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 VISION, MISSION AND VALUES Vision: To restore hope and transform the lives of children with life‐threatening medical conditions, their families and the communities in which we serve. Mission: HopeKids provides ongoing events, activities and a powerful, unique support community for families who have a child with cancer or some other life‐threatening medical condition. We surround these remarkable children and their families with the message that hope can be a powerful medicine. Guiding Principles:  Our vision, mission and motivation are driven by our desire to serve in the name of Jesus Christ in response to and out of our gratitude to God. (Colossians 3:17) It is through God’s love and the eternal hope we find in Jesus that we want to love and offer hope to those in need.  We cling to the promise that “Hope does not disappoint.” (Romans 5:5) We also believe that hope comes from God, and provides joy and peace in a way that nothing else can. These biblical truths form our belief that hope is a powerful medicine, and all our activities, resources, and time are to be directed to restoring hope for the future to the children and families we serve.  We strive to promote integrity, honesty, and openness in the manner in which we conduct our daily financial and management operations. We will be good stewards of all resources with which God has blessed us.  The HopeKids program is open to all children with life‐threatening medical conditions and their families without regard to religion, background, race, or ethnicity.  HopeKids welcomes supporters and volunteers who recognize and are willing to serve within our guiding principles. HISTORY September 2001 HopeKids was founded in Phoenix, Arizona November 2006 Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota Chapter Established September 2008 Salt Lake City, Utah Chapter Established May 2013 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Chapter Established PROGRAM MODEL Our HopeDay Program of Events focuses on five areas of impacts: HOPE AND ANTICIPATION: HopeKids gives hope to families who have children with life threatening illnesses. We offer an ongoing calendar of events to keep children and their families focused on the future rather than dwelling on what they are dealing with now (i.e. needle pokes, chemotherapy, blood transfusions and other painful experiences.) Each week HopeKids holds at least five highly‐
anticipated, cost‐free, fun events for affected families. From live theatre to private screenings of first run movies and amusement parks to major sporting events, we offer a wide variety of fun for everyone. Our events bring light to very dark and uncertain times. We organize the events ‐ our families simply sign up and look forward to the fun. FAMILY FOCUS: At HopeKids, we bring families together in supportive activities when circumstances threaten to rip them apart. Our events offer fun for all family members, allowing them to spend much needed time together. We provide bonding opportunities and wonderful memories at a time that families might otherwise want to forget. COMMUNITY AND SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS: HopeKids builds programs which draw many families together. We provide a unique, supportive and recreational environment for connection, sharing and encouragement. Our events foster lasting friendships and support among people who share similar challenges. Our families report that nothing is more powerful than one sick child meeting another who has recovered from the same condition. These relationships, developed in our program, provide living proof that this is a battle they can win. No HopeKids family is alone on this difficult journey. SAFETY AND ACCEPTANCE: In HopeKids’ supportive peer community no child is the only one wearing a mask or using a wheelchair. No one is stared at because she is bald, or because he has a feeding tube, because all HopeKids face these types of challenges. At HopeKids, everyone is accepted and everyone belongs. Many of our events are held privately providing a safe, healthy environment away from large public crowds. Public spaces are a problem for our immune‐suppressed kids; minimizing exposure both protects them and reduces parental stress. ECONOMIC SUPPORT: A significant percentage of our families are in the low to moderate‐income range. But sadly, all families who have a child with a life‐threatening illness are seriously impacted by overwhelming medical costs. Paying for and planning social activities for family well‐being isn’t realistic or feasible for most of our families. Even if a family has the ability to pay for an event, the all‐
consuming demands of a life‐threatening childhood illness often overwhelms other resources like time, energy or the initiative for planning. HopeKids alleviates these stressors by providing events that are pre‐organized and available free of charge to the whole family. SUCCESS INDICATORS: We bring families together in supportive activities when circumstances threaten to rip them apart. According to our most recent survey, HopeKids families indicated the following: 99% HopeKids events provided hope and anticipation for their family. 99% HopeKids provided the opportunity for their family to spend more positive time together. 91% HopeKids made a positive impact on communication in their family. 94% HopeKids has strengthened their family’s relationship. 97% The HopeKids environment offered their family a sense of safety not always available elsewhere. 97% HopeKids provided opportunities that would be difficult to access otherwise because of medical‐related financial challenges. 2013 PROGRAM STATISTICS: Arizona ‐ 970 families served ‐ 260 events provided ‐ 21,800 total attendance ‐ 2 staff Minnesota ‐ 965 families served ‐ 318 events provided ‐ 19,125 total attendance – 2.5 staff Utah ‐ 665 families served ‐ 150 events provided ‐ 16,500 total attendance ‐ 2 staff North Texas ‐ 194 families served ‐ 57 events provided ‐ 2,500 total attendance ‐ 2 staff STAFF NATIONAL: Josh Taylor, President ARIZONA: Bridget Asheim, Executive Director; Lisa Sweeney, Program Manager MINNESOTA: Brian Anderson, Executive Director; Michelle Cassens, Program Manager; Danielle Skrove, Program Coordinator UTAH: Kim Lewis, Executive Director; Nicole Anderson, Program Manager NORTH TEXAS: Heather Weathers, Executive Director; Molly Cash, Program Manager BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dave Chapman: Chairman – Senior Vice President, HelmsBriscoe, Scottsdale, AZ Todd Carter: Treasurer ‐ Chief Technology Officer, Internet Broadcasting, Minneapolis, MN Gary McKean: Secretary ‐ Retired Attorney, Salt Lake City, UT Mark Nuessle: Director ‐ Owner/President, Roadrunner Drywall, Scottsdale, AZ Dave Osgood: Director ‐ President, Focus Performance Systems, Inc., Minneapolis, MN Bart Sweeney: Director ‐ Business Consultant/Investor, The Sweeney Group, Scottsdale, AZ Josh Taylor: Director ‐ President, HopeKids, Minneapolis, MN HONORARY NATIONAL CHAIRPERSON Mr. Tom Lehman FINANCIAL INFORMATION Each chapter solicits the support of local individuals, corporations and foundations. We currently receive in excess of $2 million each year in cash and in‐kind contributions from individuals, companies, foundations, and fundraising events to support our ongoing work. We anticipate our in‐kind contributions from local event partners to be approximately fifty percent of our revenue. Nationally it costs us less than $30/month to provide an unlimited calendar of free events for one for family for an entire year. Functional Expenses Program Administrative Fundraising
2011 2012 2013
89.7% 3.8%
Total Revenue $1,971,239 $1,856,910 $2,212,671
TAX EXEMPTION HopeKids is a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code – EIN: 861042378 CONNECT WITH US "There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great,
and no tonic so powerful as the expectation of hopekids.org 800.319.5845 [email protected]
something tomorrow." ‐ Orison Swett Marden National Office ‐ PO Box 672, Cave Creek, AZ 85327