Winter Lawn Fungus

Winter Lawn Fungus
Fusarium Patch
Red Thread
Today’s lawn treatment addresses the common winter fungus diseases Fusarium
Patch and Red Thread. This treatment will arrest any advancement of the infection in
your lawn, and prevent new infection from occurring.
Symptoms of Fusarium Patch (top image) include patches of gray, slimy grass
(mycelium), which turn yellow, then brown. Fusarium Patch infection begins at the tip of
the grass blade and moves downward through the plant. If the disease goes untreated,
the infection will reach the plant’s crown, killing the plant, roots and all. This results in
dead patches that will need reseeding in the spring. Fusarium can spread rapidly and do
extensive damage, so timely treatments are key.
Red Thread (bottom image) infects the blades of the grass plant, turning them
pink or red, then tan or brown. Red Thread does not kill the grass, but it is unsightly
and can be very persistent. It is more severe in nitrogen deficient conditions, but will
attack well fertilized lawns if conditions are right.
Today’s treatment will keep Red Thread and/or
Fusarium Patch infection at bay for 4-6 weeks, after which
your follow-up treatment will occur. Winter fungus disease
season lasts from late autumn through early spring, so more
than one treatment is required to keep your lawn protected
from infection. Rainfall during or after the treatment will not
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