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Application Standards
Incoming Ninth Grade Students
• 2.5 Grade Point Average
(GPA) in Core Academics
(Language Arts, Mathematics,
Science, Social Studies) 2.5
GPA in Conduct
• 1 or 2 in Effort in Core
• No more than 10 unexcused
absences for the previous
• Physical Science Honors and
Algebra I Honors must be
completed with a passing
grade (A or B recommended)
before the school year
Transfer Students
• Same academic, GPA, attendance and behavioral requirements as enrolling 9th graders
• All courses must be completed
with a passing grade (A or B
Contact Us
3000 N.E. 151 Street
North Miami, Forida 33181
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Twitter: @mastfiubbc
Apply At
Matthew J.Welker, Ed.D.
The mission of Marine Academy of Science and Technology at the Biscayne Bay
Campus of Florida International University ([email protected] BBC) is to provide
students with first-rate advanced academics and early career experiences in a
university based, technology-rich environment by
Providing cutting-edge academic and co-curricular opportunities within a
blended high school university experience;
Educating, mentoring and inspiring students to excel and flourish through
advanced coursework, dual enrollment, internships, community engagement
and cultural literacy;
Providing tools and skills to embrace a coherent worldview through critical
thinking, intellectual curiosity and ethical judgment; and
Fostering civility, integrity, responsibility in tomorrow’s leaders and workforce.
About Us
The Marine Academy of Science and Technology at Biscayne Bay Campus of Florida International University ([email protected] BBC) is the only university-based public
high school in Florida. The school is the result of a unique public partnership
between Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Florida International University.
[email protected] BBC is represented by a community of dedicated professionals,
outstanding students, interested business and community representatives, and
involved parents who work together to accomplish the mission of the school.
[email protected] BBC is widely recognized for its innovative pedagogy, commitment to
applied research and community involvement. A unique laboratory of transformation teaching and learning, the faculty and staff accentuate intellectual curiosity, multidisciplinary connections, critical thinking, problem solving and global
awareness. MAST students are mentored to become future leaders through a
structured emphasis on integrity, the love of learning, global citizenship and
excellence in all endeavors.
MAST enjoys a wonderful collaborative partnership with Florida International
University that allows our faculty and students many opportunities to participate
in STEM courses and research. Our presence on the Biscayne Bay Campus of FIU
provides our students with the opportunity to take courses in the School of
Environmental, Arts and Society (SEAS). As part of the College of Arts and Sciences, SEAS unites our students with socially and environmentally-oriented faculty
members in an effort to better understand and address the challenges that arise
from the interaction between human and environmental systems. Our students
and faculty also enjoy a robust relationship with the School of Journalism and
Mass Communication that affords them ample opportunities to translate their
thoughts into print and electronic media.
Benefits of Enrollment
Be Worlds Ahead
• Small high school – enrollment is capped at 500
• University based – no other high school like it in Florida
• Partnership with Florida International University
• Based on marine science, mathematics and
technologyScience, Technology, Engineering,
Mathematics (STEM) focus
• Nationally recognized curriculum and instructional
• Interdisciplinary curriculum that includes Honors,
Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses
• Complete 2 years of college course work during high
school at no cost to the student
• Small classes and close relationship with teachers
• Interact with university staff, faculty and students
Eight period course schedule
Block schedule – four 90 minute periods each day
Digital school – no print text books
Blended virtual course options in all subject areas
Modern library/media center with Academic Skills
Knowledge (ASK) Center
Individual counseling and career planning
Free tutoring services in all subject areas
Established university matriculation pathways
Lectures with leading scholars and scientists
Access to a variety of interest clubs and honor societies
Robotics program
University-based internships and field experiences
Applied STEM research
The curriculum at [email protected] focuses on marine science, environmental science and biology. All courses are
interdisciplinary in nature and require extensive reading and writing. A comprehensive and fluent understanding of
language arts, mathematics, science and social studies concepts are critical to student success within the prescribed
program of studies and the matriculation towards college coursework. An eight period course schedule affords students
the opportunity to complete most of their required high school coursework in two years. The curriculum, which includes
Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment (DE) courses, is relevant, rigorous and advanced.
Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses are eligible for college credit and are provided at no cost to students.
AP courses are available in all grades and subject areas and are taught by the faculty at MAST. AP course content is
prescribed by the College Board and examinations are required in every course. AP examinations are graded on a scale of
1-5 and college credit is awarded for scores of 3 or greater. Student must also earn a passing grade of “C” or better to
receive high school credit for an AP course. Dual Enrollment courses are available to students in grades 11 and 12 and are
taught by the faculty at FIU. Courses are offered on a semester basis and course credit is generally awarded on the basis
of student performance on a midterm and final examination.
Students are required to successfully complete prescribed research and virtual education courses during the first two
years of enrollment during which time students select a specific STEM program of study. Students in grades eleven and
twelve may select from a variety of AP and DE courses that focus on each student’s program of study. University-based
research and internship opportunities are available to students in twelfth grade and further refine each student’s career
interest area. Twelfth grade students are also required to submit a capstone research project prior to graduation.
Non-Discrimination/Harassment Policy
The School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida, adheres to a policy of non-discrimination and non-harassment in employment and
in the provision of educational programs/activities, as stipulated in School Board Policy 5517; and applicable state and federal laws.
For additional information, contact the Office of Civil Rights Compliance, 155 NE 15 Street, Suite P104E, Miami, FL 33132,
[email protected], (305) 995-1580.