long passages of lists of
places, events, things, connections,
and more things, can easily be read
as a long prose poem, rather just as
a conventional novel. There is not
really any particular, singular story,
per se, but rather views life itself as
a series of inter-connected and interwoven stories. This perspective is
articulated both explicitly within the
book (as when various characters
tell stories and also reflect on the
nature and meaning of stories), and
implicitly by the way the book is itself constructed. The characters are
lively and compelling, and they are
artfully sketched in for the reader.
The issues they face, both large and
small, are real and recognizable. All
in all, highly recommended, especially for those of us on the Oregon
Our next book is Inherent Vice,
published in 2009, and written by
Thomas Pynchon (whose 1973 novel, Gravity’s Rainbow won the 1974
National Book Award for fiction). Set in 1969/70 in the fictional L.A.
beach community of Gordita Beach,
it follows the drug-addled adventures of private gumshoe (or as he
calls it, gumsandal) Doc Sportello.
It’s Raymond Chandler meets Timothy Leary. We’ll be discussing it on
13 April at 5:30.
On 4 May at 5:30, we’re turning
to non-fiction, and we’ll be talking
about Erwin Chemerinsky’s 2014
book The Case Against the Supreme
Court. Chemerinsky, a practicing
lawyer (he has defended death row
prisoners, as well as Guantanamo
detainee), law professor and Dean
of the College of Law at the University of California, Irvine, lays out a
damning history of Supreme Court
failures at key moments in its distant
and recent history, as well as series
of thoughtful recommendations for
reforming both the structure and
function of the Court to address
these problems.
We’d be quite happy to have
a few new members, and all are
welcome. If you’d like to join in,
please contact me either by email
([email protected]) or
by phone (520-326-9571).
Spring in Bayshore’s Partlow Gardens
Page 8
Physical Assets Long Range Planning Report
Projects Update
Beach Access Poles/Signs
Caretaker Jesse Thomas is coordinating Beach Access materials
& installation with Parks Ranger
Ryan Parker of Park & Recreation
to coordinate the updating of Beach
Accesses. Bayshore to pay approx
$200 for each access sign & pole.
Parks & Recreation to install & pay
Garage Repair
Insulate exterior walls;
Install heater w/thermostat to hook
up to bldg boiler
Install slider window above workbench
Replace garage door opener
Paint walls white
Fix roof leak
Boiler Room Repair
Replace drywall with firewall
Install ventilation for fresh air intake/exhaust
Repair roof leak
Install correct exhaust pipes for
pool heaters
Install boiler room door with proper fire rated door
West Parking Lot Update
The committee discussed drainage
with Road & Driveway who will
be doing the work. They are satisfied that drainage to the west will
not be problematic. Drainage to
the north will be facilitated by the
“speed bump” design at the office
door that will funnel water to the
north. If more drainage is required,
a sump could be added to the north.
Hot Water Tank Update
Mechanical Heating & Air, Inc provided bid of $9,300. Committee
continues to seek additional bids.
Pool Decking Reseal Update
Boles Concrete Construction provided bid of approx $9,000. Committee continues to seek additional
Dead Bolt Upstairs West Door
Has been installed.
Dry Rot Upstairs North Door
Jesse will attempt to estimate extent
of the damage.
Upholstery Project
Swatches to date have not met committee requirements. More swatches
are being sought.
Roof Repair/Maintenance
NW Roof Maintenance gave estimate for preventive maintenance
of roof drain crickets: Apply asphalt roof coating @$440 for labor
and $200 for materials; estimated
service life of the roof to be 10-15
years with proper maintenance.
Playground Water Service
Removed from Budget Requests.
Storage Room Repair
Vision Builders portion of the work
in completed. Jesse to complete
work. Chairs & Tables are on order.
ADA Ramp Update
Work is nearing completion.
Progress pictures at right.
Page 9
Committee Members
Bobbie Mac Phee--co-chair
Eric Partlow --co-chair
Marcella Brodowy--member
Jesse Thomas--ex officio member
Alvin Mushkatel--ex officio
Every Tuesday--2:00 pm Contact committee members
via the office at 541-563-3040 or [email protected]
Bobbie MacPhee
Mary Lou Morris
Norman Fernandes
Planning Committee Stats
February 11--March 10
2017 Viewridge. Complainant agreed
to share cost of tree work with
owner. Owner will work with
2906 Bayshore Loop. Painting completed.
2302 Oceania. Deck Repair completed.
5 Construction Approvals.
2 Construction Completions.
26 Oceania Dr. New Construction
906 Oceania. Replace & Repair: Deck 1605 Parker. BOD issued fine
& Step & Repaint Approval
11/15/2014 @ $1,000 w/21 days
1120 Bayshore Dr. Paint House &
to respond. Responded 3/12/2015.
Shed Approval
BOD member left message 3/12/15.
2405 Parker. Fence Approval
No further response to date.
2021 Oceanview. Height Variance &
New Construction Approval.
Appointed yearly prior to May elections.
Liz Goodin, Chair
The budget committee is working hard to balance the 2015-16
budget. It will be based on numbers that WILL NOT RAISE THE
DUES THIS YEAR!!! With that,
One complaint for Plan-
ning Committee to resolve!!
A reflection of many years
of diligent, equitable, and respectful processing of member complaints and working
for resolution--not punishment.
Thank you Bobbie and
Mary Lou for your leadership
and dedication.
Liz Goodin
Marcella Brodowy
Janet Golway
we will still have $10,000 to be put
into reserves.
Our goal is to meet all the needs
of the members, staff, and maintain
all of the assets Bayshore holds. As
of now, we are waiting for some
hard numbers to back up some of
Jerry Musial
Kathi Loughman.
the physical assets which are listed
in our budget.
I am certain it will be ready
to present to the board at the April
meeting and hopefully they will feel
confident in their approval in May.
Committees With No Formal Reports
No events on calendar
Liz Goodin
Marcella Brodowy
Melinda Robinson
Amelia Remmers
Jane McMillian
Mary Lou Morris
Margaret Partlow
Breeze is our Report
Bob Mowrer
Margaret Partlow
Lee Davis
Policies & Procedures
Inactive: No members
Important committee required to approve changes in Policies and Procedures. The Committee consists of
Page 10
one Director and two general
membership members
Physical Assets
Currently merged with Long
Range Planning. Will need
to be reformed to oversee and
manage Bayshore Assets as defined in Policies & Procedures
Meets as Needed
To create a system to gather
and disseminate information to
protect health and safety of Bayshore Beach Club members and
Bayshore property owners and
residents will receive information
about health and safety issues relevant to our community, including
actions they can take to contribute
to both.
Immediate Priority:
Neighborhood Watch signs,
Tsunami and Emergency Preparedness Preparation. The Committee
also requested that funds be approved for the purchase of Neighborhood Watch signs (two sizes)
and Window Clings.
Thursday March 12, 2015
Glen Morris - Chairman
Dick Meloy - Treasurer
Marcella Brodowy – Secretary
The meeting was called to order and
the minutes were approved.
Old Business
Public Comments
• There were no public comments
• The Records and Meetings Policy
is to be submitted by Sept 2015.
• SDIS Best Practices Program Training
Treasurer’s Report
• The report was approved with
a balance as of March 10, 2015
• 691 Lincoln County Public FEMA Payment $5,316.68
Initial Request Budget $500
Neighborhood Watch Signs
(4) Large 18x24 @ $35/each
(6) Medium 12x18 @ $25/each
900 Window Clings @ $20/
Board approved $750 for Safety Committee at the
March 21, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting.
Bayshore Special Road District
Maren Taylor
Margaret Partlow
Terry Pina
• 692 Void
• 693 Copeland Paint, Stakes
• 694 Lincoln County Public Signs
• 695 Siskiyou Ins Mkt SDIS Insurance $1,579.00
• 697 Meloy Sign Mount $50.89
Glen Morris - Chairman
Dick Meloy - Treasurer
Marcella Brodowy – Secretary
Thursday, April 9, 2015
The public is invited to attend and may
participate in the meeting.
1. Call the Meeting to Order/Approve
the minutes
2. Public Comment
3. Old Business
FEMA project report
a. Treasurer’s Report
• The FEMA project is completb.Correspondence
i. Review communication
c. Pay Bills
New Business
• Road and Driveway was select- 4. New Business
ed to pave this spring 2015.
a. Provide County Work Crew
• Daren Goodrick was selected to
with list of areas to be cleared
move and install the street signs.
in priority order. First priority will be the street leading
• The Soft Sand signs will be inup to East Bayshore to remove
stalled on Oceania and Seaview.
scotch broom and limbs to pro• The Beach Access lines will be
vide visibility on Bay Drive.
painted on Oceania.
The priority of replacing street
signs and the trimming will be determined
Page 11
F r o m Our Board Meeting
Old Business
Physical Assets/Long Range Reserve budget requests approved unanimously. (see table below). Clarification
was made that the motion is procedural,
since the budget request (on Approval) is
going to the Budget Committee to be presented for approval at the April Board of
Directors Meeting. The Board is voting
whether to approve the proposed budget
Increase the amount for Beach Access poles and flags from $500 to $1200
motion passed unanimously. (see page
New Business
Motion to donate the tables and
chairs to Lincoln County Resources in
two weeks was amended to donate chairs
after members who would like some of
the tables and chairs have time to pick
them up before the two week deadline.
Motion passed uanimously.
Motion to remove the statement
“The next meeting of the committee is
Thursday, September 24th, 11:30 AM
at the Waldport golf course restaurant
new members are very welcome to
join!” from the Policies and Procedures
description of the Social Committee
passed unanimously.
Posting of Bayshore financials to
Motion to allow the balance sheet
to be posted to the website on a quarterly basis. failed for lack of second.
Motion to allow financials to be
posted to the website and to have them
password protected failed by unanimous vote. Board stated there was no
need since financials are available on request in the office.
Motion to remove the currently
posted financial information from the
website passed unanimously.
Motion to not charge a rental fee for
memorial services for Bayshore members
was amended to waive the rental fee for
the Ruth White Memorial and to make
future decisions regarding the fee for Mills, Norman Fernandes, Susy Blanmemorials on a case by case basis passed kenship, Bobbie MacPhee, and Walt
Motion to approve $750 for Safety
Motion to have the sub-committee
Committee passed unanimously.
determine whether or not the membership has the authority to request a
Motion to approve the revised Polchange to the By-Laws passed unaniicies and Procedures changes. passed
unanimously. Note: minutes do not reflect revisions to changes.
Current Language
“All Divisions shall be represented
Motion made to appoint a subon the Board if possible, with not more
committee, consisting of at least one (1)
than two Directors from any one DiviBoard Member and two (2) members at
large, to determine whether or not to
investigate the pros and cons of havProposed Language
ing more than two (2) members from
The proposed rewrite: “All Divieach division, which would result in a sions shall be represented on the board
change in the By-Laws passed unani- if possible, with not more than two repremously. Volunteers from the audience sentatives FOR each Division.”
to sit on the sub-committee were: Vivian
The Funded 2014-15 column reflects the projects approved for budget year
2014-15 at the February 21 BOD meeting. The Proposed 2015-16 column reflects the projects approved at the March 21st BOD meeting. The amount in red
(Beach Access Poles/Flags reflect an increase approved March 31st. Funded Proposed
Beach Access Poles/Flags
$ 1200
Dry Rot Repair North Exterior Door
Paving West Parking Lot/Drive
Pool - Chain Link Fence Repair
Pool - Decking Reseal*
Pool - Paint & Resurface
Pool - Pumps (2)
Pool - Sand Filters (2)
Upholstery 5 Love Seats & 1 Sofa
ADA Bathroom
$15,000 $15,000
Boiler Room Repair
Blinds Upstairs
Carpet Meeting Room Upstairs
Garage Repairs
Grade & Gravel-East Parking Lot
Hot Water Tank
Kitchen Countertop
Stripe West Parking Lot
Replace 2 Upstairs Windows (sliders)
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