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A Non-Profit/Tax
Exempt Organization
Founded in 1972
(Published Quarterly)
Dear Friends,
I hope this letter finds you well, and gearing up for a summer of fun and relaxation with friends and
family – four-legged or otherwise! As you make your plans for barbecues and days at the beach, please
note the following two dates on your calendar: June 3rd is “Dine to Donate” day at Perkins in Eltingville,
and on June 26th the 10-4 Bar & Grill will be hosting a fundraiser called “Rock Against Animal Cruelty,”
featuring a great lineup of live bands, raffles and vendors. Additional details for these events can be
found inside the newsletter.
We have been very fortunate in recent years that our Holiday Fair has been an overwhelming
success. As a result, we have decided to hold the event in a new, larger location this year to
accommodate the great variety of raffle baskets and to provide an area for comfortable dining. Please
join us on Saturday, November 21st at Immanuel Union Church, 693 Jewett Avenue (near College
Spaying or neutering is the one of the very best things you can do for your pet, or for the stray animals
in your neighborhood that you may be caring for. If you need evidence that spaying or neutering is of
critical importance in the fight against overpopulation, just visit shelters overflowing with kittens (and
adult cats, dogs and puppies…) or think about the thousands of animals born to a life of misery on the
streets. We can help many of them, but only with your help! Please consider opening your home and
heart to foster an animal who would otherwise have no hope.
On behalf of the Board of Governors, I would like to wish you a wonderful summer season. Thank you
so much for your continued support! With warmest regards,
Clo Garguilo
PAY LESS THAN HALF the price normally charged.
Please, do not allow your pet or the strays you feed to
reproduce. Millions of innocent pets are put to death
each year. Their crime: simply being born. Cost of
certificate includes surgery and anesthesia. Vaccinations
and/or medications are NOT included. Some vets also
charge for office visits. There is an additional charge for
dogs over 50lbs, for pregnant animals, for animals in heat,
and for animals with medical complications. Certificates
are good for sixty (60) days. They are non-refundable. It
takes 2 weeks to get certificate. Certificate should not be
sent for until animal is 4 months old. For further
information call 718-356-2334.
Participating Veterinarians:
Staten Island:
Aadobe Animal Hospital 1294 Forest Ave. (718) 370-0700
Hylan Animal Hospital 1200 Hylan Blvd. (347) 934-3377 (cats only)
Island Bird, Cat & Dog Vet Group 375 Manor Rd. (718) 370-9472
Northside Animal Hospital 773 Post Ave. (718) 981-4445 (no feral cats)
Rosebank Animal Hospital 1230 Bay St. (718) 273-9800
Staten Island Vet Group 3875 Victory Blvd. (718) 370-0390
The Clinic at Country Estate 4838 Arthur Kill Rd. (718) 356-3933
Sheepshead Bay Vet Group 2206 Ave. U (718) 368-1863 (cats only)
NOTE: Some veterinarians do not accept certificates for
purebred animals. Check with your veterinarian prior to
ordering a certificate.
Name:______________________________________ Phone:_________________________
Please send me the following low-cost spay/neuter certificate(s):
______ Female Cat $45.00
______Female Dog $55.00
_______Male Cat $35.00
_______Male Dog $45.00
Please enclose a money order, payable to SICAW and mail to:
SICAW, P.O. BOX 120125, Staten Island, NY 10312-0125
Nearly 20,000,000 cats and dogs are put to death each year because there are not
enough homes for them all. Sadly, many pets are abandoned to an uncertain fate when
their owners lose their homes. Responsible pet lovers can help stop this tragic loss of
life by spaying or neutering their pets. As anyone who is feeding multiple strays
knows, it would be far cheaper to neuter once than to feed the generations that are sure
to follow. The time has come for us to wage an all-out war against uncontrolled
animal overpopulation on Staten Island. We have started a spay/neuter fund. Let’s
break the vicious cycle of unwanted births, unspeakable suffering, and the ultimate
destruction of innumerable innocent animals whose only crime was to be born into a
world in which there was no place for them.
A Spay Today Will Prevent a Stray Tomorrow
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------_____________YES! I would like to contribute to SICAW’S Spay/Neuter Fund.
Special Thanks to . . .
In Honor of . . .
The following members and friends for their generous
Henry Zuk
Maria D’Onofrio
Joyce Gandolfo
Marguerite DeMartino
Dana Macaluso
Diana Rogers
Patricia Quaranta
Laura Iannolino
Sandra Schroeder
Christine Kraus
Harry Bates
Bob Contard
Dorothy Hunter
Phyliss Byrne & John Driscoll
Barbara Mailman’s birthday
Audrey Haimowitz
Frances Adamakos on her birthday
Luisa Collins
My birthday
Sharon Deegan
Congratulations to . . .
Lisbeth Brandefine, Director of The Village Preschool
for organizing a fundraiser on our behalf
Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital on the opening of their
new, state of the art facility at 5525 Amboy Road
Women’s Club of Great Kills for selecting SICAW as
recipient of their Annual Charitable Donation
Danielle Garguilo and Josh Sahlman on their
Rev. Melodee Bottari and Susan Lamberti of Olivet
Presbyterian Church for its Annual Charitable Donation
Dana and Stephen Conway on the christening of their
son, Liam
Annette Tardy, our “goodwill ambassador” and
foremost advocate. For more than 25 years Annette has
been making new friends for SICAW, encouraging
them to support our rescue work and promoting
adoptions. Her tireless efforts have made a huge
difference in the lives of homeless animals, and she
continues to play a vital role in helping us to
accomplish our mission.
Thomas Giusetti on his induction into The National
Honor Society, The NYS Science Honor Society and
The Foreign Language Honor Society
Get Well Wishes to . . .
The Staten Island Board of Realtors for inviting us to
their March 19th Trade Show at the Garden Hilton
Dolores DeLuca
Helen Carestia
Anthony Brandefine
Anna McCabe
Mary Falcone for raising over $1,500 selling jewelry
and collectibles on e-bay
Linda Conlon for donating the proceeds of her winning
50/50 raffle at the Immanuel Union Spring Fair
“Pennies from Heaven”
We know how difficult it is to find extra
“cash,” so we came up with the oldest and
easiest way to save for rainy days -- Pennies
from Heaven! Toss your pennies into a pail
and call us to come and collect them. When
you possess a pile of pennies, please call
(718) 317-2243 to schedule a pickup. Thank
PetSmart for organizing a Food Drive for our foster
cats and all volunteers and foster parents who take such
loving care of our pets while they wait for their forever
Mike Iannolino for helping with needed repairs to the
Adoption Center
Mike Pepe for his fabulous photos of our pets for
Our loyal mailing volunteers who meet four times a
year to get this newsletter out to our members
Former Waifs . . .
We adopted Lola, formerly Rainbow, three months
ago and she is already the boss of our household!
She loves to play, especially at night when everyone
is sleeping. She is so loving and always wants to
snuggle in someone's lap. We really love Lola and
are so happy she is a part of our lives!
Bella Maria and Tony (named after Maria and
Tony from West Side Story), formerly Sunshine
and Scamp, are very happy in their new home.
We love them.
Laura Caserta and Luis Miranda
This is Max (formerly Eddie) enjoying the perch
and the great view. He is loving all of the hugs,
kisses and attention he’s getting now!
We cannot thank Laura and Kathy enough for their
support and compassion which brought our little boy
Gizmo to our family. He is a lovable and happy guy,
with a sweet personality. It didn't take him long to
feel at home...he fell asleep on the couch last night
with my husband and wanted to run and play this
morning. We’re so happy to have him.
Nita and Howie Altman...& Gizmo
Midnight and Archie chilling on the table. They
are so sweet and lovable. They get along well
with our older cat and, in fact, he thinks he's their
father! We are so happy to save another two
The Morales Family
This is Jazz aka Jessie. She has come a long way
from the streets of Stapleton where she was rescued.
She is as sweet as she is pretty. She loves to sit on
her perch and watch the birds, chipmunks and ducks.
She is a great playmate for her sister Olive and her
brother Foo. She is greatly loved. Thank you so
The newest addition to our home is Munchkin
who captured our hearts in January. She has found
her "forever home" with us and we are loving her!
Munchkin has a hearty appetite and enjoys being
pet, playing with her cat toys and especially
hanging with her new cat friend Diego who was
also adopted through SICAW. Munchkin is a true
"sweetie pie.” With her perky ears and beautiful
eyes we think she resembles Batman. We couldn't
be happier with Munchkin and we firmly believe
she couldn't be happier too. Thank you SICAW
for leading us to our sweet girl.
Tricia Smookler & Genevieve Bifulco
Thomas sleeps on my bed every night. It's nice
waking up with him - we both rollover and stretch
together in the morning. He makes me smile.
Pamela Windheim
You can't imagine how happy I am with Jane. She
is such a good girl, just a bit too protective but she
is coming along with training. I would love to
encourage others to adopt . . . my life is so much
richer with Jane!
Jeanne Killackey
Charlee, formerly Marmaduke, is doing great. He
loves his mommy and daddy! He sleeps with us
every night and it's awesome.
Tameka Moore
Oreo and Boots (formerly Sam and Max) are both doing
well. Boots is very comfortable and has taken over the
bed where he lies on his back insisting on belly rubs.
He’s completely stolen our hearts. Oreo, who was
receptive to petting and cuddling when she first arrived,
has become aloof and independent. It’s wonderful
having little babies in the house again. They are so
devilish. At night they become playful and rambunctious
as they run back and forth in the attic and all through the
house. They are our little family!
Tiffany Stewart & Yvonne Davis
The kittens continue to bring us laughter and love
everyday. Butch is the clown, playing with absolutely
whatever crosses his path. Callie is sweet and devoted
and such a gentle little girl. Murphy is independent and
mischievous but then rolls on his back in such an
endearing way, we can't get mad at him and we just
laugh! Thank you again for rescuing our little friends.
We're so happy we found them!
Barbara Knight
This is Dante and his brother DaVinci. They are 10
week old kittens who were part of the "13 Kittens left in
a box on the side of the road…” article in the Advance.
Thanks so much to Tracy and Dina for all their hard
work and for making it such an easy adoption. We love
having them as part of our family.
Debbie Scutari-Zizzo
Jax is the neighborhood stray our beloved Sean used to
watch from the window. I wanted to rescue him in
Sean’s memory, and after two months of trying, I finally
managed to trap him. He has been with us for nearly a
year and has made a lot of progress but we are not at the
cuddling/holding/pick-me-up stage as of yet. When he
wants our attention, he meows/yells loudly until we
follow him back to his room. He either wants a snack or
the window opened or has used the litter box and wants
it cleaned that second! We still have a long way to go,
but I’m so glad I never gave up. Jax is proof that feral
cats can be tamed. They are just scared babies who need
JoAnn & John Christie
Perkins – “Dine to Donate”
June 3 has been designated “Dine to Donate” day at Perkins Family
Restaurant in Eltingville. On that day the restaurant will donate 15% of each
guest’s breakfast, lunch or dinner check to SICAW. All you need do is bring
your friends and enjoy a delicious Perkins meal -- and be sure to present the
Flyer below to show that you support the work of our organization! While
Perkins is famous for its pancakes and breakfast specials, they also offer a wide
selection of sandwiches, salads and dinner entrees, as well as mouthwatering
desserts. What could be nicer than dining out among friends and neighbors who
share your love for animals, while at the same time raising money to help us
rescue and care for the stray, homeless and abandoned animals in our
community. Fundraising just doesn’t get any easier than this. Thank you
Perkins Family Restaurant in Eltingville &
The Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare
“Dine to Donate” June 3rd.
Perkins Family Restaurant is located at 4370 Amboy Road
(Across from the Eltingville Post Office) Perkins will donate
15% of each guest’s breakfast, lunch or dinner check to SICAW.
Remember to cut out and bring this flyer
with you! We look forward to seeing you there!
Dog adoptions: 718-356-2334
Dogs can be seen at Country Estate Kennels, 4838 Arthur Kill
Road, on Sunday mornings from 10am to 12pm.
Freckles is an outgoing kitten
with an incredibly sweet
disposition. Rescued during a
TNR project, he quickly
learned to love the indoor
life. He likes to play with his
toys and with other cats… his
hysterical antics keep his
foster family thoroughly
entertained! An injury to his
tail required an amputation
but that doesn't stop him from
doing anything - except
wagging his tail!
Kyro is a happy boy who
loves people. When you walk
into the room he rolls over
and starts to purr - even if he
never met you before! How
could anyone abandon such a
great cat? A kindly neighbor
took him in and he is now
safe in a SICAW foster home.
Big, gentle Kyro is still
trusting and affectionate, just
waiting for a new family to
Cat adoptions: 718-948-5623
All cats are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered (if old enough)
and negative for FIV / FELV. Cats can be seen at PetSmart,
1520 Forest Ave. Kittens can be seen in their foster homes.
Emily was rescued during a
TNR project just before the
brutal winter began.
Neighbors said she had been
abandoned. Because she did
not have the skills to make it
outside on her own, she was
taken off the street and placed
in foster care. Emily is a
gentle lap cat who loves
attention. Her sweet nature
and gorgeous green eyes will
melt your heart.
Meet Jade, a beautiful tabby
with expressive green eyes.
She is docile and affectionate,
but a bit shy. She likes to be
pet and enjoys the company of
people and other cats. This
lovely kitty was found at the
Con Ed plant in Brooklyn
where lots of cat lovers
work. It was her lucky day
when she decided to stroll in
Fran was the only surviving
kitten in her litter and was
lucky to be rescued during a
TNR project. She's a sweet,
independent girl who just
loves playing with her toys.
She's indifferent about other
cats so would do well as an
only cat if you are looking for
just one. She loves to snuggle
with her special person--when she's not too busy
Mark was found in the
Pathmark parking lot. He
rubbed and meowed at anyone
who would give him some
attention. He was clearly
socialized and did not belong
on the streets. He gets along
with the other cats and dogs in
his foster home and is very
happy to be indoors. He will
make a great companion for
someone looking for a very
docile and calm boy who
loves neck scratches!!
Pretty Miley is sad and
confused to find herself in a
cage after living in a home
most of her life. It will take
time and patience for her to
learn to trust again and know
that she is wanted and loved.
Miley is docile and gentle,
content just to be near her
special person. She would be
the perfect companion for
anyone looking for a quiet,
well behaved new best friend.
Marcus was one of the cats
trapped in a feral colony. At
first he behaved in a feral
manner until he realized he
was safe. He then showed us
his amazingly gentle
personality. Marcus is
extremely affectionate, craves
human attention, gets along
with other cats and loves to
play. He would be wonderful
in a home with children and
other cats.
Dog adoptions: 718-356-2334
Dogs can be seen at Country Estate Kennels, 4838 Arthur Kill
Road, on Sunday mornings from 10am to 12pm.
Cat adoptions: 718-948-5623
All cats are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered (if old enough)
and negative for FIV / FELV. Cats can be seen at PetSmart,
1520 Forest Ave. Kittens can be seen in their foster homes.
Randall came to us needing
surgery for a congenital eye
condition called Entropion
which left him with barely
open infected eyes. He has had
surgery financed by numerous
kind hearted donors who
responded to our plea for
contributions to cover the cost
of the procedure. See how
wonderful he looks! Randall is
playful, affectionate, very
talkative and loves attention.
Melanie and Misty were
found in a volunteer's back
yard. Melanie is more out
going while Misty is on the
shy side. They complement
each other. These adorable
kitties love to play and cuddle
up with one another when
they sleep. Once you meet
them, you will fall in love.
They are both all black with a
white spot on the under belly
near the legs.
I’m Patches and I’m a very
lucky girl - thanks to my
friend, the man with the little
car. He would come by every
day and I would jump in his
car and snuggle with him for
a while. Then, one day he
told me he was going to find
me a good home. I am off the
streets now and living with a
foster family. My friend still
comes by to visit, which is
helping me adjust to life
Jet recently lost her home
when her mom enlisted in the
military and was deployed.
Jet wanted to go along but the
military wouldn't let her. She
is sad without her owner and
needs a special person to love
her and make it a forever
Holly, Nicholas and Rudy
each have very distinct
personalities. Holly is a jolly
girl with a lot of energy.
Nicholas is the big brother,
always ready to rumble but
very doting and kind to his
siblings. Rudy is gentle and
extremely smart. He loves
toys so much that he hides
them all for himself. When
you are one of three you
learn early on that sharing is
Sally is a petite and gentle
kitty who was rescued from a
feral colony where she was
left to fend for herself. She is
timid at first but once she
gets to know you will roll
over to have her belly rubbed
and purr up a storm. Sally is
quiet, playful and likes other
Jonathan came in from the
cold on Christmas Eve when
a kindhearted police sergeant
noticed he was limping. It
turned out to be a superficial
skin wound, but now this
friendly, easygoing guy is
safe and happy indoors.
Jonathan is very social and
seeks out the company of
humans. He will be a loving
companion to the lucky
family who takes him home.
Bernie and Sammy are
handsome brothers and best
friends. They love to play
together - give them small
toys and they will keep
themselves occupied for
hours. They enjoy watching
the world go by from their
favorite window perch and
like to cuddle up at nap time.
It would be nice if they could
be adopted together.
Dog adoptions: 718-356-2334
Dogs can be seen at Country Estate Kennels, 4838 Arthur Kill Road, on Sunday
mornings from 10am to 12pm.
Cat adoptions: 718-948-5623
All cats are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered (if old
enough) and negative for FIV / FELV. Cats can be seen at
PetSmart, 1520 Forest Ave. Kittens can be seen in their
foster homes.
Lady and Sheridan were found when
they were six weeks old. Lady had an
injury to her head and cheek. Sheridan
had a deformed and infected eye. They
were both very sick, malnourished and
in urgent need of medical attention.
Within a few days of tender care they
were purring, eating and on the road to
recovery. Lady and Sheridan are
sweet, gentle lap cats who enjoy and
need human companionship and get
along with other cats and dogs. These
two are truly an exceptional pair.
Sheridan was left blind in one eye but
that hasn't affected his personality or
his ability to navigate his household
and to play with his best friend Lady.
Smokey was abandoned by her family
when they moved. Luckily the
landlord discovered her in the vacant
apartment and called a SICAW
volunteer for help. Though initially
traumatized by her ordeal, she has
learned to trust and is now very playful
and affectionate, a wonderful
companion cat. Smokey is a striking
charcoal gray and white tuxedo with
medium length hair and a plumed tail.
She would prefer to be an only cat so
she can have all of your attention.
Simone is a beautiful lady
who likes the good things in
life: plenty of toys, lots of
brushing, belly rubs, and
sunny windows to show off
in. She loves a warm bed,
preferably yours, so that she
can climb into your arms and
sleep there like a purring
teddy bear. She likes being
the one and only pet and loves
the attention of both men and
women. She is the ultimate
Lindsey is a very lucky kitten. She was
rescued from a large feral colony and
is the only one of her litter to survive.
Lindsey is a gentle and affectionate
dark brown/black classic tabby with
eyes to melt your heart. She loves to
snuggle and purr and play with her
foster siblings. This affectionate and
beautiful kitty will be a great addition
to a loving home.
Mable is a very petite girl
who needed to be TNR’d after
having her second litter of
kittens. When we met her it
was obvious that she should
not be ear tipped and returned.
Mable is blind in her left eye
due to a chronic infection, but
her eye did not need to be
removed. We are so happy
this dainty girl is off the
streets and safe in foster care.
Spencer showed up at an
apartment complex begging
for food and love. He is a
handsome and affectionate
boy with a shiny black coat
and a dash of white on his left
rear paw. He tested positive
for FIV but otherwise is in
good health. FIV+ cats can
live long lives and safely with
other cats, but Spencer would
prefer to be an only cat.
Hi! My name is Gustavo and I’m a 3 ½ year old Cane Corso (Italian
Mastiff). I’ve been waiting for the right person or family to adopt me.
I won’t ask for much - just maybe a yard for me to run around in and
exercise, or you could take me for long walks. I would love a nice bed
or couch to relax in and watch TV with you. Although I am lovable
and affectionate and will smother you with wet sloppy kisses, I do
need to be in a home without any other pets. I need a strong leader to
guide me with firmness and consistency. Maybe if you come down to
the kennel to meet me you will see that I’m just a gentle giant who
will love you with all my heart!
In Loving Memory
Friends in the Great Beyond
Do not weep for me when I am gone,
For I have friends in the great beyond.
All the little ones I used to feed,
Will come to me in my time of need.
They will purr and bark in great delight,
And I will hold and hug them tight.
Oh what a great day that will be
When my furry friends all welcome me.
Richard Servero
In memory of Martin Leagra
Albert Alfieri
In loving memory of Robert Joyce whose cause was to
help abused and neglected animals
Jeanne Hudlett
In loving memory of my sister, Melissa Beth Trani, on her
second anniversary in Heaven. She was much loved by her
family and her Airedales “Gracie” and “Abby.”
Forever in our hearts.
Christine C. Kraus
In memory of our brother Michael Punch
Judy & Patty Punch
In memory of Frances Rositano who left us on March 12th.
We will miss her.
Florence & Jerry Tennenbaum
In loving memory of Jeffrey Galletta
Friends and Family
In loving memory of Freda Esterly
Fay Schiff
In memory of Linda Trezza, beloved sister of Dr. Paul
Fay Schiff
Become a Friend for Life . . .
Have you considered including SICAW in your
estate plan? By doing so, you will help to
safeguard the future of our organization and the
vital role it has, and will continue to have, in
serving our community. A gift to SICAW in your
Will or living trust is a lasting way to help protect
animals. Many of our programs and services
have been possible thanks to caring people who
wanted to ensure that their love for animals goes
Your generous support through the years has
helped to make a difference in the lives of
countless animals in need. But what about
tomorrow? With a bequest to SICAW we can
continue to help protect animals and secure their
future. Sadly, some who give so generously
during their lives fail to take advantage of this
wonderful opportunity to make a lasting
Consult with your attorney to learn about the
many options available for charitable giving.
Many people underestimate the true value of their
estates – assets such as life insurance, real estate
or securities can be used to create an enduring
legacy. You will also discover that pension funds
and retirement accounts left to individuals other
than a spouse are heavily taxed, leaving very little
for family members. A good way to avoid this is
to assign retirement accounts to a charitable
organization, effective upon your death. The
charity pays no taxes and will have use of all the
funds to carry on its good work.
By including SICAW in your estate planning, you
will continue to support our mission far into the
future. Make a Lasting Gift – Safeguard the
Future – Become a Friend for Life!
In loving memory of Claire Borack
Patti Foggin
In memory of the wonderful years I had with my Golden
Retriever “Kelly”
Pat O’Connor
In memory of “Maestro,” beloved cat of Jodi and
Rob Curry. SICAW will miss this handsome and
gentle guy who was our Facebook mascot. He
greeted everyone on holidays and special events with
props set up by his loving Mom and Dad. We all got
a smile on our face when Maestro’s picture appeared
on screen.
Barbara Mailman
In memory of “Misty,” beloved cat of Mike and Gerri Pepe
SICAW Board of Governors
In memory of “Oscar,” beloved pet of Linda and Russell
SICAW Board of Governors
In memory of “Maestro,” beloved cat of Jodi and
Rob Curry
SICAW Board of Governors
In memory of “Raya,” beloved dog of Mary and Tom
Mickey & Marie Montvilo
In memory of “Cosmo,” beloved pet dog of the
Picciello Family
Jean Callahan Scarcella
In memory of my beloved cat “Spot.” Love you and miss
you so much. Forever in our hearts!
Christine Garofalo
In memory of “Leo,” beloved dog of the Troiani
Family, who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge much
too young. He was a treasure and is sorely missed.
Linda & George Paglia
In memory of “Oreo” who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge
on 3/17/13
Jean Scarfia
In memory of “Molly,” beloved dog of Anna and
Lou Williams
SICAW Board of Governors
In memory of “Zachary,” beloved Boxer of Teena Paine and
Elisabeth & Sidney Reiter
In loving memory of “Blue”
Anne Holland
In loving memory of “Oreo.” She was in our lives for 16
years and we will miss her very much.
Pam Vergoglino
In loving memory of “Savannah” (“Holly”) who patiently
waited in Petsmart for 9 months to get a home, and for a
year and 8 months had the time of her life because she
finally knew that she was wanted and loved
Chris & Terry McComiskey
In memory of “Honey,” beloved dog of Clo and Tony
Garguilo. Her name said it all. She was all sweetness. Best
dog ever and best friend! Forever on your mind and in your
Barbara Mailman
In loving memory of “Maestro” who crossed over the Bridge
on May 1st and went to join his brother Neptune to play
together every day without being in pain or feeling sick.
Maestro was a beautiful and super friendly little guy who
brought us so much joy. But God wanted him home so we
live with a void in our hearts. R.I.P. Maestro Man Curry
until we meet again and become a happy family in heaven.
Jodi & Rob Curry
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Did you know that Amazon will donate to your
favorite charity when you make your purchases
through the AmazonSmile Foundation. Simply go
to where you will find the same
low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping as, with the added bonus that Amazon will
donate a portion of the purchase price to the
charitable organization you designate (hopefully,
SICAW). There is no cost to you and you can use
your existing account. What a great
idea – truly something to smile about!
If you are signed up for both Amazon Smile and
iGive (with SICAW as your cause)—you can
increase donations to us by doing the following: Go
to iGive and find Amazon. Your Amazon Smile
account will come up, but iGive will also donate to
SICAW (if item is eligible).
So easy to do – you shop and the merchant donates!
Marlene Pet Sitting
In your home…
(917) 838-5163
If you are feeding stray cats and are concerned about their
increasing numbers, please consider having them spayed
and neutered. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the only
humane and proven effective method to control the
stray and feral cat population. TNR Certification
Workshops are taught by expert instructors in all five
boroughs throughout the year by the NYC Feral Cat
Initiative and Neighborhood Cats. By attending a
workshop, you will have access to resources which include
free spay/neuter at the ASPCA or Toby Project
clinics, free trapping equipment and notifications on other
colony caretaking events. For more information or to
register for a TNR Certification Workshop, visit
New Members
Lisa Barone
Frank DeBiase
Frank DeMaio
Joseph DiPippa
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Donald Heap
Jayne LaMarche
Walter Lee
Joe McAllister
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Terry Swift
The bottom line
unless you are
Spay and Neuter
The Clinic at Country Estate
Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
John G. Hynes, D.V.M.
4838 Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island, NY 10309
(near Outerbridge Crossing)
Phone (718) 356-3933 Fax (718) 356-1205
House Calls (917) 626-3028
Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare
City:____________________________________ State:____________ Zip:___________________
[ ]$10.00
[ ]$25.00
[ ]$50.00
[ ]$100.00
[ ] Other $_________________
I would like to lend a hand with:
[ ] Providing Foster Care in my home [ ] Volunteering at the kennel [ ] Newsletter Mailings
[ ]Volunteering at PetSmart [ ]Transporting Animals [ ]Fundraising [ ] Other______
Contributions are tax-deductible. Please make your check payable to SICAW and mail to:
Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare, Inc. P.O. Box 120125, Staten Island, NY 10312-0125
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. 10312-0125
Neuter/Spay-Don’t Let Them Stray
Please Support Our Spay/Neuter Fund
Mark Your Calendars
A Non-Profit/Tax Exempt Organization
founded in 1972 and dedicated to the rescue, care
and placement of stray and abandoned animals, and
to furthering the public’s education about proper
pet care, the problems of pet overpopulation and the
importance of spaying and neutering.
Clo Garguilo, President
Laura Moskie, Vice President
Barbara Dieckmann, Treasurer
Maria Magnotti, Secretary
June 3
“Dine to Donate” Day at Perkins
June 26 “Rock Against Animal Cruelty”
at the 10-4 Bar & Grill
If you would like to adopt, foster or volunteer,
please call: 948-5623, 356-2334, 720-0915,
Board Members:
9:00 PM.
Clo Garguilo, Laura Moskie, Barbara Dieckmann
Maria Magnotti, Danielle Garguilo
Laura Iannolino, Anna Williams, Barbara Mailman