UFO HUNTERS - Mehreen Murtaza

This book is published to accompany the art project
Deep Earth Object, 2015 by artist Mehreen Murtaza
commissioned by Art Dubai Projects in collaboration with
Alserkal Avenue. The installation was exhibited from 16th
March, 2015 until 16th May 2015 at the Alserkal Avenue.
The project was curated by Lara Khaldi, Art Dubai Projects
Curator, 2015 and produced by the Art Dubai team which
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We would wake up every morning, charged with caffeine and brimming with the inexplicable
hope of spotting a UFO.
As we rode over the floating bridge into industrial areas, our eyes scanned the drive-by
landscape, etching each sandy terrain and speed bump into our bodily memories.
But to recognize an object that no other human being can possibly have seen - that is quite
We insisted on rocketing through as many dumping grounds for
scrap, plastic and used furniture. Adding blue to the mix, the flashing
light on the Lexus’ GPS indicated a trail of co-ordinates we had
stopped over, drove around or crossed diagonally.
We caught a dizzying glimpse of these mysterious capsules at the edge of existence.
There they were, mystically inclined, easily dismissible as the memory of a photograph. The
experience was disquieting, though not particularly rare.
The landscape looked like a cheery ruin from a spaghetti style mid-western.
Only ragged vestiges of blackened, dead, fossils unhinged from even the most vague sense
of time. Corroded metallic frameworks lay in slumber.