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June 12, 2015!
NCS4: Northeast Complex Fluids and Soft Matter Workshop
Stony Brook University!
102 Light Engineering Building!
Invited speakers
Surita Bhatia, Stony Brook University
Teaching Old Biomaterials New Tricks: Engineering Crystallinity and Topology
into Polymer Networks
Oleg Gang, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Programmable Nano-Systems and Their Transformations
Irving P. Herman, Columbia University
Modes of Assembling Quantum Dots in Two and Three Dimensions
Taehun Lee, City College of New York
Viscous Coalescing Droplets in a Saturated Vapor Phase
Mu-Ping Nieh, University of Connecticut
Controlling Self-Assembled Lipid-Based Nanoparticles for Theranostic
and Nanobiosensing Materials
The Northeast Complex Fluids and Soft Matter
(NCS) Workshop series brings together researchers
in the region for an interdisciplinary meeting in an
informal setting, to exchange ideas and foster
collaborations. The meeting will host a mix of invited
talks, short presentations, posters, and networking
time. Registration is free, however in order to
participate in the workshop, prior registration is
required. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to all
attendees. Students and postdocs: Please indicate
on the registration form if you are participating in
short talks or posters.
Website: !
Chinedum Osuji, Yale University
Dynamical Arrest and Yielding Responses in Colloidal Glasses and Gels
Yuan-Nan Young, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Hydrodynamics of a Lipid Bilayer Membrane: Fluid Dynamics in Cell Biology
Alexandra Zidovska, New York University
Mechanism and Function of Chromatin Positional Dynamics in Interphase
Sponsored by the Department
of Mechanical Engineering
Organized by Carlos Colosqui and Thomas Cubaud