«Who am I in 2020?»

Автор: Ведяшкина Марина, 16 лет, МБОУ«Учхозская СОШ»
Краснослободский район, Республика Мордовия.
Руководитель: Мартынова Валентина Александровна, учитель
английского языка.
«Who am I in 2020?»
«Кто я в 2020 году?»
(Сочинение на английском языке)
Who am I in 2020?
Everyone likes dreaming. Dreams help us to overcome the difficulties in
our life. Dreams help us to achieve our goals.
Well, first of all let me introduce myself. My name’s Marina. I’m 16 years
old. I’m tall and not bad built. I can say that I’m friendly , generous and
honest. And of course, I like dreaming. I’d like to tell you my dreams:
The year 2020. I’m 21 years old. I’m young, ambitious, creative and
confident. I has already graduated. I studied English, Spain, German at the
University and I’m working as an interpreter. I’m ready to study another
language if my position requires it.
I know what is going on in the world, because I have knowledge of foreign
languages. The world has changed rapidly in many fields, such as
business, art and medicine with advances in technology. I can read
different magazines and keep up with these changes, because my
knowledge of languages is the answer to a lot of the questions that I have.
I like traveling. I can communicate with people from different countries and
understand what they are saying to me. The ability of speaking foreign
languages helps me to read foreign literature in its original form and
understand films in foreign languages without any help.
And now some words about my future house and my future family:
I have my own house on the bank of the beautiful river, surrounded by
high mountains. My house is two storey building. There are lots of beautiful
flowers around the house. Near my house there is a wonderful landscape.
In the basement there is a big garage for cars. Behind the house there is
a swimming pool.
There is a library in my house. There are thousands books there because
I like reading. I like to hand real books in my hands to read them page by
My house looks peaceful and calm. I live with my husband and two
children in my beautiful house. My husband is handsome, very clever,
successful and friendly. So, in 2020 I am a successful young woman, a
good wife and a good mother for my children.
Well, my dreaming is a hope for better things. One day my teacher gаve
me advice: ”If you want something be done well, do it yourself, make a right
decision and your dreams will come true!” I follow my teacher’s advice and
I hope my dreams will come true.