1. The Color Vision category is open to all hairdressers/colorists of all ages. 2. No employee of Wella Professionals, or their families, will be allowed to enter the competition. 3. The competition team consists of a hairdresser and a model, and can be supported by an assistant (to help with the hair cutting). However, only the hairdresser (whose name is on the entry form) can do the color and the hair styling and receive the award. 4. The hairdresser must be a qualified hairdresser employed by a hairdressing salon; there is no such obligation for the model or the assistant. 5. Between the photo entry selection and the national/ regional competition, the model can be changed. The assistant may be changed at any stage during the competition. 6. The assistant and model do not necessarily have to be employed by the participating salon. ABOUT THE SALON
7. Salons are allowed to enter as many competitors as they like, but only one competitor is allowed per entry form. Competitors may only submit one entry and in only one category – either Young Talent or the Color Vision. 8. The salon name that appears on the entry form will be the salon that the hairdresser must represent during the competition. Should a competitor leave his/her employment (i.e. move to a different salon) during any stage of the competition, he/she will lose the right to compete. In the case of withdrawal of a competitor, the salon loses the right to compete. 1 ABOUT JUDGING
The judges will specifically be looking for the highest hair craftsmanship and creativity, demonstrating the individual vision of “what’s beautiful, wearable and inspiring” for salon relevant hair. 9. The requirements for a successful entry will include: −
Showing a significant change to the model’s hair and their ability to construct a salon-­‐
relevant total look. −
Inspiration that has been taken from many sources (e.g. the Wella Professionals Trend Collection, art, photography, fashion) and is not restricted to copying the Wella Professional Trends. −
Color work that reflects the professional expertise and ability of the colorist to create a tailor-­‐made end result. −
Cut and color that complement each other while creating a beautiful, wearable look. −
Hair that is shiny and in excellent condition with the highest professional finish. −
Models that are not necessarily professional but most appropriate for creating an authentic look that fits with their personality, face, and bone structure. Models must be sufficiently confident to carry the look on the catwalk. −
Makeup and clothes styling that complement the overall look, working in synergy with the hairstyle showing the highest level of craftsmanship. 10. The competitor will be judged for his/her total individual vision: 70 % COLOR TECHNIQUE −
Visible consideration of how color complements the haircut (shape and length) −
Technique, application, color selection, commercial usability explanation −
Finished color result 30 % OVERALL VISION & LOOK −
Total look (style, finish, makeup, clothes/fitting) −
Relevant individual vision/interpretation/creative personalization 2 −
Professional finish −
Individual vision/creative personalization 11.
It is the competitor's responsibility to perform a skin sensitivity evaluation 48 hours before the color application. 12. The judges' decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. Entrants have no right to legal recourse. ABOUT PRODUCTS AND TOOLS
13. Only Wella Professionals products may be used. The products used must be documented in the application form and category package. 14. Use of fake hair is forbidden throughout the whole competition (no hairpieces, extensions, etc., are allowed). 15. Each hairdresser/team is responsible for providing his/her own personal equipment, such as scissors, brushes, combs, makeup, and clothing for completing the finished look. 16. WELLA provides blow dryers, straightening irons and styling/finishing products. Other electrical equipment required by the hairdresser (e.g. curling and crimping irons) must comply with all health and safety regulations, must have a valid safety certificate and be approved by the NTVA team on site. 17. Wella Professionals accepts no responsibility for loss of and/or damage to electrical equipment. 18. The model must sign the provided on site hair service consent form. ABOUT THE ENTRY FORM/PHOTO STAGE
19. The Color Vision application form consists of: 19.1 Completed entry form 19.2 Signed disclaimer 19.3 Two model pictures, each 20x25cm (one head and-­‐shoulders picture of the model before and one head-­‐and-­‐shoulders picture of the model afterwards with the final look) 19.4 Completed the Color Vision package, outlining the Color Concept, which must include: 19.4.1
Reasons outlining why the overall look fits the individual vision, is suitable for the model, wearable, and innovative color work 19.4.2
Explanation of Color Techniques used and why 3 19.4.3
An outline of how the color works with the haircut (shape, length) Suggested shades/mixtures with names and numbers The Wella products used A step-­‐by-­‐step description of the placement of color 20. Entries/photos that have been previously published cannot be considered (photo rights during the competition are reserved for Wella Professionals). All photographs taken and received become the property of Wella Professionals and may be used for publicity purposes. Photos will not be returned. ABOUT THE REGIONAL AND NATIONAL COMPETITION STAGES
21. This is a live competition stage where, in front of the judges, the hairdresser will be expected to present their models within 3 hours, including: 22.1
Present a salon-­‐wearable haircut, this can be pre-­‐cut before the competition day, allowing the competitor to focus on the color application. (Assistant optional to help with haircut) 22.2
Do the color work live (NB: All color work must be done on the competition day, and there may be no preparation of the color prior to the competition). Competitors will be expected to make a complete and significant color change. 22.3
Styling and finish must be completed by the competitor. 22.4
Present the overall look/result (NB: To allow for completion of the hair work within the required 3 hours, the fitting of clothes and application of makeup may be done beforehand). 22. The hairdresser will be expected to present his/ her color concept in up to 5 minutes, supported by a mood board (size A 2), which should include: 23.1
Reasons outlining why this look fits the individual vision of a beautiful salon-­‐wearable look Explanation of color techniques used and why An outline of how the color works with the haircut (shape, length) Suggested shades/mixtures with names and numbers The Wella Professionals products used A step by step description of the placement of color PLEASE NOTE