Exciting New Features 2015 ACCUPLACER Platform

Exciting New Features
2015 ACCUPLACER Platform
Improved User Management
Several new features have been added to enhance the capabilities and management of ACCUPLACER users:
1. Users can now manage their own profiles and update
contact information right from the Home Page. Every 6
months, users will receive a prompt when logging in to
review and update their contact information if necessary.
2. To help users understand their current role and
location in the platform, particularly for those
with multiple logins, the Institution or Site or
Name will appear underneath the user’s login
3. Existing user roles can now access additional
 The Institution Reporter role will now have
access to Cross Institution ISR Reporting
 The Site Reporter role will now have access to
the Learning Path Report
 The Proctor role can now view student profiles,
but not edit or merge profiles. Proctors can
now run a score roster report.
4. In order to enhance account security, logins
which have not been used in the previous year will
automatically be deleted from the platform.
Exciting New Features
2015 ACCUPLACER Platform
Text Editor
The text editor found throughout the platform will be upgraded to the CKEditor which provides
additional features and capabilities that make the creation of background questions, test instructions,
onscreen messages to students, and local tests easier than ever.
New Test Settings
Individual Test Time on ISR (Yes/No): Currently you can determine how long a student takes to
complete all tests within a branching profile by utilizing a Score Report Test Setting called
Individual Test Time on ISR. When this new test setting is set to ‘Yes’, the total time as well as the
individual time records for every single test will display on the ISR.
Unblock keys for use with accessibility tool (Yes/No): With accessibility tools, there is often a need
for users to have access to some of the blocked keys (ALT, function keys F1 – F12, Print screen,
mouse right click, and Ctrl + any character) within the platform. By setting this to Yes, these
blocked keys will be available for test takers to use and allow them to use keyboard shortcuts as
Use MathML to display Math items (Yes/No): When using accessibility tools, math items are best
displayed using MathML (a specification that assists in the display of mathematical expressions in
web pages). By setting this to Yes, users who are taking tests with an accessibility tool will get a
better rendering of the math item. For those not using an accessibility tool, the math is best
displayed with html and cascading style sheets (the No option).
Exciting New Features
2015 ACCUPLACER Platform
For Site Managers, 2 new summary reports will be available from the Dashboard menu
Test Activity – This graph will show the number of completed tests over a specified period of time
(weekly or monthly).
Course Placement – This graph will display a listing of the top 10 course placements
User Created Customized Scores – Composite Scores
The ACCUPLACER system allows you to combine multiple test scores into one Composite Score that
can then be reported on a student’s ISR, used when determining placements, and uploaded into
Student Information Systems. This feature has been upgraded to include the ability to set parameters
that will determine the criteria to calculate the composite score. The following configuration options
have been added: highest score, latest score, highest score for last 6 months, highest score for last 12
months, highest score for last two years and highest score for last three years.
Report Scheduler
Instead of having to remember to run a report every so often, use the Report Scheduler to
automatically schedule reports from saved criteria. When the report is complete, you will
automatically get an email notification and see it in the report queue. A user can schedule up to 7
reports at one time to occur up to 1 month in advance.
Exciting New Features
2015 ACCUPLACER Platform
Student Pre-Registration System and Vouchers
Utilizing the Student Pre-Registration process just became easier! Check out the following additions to
the system:
Currently when completing the template/spreadsheet to import student data into your
ACCUPLACER site, the ‘date of birth’ column is divided into three columns. With the new release,
this will change to one column to assist with ease of data transfer from your Student Information
System to your ACCUPLACER account.
Have you ever needed to reprint a stack of vouchers – one voucher at a time? With the latest
upgrade you will have the ability to reprint multiple vouchers with one click!
Stay on top of the vouchers you have created and their current status. Within the Reprint
Voucher menu, you will now be able to track voucher status for used or unused vouchers.
PLEASE WAIT! A clearer student message has been added that will display while the student’s test
session is loading. This will help prevent students from trying to begin their test session before the
tests are properly loaded.
Web Services
Failure notification: If data download errors occur with web services, users will now be proactively
notified via email. There is no need for manual verification of log files. The log file details will be
automatically verified and when failed notifications are returned, an email notification will be sent
(at the time of failure) to users notifying them of the failed transactions. The email address for
failed notifications is specified during web services setup.
Support for additional file types: Users will now have a choice to configure the file type they
would like to receive during data transmissions. In addition to the current xml format, comma
delimited, pipe delimited, semicolon delimited & windows format options have been added.
NOTE: For existing users of the web service, you will need to re-install to take advantage of these 2
new features.
Fast Track Test Admin
Fast Track test administration is designed to expedite the testing process by allowing the Proctor or
Site Manager to begin testing without having to login to all of the computers on the day of testing. Fast
Track test administration will be managed from the Test Center Dashboard.
Exciting New Features
2015 ACCUPLACER Platform
Tablet Test-Taking
When using an iPad for WritePlacer tests, the autocorrect and autocomplete features will now be
disabled. Students will no longer be able to access those features during WritePlacer tests.
Branching Profile Update
Individual strand scores from Diagnostics can now be used as a condition within a Branching Profile.
Remote Testing – Improved Communication
Eliminate guessing! This new feature includes the name of the Branching Profile in the email that the
student receives to ensure the correct tests are administered when the student is testing through the
Remote Testing Network.
Local Test
Local tests will now provide the option for a student to move forward/backward through test
Retesting and Number of Attempts
Site Managers will have the ability to control the number of times a student attempts to take a
test within a specified number of months. When a student begins a test, the retest limit will be
verified. If the student has surpassed the specified retest parameters, a warning message will
appear requiring Proctor assistance.
Invalidate Student Test Session
On occasion, we find ourselves with unethical students who use unauthorized means to complete
their tests. With this release of ACCUPLACER, administrators can now invalidate those test scores
so they cannot be used by the student at other institutions. This can be accomplished on the
Manage Test Session screen or the Test Center Management screen.
Exciting New Features
2015 ACCUPLACER Platform
New Test Center Management Tools
You will be able to get historical information within the Test Center Management module. A calendar has been added so
you can pinpoint a specific testing date and gather data for sessions started, sessions completed, and units used.
Custom Report
This report has been enhanced to allow a user to select specific to and from times within a specific day (for example 8:00
a.m. to 10 a.m.) This will allow test centers to pull data for a morning session separately from and an afternoon session.
Exciting New Features
2015 ACCUPLACER Platform
Find Remote Testing Center
The remote test voucher generation site search has been updated to include a zip code radius search. While searching for
remote sites, the user can now search a specified mile range from a zip code.