IVth Animated Movies Festival ANIMOCJE

IVth Animated Movies Festival
Bydgoszcz 15 – 18 of April 2015 r.
1. The organiser of the short animated movies competition during the Animated Movies
Festival ANIMOCJE is Miejskie Centrum Kultury w Bydgoszczy (City Culture Centre)
located in Marcinkowskiego 12-14, 85-056 in Bydgoszcz, further called The Organiser.
2. Movies may be admitted by art schools, film schools, producers and producing
companies, independent creators as well as all the other bodies that are duly entitled.
Taking part in the competition obligates the admitting person to filling in and signing the
application form and sending it to The Organiser.
3. There is a single competition during the festival and the award is Bydgoska Nagroda Za
Najlepszy Film Animowany (The Bydgoszcz Award For The Best Animated Movie). The
movies allowed to the competition will be judged by the JURY consisting of people from
the movie industry and visual artists.
4. The whole amount of money for the awards is 6.000,00 PLN (all the necessary taxes will
be paid by The Organiser according to the Polish law)
5. Jury
5.1 The Organiser will assembly a competent JURY for the festival, who will judge the
submitted works and decide about the awards.
5.2 The JURY Has a right to announce honorary or financial distinctions
5.3 The decision about the awards and/or distinctions will be made by the JURY during a
vote by a majority of votes.
5.4 The JURY’s session will be closed to public and the validation will be read by the
President of the JURY during the Closing Gala ceremony
5.5 The JURY’s decisions are final and there is no option for any appeals.
6. The Organiser will have the right to give out additional awards including an Audience
Award decided during the vote by the members of the festival’s audiencje.
7. The movies submitted have to be created between 2012 and 2015 and not submitted
to the previous ANIMOCJE festivals. The can be created using any animation technique
(drawing, cut-outs, plasticine, puppet, computer animation etc.). A submitted movie
may be a combined techniques project as far as the animated segments constitute for at
least 50% of the movie.
8. The movie/movies have to be submitteg as mp4 files (1920x1080) placed on an FTP
server, via an open server service (eg. Dropbox) or delivered on a CD/DVD or Blu-Ray
disc. After qualifying there is no need to send an extra copy of the competition material
unless the Organiser requests so.
9. In case of foreign (non Polish) movies it is required to submit a version with English
subtitles. The subtitles should integrated with a movie. Additionally it is required to
enclose an English dialogue list with timecode.
10. Digital copies (progressive mode) without interlacing are required for screenings.
11. Entry form (appendix 1) can be downloaded from mck-bydg0szcz.pl (bookmark
Festiwal). The submitting person is to state the title of the movie/movies, the year the
movie was produced, length, animation technique, authors, the category the movie
entries, medium, the name and address of the producing company (in case of student
movies the name and address of given school) and the person’s name and address along
with his/her telephone number. If the submitting person is a member of a nonprofessional film club it is required to give the club’s full name and address.
12. Promotional material is required to be attached to the entry form: AT east one photo
from the movie In printable quality (JPG file), short synopsis and a short filmography of
the director. The promotional materials may be sent via email to [email protected], via an FTP or placed on an open server service (eg.Dropbox).
13. A full competition entry application consists of: filled In and signed entry form,
promotional materials and a copy of the movie/movies. The original of the entry form
should be sent via traditional mail to the Organiser’s address with a note „ANIMOCJE”.
Promotional materials and the movie may be sent via traditional mail (to the Organiser’s
address with a with a note “ANIMOCJE”) or via email to [email protected] .
14. Festval’s Office will have been admitting entries up to up to February 18th 2015 (the
date stamp decides and in case of email the date of placing of the material on FTP
server, open service server eg. Dropbox).
15. The copies submitted to be part of the competition will not be returned.
16. The submitting person gives the Festival the right to use the submitted promotional
materials (photo/photos) and up to 20% of the movie/movies length, to create festival’s
publications (printouts, Festival’s website etc.) and to promote the Festival in mass
media without any fee.
17. Qualifying for the competition will be decided by a Selection Comitee convened by the
Organiser and consisting of at least 3 people. Submitters will be informed about their
movie/movies admission to the competition until March 24 2015 via email. The
selection results will also be published on www.mck-bydgoszcz.pl and the festival’s
profile on www.facebook.com/animocje .
18. The Organiser Has a right to submit movies to the competition omitting the Selection
19. The submitter states that he/she has got full copyrights, full financial and adjoining
rights to the movie/movies submitted to the Festival and states that the movie/movies
he/she submits is in no way in violation with any third parties’ rights.
20. The movies submitted to the competition may be created using any animation technique
and are not longer then 30 minutes.
21. Every movie should have it’s beginning and/or final credit containing a title, authors’
names and production year.
22. Since submission date of a movie/movie until the end of the Festival every movie is
deposited with the Organiser.
23. The Organiser reserves the right organise special screenings of movies not qualified for
the competition. The choice of the movies will be done by the Selection Comitee.
24. Submitting a movie to the Festival means agreeing to public screenings of the
movie/movies during the Festival and, in case of being awarded, to retrospective
screenings of the movie/movies which will be held after the Festival ends.
25. During the Festival there can be no more than five (5) screenings of any movie
participating in the competition. The submitter covenents not to withdraw the
movie/movies from the Festival after the competition selection is finished.
26. People submitting movie/movies cover all cost connected with arriving to the Festival in
Bydgoszcz. Upon request the Organiser can give information about hotel reservations.
27. The Final Gala of the Festival, award ceremony and screenings of the awarded movies
will be held on April 18 2015 at the time indicated by the Organiser. The details on the
Festival screenings will be given in the Festival’s catalogue and on www.mckbydgoszcz.pl (bookmark Festiwal) and at www.facebook.com/animocje . The Organiser
reserves the right to change the time the Final Gala will be held.
28. Any information on the Festival mai be obtained by contacting the Organiser (telephone
number +48 523255544 and mobile phone number for Weronika Płaczek +48
519346585) everyday starting October 27 2014, between 11.00AM and 5.00PM – apart
from Sundays and holidays. The Regulations and information concerning the Festival’s
programme can be found on the MCK’s website www.mck-bydgoszcz.pl (bookmark
Festiwal) or by writing to [email protected]
Festival’s Office:
Miejskie Centrum Kulturyw Bydgoszczy
Ul. Marcinkowskiego 12-14, 85-056 Bydgoszcz
tel. 52 32 55 544
fax. 52 32 55 570
kom. 519 346 585
email: [email protected]