Understanding + Managing Your Workers` Health

Understanding + Managing Your Workers’ Health Issues
20 May 2015
Employers continue to struggle with ill and injured workers in their workplace, often
unknowingly recruiting people that will never be able to do the work they were
employed to do. This session will answer the following questions:
What actions can an employer take prior to employment to assess whether an
employee is fit, capable and truthful about who they are and their health?
When can an employer direct a worker to undertake a medical assessment and
what information are you allowed to use? What actions can you take when
someone is injured or ill?
How long do employers have to wait to terminate employment due to
absenteeism (including defining “abandonment of employment”)?
What can employers do when someone puts in a workers’ compensation claim
and how can you prevent your premium being affected?
How do you manage injured and ill workers and what is the impact of
discrimination law in requiring ‘reasonable adjustments’ to the ‘inherent
requirements’ of their work?
How do you make sure you are acting lawfully around a workers ‘inherent
requirements’ and what are the risks of not doing something?
Presenter: Andrew Douglas | M+K Lawyers | Practice Group Head, Workplace Relations
Wednesday 20 May 2015 | 8.30am – 10.30am
Seminar Hall | Institute for Advanced Study (NR8)
La Trobe University, Bundoora
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