AGT Biobalance II Water Treatment Chemical Kit

AGT Biobalance II
Water Treatment
Chemical Kit
Absolute Graphic Technologies USA has teamed with
Nalco Company to provide a water treatment chemical
kit designed to:
• Maintain cooling performance
• Protect the equipment in the system
water change-outs and adding filtration when needed. Since
bacteria and biofilm are dynamic living organisms that can
act as an insulator, managing microbiological activity is
crucial to maintaining cooling system heat transfer and
minimizing corrosion. This is done by periodic treatment
with a Nalco biocide.
The Mechanical design of the system, the Operational
parameters and a Chemical program (MOC) have been
integrated into the design of the kit to ensure that the
cooling system operates efficiently with optimal heat transfer,
and to protect the critical components of the system from
unexpected downtime and insure a long service life.
Two alternatives are often considered for cooling water
media – glycol and water. In some scenarios, people may
consider using glycol-based cooling media. Glycol should
only be used when freeze protection is required. Glycol does
not transfer heat as well as water and it will eventually break
down, becoming a food source for microbiological activity in
the system and potentially contribute to corrosion.
Although water is a great medium for transferring heat from
the process, there are side effects of using water that must
be managed to maintain optimal performance of the system
and preserve equipment integrity.
Some commonly encountered challenges include:
• Scale
• Corrosion
• Fouling
• Microbiological activity
The AGT Biobalance II Chemical Kit (part #: 702981)
is designed to minimize the effects of corrosion, scale, fouling,
and microbial contamination in these systems and allow the
system to continue providing reliable service with optimal
efficiency for the life of the equipment. This chemical
treatment program includes the following:
• Corrosion/scale inhibitor
• Biocide
• Use/dosage instructions
Corrosion and scale (mineral deposits) are managed in the
system by using the specially formulated AGT105 chemical
along with pure makeup water (deionized, distilled, reverse
osmosis). Fouling (dirt or other contaminants) in the system
can be managed by minimizing leaks, performing periodic
• Material Data Safety Sheets
• Packaging that meets global shipping requirements
(Continued on the Reverse Side)
Bulletin B-853
The Benefits of the AGT Biobalance II
Chemical Treatment Kit:
• Proper chemical treatment for asset preservation
• Proper chemical treatment for avoiding process interruption/downtime from water related issues.
• Ease of handling
• Ease of shipping (small containers)
• Simple usage instructions
• Easy-to-determine dosage guidelines
• Accurate and consistent protection
• Technical support and troubleshooting from AGT-USA
The chemical treatment kit minimizes corrosion on metal surfaces
• Regulatory compliance with country specific regulations
around the world
• Product documentation available in local languages
Thermal Conductivity Btu/hr ft°F
For more information or to find out how to order the
AGT Biobalance II Chemical Treatment Kit, please contact
the Inside Sales Department at (909) 597-1133.
Biofilm formation and its impact on reduction in heat transfer and
thermal conductivity
Absolute Graphic Technologies USA
Stages of Biofilm
AGT-USA is positioned as a single-source solution provider
with a strong emphasis on the service and support segment
of the business serving OEM and end-use customers
throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to
systems, AGT USA provides factory-trained technicians for
non-warranty service, support and installations on several
brands of ink temperature control systems, fountain
solution management and related systems, thermal drying
systems and UV curing systems.
Nalco Company
1. Initial microbio inoculation
2. Colony formation.
3. Complete coverage of metal surface by biofilm
Established in 1928, Nalco is the leading provider of
integrated water treatment and process improvement
services, chemicals and equipment programs for industrial
and institutional applications. It has established a global
presence with over 10,000 employees operating in
130 countries supported by a comprehensive network of
manufacturing facilities, sales offices and research centers.
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