Graphic overlays and touch foils

Graphic overlays and touch foils
High volume printed products
Mekoprint for more than 60 years
Mekoprint is a privately owned company with approx. 260 employees and several
production sites. We supply the highest standards of electronic products and solutions to customers within industrial, HVAC, medical, automotive and telecom
applications in more than 40 countries.
The perfect partner is innovative, value adding and globally oriented. It is
our goal to become your preferred partner and ensure that you get safely
and efficiently from idea to final solution.
Mekoprint is the perfect match for international customers with special requirements for product and total concepts within user interface solutions, high volume
flexible printed circuit boards, EMC solutions, cable harnessing, graphic overlays,
metal nameplates and metal solutions.
Automated high-volume roll-to-roll production with no manual handling.
Research and development programs involving new machines, new materials
and new techniques.
Flexible manufacturing with adapted production facilities. We handle everything from the initial innovation process over testing, development and
production of prototypes, to automatic high-volume production, where homogeneous quality and production stability is crucial.
Professional service by employees with extensive experience and specialized
know-how about printing processes and technology.
Mekoprint - Your global partner
We use state-of-the-art equipment at our production units in Denmark and Eastern Europe as well as our partner-bases production in Asia. This minimizes cost
and maximizes added value for our customers.
Our logistics go hand in hand with customer-specific logistics programs. For example, we manufacture components in Asia for direct delivery to our customers’
factory in the same region.
This global setup and network orientation gives you all the advantages of manufacturing – both low and high volumes.
Roll-to-roll silk screen printing production setup
Our roll-to-roll productions setup allows high automation and low costs, which
ensures cost saving in the whole value chain. Our highly automated production ensures homogeneous products, robust manufacturing processes and high
consistent quality. The roll-to-roll setup also allows us to offer you easy and fully
integration in your own productions setup, with options of delivering on rolls for
pick and place or even in sheets.
Screen printing in our roll-to-toll setup allows for a variety of fully-automated
printing and finishing options. Our solutions are always customized in terms of
techniques, processes and materials, and match the requirements and specifications of the costumer. We provide you with rolls that can be incorporated directly
into your production setup.
Polyester (PET)
Polycarbonate (PC)
Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN)
Conductive silver
Etch resist
Solder mask
Dielectric ink
Screen print graphic inks
Transparent conductive ink
Semisolid electrolytes
Semiconducting polymers
Printable adhesives and spacers
Roll-to-roll laminating with precut spacers
Laser –cutting, trimming and perforation lines
High precision die cutting with automatic kiss cutting and full-die cutting
Rotational die-cutting
Cold and Warm embossing
Roll-to-roll slitting of products
Smart up-scaling - high precision at low cost
Roll-to-roll production of single- and double-sided screen prints is perfect for high
volume production where details are essential. This technology allows high automation and low costs, and enables the production of complex structures with exact
precision and replicability. With Mekoprint, you get optimum design for manufacturing and high quality products deliveries on rolls for automatic assembly and
incorporation into your production process.
High volume production of graphic overlays
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Screen printed graphic overlays and display foils
Screen printing of graphic overlays and display foils in our roll-to-roll setup allows
a variety of fully-automated printing and finishing options. We offer production of
simple to complex solutions with larger variety in materials or print on both sides
of foil. An example could be an overlay with integrated light diffusion, blackening
effect and embossing for key solutions.
The application of our screen printed products are endless – We have several references in the HVAC and industrial automation industry, were graphic overlays is
used on pumps, controls and more. The display foils are often used as front solutions for consumer appliances, but any product were a front solution with
blackness or light diffusion is possible. Another application of our printed products, is as foil in the processes of In Mould Decoration, were we are able to supply
plastic manufactures or likely with cost effective foils in high volume.
Cost effective compared to normal interface solutions
Blackness when appliance is in off mode
Diffusion of light in printed symbols when in on mode
Infinite possibilities for simple and complex solutions
As the use of touch screens for both consumer and industrial applications increases, so does the popularity of capacitive touch solutions.
Mekoprint offers competitive roll-to-roll production of capacitive foils, which constitute a crucial part of the touch solutions. Due to our fully automated printing
technology, we are able to deliver capacitive and graphical foils at a competitive
price to those produced in low-wage countries.
Roll-to-roll screen printed capacitive touch foils
Our capacitive touch solutions gives opportunities to expand the touch-sense
area, by using a thin polymer foil. This is especially advantageous if your design
requires, for example, centered backlighting of symbols. Combining the conductively printed touch foil with a double-sided adhesive, the touch foil can easily be
assembled directly to the backside of the decorative front cover.
A flexible, foil-based solution with adhesive works especially well in combination
with curved-shaped front covers, like an injection-molded and 3D plastic front as
often seen in large household appliances. Using a molded plastic front cover is
an option for designing a curved interface front surface. By integrating a flexible
touch-sensing layer in either PET or PC, this is possible. The touch-sensing areas
are simply screen-printed with conductive silver or graphite paste and connected
to the PCB via an integrated connecter tail, or customized contact springs.
A natural replacement for traditional keys and touch screens.
Is in line with the touch trend, and can be a more economical solution than
traditional touch screens.
A flexible solution.
A high level of automation throughout the production chain ensures consistent quality.
Lower costs for individual parts contributes positively to a lower price for the
complete application.
Professional coaching and innovated collaboration (design for manufacturing).
Roll-to-roll production and delivery on rolls ready for high automation at the
customer’s place of production.
Mekoprint as the perfect partner
With Mekoprint as a partner, you get all the benefits of a partnership, where our
extensive experience in the development and production of foil solutions combined, with the individual requirements and product specifications is crucial to
your product.
Experienced and innovative R&D team handling all processes of product development, testing, final design and prototypes ensuring you sparring in all
stages of the partnership.
Worldwide sourcing opportunities, offering all needed sourcing options. The
teams are experienced in handling sparring on double sourcing, minimum
stock, MCQ and lead-time issues.
A global and modern production setup includes productions sites in Europe
and Asia. Our head quarter is placed in Denmark, but also a trade department
in Asia is offered.
A dedicated and professional quality team handling and ensuring complete
documentation, which allows us to offer option of almost 100% reproducibility.
Highly competent and dedicated logistics team allowing flexible and global production. All logistics are managed from Denmark, with experts in
handling product flow throughout the world.
Innovation is one of our core competencies
Based on a wide range of competencies within technology, materials and product
development, we apply the appropriate technology to meet your needs and secure the entire value chain with design for manufacturing.
Our engineers possess deep technical knowledge and take responsibility from design to development and production of prototypes and for the final production
implementation. Through a confidential and open dialogue you are assisted in
choosing the right solution to match your specific requirements.
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Mekoprint is your perfect partner - We ensure that you get safe and efficient service
from idea to complete solution.
Your dedicated team is ready to answer your call or email. Please contact us if you
are interested in further information about our solutions and value proposition.
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