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for The Bloomsbury Reader in Religion and Popular Culture (p.3), as well as two new titles in the Bloomsbury Studies in
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The Bloomsbury Reader in
Religion and Popular Culture
Hinduism and the 1960s
Edited by Lisle W. Dalton & Eric Michael Mazur
Paul Oliver
This is the first anthology to trace broader themes
of religion and popular culture across time and
across very different types of media. Providing key
readings as well as new approaches and cuttingedge work, it encourages a broader methodological
and historical understanding.
The editors' combined 30 years teaching experience ensure
pedagogical features benefit both students and instructors:
•Number of units match common semester syllabi structures
•Each unit starts with an introduction and is followed by questions
designed to encourage or enhance post-reading reflection and
classroom discussion
•A glossary of terms from the unit's readings is provided, as well as
suggestions for further reading and investigation
Lisle W. Dalton is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Hartwick
College, USA.
Eric Michael Mazur is Gloria & David Furman Professor of Judaic Studies,
Professor of Religious Studies, and Director of American Studies, at
Virginia Wesleyan College, USA.
UK April 2015 • US February 2015
448 pages
PB 9781472509604 • £24.99 / $38.95 • HB 9781472514660 • £75.00 / $115.00
Individual eBook 9781472586254 • £24.99 / $36.99
Library eBook 9781472586247 • £75.00 / $120.00
Bloomsbury Academic
The Rise of a Counter-culture
The West has drawn upon Hinduism on a wide scale,
yet the contribution of Hinduism to the counterculture of the 1960s has not been analysed in full.
Hinduism and the 1960s looks at the youth culture
of the 1960s and early 1970s. Paul Oliver examines
the origins of the 1960s counter-culture in the Beat movement of the
1950s and the lifestyle that was adopted, from living in ashrams to
experimenting with drugs, sexual liberation, ayurvedic medicine and
Analyzing the interaction between Hinduism and the West, each
chapter contains a summary and further reading guidance, and a
glossary is included at the end of the book. Hinduism and the 1960s
is ideal reading for courses on Hinduism, Indian religions, and religion
and popular culture.
Dr Paul Oliver was formerly a lecturer at the University of Huddersfield,
UK. He has published twenty books in the areas of religion, education and
philosophy, seven of which have been translated into other languages.
R eligion and P opular C ulture
R eligion and P opular C ulture
UK November 2014 • US January 2015
224 pages
PB 9781472531551 • £19.99 / $29.95 • HB 9781472533036 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472530783 • £19.99 / $27.99
Library eBook 9781472527653 • £60.00 / $96.00
Bloomsbury Academic
Bloomsbury Studies in Religion and Popular Music
Religion’s relationship to popular music has ranged from opposition to ‘the Devil’s music’ to an embracing of modern styles and subcultures
in order to communicate its ideas and defend its values. Bloomsbury Studies in Religion and Popular Music is a multi-disciplinary series that
aims to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the issues and the relationships between religion and popular music.
Christian Metal
Religion in Hip Hop
History, Ideology, Scene
Mapping the New Terrain
Marcus Moberg
Edited by Monica R. Miller, Anthony B. Pinn &
Bernard 'Bun B' Freeman
Christian metal has always defined itself in
contrast to its non-Christian, secular counterpart,
yet it stands out from nearly all other forms
of contemporary Christian music through its
unreserved use of metal’s main musical, visual,
and aesthetic traits. Christian metal is a rare example of a direct
combination between evangelical Christianity and an aggressive and
highly controversial form of popular music and its culture.
Christian Metal: History, Ideology, Scene is the first full exploration
of the phenomenon of Christian metal music, its history, main
characteristics, development, diversification, and key ideological
traits from its formative years in the early 1980s to the present day.
Marcus Moberg situates it in a wider international evangelical cultural
environment, accounts for its diffusion on a transnational scale, and
explores what religious meanings and functions Christian metal holds
for its own musicians and followers. Engaging with wider debates
on religion, media and popular culture, Christian Metal: History,
Ideology and Scene is a much-needed resource in the study of religion
and popular music.
Over the past two decades, numerous disciplines
have taken up hip hop culture for its intellectual
weight and contributions to the cultural life and
self-understanding of the United States. More
recently, the academic study of religion has given hip hop culture
more critical attention, yet this conversation is often limited to
discussions of hip hop and traditional understandings of religion.
Religion in Hip Hop provides an important step in advancing this new
field and features 14 original contributions. The Preface is written
by one of the most prolific and founding scholars of this area of
study, Michael Eric Dyson, and the inclusion of and collaboration with
Bernard 'Bun B' Freeman fosters a perspective internal to Hip Hop and
encourages conversation between artists and academics.
Monica R. Miller is Assistant Professor of Religion & Africana Studies,
Director of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Lehigh University, USA.
Anthony B. Pinn is Agnes Cullen Arnold Professor of Humanities, Professor
of Religious Studies, and Director of the Center for Engaged Research and
Collaborative Learning (CERCL) at Rice University, USA.
Marcus Moberg is Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher in
Comparative Religion at Abo Akademi University in Turku, Finland.
Bernard "Bun B" Freeman is an American rapper, songwriter and CERCL
Distinguished Visiting Lecturer at Rice University, USA.
UK April 2015 • US June 2015
224 pages • 10 bw illus
PB 9781472579836 • £19.99 / $29.95 • HB 9781472579843 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472579867 • £19.99 / $27.99
Library eBook 9781472579850 • £60.00 / $96.00
Series: Bloomsbury Studies in Religion and Popular Music • Bloomsbury Academic
UK June 2015 • US August 2015
240 pages
PB 9781472509079 • £19.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781472507433 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472507228 • £19.99 / $27.99
Library eBook 9781472506016 • £21.99 / $34.95
Series: Bloomsbury Studies in Religion and Popular Music • Bloomsbury Academic
www.bloomsbury.com • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 • [email protected]
R eligion , F ilm and M edia
R eligion , F ilm and M edia
Documentary as Exorcism
Silver Screen Buddha
Resisting the Bewitchment of Colonial
Buddhism in Asian and Western Film
Robert Beckford
Documentary-maker Robert Beckford reflects on
his art and how he navigates between theology
and visual culture as an academic, activist and
Documentary as Exorcism is an interdisciplinary study that builds
upon the insights of postcolonial studies, critical race theory,
theological and religious studies and media and film studies to
showcase the role of documentary film as a system capable of
registering complex theological ideas while pursuing the authentic
aims of documentary filmmaking.
Beckford marries the concepts of ‘theology as visual practice’
and ‘theology as political engagement’ to develop a new mode of
documentary film-making that embeds emancipation from oppression
in its aesthetic.
Robert Beckford is Reader in Theology and Society at Canterbury Christ
Church University, UK and is the author of a number of books in the field
of religion, popular culture and politics, including God of the Rahtid
(2003) and Jesus Dub (2006). He has presented numerous documentaries
in the UK for the BBC and Channel 4 and gained a BAFTA in 2001 for
diversity in educational broadcasting.
UK January 2014 • US March 2014
264 pages
PB 9781847063922 • £16.99 / $29.95 • HB 9781847063915 • £50.00 / $86.00
Individual eBook 9781441127198 • £16.99 / $26.99
Library eBook 9781441120700 • £51.00 / $82.00
Bloomsbury Academic
Sharon A. Suh
How do contemporary films depict Buddhists
and Buddhism? What aspects of the Buddhist
tradition are these films keeping from our view?
By repeatedly romanticizing the meditating monk,
what kinds of Buddhisms and Buddhists are missing
in these films and why?
Silver Screen Buddha is the first book to explore the intersecting
representations of Buddhism, race, and gender in contemporary films.
Sharon A. Suh examines the cinematic encounter with Buddhism
that has flourished in Asia and in the West in the past century – from
images of Shangri-La in Frank Capra's 1937 Lost Horizon to Kim
Ki-Duk's 2003 international box office success Spring, Summer, Fall,
Winter...and Spring.
The book helps readers see that representations of Buddhism in
Asia and in the West are fraught with political, gendered, and racist
undertones. Silver Screen Buddha draws significant attention to
ordinary lay Buddhism, a form of the tradition given little play in
popular film. By uncovering the differences between a fictionalized,
commodified, and exoticized Buddhism, Silver Screen Buddha brings
to light expressions of the tradition that highlight laity and women,
on the one hand, and Asian and Asian Americans, on the other.
Sharon A. Suh is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of
Theology and Religious Studies at Seattle University, USA.
UK January 2015 • US March 2015
240 pages • 15 bw illus
PB 9781441105363 • £19.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781441189257 • £65.00 / $120.00
Individual eBook 9781474217842 • £19.99 / $27.99
Library eBook 9781474217835 • £60.00 / $96.00
Bloomsbury Academic
The Journal of Objects, Art and Belief
S. Brent Plate, Hamilton College, USA
Birgit Meyer, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
David Morgan, Duke University, USA
Crispin Paine, University College London, UK
“Its scholarly articles investigate everything from the Sufi arts
of urban Senegal to Chinese religions in the American West ...
Academic libraries are urged to add it.” Library Journal
Material Religion is an international, peer-reviewed journal that seeks to explore all aspects of religious
material culture – from images, devotional and liturgical objects to ritual, ceremony and pilgrimage.
Visit us online at www.bloomsbury.com/materialreligion to:
• View a free sample issue • Sign up for TOC Alerts
• Submit your next paper
• Subscribe today!
Print ISSN: 1743-2200
E-ISSN: 1751-8342
www.bloomsbury.com • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 • [email protected]
A Beginner's Guide to the Study
of Religion
Ritual: Key Concepts in Religion
Bradley L. Herling
"Overall, the elucidation is sharp and wellsupported ... a tremendous asset for the scholars
and advanced students." Margo Kitts, author of
Sanctified Violence in Homeric Society
"This book offers a marvellous invitation to
carefully consider the most crucial issues of our
time." Of the first edition – Davina C. Lopez, Eckerd
College, USA
Now in its second edition and updated throughout, this concise
introduction to theory and method includes:•An accessible survey of classic theorists in the modern study of
•Feature boxes highlighting essential quotations and key concepts
•Recommended further reading
Updated to include further coverage of contemporary trends
including feminist and post-colonial critiques, A Beginner's Guide to
the Study of Religion offers a thorough but concise body of material
suitable for beginner's courses on theory and method, or to provide
theoretical context for introductory world religions courses. Study
questions and worksheets can be found on the book's webpage.
Bradley L. Herling is Professor of Religious Studies at Marymount
Manhattan College, USA.
UK May 2015 • US March 2015
192 pages
PB 9781472512772 • £14.99 / $25.95 • HB 9781472506924 • £45.00 / $78.00
Individual eBook 9781472506030 • £14.99 / $22.99
Library eBook 9781472505217 • £45.00 / $72.00
Bloomsbury Academic
Religion, Postcolonialism,
and Globalization
A Sourcebook
Jennifer Reid
"An invaluable resource for anyone who wants a
better understanding of relationships between
religion and the development of the modern
world." Philip P. Arnold, Syracuse University, USA
Focusing on a history of religions approach, this sourcebook
provides an alternative to existing sociological work on religion and
Each of the four sections includes a critical introduction, a series of
readings, and discussion questions. Extracts explored include work
by Max Weber, Edward Said, and David Chidester. Sources range from
the origins of the common phrase jihad vs. McWorld in the work of
Benjamin Barber, to personal essays reflecting religious responses to
Jennifer Reid is Professor of Religion at the University of Maine
Farmington, USA. Her research interest is primarily in methodology in
the study of religion and she has published extensively on issues relating
to the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in
modernity and late-modernity.
UK December 2014 • US February 2015
256 pages
PB 9781472586094 • £19.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781472586087 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472586117 • £19.99 / $27.99
Library eBook 9781472586100 • £60.00 / $96.00
Bloomsbury Academic
Pamela Stewart & Andrew Strathern
Ritual has emerged as a major focus of academic
interest. As a concept, the idea of ritual integrates
the study of behavior both within and beyond the domain of religion.
Written with the specific needs of students of religious studies in
mind, this book surveys the field of ritual studies, looking at it both
historically within anthropology and in terms of its contemporary
relevance to world events. The authors are co-editors for the
international Journal of Ritual Studies.
T heory and M ethod
T heory and M ethod
Pamela J. Stewart is Senior Research Associate and Co-Director of the
Cromie Burn Research Unit, in the Department of Anthropology at the
University of Pittsburgh, USA, and Co-Editor of the Journal of Ritual
Studies and the Ritual Studies Book Series.
Andrew Strathern is Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Anthropology at the
University of Pittsburgh, USA, and Co-Editor of the Journal of Ritual
Studies and the Ritual Studies Book Series.
UK January 2014 • US March 2014
184 pages
PB 9781441185693 • £14.99 / $25.95 • HB 9781441137296 • £45.00 / $90.00
Individual eBook 9781623568467 • £14.99 / $22.99
Library eBook 9781623568146 • £45.00 / $72.00
Series: Key Concepts in Religion • Bloomsbury Academic
Capitalizing Religion
Ideology and the Opiate of the Bourgeoisie
Craig Martin
"After reading this book, you will never again
feel wholly comfortable talking about spirituality
without also thinking about consumerism and its
profound hold on our fictions, our fantasies, our
ideologies, and our religions." Kathryn Lofton, Yale
University, USA
Increasingly people claim to be 'spiritual but not religious,' or to
prefer 'individual religion' to 'organized religion.'
While the topics of 'spirituality' and 'individual religion' are regularly
treated as self-evident by the media and even some scholars of
religion, Capitalizing Religion provides one of the first critical
analyses of the phenomenon, arguing that these recent forms of
spirituality are in many cases linked to capitalist ideology and
consumer practices. Examining cases such as Eckhart Tolle's The
Power of Now, and Karen Berg's God Wears Lipstick, Craig Martin
ultimately argues that so-called 'individual religion' is a religion of the
status quo or, more critically, 'an opiate of the bourgeoisie.'
Craig Martin is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, St. Thomas Aquinas
College, USA.
UK September 2014 • US November 2014
192 pages
PB 9781472527448 • £19.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781472521644 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472530363 • £19.99 / $27.99
Library eBook 9781472533371 • £60.00 / $96.00
Bloomsbury Academic
www.bloomsbury.com • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 • [email protected]
B loomsbury A dvances in R eligious S tudies
B loomsbury A dvances in R eligious S tudies
Bloomsbury Advances in Religious Studies
This ground-breaking series presents innovative research in theory and method in the study of religion, paying special attention to disciplinary
formation in Religious Studies. Volumes published under its auspices demonstrate new approaches to the way religious traditions are presented
and analysed. Each study will demonstrate its theoretical insights by applying them to particular empirical case studies in order to foster
integration of data and theory in the historical and cultural study of ‘religion’.
Community and
Worldview among
Paraiyars of South
'Lived' Religion
Anderson H. M.
"A welcome addition to studies on
the social and religious lives of Dalit
Christians." David Mosse, University of
London, UK
Anderson H.M. Jeremiah provides a detailed
ethnographic study of rural Paraiyar
communities in South India. Through
examining Paraiyar Christian communities,
the author provides a comprehensive
understanding of Paraiyar religious
worldviews within the dominant Hindu
religious worldview. In contrast to existing
research, this volume places the Paraiyars
within their wider social context, ascribed
and achieved identity, religious symbolism
and ritual and negotiation of social
Anderson H. M. Jeremiah is Lecturer in World
Christianity, Department of Politics, Philosophy
and Religion at Lancaster University, UK.
UK June 2014 • US June 2014
208 pages
PB 9781472576101 • £21.99 / $37.95
HB 9781441178817 • £70.00 / $130.00
Individual eBook 9781441170668 • £22.99 / $34.99
Library eBook 9781441115669 • £69.00 / $111.00
Series: Bloomsbury Advances in Religious Studies
Bloomsbury Academic
Religion, Material
Culture and
Julian Droogan
Religion, Material Culture
and Archaeology offers a
new understanding of the
materiality of religion.
By drawing on the field of archaeological
theory and method, the relationship between
religion and material culture is explored.
It is argued that the material elements of
religious life have been largely neglected by
the discipline of religious studies, while at
the same time religion has been traditionally
seen as problematic for archaeologists.
Why do we not talk of the discipline of the
archaeology of religion, in the same way
we do the anthropology of religion, or the
sociology of religion?
The volume considers the historical
problems of approaching the material
elements of religious life and bridges the
methodological gap between religious
studies and archaeology by proposing a new
way of understanding the materiality of
religion – as active, engaged and projecting
a level of autonomous social agency. Finally,
the critical examination of archaeological
approaches to the materiality of religion is
furthered through the consideration of nonarchaeological ways of examining the social
roles that material culture plays in human
Julian Droogan is a Lecturer at Macquarie
University, Australia.
UK May 2014 • US May 2014
208 pages
PB 9781472570871 • £19.99 / $29.95
HB 9781441195777 • £70.00 / $130.00
Individual eBook 9781441163332 • £21.99 / $32.99
Library eBook 9781441184313 • £66.00 / $106.00
Series: Bloomsbury Advances in Religious Studies
Bloomsbury Academic
Mediums and Other
Traditional Shamans
as Apprenticeship
David Gordon Wilson
"This is a rare and valuable field study of
Spiritualism, more so because its author is
both a practicing medium and a fine scholar
of religion." Steven Engler, Mount Royal
University, Canada
Spiritualism and mediumship are often
regarded as the product of lingering
superstition in the Victorian era, and as
having limited relevance in modern AngloAmerican society. This volume analyses the
development of shamanism (communication
with the spiritual world) as a concept within
North American English-speaking scholarship,
with particular focus on Mircea Eliade's
influential cross-cultural presentation of
David Gordon Wilson demonstrates that
Spiritualism is best understood as a
traditional shamanism, as distinct from
contemporary appropriations or neoshamanisms and offers fresh insights into
the mechanisms that are key to sustaining
mediumship as a social institution.
David Gordon Wilson has lectured at the School
of Divinity, University of Edinburgh, UK.
UK July 2014 • US July 2014
272 pages
PB 9781472579041 • £21.99 / $37.95
HB 9781441159502 • £70.00 / $130.00
Individual eBook 9781441158765 • £22.99 / $34.99
Library eBook 9781441126443 • £69.00 / $111.00
Series: Bloomsbury Advances in Religious Studies
Bloomsbury Academic
www.bloomsbury.com • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 • [email protected]
Post-Materialist Religion
Pagan Identities and Value Change in
Modern Europe
Mika T. Lassander
"Post-Materialist Religion offers important
advances in understanding how people’s value
priorities and hence their religiosities change
with changing societies from generation to
generation." Graham Harvey, The Open University, UK
Supported by original and extensive survey and interview data from
Ireland, Finland and the UK, Post-Materialist Religion discusses
the transformations of the individual's worldview in contemporary
modern societies, and the role general societal value change plays
in these. In doing so, Lassander brings into conversation sociological
theories of secularisation and social-psychological theories of
interpersonal relations, the development of morality, and the nature
of basic human values.
Mika T. Lassander is Academy of Finland Research Fellow at the Abo
Akademi University, Finland.
UK August 2014 • US October 2014
224 pages
HB 9781472509925 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472511850 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472514776 • £195.00 / $313.00
Series: Bloomsbury Advances in Religious Studies • Bloomsbury Academic
Religion and the Inculturation of
Human Rights in Ghana
Abamfo Ofori Atiemo
"This is a profound, original and timely work …
Its conceptual and theoretical richness give it
a significance far beyond Ghana." Paul Gifford,
Emeritus Professor, University of London, UK
It has been maintained that the secular nature of modern human
rights makes them incompatible with the religious orientation of
African and non-Western societies. However, in view of the resilience
of religion in the global and local public sphere, it is important to
explore how religion can contribute to the promotion and enjoyment
of human rights. Based on fieldwork conducted in Ghana, Abamfo
Ofori Atiemo here establishes a convergence between human rights
and local religious and cultural values in African societies.
Offering a new model for explaining the relation between religion
and human rights, Religion and the Inculturation of Human Rights in
Ghana offers a novel perspective on the links between global trends
and local cultures underpinned by strong currents of religious ideas.
Abamfo Ofori Atiemo is Senior Lecturer and Head of Department for the
Study of Religions, University of Ghana, Legon.
UK October 2014 • US October 2014
304 pages
PB 9781472589934 • £19.99 / $29.95 • HB 9781441199478 • £65.00 / $120.00
Individual eBook 9781441134561 • £19.99 / $27.99
Library eBook 9781441164940 • £60.00 / $96.00
Series: Bloomsbury Advances in Religious Studies • Bloomsbury Academic
B loomsbury A dvances in R eligious S tudies
B loomsbury A dvances in R eligious S tudies
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B loomsbury C ompanions
B loomsbury C ompanions
Bloomsbury Companions
Each is a comprehensive one volume reference resource, giving an overview of key topics, research areas, new directions and a manageable
guide to beginning or developing research in the field. A distinctive feature of the series is that each provides practical guidance on advanced
study and research in the field, including research methods and subject-specific resources.
The Bloomsbury
Companion to
Jewish Studies
The Bloomsbury
Companion to
Islamic Studies
Edited by Dean Phillip
Edited by Clinton
"Dean Phillip Bell and the
contributors deserve much
credit for producing this excellent reader
about the state and future of Jewish
Studies." Tobias Brinkmann, Penn State
University, USA
The Bloomsbury Companion to Jewish
Studies is a comprehensive survey of the
field. Providing an overview of the key
theoretical and methodological issues, as
well as practical guidance on researching, it
is the ideal guide for advanced students in
Jewish Studies. Topics covered include the
Hebrew Bible, Medieval Jews and Judaism,
Judaism and Modernity, Gender and Judaism
and Judaism and Material Culture.
Dean Phillip Bell is Dean, Chief Academic
Officer, and Professor of Jewish History at
Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and
Leadership, Chicago, USA.
UK November 2014 • US January 2015
440 pages
PB 9781472587138 • £24.99 / $39.95
HB 9781441158574 • £100.00 / $190.00
Individual eBook 9781472505408 • £24.99 / $36.99
Library eBook 9781472513267 • £75.00 / $120.00
Series: Bloomsbury Companions • Bloomsbury Academic
The Bloomsbury Companion
to Islamic Studies is a
comprehensive survey of the field. Providing
an overview of the key theoretical and
methodological issues, as well as practical
guidance on researching, it is the ideal guide
for advanced students in Islamic Studies.
Topics and case studies covered include:
•Qur'anic Studies
•Islamic Theology
•Islam and the West
•Islamic Art and Architecture
Presenting Islam as a multifaceted tradition,
key essays from leading international
contributors including Andrew Rippin and
William Shepard, demonstrate how it is
subject to different interpretations, with
no single version privileged. Recommended
by CHOICE, The Bloomsbury Companion to
Islamic Studies is an indispensable resource
for students.
Clinton Bennett teaches Religious Studies at the
State University of New York at New Paltz, and
at Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA.
UK November 2014 • US January 2015
440 pages
PB 9781472586902 • £24.99 / $39.95
HB 9781441127884 • £110.00 / $190.00
Individual eBook 9781472586896 • £24.99 / $36.99
Library eBook 9781441138125 • £78.00 / $125.00
Series: Bloomsbury Companions • Bloomsbury Academic
The Bloomsbury
Companion to
New Religious
Edited by George D.
Chryssides & Benjamin
E. Zeller
Twenty-nine world-class international
scholars explore current and future
directions in New Religious Movements in
this easy-to-use and authoritative research
reference guide.
•Includes an A to Z of key terms,
extensive guides to further resources,
a comprehensive bibliography, and a
timeline of major developments in the
•Covers key themes such as charismatic
leadership, conversion and brainwashing,
prophecy and millennialism, violence
and suicide, gender and sexuality, legal
issues, and the portrayal of New Religious
Movements by the media and anti-cult
George D. Chryssides is Honorary Research
Fellow in Contemporary Religion at the
University of Birmingham, UK.
Benjamin E. Zeller is Assistant Professor of
Religion at Lake Forest College, Chicago, USA.
UK January 2014 • US February 2014
456 pages
HB 9781441190055 • £100.00 / $190.00
Individual eBook 9781441174499 • £99.99 / $154.99
Library eBook 9781441198297 • £300.00 / $482.00
Series: Bloomsbury Companions • Bloomsbury Academic
www.bloomsbury.com • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 • [email protected]
Is God Back?
Contemporary Druidry
Reconsidering the New Visibility of Religion
A Native Tradition?
Edited by Titus Hjelm
Suzanne Owen & William Rathouse
Is God Back? Reconsidering the New Visibility of
Religion examines the shifting boundary between
religion and the public sphere in Europe and the
Middle East. Asking what the 'new visibility of
religion' means and challenging simplistic notions
of living in a 'post-secular' age, the chapters explore how religion
is contested and renegotiated in the public sphere – or rather, in
different publics – and the effects of these struggles on society, state
and religion itself.
Whereas religion arguably never went away in the USA, the reemergence of public religion is a European phenomenon. Is God Back?
provides timely case studies from Europe, as well as extending to the
Middle East, where fledgling democracies are struggling to create
models of governance that stem from the European secular model,
but which need to be able to accommodate a much more public form
of religiosity. Discussions include the new visibility of neo-Pagan and
Native Faith groups in Europe, Evangelical Christians and Church
teaching on sexuality in the UK, and Islamic social Movements in the
Arab world.
Drawing from empirical and theoretical research on religion and
national identity, religion and media, church-state relationships,
and religion and welfare, Is God Back? is a rich source for students
and scholars interested in the changing face of public religion in the
modern world, including those studying the sociology of religion,
social policy, and theology.
Titus Hjelm is Lecturer in Finnish Society and Culture at University
College London, UK.
UK May 2015 • US July 2015
256 pages
PB 9781472526663 • £21.99 / $37.95 • HB 9781472529039 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472528407 • £21.99 / $32.99
Library eBook 9781472521859 • £66.00 / $106.00
Bloomsbury Academic
The popular view of Druidry is that it is a peculiar,
anachronistic pastime, of little relevance to society
today. However, far removed from ancient or even
Victorian representations, contemporary Druidry
is positioning itself as an ‘indigenous religion'
that responds to today's world. Contemporary Druidry has evolved
considerably since its modern beginnings in 18th century England and
in September 2010 The Druid Network was registered as a religious
charity by the Charity Commission in the UK. Druid orders have long
been representing themselves as the native or indigenous tradition
of Britain, challenging existing definitions of ‘indigenous religion' as a
kinship-based religion of first peoples.
S ociology of R eligion
S ociology of R eligion
In the first book of its kind, Suzanne Owen and William Rathouse
explore the problems with defining and categorising Druidry, offer a
study of current Druid movements and activities, and discuss differing
concepts of emplacement and indigeneity. Their fascinating research
is based upon a mixture of discourse analysis of print and on-line
texts written by contemporary Druids, interviews and participant
observation, making this book the definitive guide to contemporary
British Druidry.
Suzanne Owen is Senior Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies at
Leeds Trinity University, UK.
William Rathouse completed his doctorate in Social Archaeology at the
University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK.
UK June 2015 • US August 2015
224 pages
PB 9781441138545 • £19.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781441124777 • £65.00 / $112.00
Library eBook 9781441172983 • £60.00 / $96.00
Bloomsbury Academic
Sacred and Secular Musics
A Postcolonial Approach
Sex, Death and Witchcraft
A Contemporary Pagan Festival
Douglas Ezzy
"It is exciting to see a scholar of Ezzy’s calibre
grapple with these difficult issues." Shawn Arthur,
Appalachian State University, USA
Faunalia is a controversial Pagan festival with a
reputation for being wild and emotionally intense. It lasts five days,
80 people attend, and the two main rituals run most of the night.
Sex, Death and Witchcraft is a powerful application of relational
theory to the study of religion and contemporary culture. It analyses
Faunalia’s rituals in terms of recent innovations in the sociology of
religion and religious studies that focus on relational etiquette, lived
religion, embodiment and performance. Extensive extracts from
interviews describe the rituals in participants’ own words. The book
combines rich and evocative description of the rituals with careful
analysis of the social processes that shape people’s experiences at
this controversial Pagan festival.
Douglas Ezzy is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of
Tasmania, Australia.
UK May 2014 • US July 2014
216 pages • 12 bw illus
PB 9781472527585 • £19.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781472522467 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472533630 • £19.99 / $27.99
Library eBook 9781472522016 • £60.00 / $96.00
Bloomsbury Academic
Virinder S. Kalra
"Virinder Kalra presents a remarkable abundance
of original data on Sikh music, qawwali, and
other genres in Pakistani and Indian Punjab,
offering astute interpretive perspectives on these
understudied genres and regional dynamics."
Peter Manuel, City University, New York, USA
Virinder S. Kalra explores examples of South Asian musics in various
domains and traverses a new cartography of music in which the
sacred and the secular overlap. Drawing on examples which include
Qawaali, Kirtan and popular devotional genres, Sacred and Secular
Musics offers new empirical material, as well as new insights into
conceptualising religion and music, and the ways in which music
performs sacredness and secularity. Its postcolonial approach brings
Asia into the Western sacred/secular opposition, and provides a set of
analytical tools to allow further exploration of non-western religious
Virinder S. Kalra is Senior Lecturer in Sociology, at the University of
Manchester, UK.
UK November 2014 • US January 2015
224 pages
HB 9781441121325 • £65.00 / $120.00
Individual eBook 9781441108661 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781441100450 • £195.00 / $313.00
Series: Bloomsbury Studies in Religion and Popular Music • Bloomsbury Academic
www.bloomsbury.com • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 • [email protected]
I slam
I slam
The Crisis of Islamic Masculinities
Islamic Education in Britain
Amanullah De Sondy
New Pluralist Paradigms
"An original and rich contribution to the
burgeoning literature on Islamic masculinities."
Kecia Ali, Boston University, USA
Alison Scott-Baumann
& Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor
Discussions and debates surrounding Islamic
masculinities are quickly finding their place in
the study of Islam and Muslims. Now available
in paperback, The Crisis of Islamic Masculinities makes a vital
contribution to this emerging field.
Rigid notions of masculinity are causing crisis in the global Islamic
community. These are articulated from the Qur’an, its commentary,
historical precedents and societal, religious and familial obligations.
Some Muslims who don't agree with narrow constructs of manliness
feel forced to consider themselves secular and therefore outside the
religious community.
In order to evaluate whether there really is only one valid, ideal
Islamic masculinity, The Crisis of Islamic Masculinities explores key
figures of the Qur’an and Indian-Pakistani Islamic history, and exposes
the precariousness of tight constraints on Islamic manhood.
Amanullah De Sondy is Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at the
University of Miami, Florida, USA.
UK November 2014 • US January 2015
248 pages
PB 9781472587145 • £21.99 / $37.95 • HB 9781780936161 • £65.00 / $120.00
Individual eBook 9781780937441 • £21.99 / $32.99
Library eBook 9781780936932 • £66.00 / $106.00
Bloomsbury Academic
Sufis and Salafis in the
Contemporary Age
Edited by Lloyd Ridgeon
Sufis and Salafis in the Contemporary Age
explores the dynamics at play between what are
usually understood as two very different forms
of Islam, namely Sufism and Salafism. Sufism
is commonly understood as the peaceful and
mystical dimension of Islam whereas Salafism is perceived as strictly
pietistic and moralist, and for some it conjures up images of violent
manifestations of Islam.
Of course these generalisations require more nuanced investigation,
and this book provides a number of case studies from around the
Islamic world to unpack the intricate relationship between the two.
The diversity of the case studies that focus on Islamic groups in
India, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and South East Europe reflect the
multiplicity of relationships that exist between the Salafis and Sufis.
The specific case studies are framed by an introduction that provides
essential historical background and definitions of the terms, and also
by general studies of the Sufi–Salafi relationship which enable the
reader to focus on the large picture.
This will be the first book to investigate the relationship between
Sufism and Salafism in such a wide fashion, and includes chapters on
traditional Sufis, as well as from those who consider that Sufism and
Salafism are not necessarily contradictory.
Lloyd Ridgeon is Reader in Islamic Studies at Glasgow University, UK.
UK April 2015 • US June 2015
224 pages
HB 9781472523877 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472529190 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472532237 • £195.00 / $313.00
Bloomsbury Academic
The Western world often fears many aspects of
Islam, without the knowledge to move forward.
On the other hand, there are sustained and
complex debates within Islam about how to live
in the modern world with faith. Alison Scott-Baumann and Sariya
Contractor-Cheruvallil here propose solutions to both dilemmas, with
a particular emphasis on the role of women.
Based on research conducted over 15 years, the educational needs
within several groups of British Muslims were explored, resulting
in the need to offer critical analysis of the provision for the study
of classical Islamic Theology in Britain. Islamic Education in Britain
responds to the dissatisfaction among many young Muslim men
and women with the theological/secular split, and their desire for
courses that provide combinations of these two strands of their lived
experience as Muslim British citizens.
Grounded in empirical research, the authors reach beyond the
meta-narratives of secularization and orientalism to demonstrate the
importance of the teaching and learning of classical Islamic studies
for the promotion of reasoned dialogue, interfaith and intercultural
understanding in pluralist British society.
Alison Scott-Baumann, Professor of Society, Religion and Belief, Centre
for Society, Religion and Belief, University of Derby, UK
Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for
Society, Religion and Belief, University of Derby, UK
UK April 2015 • US June 2015
224 pages
HB 9781472569387 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472581242 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472581235 • £195.00 / $313.00
Bloomsbury Academic
Secularism, Theology and Islam
The Danish Social Imaginary and the
Cartoon Crisis of 2005 – 2006
Jennifer Elisa Veninga
"This thorough analysis of the Cartoon Crisis
[...] invites readers to a discussion of the many
challenges confronting both the majority and
minority´s social imaginary when daily life
is forced to come face to face with cultural diversity and the
presence of different religions." Jørgen Bæk Simonsen, University of
Copenhagen, Denmark
Secularism, Theology and Islam offers a uniquely theological analysis
of the historic Danish cartoon crisis of 2005-2006, in which the
publication of 12 images of the Prophet Muhammad in the Danish
newspaper Jyllands-Posten ignited violent global protests. The crisis
represents a politically, culturally, and religiously important event of
the early 21st century, and Veninga explores the important question
of why the cartoons were published in Denmark when they were and
why this matters to the larger global community.
Jennifer Elisa Veninga is Assistant Professor of Religious and Theological
Studies at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas, USA.
UK March 2014 • US May 2014
224 pages
HB 9781472533111 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472523891 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472528643 • £195.00 / $313.00
Bloomsbury Academic
www.bloomsbury.com • UK, Europe, ROW • +44 (0)1256 302692 • [email protected]
Suspensions: Contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamicate Thought
This series interrupts standardized discourses involving the Middle East and the Islamicate world by introducing creative and emerging ideas.
The incisive works included in this series provide a counterpoint to the reigning canons of theory, theology, philosophy, literature, and
criticism through investigations of vast experiential typologies - such as violence, mourning, vulnerability, tension, and humour - in light
of contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamicate thought.
On the Arab Revolts and the
Iranian Revolution
Hostage Spaces of the
Contemporary Islamicate World
Power and Resistance Today
Phantom Territoriality
Arshin Adib-Moghaddam
Dejan Lukic
"This is a book that is both empirically and
theoretically rich ... It should be essential reading
for anyone interested in the serious study of
contemporary Middle Eastern politics, revolutions, and social
movements." Mehran Kamrava, author of The Modern Middle East: A
Political History since the First World War
On the Arab Revolts and the Iranian Revolution is the first
comparative analysis of two central political events that have altered
our world forever: the Arab uprisings which started in Tunisia, and the
Iranian revolution in 1979.
Adib-Moghaddam demonstrates how contemporary forms of protest
are changing our understanding about the way power and resistance
function. In a theoretical tour de force which is substantiated with
a range of primary material, he argues that acts of protest in Tehran
to Cairo can be entirely linked to the same act in New York, London,
Madrid and Athens.
Arshin Adib-Moghaddam is Professor of Global Thought and Comparative
Philosophies at SOAS, University of London, UK.
UK October 2014 • US December 2014
264 pages
PB 9781472589040 • £21.99 / $37.95 • HB 9781472511898 • £65.00 / $120.00
Individual eBook 9781472506146 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472512406 • £195.00 / $313.00
Series: Suspensions: Contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamicate Thought
Bloomsbury Academic
"An extended and highly original meditation on
the ambiguous figure of the hostage in modern
life." Faisal Devji, Reader in Modern South Asian
History at the University of Oxford, UK
How is hostage space constructed? In this age-long procedure found
in conflicts around the world, strange forms of terror and intimacy
arise, particularly in the contemporary Islamic cultures of Chechnya,
Albania, and Bosnia. This book investigates the modes of desire and
politics found in kidnapping, in order to reveal the voices of victims
and kidnappers that often remain closed up.
Dejan Lukic explores the spaces where hostages and hostage
takers come into contact – spaces of accident, sacrifice, hope, and
catastrophe – or, in other words, the spaces that announce utopias
bound to fail. In this book, the figures of the victim, the terrorist,
the sovereign, the resistance fighter and the witness – among
others – emerge with a new face; one that will contribute to our
understandings of what it means to act politically and ethically today.
Dejan Lukic is Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Reed
College, Oregon, USA.
UK May 2014 • US May 2014
208 pages • 20 illus
PB 9781472570864 • £19.99 / $29.95 • HB 9781441194848 • £70.00 / $130.00
Individual eBook 9781441137739 • £21.99 / $32.99
Library eBook 9781441160355 • £66.00 / $106.00
Series: Suspensions: Contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamicate Thought
Bloomsbury Academic
Iranian Identity and
Islamism as Philosophy
Spheres of Belonging
S. Sayyid
Edited by Lucian Stone
"A groundbreaking work and a particularly
welcome addition to the existing literature about
Iranian sense of “identity and belonging." Claudia
Yaghoobi, Georgia College and State University, USA
The editor and contributors provide four principle disciplinary
assessments of cosmopolitanism: philosophy, political science,
sociology, and cultural studies, including literary criticism. The
authors in this collection critically examine topics including the
historical encounter between Iranian and Western thinkers and its
impact on Iranian political ideals and the prerequisite of secularism
in cosmopolitan and democratic philosophies.
Lucian Stone is Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and
Religion at the University of North Dakota, USA.
UK July 2014 • US September 2014
256 pages
HB 9781472567420 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472567444 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472567437 • £195.00 / $313.00
Series: Suspensions: Contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamicate Thought
Bloomsbury Academic
Decolonial Horizons
This book explores the Muslim question from a
philosophical perspective, ranging in historical focus
from early effects of colonialism to present day
Arab Spring events. In doing so, it explores some of
the philosophical assumptions that frame the way
in which the rise of Muslim political identity throughout the planet
presents challenges which are not only cultural and geopolitical but
also conceptual.
S uspensions : C ontemporary M iddle E astern and I slamicate T hought
S uspensions : C ontemporary M iddle E astern and I slamicate T hought
In a series of reflections, Islamism as Philosophy teases out some
of the complexities of the emergence of Muslim political identities,
complexities which are often covered up by the latest screaming
headline. This book argues that a world in which a quarter of the
population seems increasingly conscious of its Musliminess cannot be
peaceful, harmonious or just without careful attention being paid to
the Muslim question.
S. Sayyid is a Reader in School of Sociology and Social Policy at the
University of Leeds, UK.
UK March 2015 • US May 2015
192 pages
HB 9781472509833 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472514226 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472513434 • £195.00 / $313.00
Series: Suspensions: Contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamicate Thought
Bloomsbury Academic
www.bloomsbury.com • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 • [email protected]
S uspensions : C ontemporary M iddle E astern and I slamicate T hought
S uspensions : C ontemporary M iddle E astern and I slamicate T hought
Remaking Politics, Markets and
Citizens in Turkey
Transgression and the Inexistent
Governing Through Smoke
Mehdi Belhaj Kacem
Ebru Kayaalp
Translated by P. Burcu Yalim
"With elegance, she encompasses the global
phenomenon as a closely observed dynamic form,
an affair of experts with profound effects on the
commitments of states, while keeping 'local knowledge' a little
offside, but still in a place of honor." George E. Marcus, University
of California, USA
Remaking Politics, Markets and Citizens in Turkey critically analyses
the travel of neoliberal ideas, policies, experts and institutions from
the West to Turkey. Through an ethnographic investigation of the
newly established tobacco market, Ebru Kayaalp considers how they
are being adopted and transformed in their new settings.
The February 2001 crisis, the most severe economic downturn in
the history of Turkey, generated an emergency situation in which
a series of sweeping neoliberal policies were implemented to prop
up the collapsed economy. To receive the necessary loans from
the international financial institutions, the Turkish government
hastily enacted a number of neoliberal laws, including the notorious
tobacco law. Remaking Politics, Markets and Citizens in Turkey not
only explores the repercussions of the new tobacco law, such as
the establishment of a new regulatory institution, the emergence
of contract farming and the privatization of the tobacco monopoly,
thereby making a liberalized market, but also the smoking ban
governing the bodies and spaces of Muslim citizens.
Remaking Politics, Markets and Citizens in Turkey provides an
innovative contribution to Middle Eastern studies, filling the gap
for anthropological research in Muslim countries on local economic
relations and their connections with the global economy.
Ebru Kayaalp is Assistant Professor at Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey.
UK December 2014 • US February 2015
224 pages
HB 9781472508737 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472511997 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472509413 • £195.00 / $313.00
Series: Suspensions: Contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamicate Thought
Bloomsbury Academic
A Philosophical Vocabulary
A contemporary philosopher of Tunisian origin,
Mehdi Belhaj Kacem is here published in English
for the first time. His new book, Transgression and
the Inexistent: A Philosophical Vocabulary, is a
comprehensive foray into Kacems' elaborate philosophical system in
twenty-seven discreet chapters, each dedicated to a single concept.
In each chapter, he explicates a critical re-thinking of ordinary lived
experiences - such as desire, irony, play - or traditional philosophical
ideas – such as catharsis, mimesis, techne – in light of 'the spirit of
nihilism' that marks the contemporary human condition.
Kacem gained notoriety in the domain of critical theory and his
controversial break with his mentor and leading contemporary
philosopher, Alain Badiou. Transgression and the Inexistent lays out
the essential concepts of his philosophical system: it is the most
complete and synthetic book of his philosophical work, as well as
being one of the most provocative in its claims. As a Francophone
author engaging with contemporary world thought, he is able to
develop novel philosophical perspectives that reach beyond Islam
or the Middle East, or the East/West binary. This is the book's first
publication in any language, constituting a much-awaited first
translation of Kacem into English.
Mehdi Belhaj Kacem is a French-Tunisian philosopher, actor and writer. He
has published over ten books within a period of as many years.
P. Burcu Yalim is the translator of Foucault by Gilles Deleuze into Turkish.
UK October 2014 • US December 2014
264 pages • 1 illus
HB 9781472534934 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472528629 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472526021 • £195.00 / $313.00
Series: Suspensions: Contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamicate Thought
Bloomsbury Academic
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Religion, Devotion and Medicine
in North India
Sikhs Across Borders
The Healing Power of Sitala
Edited by Knut A. Jacobsen & Kristina Myrvold
Fabrizio M. Ferrari
"After this fascinating study scholarship must
henceforth recognise Sitala as a benevolent
goddess whose compassion is invoked, primarily
by female worshipers, for the protection of children." Alex
McKay, Fellow of the International Institute for Asian Studies, The
This volume examines notions of health and illness in North Indian
devotional culture, with particular attention paid to the worship of
the goddess Sitala, the Cold Lady. Consistently portrayed in colonial
and postcolonial literature as the ambiguous 'smallpox goddess', Sitala
is here discussed as a protector of children and women, a portrayal
that emerges from textual sources as well as material culture.
Built on extensive fieldwork and a close textual analysis of sources
in Sanskrit and vernacular languages (Hindi, Bhojpuri and Bengali)
as well as on a rich bibliography on the struggle against smallpox in
colonial and post-colonial India, the book reflects on the ambiguous
nature of Sitala.
Fabrizio M. Ferrari is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of
Chester, UK.
UK November 2014 • US January 2015
256 pages • 13 bw illus
PB 9781441163806 • £19.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781441148292 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472598721 • £19.99 / $27.99
Library eBook 9781472598714 • £60.00 / $96.00
Bloomsbury Academic
Transnational Practices of European Sikhs
"Research in specific fields and European national
contexts is excellently set in wider historical
and geographical contexts. This volume will be
important to teachers and students of religious
and diaspora studies from a range of disciplines."
Eleanor Nesbitt, University of Warwick, UK
This is the first study to explore patterns of transnational practices
among European Sikhs, with particular focus on the links between
the Sikhs in Europe, Punjab (the 'home-land') and within a global Sikh
community. Based on new empirical research Sikhs Across Borders
explores how religion continues to play a significant role in the daily
lives of European Sikhs.
Knut A. Jacobsen is Professor of History of Religions at the University of
Bergen, Norway.
Kristina Myrvold is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Linnaeus
University, Sweden.
UK March 2014 • US March 2014
240 pages
PB 9781472529978 • £19.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781441113870 • £70.00 / $130.00
Individual eBook 9781441103581 • £21.99 / $32.99
Library eBook 9781441170873 • £66.00 / $106.00
Bloomsbury Academic
B uddhism , H induism and S ikhism
B uddhism , H induism and S ikhism
Buddhism and Iconoclasm in East
A History
Fabio Rambelli & Eric Reinders
"An extremely important publication and a
major contribution to Religious Studies, Buddhist
Studies, Asian Studies, East Asian History, Art
History/Visual Culture, and Cultural Studies. It is precisely the sort
of book that many scholars in these fields, and especially those
who work across them, have been waiting for." D. Max Moerman,
Columbia University, USA
This is a cross-cultural study of the multifaceted relations between
Buddhism, its materiality, and instances of religious violence and
destruction in East Asia, which remains a vast and still largely
unexplored field of inquiry.
Fabio Rambelli is Professor and International Shinto Foundation Chair of
Shinto Studies, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies,
and Department of Religious Studies, University of California, Santa
Barbara, USA.
Eric Reinders is Associate Professor in the Department of Religion, at
Emory University, USA.
UK March 2014 • US March 2014
256 pages • 10 bw illus
PB 9781472525956 • £19.99 / $34.95 • HB 9781441145093 • £70.00 / $130.00
Individual eBook 9781441199027 • £21.99 / $32.99
Library eBook 9781441181688 • £66.00 / $106.00
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G uides for the P erplexed
G uides for the P erplexed
Guides for the Perplexed
Bloomsbury’s Guides for the Perplexed are clear, concise and accessible introductions to thinkers, writers and subjects that students and readers
can find especially challenging − or indeed downright bewildering. Concentrating specifically on what it is that makes the subject difficult to
grasp, these books explain and explore key themes and ideas, guiding the reader towards a thorough understanding of demanding material.
Daoism: A Guide
for the Perplexed
Jainism: A Guide
for the Perplexed
Louis Komjathy
Sherry Fohr
"A clear and authoritative
picture of China's
indigenous religion that
is both reliable and
accessible." James Miller,
Queen's University, Canada
Daoism is a global religious and
cultural phenomenon characterised by
multiculturalism and ethnic diversity.
Daoism: A Guide for the Perplexed offers
a clear and thorough survey of this ancient
and modern religious tradition. Specifically
designed to meet the needs of students
and general readers seeking a thorough
understanding of the religion, this book is the
ideal guide to studying and understanding
Daoism as a lived and living religious
Louis Komjathy is Assistant Professor of
Theology and Religious Studies at the University
of San Diego, USA. He is also Founding Co-Chair
of the Daoist Studies Group of the American
Academy of Religion and Founding Co-Director
of the Center for Daoist Studies.
UK March 2014 • US May 2014
288 pages
PB 9781441148155 • £16.99 / $29.95
HB 9781441157959 • £50.00 / $86.00
Individual eBook 9781441134684 • £16.99 / $26.99
Library eBook 9781441139214 • £51.00 / $82.00
Series: Guides for the Perplexed • Bloomsbury Academic
Jainism is the most nonviolent and austere religion
in the world, and arguably
the most difficult religion
to practice. While lay Jains
attempt to never harm humans or animals,
the strict non-violence followed by highly
revered monks and nuns also proscribes
harm to any living being, even a microscopic
Jainism: A Guide for the Perplexed is a clear
and thorough account of this fascinating
tradition, providing an ideal guide to the
important beliefs and practices in Jainism.
Using scriptural narratives central to the Jain
tradition, the author explores the innerlogic
of how renouncers' and laypeople's practices
depend on an intricate Jain worldview.
Sherry Fohr is Associate Professor of Asian
Religions and Chair of the Department of
Religion and Philosophy at Converse College,
South Carolina, USA.
UK January 2015 • US March 2015
192 pages
PB 9781441165947 • £14.99 / $24.95
HB 9781441151162 • £45.00 / $80.00
Series: Guides for the Perplexed • Bloomsbury Academic
A Guide for the
Philip Sheldrake
"An invaluable resource
that will empower those
who wish to critically
discuss spirituality in the academy, the
public square or the temple." Bernadette
Flanagan, Dublin City University, Ireland
What exactly is spirituality? Is it distinct from
religion and can we separate it from beliefs
and traditions? Does spirituality mainly focus
on spiritual experiences and practices or is it
something more?
Spirituality: A Guide for the Perplexed
provides students with a reliable and
comprehensive guide to 'spirituality' as
an area of study, religiously, historically,
philosophically and in the social sciences.
Philip Sheldrake is Senior Research Fellow at
the Cambridge Theological Foundation, UK,
and Director at the Institute for the Study of
Contemporary Spirituality at Oblate School of
Theology, San Antonio, USA. He is author of a
dozen books, editor of the New Westminster
Dictionary of Christian Spirituality (2005) and is
a Past President of the International Society for
the Study of Christian Spirituality.
UK September 2014 • US November 2014
216 pages
PB 9781441191335 • £14.99 / $25.95
HB 9781441180926 • £45.00 / $78.00
Individual eBook 9781441157164 • £14.99 / $22.99
Library eBook 9781441187215 • £45.00 / $72.00
Series: Guides for the Perplexed • Bloomsbury Academic
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Contemporary Muslim-Christian
Developments, Diversity and Dialogues
Edited by Paul Hedges
Contemporary Muslim-Christian Encounters:
Developments, Diversity and Dialogues addresses
the key issues in the contemporary global encounter
between Christians and Muslims. Divided into two
parts, the first examines theoretical issues and concerns which affect
dialogue between the two traditions. The second part highlights case
studies from around the world. Chapters from established scholars
including Reuven Firestone, Douglas Pratt and Clinton Bennett,
emerging scholars, as well as practitioner perspectives.
Highlighting the diversity within the field of Christian-Muslim
encounter, case studies cover examples from the US and globally, and
include dialogue in the US post 9/11, Nigerian Muslims and Christians,
and Christian responses to Islamophobia in the UK.
Covering unique areas and those not explored in detail elsewhere,
Contemporary Muslim-Christian Encounters: Developments, Diversity
and Dialogues will be of interest to advanced students, researchers,
and interfaith professionals.
Paul Hedges is Reader in Interreligious Studies, University of Winchester,
UK. He has published widely in interfaith areas, including Preparation
and Fulfillment (2001), Christian Approaches to Other Faiths (co-edited
with Alan Race, textbook: 2008; reader: 2009), and Controversies in
Interreligious Dialogue and the Theology of Religions (2010). He is
General Editor of the multivolume series Controversies in Contemporary
Religion (2014). He is on the Editorial Board of Studies in Interreligious
Dialogue, and the Journal of Religious History.
UK May 2015 • US July 2015
224 pages
HB 9781472588531 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472588555 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472588548 • £195.00 / $313.00
Bloomsbury Academic
Loss and Hope
Global, Interreligious and Interdisciplinary
Edited by Peter Admirand
"Moving and thought-provoking, the case studies
and principle reflections in this volume envisage
crucial human experiences within a global, multireligious and multi-perspectival framework. They
shed fresh light on our understanding of the human condition."
Perry Schmidt-Leukel, University of Muenster, Germany
Provocative thinkers and scholars examine the universal themes
of hope and loss within survivors and victims' perspectives, and
interreligious and ethical perspectives.
•Includes chapters from survivors of genocide and state terror
•Fills a gap for an interreligious examination of ‘loss and hope’
•Contributions from international leading scholars and thinkers
including Francis X. Clooney and Felix Wilfred
Peter Admirand is Lecturer in the School of Theology, Mater Dei Institute,
Dublin City University, Ireland.
UK May 2014 • US July 2014
264 pages
HB 9781472525413 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472523860 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472529077 • £195.00 / $313.00
Bloomsbury Academic
Interreligious Studies
A Relational Approach to Religious Activism
and the Study of Religion
Oddbjørn Leirvik
"This book is valuable and a scholarly contribution
to inter-religious and interfaith dialogue. As
many of us in the religious academia are critically
engaged to determine the place of inter-religious
and interfaith dialogue in the academic study of religion, this book
makes a remarkable contribution to this discussion." Muhammad
Shafiq, Nazareth College, USA
Interreligious Studies defines the essential features of interreligious
studies compared with alternative conceptions of religious studies
and theology. This is a cutting-edge study from one of the most
important voices in Europe in the field and includes case study
material from his native Norway including interreligious responses to
the bomb attack in Norway on 22nd July 2011, as well as examples
from a number of other national and global contexts.
I nterfaith R elations
I nterfaith R elations
Oddbjørn Leirvik is Professor of Interreligious Studies at the University of
Oslo, Norway. He is co-initiator of the European Society of Intercultural
Theology and Interreligious Studies, and has written extensively in English
and Norwegian on Christian-Muslim Relations and Interreligious Dialogue.
UK February 2014 • US April 2014
208 pages
HB 9781472524492 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472533944 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472524331 • £195.00 / $313.00
Bloomsbury Academic
The Muslim World and Politics in
Creative Contributions of the Gülen
Edited by Greg Barton, Paul Weller
& Ihsan Yilmaz
"The way this book has tackled various topics
relating to the Muslim world is not only worth reading but
refreshing, thoughtful and balanced ... This book will go a long
way to better the understanding of Islam in the West." Bashy
Quraishy, European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion (EMISCO),
Contributing to current debates on relationships between Islam,
Muslims, society, and the state, this book examines the impact of the
Gülen movement on the contemporary Muslim world.
Greg Barton is the Herb Feith Research Professor for the Study of
Indonesia, Faculty of Arts, Monash University, Australia.
Paul Weller is Professor of Inter-Religious Relations at the University of
Derby and Visiting Fellow in the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture
at Regent's Park College, University of Oxford, UK.
Ihsan Yilmaz is Associate Professor of Political Science at Fatih University,
Istanbul, Turkey.
UK December 2014 • US December 2014
288 pages
PB 9781441158734 • £19.99 / $29.95 • HB 9781441120878 • £65.00 / $120.00
Individual eBook 9781441133205 • £19.99 / $27.99
Library eBook 9781441194947 • £60.00 / $96.00
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S cientific S tudies of R eligion : I nquiry and E xplanation
S cientific S tudies of R eligion : I nquiry and E xplanation
Scientific Studies of Religion: Inquiry and Explanation
Scientific Studies of Religion: Inquiry and Explanation publishes cutting-edge research in the new and growing field of scientific studies
in religion. Its aim is to publish empirical, experimental, historical and ethnographic research on religious thought, behaviour, and
institutional structures.
The series works with a broad notion of 'scientific' that will include innovative work on understanding religion(s), both past and present.
With an emphasis on the cognitive science of religion, the series includes complementary approaches to the study of religion, such as
psychology and computer modelling of religious data. Titles seek to provide explanatory accounts for the religious behaviors under
review, both past and present.
Religion in Science Fiction
The Mind of Mithraists
The Evolution of an Idea and the Extinction
of a Genre
Historical and Cognitive Studies in the
Roman Cult of Mithras
Steven Hrotic
Luther H. Martin
"This book teaches you not only about the
important role writers of science fiction play in
leading us to novel insights into religion, but also
about the relationship between scientific and
religious approaches to the world—and especially the usefulness of
cognitive science in explaining the life of the imagination."
E. Thomas Lawson, Editor, Journal of Cognition and Culture
Hrotic investigates the history of the representations of religion in
science fiction literature. In particular, the volume focuses on how
the perception of 'religion' evolves from the 1920s to the end of
the 20th century, and on changes in the perceived conflict between
religion and science. This is the first book to attempt a history of the
whole genre from a religious studies perspective.
Steven Hrotic is a cognitive anthropologist, currently teaching and writing
at the University of Vermont, USA.
UK July 2014 • US September 2014
240 pages
HB 9781472533555 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472534279 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472527455 • £195.00 / $313.00
Series: Scientific Studies of Religion: Inquiry and Explanation • Bloomsbury Academic
"The prepared volume The Mind of Mithraists,
covering many important and often neglected
topics in the study of Mithraism, promises to be a
book no scholar of ancient religions is allowed to
ignore." Aleš Chalupa, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
The Roman cult of Mithras was the most widely-dispersed and
densely-distributed cult throughout the expanse of the Roman Empire
from the end of the first until the fourth century AD, rivaling the
early growth and development of Christianity during the same period.
How was this non-centralized, non-hierarchical cult so faithfully
transmitted through the Empire? The Minds of Mithraists addresses
this question as well as explanations for the spread of Mithraism (and
for its resistance in a few places).
These investigations represent traditional historical methods as
well as more recent studies employing the insights of the cognitive
sciences, demonstrating that cognitive historiography is a valuable
methodological tool.
Luther H. Martin is Professor of Religion Emeritus at the University of
Vermont, USA.
UK November 2014 • US January 2015
208 pages • 5 bw illus
HB 9781472584199 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472584212 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472584205 • £195.00 / $313.00
Series: Scientific Studies of Religion: Inquiry and Explanation • Bloomsbury Academic
The Attraction of Religion
A New Evolutionary Psychology of Religion
Edited by Jason Slone & James Van Slyke
Religion is an evolutionary puzzle. It involves beliefs in counterfactual worlds and engagement in costly rituals. Yet religion is
widespread across all human cultures and eras. This begs the question, why are so many people attracted to religion?
In The Attraction of Religion, essays by leading scholars in evolutionary psychology show how religion may be adaptive
because the commitments involved facilitate fitness-enhancing behaviours that promote reproduction, kinship, and social
solidarity.Could it be that religion is wide-spread, at least in the modern world, because it helps to facilitate cooperative
breeding? International contributors explore the philosophical and theoretical arguments for and against the use of costly signalling, sexual
selection, and related theories to explain religion, and empirical findings that support or disconfirm such claims.
The first book-length treatment that focuses specifically on costly signalling, sexual selection, and related evolutionary theories to explain
religion, The Attraction of Religion will be a signal contribution to the field and will be of interest to researchers in the fields of religion and
science, the psychology of religion, and anthropology of religion.
Jason Slone is Associate Professor of Cognition and Culture at the School of Arts and Sciences, Tiffin University, USA.
James Van Slyke is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Fresno Pacific University, USA.
UK February 2015 • US April 2015
256 pages • 15 bw illus
HB 9781472534620 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472529688 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472531728 • £195.00 / $313.00
Series: Scientific Studies of Religion: Inquiry and Explanation • Bloomsbury Academic
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Reformation, Dissent and
The Story of Scotland's Churches, 1560 1960
Andrew T.N. Muirhead
This book examines and describes for the general
reader the life and characteristics of the churches
which flourished in Scotland between the Reformation and the mid20th century. It will help both amateur and professional historians to
understand the different denominations, and provides background to,
and context for, their own research.
Church influence on society has been particularly strong in Scotland
and church records are a major source of pre-1844 information, but
no recent book deals adequately with the church background. Here,
the author explores how churches developed in, and interacted
with, society. An overview of the churches of Scotland from the
Reformation to 1960 is followed by a brief examination of each
denomination including doctrinal issues, worship, organization,
social and demographic factors; mapping to show the geographical
strengths of particular groups, and a brief guide to the records and
sources that are available for each.
Edited by Gerhard Marcel Martin & Katja
The contributors to this volume discuss the great
diversity of forms and meanings with respect to
religious transformation in their respective fields
of research. While invoking earlier debates within
the study of religions and theology on the topic of
‘purification’ the studies in this volume penetrate further into the
meaning and structure of religious transformation of mind and body
in the religions of the world and open comparative perspectives on
this topic.
H istory of R eligion
H istory of R eligion
Gerhard Marcel Martin is retired Professor for Practical Theology at the
University of Marburg, Germany.
Katja Triplett is Professor for the Study of East Asian Religions at the
University of Göttingen, Germany.
UK January 2015 • US January 2015
192 pages
PB 9780567661487 • £19.99 / $29.95 • HB 9780567191410 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9780567275165 • £19.99 / $27.99
Library eBook 9780567376831 • £60.00 / $96.00
Bloomsbury T&T Clark
A directory includes the theological concepts and controversies which
dominated these churches but are foreign to most modern readers
and a useful glossary defines Scots terms common in church records.
Andrew Muirhead is a former librarian interested in the churches' impact
on the life of Scotland. He traces his own family through several of the
denominations described here and is Vice-President of the Scottish Church
History Society.
UK February 2015 • US April 2015
224 pages
PB 9781441139030 • £14.99 / $25.95 • HB 9780567661456 • £45.00 / $78.00
Individual eBook 9781441117762 • £14.99 / $22.99
Library eBook 9781441168429 • £14.99 / $22.95
Bloomsbury T&T Clark
Meditation and Culture
The Interplay of Practice and Context
Edited by Halvor Eifring
Behind the stereotype of a solitary meditator closing his eyes to the world, meditation always takes place in close
interaction with the surrounding culture. Meditation and Culture: The Interplay of Practice and Context explores cases in
which the relation between meditative practice and cultural context is particularly complex.
The internationally-renowned contributors discuss practices that travel from one culture to another, or are surrounded
by competing cultures. They explore cultures that bring together competing practices, or that are themselves mosaics of
elements of different origins. They seek to answer the question: What is the relationship between meditation and culture?
The effects of meditation may arise from its symbolic value within larger webs of cultural meaning, as in the contextual view that still
dominates cultural and religious studies. They may also be psychobiological responses to the practice itself, the cultural context merely
acting as a catalyst for processes originating in the body and mind of the practitioner. Meditation and Culture gives no single definitive
explanation, but taken together, the different viewpoints presented point to the complexity of the relationship.
Halvor Eifring is Professor of Chinese at the University of Oslo, Norway. He teaches Chinese language, literature and culture and directs an
international research project on the cultural histories of meditation. He is General Secretary of Acem International School of Meditation.
UK April 2015 • US June 2015
240 pages • 10 bw illus
HB 9781472579904 • £65.00 / $112.00
Individual eBook 9781472579928 • £64.99 / $100.99
Library eBook 9781472579911 • £195.00 / $313.00
Bloomsbury Academic
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T heology
T heology
Place, Ecology and the Sacred
The Spirit and the Letter
The Moral Geography of Sustainable
A Tradition and a Reversal
Michael S. Northcott
Place, Ecology and the Sacred demonstrates how
the loss of a sense of place is of central importance
to the modern ecological crisis. Bringing together
and further developing some of his groundbreaking
work on the concept of parochial ecology, or place-based
environmentalism, Northcott argues that the recovery of a sense of
place – and of governmental structures and moral practices that map
onto and arise out of place-specific communities – is essential to the
resolution of the ecological crisis.
Place, Ecology and the Sacred argues for an ecclesial recovery of a
sense of place as a foil to the continuing and increased mobility of
the modern world.
Michael S. Northcott is Professor of Ethics at Edinburgh University, UK.
UK June 2015 • US August 2015
208 pages
PB 9781441134066 • £22.99 / $39.95 • HB 9781441199645 • £70.00 / $130.00
Individual eBook 9781441114570 • £22.99 / $24.99
Library eBook 9781441115379 • £69.00 / $111.00
Bloomsbury Academic
World English
Edited by Paul S. Fiddes & Günter Bader
"Leading theologians from Germany and the UK
explore the life and after-life of this Pauline
provocation, from exegesis and history to
postmodern and remodern interpretations, to
entangle the reader in an extraordinarily creative
process whereby the letter becomes the embodied inspiration
and the spirit flows not unwritten." Markus Vinzent, King’s College
Paul’s statement that ‘letter kills but the spirit gives life’ [2
Corinthians 3.6] has had an extraordinary impact on Christian thought
through the ages. It has been read both as affirming the saving
power of the new covenant in comparison to the old, and as a key to
hidden, spiritual meanings in the text of scripture. It is, however, an
ambiguous phrase, followed by a tangled story. This book explores the
Pauline distinction both in its original context and in its aftermath
in the early church, the Reformation and modern Biblical Studies, as
well as considering a postmodern reversal.
Paul S. Fiddes is Professor of Systematic Theology in the University of
Oxford, and is Director of Research at Regent's Park College, Oxford, UK.
Günter Bader was until recently Professor for Systematic Theology in the
Protestant Theology Faculty of the University of Bonn, Germany.
UK January 2015 • US January 2015
288 pages
PB 9780567661494 • £22.99 / $39.95 • HB 9780567272898 • £70.00 / $130.00
Individual eBook 9780567218858 • £22.99 / $39.99
Library eBook 9780567252197 • £70.00 / $130.00
Bloomsbury T&T Clark
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Religion, Film and Media
Consuming Religion, Miller
PB 9780826417497 2005 £19.99 $34.95
Pop Cult, Till
PB 9780826432360 2010 £21.99 $39.95
HB 9780826445926 2010 £70.00 $130.00
Series: Bloomsbury Companions
The Bloomsbury Companion to Religion and
Film, (ed.) Blizek
PB 9781441107961 2013 £25.99 $46.95
The Sacred and the Cinema, Nayar
PB 9781472533029 2013 £21.99 $37.95
HB 9781441158710 2012 £70.00 $130.00
Visualizing Belief and Piety in Iranian Shiism,
PB 9781441125248 2012 £31.99 $60.00
HB 9781441149077 2010 £75.00 $140.00
Anthropology of Religion
Religious Statues and Personhood, Whitehead
HB 9781441110282 2013 £65.00 $120.00
South Asian Sufis, (ed.) Bennett, Ramsey
PB 9781472523518 2013 £21.99 $37.95
HB 9781441151278 2012 £70.00 $130.00
Stairway to Heaven, Levenda
PB 9780826428509 2008 £16.99 $26.95
Series: Controversies in the Study of Religion
Gender, Religion and Diversity, King, Beattie
PB 9780826488459 2005 £31.99 $55.00
Islam and the Veil, (ed.) Gabriel, Hannan
PB 9781441135193 2012 £21.99 $34.95
HB 9781441187352 2011 £70.00 $130.00
Series: Guides for the Perplexed
Mysticism: A Guide for the Perplexed, Paul
PB 9780826421203 2009 £14.99 $21.95
HB 9780826446169 2009 £60.00 $95.00
Religion or Belief, Discrimination and Equality
Weller, Purdam, Ghanea, CheruvallilContractor
HB 9781441166203 2013 £65.00 $120.00
Santo Daime, Dawson
PB 9781441154248 2013 £22.99 $39.95
HB 9781441102997 2013 £70.00 $130.00
Secularization and Its Discontents, Warner
PB 9781441127853 2010 £21.99 $39.95
HB 9781441155436 2010 £70.00 $130.00
Sufism in Britain, (ed.) Geaves, Gabriel
HB 9781441112613 2013 £65.00 $120.00
The Sacred in the City, (ed.) Gómez, Van
PB 9781472526052 2013 £21.99 $37.95
HB 9781441172952 2012 £70.00 $130.00
The Re-Enchantment of the West, Vol 2,
PB 9780567041333 2006 £42.99 $80.00
HB 9780567041234 2006 £110.00 $215.00
Understanding Religious Sacrifice, (ed.) Carter
PB 9780826448804 2003 £38.99 $70.00
HB 9780826448798 2003 £90.00 $190.00
Theory and Method
Inspection copy available
Bloomsbury advances in
Religious Studies
Series: Bloomsbury/Continuum Advances in
Religious Studies
Conceptions of the Afterlife in Early
Civilizations, Shushan
PB 9781441130884 2011 £28.99 $55.00
HB 9780826440730 2009 £75.00 $140.00
Spiritual Tourism, Norman
PB 9781472514615 2013 £21.99 $34.95
HB 9781441150448 2011 £70.00 $130.00
Sociology of Religion
Adaptation and Developments in Western
Buddhism, Henry
HB 9781472512550 2013 £65.00 $120.00
Christianity and the University Experience,
Guest, Aune, Sharma, Warner
PB 9781780937847 2013 £21.99 $34.95
HB 9781780936017 2013 £65.00 $120.00
Gender and Religion, Crandall
An Introduction to the Phenomenology of
Religion, Cox
PB 9781441171597 2009 £19.99 $39.95
HB 9781441191380 2009 £65.00 $120.00
Inspection copy available
Religions and Environments, (ed.) Bohannon
PB 9781780938028 2013 £24.99 $42.95
HB 9781780937625 2013 £75.00 $128.00
Religion in Environmental and Climate
Change, (ed.) Gerten, Bergmann
PB 9781472505569 2013 £21.99 $34.95
HB 9781441169297 2011 £70.00 $130.00
Religion and Politics
Confronting Secularism in Europe and India,
(ed.) Black, Hyman, Smith
HB 9781780935065 2014 £65.00 $112.00
Muslim Women of Power, Bennett
PB 9780826400871 2010 £23.99 $42.95
HB 9780826436382 2010 £75.00 $140.00
Series: Bloomsbury/Continuum Resources in
Religion and Political Culture
Postsecular Cities, (ed.) Beaumont, Baker
PB 9781441144256 2011 £23.99 $42.95
HB 9781441129635 2011 £70.00 $130.00
Inspection copy available
Religion and Political Thought, (ed.) Hoelzl,
PB 9780826480064 2006 £31.99 $60.00
HB 9780826480057 2006 £80.00 $170.00
Islamic Fundamentalism 3rd edition, Choueiri
PB 9780826498014 2010 £23.99 $42.95
HB 9780826498007 2010 £75.00 $140.00
Series: Religion Today
Islam Today, Geaves
PB 9781847064783 2010 £15.99 $25.95
HB 9781847064776 2010 £50.00 $90.00
Series: Comparative Islamic Studies
Series: Bloomsbury/Continuum Advances in
Religious Studies
Contemporary Western Ethnography and the
Definition of Religion, Stringer
PB 9781441141460 2011 £21.99 $39.95
HB 9780826499783 2008 £65.00 $120.00
Inspection copy available
The Study of Religion 2nd edition, Chryssides,
PB 9781780938400 2013 £22.99 $39.95
HB 9781780937007 2013 £70.00 $130.00
Religion, Nature and the
Public Religion and the Urban Environment,
PB 9781472534651 2013 £21.99 $37.95
HB 9781441103574 2012 £70.00 $130.00
Inspection copy available
Muslims and Modernity, Bennett
PB 9780826454829 2005 £31.99 $46.95
HB 9780826454812 2005 £90.00 $200.00
Suspensions: Contemporary
Middle Eastern and
Islamicate Thought
Series: Suspensions: Contemporary Middle
Eastern and Islamicate Thought
The Politics of Writing Islam, Mahmut Mutman
HB 9781441165244 2013 £65.00 $120.00
The Writing of Violence in the Middle East,
PB 9781472529442 2013 £21.99 $37.95
HB 9781441106308 2012 £70.00 $130.00
PB 9781441175373 2011 £21.99 $39.95
HB 9781441148711 2011 £70.00 $130.00
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Series: Guides for the Perplexed
Sikhism: A Guide for the Perplexed, Singh
PB 9781441102317 2013 £16.99 $27.95
HB 9781441193414 2013 £50.00 $90.00
Inspection copy available
The Daoist Tradition, Komjathy
PB 9781441168733 2013 £22.99 $39.95
HB 9781441116697 2013 £70.00 $130.00
Comparative Religions
Series: Religion Today
Sikhism Today, Jhutti-Johal
PB 9781847062727 2011 £15.99 $22.95
HB 9781847062710 2011 £50.00 $90.00
Series: Bloomsbury Studies in Jewish Thought
A New Physiognomy of Jewish Thinking,
PB 9781441146120 2012 £21.99 $34.95
HB 9781441133984 2011 £75.00 $140.00
Series: The Robert and Arlene Kogod Library
of Judaic Studies
Mysticism and Madness, Mark
PB 9780826441447 2009 £25.99 $46.95
HB 9780826445162 2009 £80.00 $160.00
The Light and Fire of the Baal Shem Tov,
PB 9780826418883 2006 £18.99 $34.95
HB 9780826417725 2005 £35.00 $49.95
Series: Bloomsbury Studies in Jewish Thought
Tradition and Equality in Jewish Marriage,
PB 9781472533067 2013 £21.99 $37.95
HB 9781441138064 2012 £70.00 $130.00
Advaita Vedanta and Zen Buddhism, Davis
PB 9781441121097 2011 £25.99 $46.95
HB 9780826420688 2010 £70.00 $130.00
Buddhists Talk About Jesus, Christians Talk
About the Buddha, (ed.) Gross, Muck
PB 9780826411969 2000 £17.99 $29.95
Native Religions and Cultures of North
America, (ed.) Sullivan
PB 9780826414861 2003 £36.99 $25.95
HB 9780826410849 2003 £30.00 $40.00
Inspection copy available
Sacred Scriptures of the World Religions,
PB 9780826423542 2009 £21.99 $32.95
HB 9780826424716 2009 £70.00 $130.00
History of Religion
Abraham's Children, (ed.) Harries, Solomon,
PB 9780567081612 2006 £36.99 $65.00
HB 9780567081711 2006 £85.00 $180.00
Meditation in Judaism, Christianity and Islam,
(ed.) Eifring
HB 9781441122148 2013 £65.00 $120.00
Guides for the Perplexed
Series: Bloomsbury Companions
Series: Guides for the Perplexed
The Bloomsbury Companion to Hindu Studies,
(ed.) Frazier
Western Esotericism: A Guide for the
Perplexed, Hanegraaff
PB 9781472511515 2013 £24.99 $38.95
Inspection copy available
Christianity as a World Religion, Kim,K Kim
PB 9780826498410 2008 £23.99 $42.95
HB 9780826498403 2008 £75.00 $140.00
The African Christian Diaspora, Adogame
PB 9781441136671 2013 £22.99 $39.95
HB 9781441188588 2013 £70.00 $130.00
Classical Spirituality in Contemporary
America, Pittman
PB 9781472522931 2013 £21.99 $37.95
HB 9781441165237 2012 £70.00 $130.00
Series: Bloomsbury/Continuum Studies in
Eastern Philosophies
PB 9781441136466 2013 £17.99 $29.95
HB 9781441187130 2013 £55.00 $100.00
Confucius: A Guide for the Perplexed, Huang
PB 9781441196538 2012 £17.99 $29.95
HB 9781441115683 2012 £55.00 $100.00
Kabbalah: A Guide for the Perplexed, Giller
PB 9781441110329 2011 £15.99 $25.95
HB 9781441111197 2011 £50.00 $90.00
The Baha'i Faith: A Guide For The Perplexed,
PB 9781441192011 2012 £17.99 $29.95
HB 9781441133960 2012 £55.00 $100.00
Zoroastrianism: A Guide for the Perplexed,
PB 9781441113795 2011 £15.99 $25.95
HB 9781441189950 2011 £50.00 $90.00
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Adib-Moghaddam, Arshin ...................... 11
Dalton, Lisle W....................................3
Jacobsen, Knut A. .............................. 13
Admirand, Peter ................................ 15
Daoism: A Guide for the Perplexed.......... 14
Jainism: A Guide for the Perplexed......... 14
Atiemo, Abamfo Ofori ...........................7
De Sondy, Amanullah .......................... 10
Jeremiah, Anderson H.M.........................6
Attraction of Religion, The................... 16
Documentary as Exorcism.......................4
Droogan, Julian ...................................6
Kacem, Mehdi Belhaj .......................... 12
Bader, Günter ................................... 18
Kalra, Virinder S. .................................9
Barton, Greg .................................... 15
Eifring, Halvor .................................. 17
Kayaalp, Ebru ................................... 12
Beckford, Robert .................................4
Ezzy, Douglas .....................................9
Komjathy, Louis ................................ 14
Ferrari, Fabrizio M. ............................ 13
Lassander, Mika T. ................................7
Fiddes, Paul S. .................................. 18
Leirvik, Oddbjørn .............................. 15
Fohr, Sherry ..................................... 14
Loss and Hope................................... 15
Freeman, Bernard ‘Bun B’ ......................3
Lukic, Dejan .................................... 11
Herling, Bradley L. ...............................5
Martin, Craig ......................................5
Hinduism and the 1960s.........................3
Martin, Gerhard Marcel ....................... 17
Hjelm, Titus .......................................9
Martin, Luther H. ............................... 16
Hostage Spaces of the Contemporary
Islamicate World................................ 11
Mazur, Eric Michael ..............................3
Capitalizing Religion.............................5
Hrotic, Steven................................... 16
Beginner’s Guide to the Study of
Religion, A.........................................5
Bell, Dean Phillip..................................8
Bennett, Clinton .................................8
Bloomsbury Companion to Islamic
Studies, The.......................................8
Bloomsbury Companion to Jewish
Studies, The.......................................8
Bloomsbury Companion to New Religious
Movements, The..................................8
Bloomsbury Reader in Religion and Popular
Culture, The.......................................3
Buddhism and Iconoclasm in East Asia...... 13
Miller, Monica R. ..................................3
Cheruvallil-Contractor, Sariya ................ 10
Christian Metal....................................3
Chryssides, George D. ...........................8
Interreligious Studies.......................... 15
Community and Worldview among
Paraiyars of South India.........................6
Iranian Identity and Cosmopolitanism...... 11
Contemporary Druidry...........................9
Contemporary Muslim-Christian
Encounters....................................... 15
Crisis of Islamic Masculinities, The.......... 10
Meditation and Culture........................ 17
Mind of Mithraists, The........................ 16
Moberg, Marcus ...................................3
Muirhead, Andrew T.N. ........................ 17
Is God Back?........................................9
Muslim World and Politics in
Transition, The.................................. 15
Islamic Education in Britain................... 10
Myrvold, Kristina ............................... 13
Islamism as Philosophy......................... 11
Northcott, Michael S. .......................... 18
www.bloomsbury.com • USA, Canada, Latin America • 888-330-8477 • [email protected]
Oliver, Paul ........................................3
Sacred and Secular Musics.......................9
Yalim, P. Burcu.................................. 12
On the Arab Revolts and the Iranian
Revolution....................................... 11
Sayyid, S. ........................................ 11
Yilmaz, Ihsan .................................... 15
Owen, Suzanne ...................................9
Pinn, Anthony B. ..................................3
Place, Ecology and the Sacred................ 18
Post-Materialist Religion........................7
Purification...................................... 17
Scott-Baumann, Alison ........................ 10
Secularism, Theology and Islam.............. 10
Sex, Death and Witchcraft......................9
Zeller, Benjamin E................................8
Sheldrake, Philip ............................... 14
Sikhs Across Borders............................ 13
Silver Screen Buddha.............................4
Slone, Jason ..................................... 16
Van Slyke, James ............................... 16
Spirit and the Letter, The..................... 18
Rambelli, Fabio ................................. 13
Rathouse, William ................................9
Redefining Shamanisms..........................6
Reformation, Dissent and Diversity.......... 17
Reid, Jennifer.....................................5
Reinders, Eric ................................... 13
Spirituality: A Guide for the Perplexed..... 14
Stewart, Pamela J. ..............................5
Stone, Lucian ................................... 11
Strathern, Andrew ...............................5
Sufis and Salafis in the Contemporary Age. 10
Suh, Sharon A......................................4
Religion and the Inculturation of Human
Rights in Ghana...................................7
Religion in Hip Hop...............................3
Transgression and the Inexistent............. 12
Religion in Science Fiction.................... 16
Triplett, Katja .................................. 17
Religion, Devotion and Medicine in
North India....................................... 13
Religion, Material Culture and
Veninga, Jennifer Elisa ........................ 10
Religion, Postcolonialism, and
Remaking Politics, Markets and Citizens
in Turkey......................................... 12
Ridgeon, Lloyd .................................. 10
Weller, Paul ..................................... 15
Wilson, David Gordon ............................6
Ritual: Key Concepts in Religion...............5
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Bloomsbury Revelations
Celebrating its second year of publishing the best of Bloomsbury’s original non-fiction, there are now even more books
available in the
Bloomsbury Revelations series. In 2014-2015 we’ll add over 30 titles from across our academic
subjects. These are the essential works of the thinkers who have opened up startling new ways of looking at the world.
*Not available in North America
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PAG E 1 5
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