5th Class

 Provincial Finalist Exam for 5th Class Students Do not turn the page until you are instructed to do so.
Answer each question in the box provided next to the question on this
sheet. Only one answer should be given unless the question states
otherwise. There is no need to explain your answer or show your work.
You may use a separate piece of paper if you need more space to complete
your rough work.
You will have 40 minutes to complete 8 problems of varying difficulty.
You may not leave until the exam has finished.
USE BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS Name: ____________________ Student ID: ____________________
School: ____________________ County: ____________________ THIS IS ON YOUR BADGE 1. When Pinocchio lies his nose grows 8 cm, every time he tells the truth his nose becomes 3 cm shorter. Yesterday his nose was 11 cm long. After that he lies 3 times, and he tells the truth 4 times. How long is his nose? Final answer: 2. (X)(Y) = 382. X and Y are both positive and greater than 0. If Y > 3 and X < 380 what is the maximum value of Y -­‐ X? Final answer: 3. What is the sum of the first ten prime numbers minus the sum of the first four square numbers? Final answer: 4. When 3 is taken from four times a certain number and the result is divided by 7, the answer is 3. Find the number: Final answer: 5. The area of a rectangle is 112cm2. The length is 9cm longer than the breadth. Find the length of the rectangle. Final answer: 6. Joe is teaching in a primary school that has 348 students. If there are 231 students below 5th Class, and 165 students above 3rd class, How many pupils are in 4th Class? Final answer: 7. What number should replace the question mark? Final answer: 8. When a barrel is 40% empty it contains 40 liters more than when it is 40% full. How many liters does this barrel hold when it is 100% full? Final answer: