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WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Pam Perry
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“Be certain that as excited as your
children may or may not be, Satan is
still desiring to sift them as wheat and
we must instill the Word of God in
them and pray over them that God will
protect them and guide them with His
loving hand!”
cannot believe that the end of summer is fast approaching. It is hard to believe that school will be
starting back! Yes, I’m like most when I say my
pocketbook is not quite ready for the school supplies, endless fees and school shopping that’s related
to this season. I’m also not too excited about the balancing
act that I must do to maintain school, business, and church
schedules. But there is something exciting about beginning
a new school year! The newness of the books and the supplies and the new school year generates in each child a new
beginning! It doesn’t always last long, but it’s refreshing,
nonetheless. They approach each year with the mindset to
do better than they did last year - to focus more, to get better grades, to get involved with new activities. Of course
they will face new challenges as well and it is very important for parents to keep their children in constant prayer!
Be certain that as excited as your children may or may not
be, Satan is still desiring to sift them as wheat and we must
instill the Word of God in them and pray over them that
God will protect them and guide them with His loving
This month our list of amazing women to feature grows
even more! Christian publicist Pam Perry graces our cover
and talks with us about her amazing career and passion to
help Christian ministries grow to their full potential. We
also have Christie Taylor, a woman of many talents, as our
WOWderful Woman - read her steadily unfolding story
of faith and passion for the arts. As usual, our articles for
the month are always relevant and inspiring thanks to our
dedicated contributors!
Thanks to everyone who has emailed us and embraced our
new website format and our dedication to providing a quality
Christian publication! WOW! Magazine is the ONLY magazine available in 4 simultaneous formats! God is good and we
praise Him for His faithfulness!
Until next month, be blessed, my sisters (and my brothers!),
and Enjoy,
JoAnn Fore brings to us a wonderful story of Dr. Katie Brazelton, whose quest for purpose in
her own life turned her into an
extraordinary example for other
Who can find the virtuous
woman? Dr. Relefourd believes
she’ s closer than you think!(p.31).
God surrounds us with angels of mercy
and protection when we are faced with
trouble and tribulation. Author Vanessa Davis Griggs expounds (p.46).
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Shaunte’ R. Smith
Author Shaunte’ R.
Smith uses writing to
reflect her passion for life!
York, PA
Bethel AME
Baltimore, MD
WOW!: We’re so
grateful to honor you
in WOW! This month!
Tell us about
yourself. Are you married or single? Name
of husband or fiancée?
Shaunte’ R. Smith: I am married. Craig B.
WOW!:Do you have children? If so, what
are their names and ages?
SRS: 3 sons (McKenzie 16, Dominique
11 and Michoel 9 Smith) step daughters
Sheniqua 17 and Candice 14
WOW!:Briefly describe how you came to
know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior
and how long you’ve been saved.
SRS: I have been truly saved for the last
51/2 years. It was going through my second
divorce and an abusive relationship when I
found Christ.
WOW!:WOW! is about inspiring,
encouraging and empowering other
Christian women. Briefly tell us about
any activities that you are involved in or
something that you’ve done that lines up
with the mission to Inspire, Encourage and
Empower others.
SRS:I currently
am an author.
life. Where
I have been and
the testimonies the Lord has
allowed me to speak upon. My first poetry
book is entitled ”Defining Process”. I also
have a short story piece in “If It Ain’t One
Thing It’s Another” by Kiesha Green and
my story is entitled “The Woman In The
WOW!:What would you say is your
greatest challenge in your Christian walk?
SRS: Accepting my calling as God would
have me.
WOW!:How do you handle that
SRS: I attempt to allow the Lord to
massage my spirit so that I would be in a
place of discernment. Sometimes you think
that you are running from God, when in
fact you’re running from yourself. God
already knows your path.
WOW!:Do you have a favorite scripture or
a life scripture that seems to pull you out of
anything? What is it and why?
SRS: The story of Jesus walking on water
in Matth 14:22. The entire story allows me
the understanding of when I set my eyes
off of God in any storm of life, I sink….
regardless to what I am going through, If I
keep my eyes stayed on Him, with the faith
that He will see me out of it, I won’t drown
in my storm.
WOW!: Out of all of the Biblical characters
in scripture, who would you say closely
mirrors your life and why?
SRS: EVE- my husband and I have given
each other the nicknames Adam and Eve
as a reminder to the fact that we were
created for each other. This also helps me
to understand that we do have flaws and
that we fall short and that we often are
disobedient, however, God still loves us
even in our flaws.
WOW!:Feel free to leave with our readers
any contact information you’d like about
you, your ministry/business/church, etc.
[email protected]
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Stacey L. Owens
Recognizing the Need for Rest
“With our busy schedules, we can
barely find time to spend with the
Master, let alone really hear from
Him so He can give us direction for
what we SHOULD be doing rather
than what we think we should do.”
ost women I know are
wired for multitasking.
We can do a lot of
things and most of us
would like to think we
can do it all-work, clean, minister, raise
children, manage the home, maintain a good
marriage, join a book club, cook, participate
in community activities, exercise, and so
much more. But if the preceding list makes
you tired just reading it, imagine what it
does to the woman who actually tries to
achieve it all. While we can handle a lot
of duties, we are not meant to individually
take on the world. If we try to do it, we open
ourselves to a variety of troubles including
physical, emotional, and spiritual fatigue.
Running on empty is more common
in the body of Christ than we would like
to admit. Most churches are packed with
events that we just don’t want to miss.
Add those on top of the responsibilities of
home, work, and community life and you
have a recipe for meltdown, isolation, and
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
ineffectiveness. Many of us have pressured
ourselves, or allowed others to pressure us,
into “busyness,” always going, always doing.
We’ve grown so accustomed to it that we
feel guilty when we rest. Because if we rest
we’re not noticed, we’re not valuable, we’re
not contributing, we’re not worthy, we’re
not useful. Dare I say, we’re invisible. Or
so the pattern of thinking would have us
believe. But rest is not an option if we are to
be effective in life for God’s kingdom.
I am not suggesting that church life is the
only thing that causes burnout. We commit
to many things that we should reconsider
or eliminate. Of course there are sometimes
when uncontrollable life situations reduce
our ability to rest such as sickness, new
babies or changing work schedules. But I
am saying that “working” in church is not
the alternative to resting in Jesus. With our
busy schedules, we can barely find time to
spend with the Master, let alone really hear
from Him so He can give us direction for
what we SHOULD be doing rather than
what we think we should do. Only He
knows all of our responsibilities and can
arrange our schedules to get it done, while
resting in the process. If we don’t hear His
voice, we run around aimlessly only to start
resenting the work and people of God
because we can’t keep it all together.
There can be numerous indicators
of the need to rest. In my case it was
disorganization, irritability, weepiness,
apathy, complaining, and a sense of being
overwhelmed. These may seem extreme but
they were the result of a year of not enough
sleep and overextension. I didn’t become
this person overnight, but I ignored the
signs too long and became someone I
didn’t recognize. I was no good for anyone
and my spiritual life had taken a hard hit.
Why? Because in all the running, there was
no resting.
Maybe you can’t relate to my symptoms.
But can you relate to a bad attitude whenever
anyone asks you to do something else? Are
you skimping on your responsibilities,
doing just enough to get by? Does your
mind wander throughout the day? Do
you have a hard time getting to sleep or
staying asleep? Is your mind racing a mile
a minute? Are you complaining more than
usual? Would you like to isolate yourself
from everyone? Are you snapping at your
loved ones for no reason? Are you becoming
more resentful of those around you? Well, if
any of those apply to you, check out how
much time you spend resting with Jesus and
getting good physical rest. I know some of
us think we can operate on a few hours of
sleep a night. But physiologically, less than
seven hours is not enough. And over time,
paired with less intimacy with Jesus, it can
be destructive. In Isaiah 26:3, God promises
to keep us in perfect peace if our minds are
stayed on Him. But we can’t be focused on
Him if we are divided in our interests and
not resting in Him. The very idea of Jesus
being the True Vine can become foreign to
us because we are not connected to Him to
get the nourishment we need to function.
According to John 15, no matter how much
work we do, we will not bear fruit if we are
not abiding in Jesus.
Abiding rest restores us, rejuvenates
us and gives God the opportunity to
speak to us when all is quiet. In the quiet,
He reassures us of His love, His total
commitment to our good, and He gently
leads us to His will. He reminds us that
He is actively involved with our every day
lives, that He understand the pressures of
“busyness,” but that He longs for those
intimate moments where we can steal away
with Him. In resting in Him, we are less
overwhelmed by all of our responsibilities.
I thank God for His grace in my extreme
fatigue. Just when I realized I was in a dark
tired place, He whispered lovingly in my
ear and worked in my life to help me rest,
to regain my fellowship with Him. Now I
see the necessity of running every proposed
commitment by Him for His approval. If I
don’t get the confirmation to move forward,
I don’t do it. For me, it’s just that simple.
This is a very different strategy for me but a
very freeing one. In this process, I can move
forward knowing that I have the Father’s
approval and not the approval of man,
including myself.
If you are feeling burdened and burned
out, an invitation awaits you. Jesus wants
you to take His yoke, learn of Him (which
you can’t do unless you spend time with
Him) and get rest for your soul. His yoke,
He says in Matthew 11:30, is easy and His
burden is light. Accept the invitation, and
don’t forget to get some sleep along the
©2008 Stacey L. Owens Stacey L. Owens lives
with her husband and daughters in the Raleigh,
NC area. To contact her, email [email protected]
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Sistah Health
Dick Gregory
over Cancer
orn October 12, 1932 in St.
Louis, Missouri, Dick Gregory
made a name for himself as a
comedian, civil rights activist,
athlete,author,and nutritionist.
He is rated number 81 on Comedy Central’s
100 greatest comedians of all time. As an
activist Dick Gregory played a major role in
the civil rights movement with Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr., fighting for equality and
justice for minorities. It was because of his
commitment and dedication to nonviolence
in the late 60’s that he became a vegetarian.
Before he became a vegetarian he had
ballooned up to 350 pounds. He smoked
four packs of cigarettes and drank a fifth
of Scotch everyday. After he adapted
the vegetarian lifestyle and gave up his
unhealthy habits he noticed that his lifelong
battle with ulcers and his sinus congestion
had improved with the change in his diet.
As a result of his discovery he began to
further research the vegetarian lifestyle. He
was so impressed with the health benefits
that he decided to become a spokesperson
for vegetarianism. He spoke extensively on
the health benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle
at churches, schools and universities.
Dick Gregory was also an excellent
runner in high school. He was awarded
a track scholarship to Southern Illinois
University. The desire and love for running
never left his heart. In the early 1970’s
he got involved in running marathons.
He even challenged himself and ran a
marathon from Chicago to Washington
D.C., urging the United States government
to take action against world famine. In
1984 he founded Health Enterprise Inc.,
a company that distributed weight loss
products. The company was established
out of a deep concern that he had for the
lack of health food stores in the African
American community. Two years later he
introduced the Slim-Safe Bahamian Diet, a
powder diet mix to the health food market.
The Slim-Safe Bahamian Diet became a
favorite with the general public.During
the 1990’s Dick Gregory continued his
fight as a civil rights activist but his biggest
fight came in 2001 when he made an
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
announcement to the world that he was
diagnosed with lymphoma the worst form
of cancer. This was truly a shock. Dick
Gregory spent his life fighting for civil
rights and lecturing on health and nutrition,
now he was faced with a form of cancer
that his doctor said was incurable. Because
he was always a fighter, the champion in
him would not accept the diagnosis as his
fate. Being a man of continuous prayer he
knew he had to step up his game and pray
to God for more wisdom, knowledge and
understanding. In addition to praying he
knew as a nutritionist that he had to do
more research on health and nutrition.
After doing extensive research, Dick
Gregory decided to take the holistic
approach to fight his cancer.
In his
biography it states. “He refused traditional
medical treatment – chemotherapy – and
with the assistance of some of the finest
minds in alternative medicine, put together
a regimen of a variety of diet, vitamins,
exercise, and modern devices not even
know to the public.” His decision paid off.
In 2005 Dick Gregory triumphed over
cancer. He has become a warrior for the
fight against cancer using his experience to
lecture on the importance of diet in fighting
cancer. He has helped millions of his fans
around the world to understand that cancer
is curable. At the young age of seventyfive he is still vibrant and full of life. It was
such an honor to interview a man who is a
true humanitarian and a giant in the health
industry. In closing my interview with
Dick Gregory, I asked him what was his
prayer for the world, and he said, “Peace.”
For more information on Dick Gregory
and his health books visit: www.dickgregory.
Jamaican born Sandi
Morais has been a
fitness instructor for
twenty five years.
[email protected]
Did you ever wonder.....
Music Editor George Ward takes us inside
the makings of an Effective Minister of
Music. We are sure you will want to share
this information with your church’s Music
“...don’t be weary
Is there a more poignant question among
music leaders in the church? Can there be
one that has troubled or baffled the minds of
a Minister of Music more? A question that
sometimes causes restless nights, questions
their abilities?
In this article I will attempt to answer
the question, “What makes an Effective
Minister of Music” by sharing biblical and
practical principles to encourage you to live
a lifestyle that is pleasing to God, to invest
in your talents, and to develop people in your
Musicians are artistic people by nature and
are driven to carry out the vision they have
inside. This explains why people may refer
to musicians as temperamental or neurotic,
because they are constantly seeking to express
themselves in a unique way. Choir Directors
hear sweet melodic vocal parts in their head
and will not settle for anything less than that.
In my experiences I have heard it all. A friend
was teaching a part to the soprano section
and when they sang the part back to him it
came back in three different ways. The whole
room could tell that it bothered him and that
the wrong notes distorted that sweet melodic
sound he had heard. He stated in a commanding tone, “Not your
way, my way please”. The entire choir somehow caught onto his
vision and sang sweet melodic harmonies for the entire rehearsal.
Thus, brings my first point. A Minister of Music is effective by
perfecting his/her craft. It is required to have musical skill sets to
lead the ministry, thereby gaining respect and trust among choir
members and musicians alike. He or she must
be able to teach and direct the choir with a
high level of proficiency. This is where the
members discover who he/she is as a musician
and as a person. Teaching and directing tells
so much about him/her and how effective
he/she can be in worship. Competency as a
keyboardist and how well he/she prepares is
key to a successful rehearsal and is expressed
as he/she efficiently teaches the vocal parts.
The Minister of Music should not waste time
or allow choir members to focus on things
outside of what is being taught. A steady
flow is also key in that everyone involved
is constantly challenged to participate and
can follow the development of the song as
it ministers to them. Also, he/she should not
be afraid to be creative and incorporate new
teaching methods into rehearsals.
A Minister of Music undoubtedly has the
responsibility of teaching biblical principles
to every member in the music ministry. This
exemplifies the qualities of a strong leader that
is necessary for the ministry to be effective.
A scripture that comes to mind is Psalms
101:1-2 that states, “I will sing of mercy and
judgment: unto thee, O LORD, will I sing.
I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way. O when wilt thou
come unto me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart”. I
find this to be very effective during a music bible study with choir
members and musicians. It is plain and simple to understand what
God is saying here about our conduct and decorum. This scripture
has sparked several meaningful conversations that showed
in well doing and
worship as if it were
your last time here
on earth. One thing I
have discovered is that
ministry is not about
me, but is all about how
I serve others. God has
designed it that way
so we can depend on
Him to use others to
minister to us.”
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Music with George Ward
results in behavior in and out of the music ministry.
Coupled with sharing God’s Word with the music ministry
is living a lifestyle that is pleasing to God. We all know that all
have sinned and come short of the glory of God, this is true.
However, there is a difference between falling in the mud and later
wondering where you can find a nice puddle of mud to wallow in.
One thing the Lord loves is someone who loves to talk to Him.
I asked my friend Pastor Charles F. Reid, Jr. who is Minister of
Music at his church in Connecticut, What makes an Effective
Minister of Music? He stated, “You should have a prayer life and a
life in the Word of God. You should know enough of the Bible to
be dangerous to the devil. After all, you are singing and playing the
Gospel of Jesus Christ”.
I have mentioned several components necessary to be an effective
Minister of Music. Complacency is an issue that is prevalent in
most churches. It is important to strive to be a skillful musician
and serve in excellence unto the Lord. The Minister of Music’s area
of motivation may be playing the organ and piano, and if he/she
shows virtuosity in this area, he/she should also seek to develop
himself/herself in other areas as well -areas such as leading in
worship, teaching vocal parts, and organizing a ministry fellowship.
The rigorous schedule that includes as many as 4 rehearsals a week
and 2 or 3 worship services on Sunday mornings can be taxing. Not
to mention scheduled services out with the Pastor, or weddings
and funerals. Despite all of this, God has called him/her into this
ministry and will give him/her the strength and tools to glorify
Him in excellence as he/she leads by example in worship.
“Pastors who dictate to you what you have to do and compromise
what God says should be done in worship. I felt that I was there to
please the Pastor first and everything else after that is secondary”,
says Rease Maddox when I asked him what he thought was one
of the major hindrances that a Minister of Music would mostly
likely face in ministry. It is a very difficult situation to be caught
in the middle of what God says and the expectations of the Pastor
and Board of Trustees. “And it shall come to pass in that day, that
his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke
from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the
anointing” Isaiah 10:27. David Hughes encouraged me and now I
encourage each Minister of Music to make sure that you know that
God has put you in this situation and if so there is a lesson to be
learned from this. A Minister of Music must endure much and be
able to stand after you’ve done all you can, stand some more…you
know the song.
I was tempted to include in this article the many obstacles that
prevent a Minister of Music from succeeding in his/her position.
However, I now realize that we must spend our time focusing on
ministry. If we are going to be what God has called us to be we
need to give our undivided attention to carrying out His plan for
the ministry in which He has made us shepard. Anything else is
what Satan would have us to do so that our effectiveness would be
null and void. I encourage you not to be weary in well doing and
to worship as if it were your last time here on earth. One thing I
have discovered is that ministry is not about me, but is all about
how I serve others. God has designed it that way so we can depend
on Him to use others to minister to us. That is effective ministry
in a nutshell!•
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
Here are 10 ways to be an
Effective Minister of Music
Maintain a consistent prayer
2. Competent teaching of biblical
ip ability
3. Strong leaders
4. Worship in Spirit and in Truth
the Lord
Cultivate the vision of
for your ministry
Invest in your talents and gifts
Establish meaningful
relationships within your m
Become well orga
Develop and mentor Ministry
Collaborate with ot
Here are 5 songs to minister and encourage you this month!
1. Let Go
Dewayne Woods
2. One God
Maurette Brown-Clark
3. Celebrate
Bishop TD Jakes & Potter’s House
Mass Choir
4. To Live Is Christ
Daryl Coley
5. Holy Are you Lord
Joe Pace
Getting Ready for Back to School
he summer fun is about to
end and now its time to get
back to the business of school.
It’s something the kids and
parents alike dread. But the
process can go much smoother if you plan
Getting Back on Schedule
It’s nice to be able to stay up late and sleep
in during the summer months but getting
the kids back to on a school sleeping schedule can create sleepy little monsters in the
morning. To help avoid morning grouchiness, ease them back into a schedule a
couple of weeks prior to the start of school.
Start sending them to a little earlier each
night and waking them a little earlier in the
morning until you reach your goal.
Buying School Clothes
Before you go out and buy school clothes,
first access the clothing situation of your
child. Go through their closets and drawers
and set aside outgrown and worn out items.
This will give you a better idea of what they
need in terms of clothing and shoes. Make
a list of items they are in need of and establish a budget for school clothes. Start
watching for those back-to-school sales in
July and August. Don’t forget to scour the
consignment shops and even the Internet
for sites with good deals.
it in a visible area so everyone in the family
knows what’s going on.
School Supplies
Relieve Anxieties About the First
Day of School
It’s a good idea to check with the school
to obtain a list of school supplies that your
child will need for the school year before
you buy unnecessary items. Don’t forget to
buy a new lunchbox if needed and backpack. Avoid buying backpacks with wheels,
as most schools do not allow them.
Visit the School Ahead of Time
Many schools hold open houses ahead of
time so parents can visit the school and
meet the teachers. However, if your school
doesn’t, make an appointment to tour
the school and meet the teachers anyway.
While you are there check to see what
necessary paperwork is needed such as immunization records, yearly physical exam,
and emergency contact information. This is
also a good opportunity to find out the bus
and class schedules as well as what kinds
of sports activities and clubs the school has
to offer.
Getting Your Calendar Organized
With the start of school come additional
activities and things to remember. Be sure
and have a calendar ready to mark school
schedules and activities. Be sure and post
Many children experience some amount of
anxiety about going to school especially if
it is their first time or they are going to be
attending a new school. Talk to your child
about their fears and try and ease them.
If this is their very first time attending a
school, try and arrange a play date with
children they will be going to school with.
Also take them along when you visit the
school so they can see their school, classroom and meet their new teacher.
Enjoy Those Last Moments
Be sure and enjoy those last summertime
moments. Plan a back-to-school barbeque,
a family night, or overnight camping trip to
commemorate the occasion.
Find helpful and creative ideas for parents
and grandparents while you shop our great
selection of kids furniture (including our
popular tables for kids) and classic toys.
Visit today!
Article Source:
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
Open Heart
have four, yes four, Beagles. Each
one of them has very distinct
personalities. Snoopy, the king and
alpha dog of the pack is strong,
confident, and obedient and expects
to be treated as top dog. Angel, the queen,
is spoiled, stubborn, lazy and rebellious
but still expects to be treated as a queen.
Biggie is not only big in statue but he’s
big in heart and loves to cuddle. He seeks
out affection and seeks what he already
has, our love. Then there’s Ms. Wiggles,
she was the rut of the litter. She’s small
in statue and doesn’t present with much
presence. She frightens easily and shies
away just as fast. Beagles are pack dogs
by nature and live to eat. When it’s time
to eat or receive treats, Ms. Wiggles stands
back from the others. She frets easily and
constantly keeps a troubled expression on
her face. We’ve never held back on any of
her needs or treats but she acts as if she is
not as privileged as the other dogs. When
she receives a treat, she retreats to another
corner and constantly looks back as if to see
if we are going to take it away from her.
She’s happy with whatever she receives, she
never expects treats and is content with her
daily rationing of dog food. The other dogs
will position themselves in their designated
spot and wait patiently for me to give them
more. My nickname for Ms. Wiggles is,
Step-Dog because she behaves as if she is
less privileged than the other dogs.
I was recently talking
with my husband about
something that happened
to me that was really
exciting and encouraging.
I was surprised by the way
that the Lord had worked
this particular situation
Gerry wasn’t
surprised- he expected
it. He even challenged
me to write down a plain
and specific vision in this
particular area of my life
(Habakkuk 2:2). I quickly
“I need to trust His heart
that He is truly for me,
that He is the biggest
lover of my soul and that
He desires to fellowship
intimately with me.”
dismissed his suggestion and pacified him
with the remainder of the conversation.
Later that night, frustrated and restless,
I couldn’t sleep. This usually means that
the Lord wants to talk to me. The Lord
started challenging me on why I found it
difficult to write down a vision or even a
specific request for my life. I thought about
what the Word says about my position in
the Lord versus my actual perception of
how I see myself. I don’t consider myself
any different than the average woman
who struggles with self-esteem issues at
times but The Lord was trying to show me
something a little different.
It’s hard to admit, but I have a
stepdaughter’s mentality when it comes to
how I view myself in my Heavenly Fathers
family. I get excited when I see the Lord
doing great things in others peoples lives,
I expect Him to come through in awesome
ways. I love to see how mightily he works
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
situations and circumstances out in other
people’s lives- you know the ‘exceeding
abundantly above all that we ask or think’
scenarios. I often stand in agreement with
friends on what some would consider, not
logical or realistic request and can whole
heartily believe the Lord for their petitions.
Now don’t get me wrong, I faithfully
believe and trust the Lord to supply our
needs as a family. I believe Him to watch
over us and to protect us. It’s expecting
or requesting the things that are beyond
normalcy and necessity that I struggle with.
I’m careful not to go to the farther end of
the spectrum and treat God as if He is my
personal bellhop or genie to grant me all
that I request. The Lord has been slowly
revealing to me over the last few months
that I have trust issues with Him. I say that
I love Him and that I trust Him---but in
certain areas, I regretfully confess that it
just comes down to not trusting Him to be
who He said he is to me. That’s a hard pill
to swallow but it’s true. God is still God
whether I acknowledge Him fully or not;
He’s still magnified, whether in my eyes
or not. I’m the one who has been missing
out on treats and blessings simply because
I’m not there to receive it because I haven’t
positioned myself (heart and mind) to
expect it.
This past weekend I attended my
church’s women’s conference entitled, “Trust
His Heart”. Wow, you talk about being
stripped of stinking thinking and finally
accepting my position with the Lord, it was
truly orchestrated just for me. Prior to the
conference, I would have never admitted
my stepdaughter mentality and really didn’t
even view it as a problem. I’ve since realized
that I have sinned against God because of
not acknowledging Him for being God in
my life. God has truly shown me that He
wants and desires to bless me beyond just
my meals for the day (my daily bread) and
that He wants me to stop shying away from
asking for big things, unexpected and yes
even undeserved things. I need to trust His
heart that He is truly for me, that He is the
biggest lover of my soul and that He desires
to fellowship intimately with me. My
problem is that I lose perception of who I
am in Christ and who God is fully. I don’t
want anything that the Lord does not want
for me—but I know that in some areas, I
have not because I ask not. He wants to
see me practice obedience in being who he
created me to be. He wants to use every
area of my life, for His Glory. Simply, He
wants me to trust his heart. 
©2008 Tex West resides
in Grand Prairie, Texas in
ministry with her husband,
Minister Gerry West of
West2West Ministries.
Aléthia is a new clothing line
that creatively interprets scripture with designs
that are uplifting and inspiring to everyone.
Truth you can wear and live in a way that is
attractive on you and attractive to others.
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
Fashion & Beauty with Genean Cross
Being the mother of a teenage daughter I, too, have found myself in the sea of moms disappointed
and disgusted when it comes to the lack of fashion choices for young teen age girls, especially when
shopping for fashionable, yet age appropriate ,attire for our lil Women Of the Word. So to all of our
faithful moms who continually support this amazing ministry and to my amazing lil Women Of the
Word my daughter, Tatianna, who keeps me abreast on the haves and have nots in teen fashion, this
months article is dedicated to you. I must say I was so excited to see that the “Girlie” look is back,
long gone is the “Goth” look, or what I call the “Rainbow Bright” look, which consists of every color
in the rainbow and then some. Have fun with cool summer colors, floral prints and simple yet dressy
strapless babydoll bubble dresses with inverted pleats all around bodice. Pair up any of these flirty styles
with some of this season’s trendiest summer ready flat sandals, detailed with vibrant flowers, jewels and
embellishments. Have a Blessed and Safe Summer,and Happy B-Day Tati
Here we have a
collection of summer
dresses sure to make
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Word feel and look like
the princess she is.
of the Word
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
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satin dress features exciting geometric prints with a embellished beaded neckline, Ruffled skirt
trim $34.80. All styles by
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
Genean N Cross is a mother
of one daughter Tatianna,
who she describes as her rock,
her sunshine. She resides in
Washington, DC. Fashion
questions? Contact Genean at
[email protected]
Spirit Fit with Yvonne Bennett
“With the current
state of world affairs,
we are all facing
some sort of adversity
be it physical,
mental, emotional or
financial. However
it is our perception
of our circumstances
and our reaction to
that perception that
dictates the state of
wellness or level of
healing we can expect
to receive.”
Seeing Through God’s Eyes
t is said that “The Eyes are the mirrors to the soul.” Through our eyes we receive the
physical view of the world, which in turn helps to create our perception of our life
and the lives that surround us. In a world moving as fast as it does today, our view
of life often becomes distorted which ultimately affects the way we live; from our
thoughts, actions and reactions to our circumstances. Such distortion also affects
our overall health in either positive or negative ways.
With the current state of world affairs, we are all facing some sort of adversity be it
physical, mental, emotional or financial. However it is our perception of our circumstances
and our reaction to that perception that dictates the state of wellness or level of healing we
can expect to receive. God’s Word says “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Under the
current state of affairs we may find ourselves faced with increasingly negative or doubtful,
discouraging thoughts that if unchecked can throw us into an abyss of depression, anxiety
or even self-destructive behaviors. When circumstances begin to lead you down this
negative path of doubt or despair, it is time to stop, re-focus and “Look to the hills from
which cometh my help,” and state “Lord help me see these circumstances and myself
through your eyes.”
As we speak to and yield ourselves to the power of God our view literally shifts. While
circumstances are the same the ability to handle them becomes easier, physical ailments
are relieved, your view of yourself and your physical appearance change. For example in
instances when I am experiencing difficulties and I am in a bad mood, I can often become
hypercritical of my surroundings and myself to the point of visualizing the worst of my
physical appearance (not pleased with hair, body or clothes). It is in times like this that
I shift my focus to God an instantly my hair goes from dull to radiant and stylish, my
clothes from drab to chic, and my body from o.k. to uniquely sculpted, lean and tone.
God’s view of us is absolute perfection
and while perfection is not achievable in
this world we are always perfect to Him
who created us.•
Yvonne Bennett is a life
coach and personal
trainer and owner of
Coach Bennett Life
coaching services in
Yvonne has 20 years of
personal training and client service experience.
She is also the director for the Spirit Fit
Ministry at Trinity Baptist Community Church
in Crystal Lake, Il, a ministry dedicated to
providing bible based fitness education and
programs. If you have questions or require
more information you may contact Yvonne at
[email protected]
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Pam Perry
Mastering Ministry
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
Candie A. Price: You’ve got to be one of
the hardest working women in the Public
Relations industry, specifically for God’s
people! We appreciate you taking the time
to share with our readers. First we’d like
to know a little about your background.
Where were you raised and what was your
upbringing like?
PP: I am a Motown girl. Born and raised
in Detroit during the 1960s and I am the
only child in my family so I loved to play
with other kids next door…and my family
lived next door to a family who took me
to church every Sunday. Yes, thank God,
my next door neighbor had a church and I
played with his kids. So you can say I kinda
grew up a vicarious “P.K.”
CAP: Tell us about your family: spouse,
children, names, ages, etc.
PP: My soulmate is Marc Perry. We’ve
been married 12 years and we have one
daughter, who is 11. Marc is a marketing
executive in an ad agency. Uniworld. This
was the first Black agency in the country.
His firm handles the target marketing for
corporations like Ford, Burger King, Home
CAP: For those readers that don’t know
who you are, what exactly do you do and
what does your business(s) consist of?
PP: Well Ministry Marketing Solutions
Inc. is a public relations consulting firm that
targets the African American Christian
market. We promote Christian authors and
ministries to the masses. Our tag line is:
“Marketing the Message.” Our main clients
are publishers like Baker/Revell, Moody/
Lift Every Voice, Bridge Logos, Faith
Words, Judson Press – these are publishers
who deliver books to the Christian
Booksellers Association market (CBA).
You can also go to my website and get free
info at www.MinistryMarketingSolutions.
CAP: With your background, skills and
expertise in the Public Relations industry,
you could certainly be making a hefty salary
in corporate America, why did you decide
to start your own company and devote
your energy and skills toward marketing
Christian businesses, ministries, and
PP: – It was a God idea for sure. Like I
said, growing up next door to a preacher, I
had first hand knowledge of how ministries
worked because I was there so often.
My gift was not in ushering, singing or
event planning – I had a real heart to just
promote and tell everyone about special
events at the church. One day during my
teen years, Rev. Jordan said, “You are doing
PR for Jesus.” That stuck. So, when I went
to college – I majored in public relations
and journalism. I started in secular media
and agencies– but the Lord pulled me in
to work with ministries after I had “cut
my teeth” with those companies, and I
began working with nonprofit Christian
ministries, like The Salvation Army. And
yes it was a big pay cut – but the personal
rewards are incomparable! I love being in
God’s will for my life.
CAP: So many people don’t understand
or see the need for a public relations
component to enhance their business
projects and/or ministries, especially in
the African American community. How
difficult was it for you to get those in this
niche market to trust and believe in your
“My mission is to be
a blessing by helping
ministries, churches
and Christian
authors ‘Market the
Message.’ I’m all
about networking
for Kingdom
approach and is this still a challenge for
PP: -Yes, that is the biggest frustration I
have. That’s why I try to teach, train and
coach others about the importance of
ministry marketing. I tell self-published
authors and ministers to think of marketing
as evangelism but with more muscle. Instead
of witnessing to someone one on one –
think of it as planting seeds to thousands at
a time. That’s why I love internet marketing
– I call it digital evangelism. It’s so viral.
CAP: What would you say is the most
rewarding part of your responsibilities?
PP: – Taking someone’s dream/vision
and helping them bring it to pass. I love
seeing authors interact with readers at book
signing and conferences. I love hearing the
good reports that the ministries are able to
accomplish because they met their financial
goals and had tons of products sold. It’s also
exciting to me to get people excited about
the things of God – you know some people
don’t go to church and read Christian
books – and when they go to an event or
read a book because of some marketing that
MMS has had a hand in – I know God is
pleased and I’m ecstatic.
CAP: If there is one thing that you could
change about the public relations industry
and the perceptions of others about “PR”
professionals, what would it be?
PP: True PR professionals are really just
trained journalists. I would love for the
media to really get that. We just happen to
be working for a client – and not the press.
We really can work with the media by
providing good stories, interviews, sources,
etc. We are content providers and idea
generators. We have a heart for the media
and I have a heart especially for Christian
CAP: As a Christian first, how do you see
your role in crafting a marketing plan for
your clients?
PP: Honesty. Integrity. That’s number one. I
also let the Holy Spirit guide me when I put
together a campaign strategy. My business
was founded on Act 1:8 so I really believe
in getting out of the way and following the
Holy Spirit.
CAP: There has been a huge uprising of
individuals in recent years representing
themselves as “publicists” and “promoters”.
Surely it is so hard for someone to know
whether or not some individuals can
actually deliver on what they promise in
promoting them and/or their projects.
What would your advice be to someone
who is just starting a Christian business
or is a Christian artist trying to promote
a service/ministry or product and looking
for a public relations professional to assist
PP: Ask them who they have promoted
and what kind of campaigns have they
created. Then ask them if it’s ok to contact
that person. That will get rid of any doubt
if they can deliver. My clients testimonials
are on my website – so people can see what
people have said about Ministry Marketing
Solutions Inc. Also google them.  Google
doesn’t lie.
CAP:: There may be someone reading this
who is inspired by all of the great things
you do and the success of your business,
who would you say has been your greatest
source of encouragement in your career?
PP: My greatest source of encouragement
are my previous pastor, Rev. Dr. Joseph
R. Jordan and my current pastors, Dr.
James and Stacia Pierce of Life Changers
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Christian Center in Lansing. They are
a breath of fresh air when I need a lift
and they are great business people. I
learn so much from just watching them.
I believe some things can be taught but
most things are just “caught” by serving
someone else. I read all their books too!
You really can learn a lot by reading.
CAP: What was the best piece of advice
you’ve ever been given?
PP: I remember I was really trying to
get the CBA industry to understand
the African American Christian market
and really hitting brick walls. And one
day, a Bishop said to me, “Quit trying
to get white folks to like you and
just concentrate on loving each other
[meaning other blacks]” I believe there
is strength in numbers and our race must
learn to work together more and really
love each other – and help one another
in business. That’s what other races do
– and sometimes African Americans
do the opposite. o, I work with other
publicists and share information with
them regularly and we even have a
blog together (www.ThePRDistinction.
CAP: What is your favorite scripture
and why?
PP: Hosea 4:6 – “My people are
destroyed by lack of knowledge…”
because I believe people would really do
better if they knew better. That’s why I
love books and the book biz!
CAP: What biblical character most
mirrors your life and why?
PP: Peter. I am one to take a risk and
walk on the water – even if it’s just for a
moment – I really believe God and know
He can save me if I start to sink. When
I left my “real” job 8 years about, I told
everyone to call me Pam “Peter” Perry.
CAP: How do you want to be
PP: One who helped paved the way for tons
of successful African American Christian
authors – spreading the Word and turning
the world upside down! I want my business
to have an impact and change lives!
CAP: With all the things that you have
accomplished what’s next for PP:? What
have you not done that you want to still
PP: I want to start a University. We are in
the process of launching an online “Ministry
Marketing University.” Look for that next
year! We are going global to teach others
about ministry marketing!
CAP: As you look over your life, what is the
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
one thing that you regret?
PP: I don’t believe in regrets. Everything
has a purpose - even the bad things. If
I have learned the lesson from the bad
experience then there is no need for regrets.
It would be a regret if I kept making the
same mistakes over and over again. But
thank God I don’t have a hard head – I am
pretty pliable and learn fast. I have learned
to humble myself quickly and get the lesson
in a hurry. I don’t like pain!
CAP: Please leave with us any information
about your latest projects,books,conferences,
etc. and how others may contact you or
secure your services:
PP: I am working on doing monthly
Teleseminars for authors and have an
October PR Boot Camp coming up.
My book, “115 PR Tips to Brand Your
Ministry” is doing well. Churches are
buying it for conferences they’re hosting.
People can tune in and find out all my
business and get the books/CDs at www. or call
Candie A. Price is
Editor-in-cChie f/
Publisher of WOW!
is an utthor/speaker
through the written
word. Candie may be
contacted at
c a n d i e p r i c e @ Sign up for daily devotionals
by Candie at
Moving Up Higher with Joyce Meyer
Are You
a People
“I am constantly amazed at how many people are
driven to please the people around them—even if
it makes them feel guilty.These people would rather
please others than please God.”
o you want to enjoy your
life? I mean it! Do you
want to really enjoy every
single day of your life?
If you are serious about
enjoying life, then I have a tip for you: Stop
trying to please everyone. First of all, you
will never be able to make everyone happy.
And secondly, most of the time, doing
things that would please others would not
please God. You cannot please God and
please people. You have to learn to follow
the leadership of the Lord in your life first.
That is the number one way to really enjoy
your life.
As I travel across this country, I am
constantly amazed at how many people
are driven to please the people around
them—even if it makes them feel guilty.
These people would rather please others
than please God. They would rather please
others and live with a guilty conscience
than please God first and have a clear
conscience. Sound familiar? You may be a
people pleaser!
There are a few verses from the Bible on
this subject that I’d like to share with you.
The first verse is from Acts. The apostle
Peter and the other apostles were threatened
by the authorities to stop preaching. They
were told that if they didn’t stop preaching
in Jesus’ name, great harm would come
to them. Their simple response is found
in Acts 5:29. It says, Then Peter and the
apostles replied, We must obey God rather
than men (The Amplified Bible).
They gave no thought to pleasing the
authorities. They knew that if given the
choice, they would choose to please God
first. This is a very bold step for almost
anyone, even when not threatened with
bodily harm! The apostles were prepared to
do whatever it took to obey God first.
What about you? Are you a God pleaser
or a people pleaser? Pleasing people is an
easy trap to fall into. Being addicted to the
approval of others instead of following the
leadership of the Lord in your life may
seem easier to do. Of course, it’s easier to
choose to follow others when you’re afraid
of what people will say if you don’t. If this
is the case, your motive is wrong.
I believe that the number one sign that
you may be a people pleaser is when you
act out of duty and not desire. When duty
becomes the driving force in your life—duty
or obligation—you are prone to pleasing
people first. You find yourself doing things
because you “ought” to or because you feel
like you’re “supposed” to or maybe you feel
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
that you are “expected” to do it.
Instead of being motivated by what
is best to do, you are motivated by
what you believe others feel you
should do. No matter what the
action is, the motive is wrong. You
have become a people pleaser.
Another important verse on this
subject is found in 1 Thessalonians
2:4. It says, But just as we have been
approved by God to be entrusted
with the glad tidings (the Gospel),
so we speak not to please men but
to please God, Who tests our hearts
[expecting them to be approved].
Paul, who wrote this letter to
the Thessalonians, is echoing Peter
from before. We speak not to please
men but to please God. Paul is
encouraging us to be God pleasers,
instead of people pleasers.
So how do you decide what you
should do and what you shouldn’t?
What is the basis of your decision
with regard to whom you will
please? Let peace be your guide.
Peace should be the “umpire” in
any decision. Peace should help you
decide what you do and what you
choose not to do.
Colossians 3:15 says, And let
the peace (soul harmony which
comes) from Christ rule (act as
umpire continually) in your hearts
[deciding and settling with finality
all questions that arise in your minds,
in that peaceful state] to which as
[members of Christ’s] one body you
were also called [to live].…
When peace is your guide, you’ll
be able to easily follow your heart
and please God, and you’ll be free
at last from the bondage of pleasing
For more on this topic, you may order
Joyce’s four-CD series People Pleasers by
calling 1-800-727-9673 or visiting Author/teacher Joyce
Meyer has been helping people overcome
life’s problems through biblical keys to
practical Christian living since 1976. Her
radio and television programs are broadcast
throughout the United States and much of
the world. For additional information, you
may contact Joyce Meyer Ministries at P.O.
Box 655,Fenton, Missouri 63026 or visit
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
Are You a
Do you want to enjoy every day of your life?
If you are serious about enjoying life, then
Joyce has a tip for you: Stop trying to please
everyone! You can’t please God and please
people. You first have to learn to follow the
leadership of the Lord in your life instead of
doing things only to please others.
In the new four-CD series People Pleasers,
author and Bible teacher Joyce Meyer
tells the truth about the danger of being
motivated by a sense of obligation to please
others. Living your life based on the whims
of people instead of the will of God will
cause you a lifetime full of misery. But God
wants you to be free!
You will learn:
t The seven signs of a people pleaser
t The importance of taking stock of your
t How to identify the trap of perfectionism
Living your life to please others is no way to live.
God wants to deliver you from that bondage. This
teaching series will show you how!
To order
order using
or or
or log
or log on to
People Pleasers
Price includes postage.
Return this coupon with your payment to:
_____________ Zip ________________________________________
4-CD Series by Joyce Meyer
$30 C257
Joyce Meyer Ministries
P.O. Box 655
Fenton, MO 63026
Phone (_____) ______________________________________________________
From Despair to Purpose
Back in the 80’s, I ended
up sitting next to Mother
Teresa in Calcutta, India.
I wondered what on earth
I’m supposed to do with
my life and how she could
help me. I imagined if
anyone knew the secret
to heeding God’s voice,
she must. We huddled
together on a rickety
wooden bench on an
upstairs balcony. I found
myself yelling into this
Nobel Peace Laureate’s
ear, “Mother Teresa,
how can you do this work
in these terrible slum
conditions?” Her intense
dark eyes drew me in. She
smiled from ear to ear,
patted my arm, and softly
said, “It’s pure joy.”Pure
joy – working in these
slums? I didn’t get it. I
didn’t have a clue what
she was talking about.
And, I still didn’t get it for
fifteen years!
began her talk with the
group of professionals
gathered for the 2007
World Conference of
the American Association of Christian
Counselors (AACC) in Nashville, TN.
With all eyes on her, this petite, dynamic,
and disarmingly vulnerable woman shared
a very personal journey—her journey to
find meaning in life.
Katie encouraged the AACC group,
“Not only can you discover your own
unique, God-given purpose in life as I
have, but you can teach others to do the
A small miracle
when you count
the years Katie was
without purpose.
An unexpected
divorce and painful
Katie desperate. She
sought meaning in
life from accolades,
advanced degrees,
travel – to no avail.
uncover the “true
meaning of life”,
she embarked on
a dramatic journey
around the world
to find a mentor,
hero, or role model who could give her the
answers she desperately sought.
Her journey led her to Mother Teresa
in Calcutta, India to talk about joy; to
Belfast as a guest of Ireland’s Nobel Peace
Laureate to discuss inner peace; and to the
tiny island of Malta to study St. Paul’s time
of shipwreck.
Hopelessness and despair looming
overhead, Katie scooted around the world
in search of answers. What she found, in
the midst of her angst, was a universal cry
for purpose.
The AACC group pressed in to hear
more of Katie’s journey.
In 1988, a year after my visit to Calcutta,
I was sitting in a graduate class, actually
doodling, when the Professor began to
talk about Dr. Viktor Frankl – a Nazi
concentration camp survivor – and he said
Frankl helped prisoners focus on a purpose
they would like to accomplish after they
were released. Simple things like paint a
picture, plant a garden or hug someone,
things that would keep them going and
give them a purpose,
just for that day.
explained the vital
role of purpose in
the human heart.
All of a sudden,
I felt like I had
through my body.
I think God used
that moment in my
life to let me know
I wasn’t alone in my
search for purpose.
It was a universal
cry in everyone’s
heart and He had
instilled that in all
of us.
Katie’s revelation
led her to understand how God forms
each of us for a specific purpose. And that
genuine contentment comes for us, as
Christians, only as we live out God’s design
for our lives. If we live outside of His plans,
a holy discontent gnaws our hearts.
The universal questions which probe the
depths of man’s soul—What is my purpose
in life; What on earth am I doing here;
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Will you ever
use me, Lord—
are designed to
bring us faceto-face with
It is only
did, “Our
single life
that is universal to
all human beings—is to know and glorify
God, but each individual is also given a
unique purpose, which simply put, assists
others in knowing and glorifying Him.”
Katie welcomed this knowledge and
embarked on a journey to spread the
message of a purpose-filled life with
Christians everywhere.
She now spends most of her days
talking with others about their God-given
dreams and passions, helping them to
escape an unfulfilling life and move toward
significance and purpose.
Katie is the founder of Life Purpose
Coaching Centers, International®, the first
Christian-based, international program
to train others who are passionate about
knowing and fulfilling their unique life
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
purpose. Katie trains coaches, speakers,
consultants, and facilitators to help others
connect with God’s unique vision for their
As a Life Purpose Facilitator®, Katie
coaches an international client base of
Christian women, helping them to discover
their life mission. She credits God for
the work she witnesses in clients like Kay
Warren—who is now a world spokeswoman
for AIDS, and meets with Laura Bush.
“Katie drew from me the blue-sky
dreams that I’d been afraid to say out loud,”
Kay Warren shared about her coaching
experience with Katie.
Some of Katie’s clients have gone on to
open non-profit agencies for international
projects for the poor, and yet others have
become pastors and missionaries. Lifechanging revelations are springing up in
the hearts and lives of women around the
A best-selling author, Katie has written
a series of books (Pathway to Purpose,
Praying for Purpose, Conversations on
Purpose, and Pathway to Purpose Personal
Journal) to help women find their specific,
second-half-of-life mission.
Her latest release ( January 2008),
Character Makeover, stems from her
desire to take the coaching a step further.
In this book, Katie becomes a personal,
virtual coach, taking you on a forty-day
adventure of deepening your character as
you collaborate with God, role models, and
her, preparing you to fulfill your legacy.
“If you don’t do life on purpose,” Katie
shared with the AACC group, walking off
the stage, “You’re going to miss the mark of
doing life God-style!”
Dr. Katie Brazelton –Founder of Life
Purpose Coaching Centers, International ®,
Life Purpose Facilitator®, Author/Speaker
– has discovered her life mission and is
shouting from the mountaintop,
“You can truly understand God’s
purpose for your life.” 
Do you have questions on
how to find your unique
purpose and how to walk a
passionate, purposeful life?
Submit your questions to
[email protected] Please note that questions
may be edited for clarity and privacy and
become the property of Jo Ann Fore.
Jo Ann Fore is a Certified Life Purpose Coach®
and freelance writer.Visit Jo Ann at or
People of Purpose
Raymond Toilolo of
Gridiron Ministries
Filoiann Wiedenhoff: Welcome, I’m thrilled
you were able to do this interview with me.
First, please tell us a little about yourself.
Pastor Ray: My name is Raymond Toilolo.
I’m an Associate Pastor at Christian
Life Center of San Diego, Founder of
Gridiron Ministries, and in charge of the
Freshmen & JV football programs at Helix
High School . I’m happily married to a
wonderful and beautiful woman of God,
Trina, for 23 years. She’s my best friend,
my assistant coach, my business partner,
and my spiritual partner. She’s been
everything to our children and me. God
has blessed me with the perfect woman.
My son Ray (23) is married to Faailuga
and they have a one-year old son, Titus
(my awesome grandson!). Ray is going
to school for Physical Therapy in Sports
Injuries. Chasity (21) is attending the
University of Utah on a track scholarship,
studying Sports Science. Levine (16) just
recently accepted a football scholarship to
Stanford University for 2009. Our youngest
daughter, Sydni (12), has as her goal to
attend and play college softball. I am very
blessed and proud of our children. They are
all Christians who have accepted Christ as
their Lord & Savior, what a joy to know
we’ll be with our children forever.
Filoiann: How did you become involved in
Gridiron Ministries?
Pastor Ray: The Lord led me to form
Gridiron Ministries in 2003. I’ve been
involved in sports all my life as an athlete
and a coach. There is so much you can learn
from sports that will assist you later in life.
It’s a way to minister to the young athletes.
Coaches and athletes are so influential in
today’s society, but the wrong message is
given to our young athletes of today, with
the many arrests, deaths, drugs and alcohol
- the character of an athlete is not positive.
My prayers are to change the mindset of
our young people, to fulfill their purpose
and goals according to God’s will.
Filoiann: Please explain what Gridiron
Ministries does for the community and
what it hopes to accomplish?
Pastor Ray: Gridiron Ministries is a sports
ministry geared towards youth and sports.
Football and sports are the platforms we
utilize, drawing young people to workout
and participate in specific drills for speed,
power and conditioning. It’s a mentorship
program to teach our young people
character through the Word of God, to
improve their academic standards and
enhance their God-given athletic abilities
to be successful in their chosen sport. We
empower the young people to reach their
highest potential spiritually, academically,
and athletically. (Spirit, soul and body.)
Filoiann: What words of wisdom or advice
would you like to impart to those who are
reading this interview in regard to being a
person of purpose?
Pastor Ray: I would encourage your readers
to really seek God for their purpose in life
and obey their calling. I spent 4-5 years
trying to fulfill my career desires and goals,
and all along, I knew where my heart and
passion were, to impact other lives in Christ.
The story of Jonah comes to mind when
we do not obey God’s calling. A sermon I
recently heard was so correct when Pastor
Jack Sheets, Jr. said, “Running from God’s
assignment doesn’t cancel the assignment.”
Philippians 1:6 says, “Being confident of
this very thing, that He who has begun a
good work in you will complete it until the
day of Jesus Christ.” In Jeremiah 1, God
states before He formed us in the womb,
He knew us. The plan for our life is set; we
just have to be obedient to the life God has
called us to. I have such peace and joy in
serving the Lord, and making a difference
in the lives of others.
Filoiann: What type of support does your
ministry rely on and how can people reach
you if they would like to contribute or if
they want more information?
Pastor Ray: We rely solely on donations.
The numbers of young people we minister
to have increased. To continue to provide
sufficient workouts, we need to purchase
more equipment. We are praying that God
will provide our own indoor warehouse
workout facility, to conduct Bible studies,
tutoring, indoor workouts, as well as have
a weight room, computers for education
stations, and a film room for college
coaches. Please keep us in prayer. For
more info you can visit our website at or we
can be reached at [email protected] or
[email protected]
Filoiann: Thank you for allowing me this
interview and sharing your time with us. If
anyone reading this interview is interested
in either supporting their cause or getting
involved, please don’t hesitate to contact
Pastor and Coach Raymond Toilolo.
Filoiann Wiedenhoff is
a Pastors Wife, Womans
Biblical Counselor,
Bible Teacher, Writer
and Columnist. Her
“How Do We Deal?”
column offers practical
and biblical steps for real
life issues. You can visit
her website at www.
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Deciding to Go Back to College
How to Decide if an
Accelerated Bachelor’s
Degree Program
is Right for You
Thinking you’ll need to put your life on
hold, quit your job and go to college five
days a week for four years so that you can
earn a bachelor’s degree? Think again.
As a working adult, you have tons of options available to you to start and/or finish a
college degree. And none of them mean you
have to quit your job - and thus lose your
income and any momentum you’ve built up
in your career - to earn a bachelor’s degree.
You can sign up for an online education or
an accelerated bachelor’s degree program and perhaps even enroll in a program that’s
a combination of both.
The online education world is, to use a
mixed metaphor, the working adults’ oyster.
This article will answer the following:
* Why an online education is the way
to go for working adults.
* How an accelerated bachelor’s degree
program and an online bachelor’s program
are similar and different.
When Time is Scarce, an
Online Education Gives
Let’s face it. We have no time today. We
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
have stressful jobs. We have children and
they “demand” - and deserve - our time. We
have spouses - ditto on the “demand.” We
have homes to maintain, bodies to exercise
and - if we can scrape out time somehow
- time spent on fun and relaxation.
If we were 18 again, perhaps we could go
the traditional college route. But not when
we’re 38 or even 25.
So enrolling in one of the many online
degree programs available to working adults
today can allow us to get that all-important
bachelor’s degree.
The Cornucopia of Adult
Education College Degrees
An online bachelor’s degree program allows you to study for and receive your degree from your own home computer. There
is no need to drive to a classroom after a
long day at work, grabbing a fast food dinner on the way, and sitting in an uncomfortable chair for four hours listening to the
sage on the stage - the instructor - spout
wisdom at you. Nope. Instead, you can head
home, kiss the kids and your spouse, eat
dinner and help with the dishes and then
head to your computer when you want, log
on, and access the lesson as you see fit.
An accelerated bachelor’s degree program may or may not be fully online. You
might have to head to a classroom after
work or for a full day on weekends. But the
bottom line is your journey to a college degree is accelerated - you’ll receive it in less
than the four years a traditional college degree takes. Depending on where you are in
your studies (perhaps you took some college courses back in the day) you often can
use those credits toward your bachelor’s.
Therefore, the work necessary to complete
an adult education degree will take less
time. Many accelerated bachelor’s degree
programs will have you walking to “Pomp
and Circumstance” in two years - or less!
Adult students can earn accelerated online bachelors degrees or masters degrees at
Duquesne University’s School of Leadership and Professional Advancement. The
academic programs are suited for adult
online learners, including those who are already established career professionals. For
more nformation, visit Duquesne University online at
Article Source:
Want to be featured in the First
Lady/Minister’s wives profile?
Email us at
[email protected]
First LadyKimberly Eaton
Children: KIMBERLY, 24, CHRISTAL, 13
Church Affiliation: BETHLEHEM
Years in christian ministry: 21 YEARS
Favorite Scripture: Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the kingdom of
God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added
unto you.”
Favorite Biblical character: Esther
Hobbies: Reading; Writing Articles for Christian Newspapers
and Magazines, Scrapbooking and Traveling
Ministry Passions (in what capacity do you serve in your
church) Director of Women’s Ministry; Teacher of the
Missions and Deaconess Ministries
The best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten: “Only What You
Do for Christ Will Last
What you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime: I would like
to become an accomplished speaker of the Gospel as well as a
world-renowned author of Christian resources for women.
Finally, tell us about any projects, books, cd’s, websites,
ministries, etc. you have available and where to purchase/find
them: I will be the featured speaker at a women’s conference
in Uganda, East Africa where 500- 800 women are expected
to be in attendance. I will be in country July 22, 2008 through
August 6, 2008. This opportunity is a blessing from God
as he has shown me favor this year by sending me on this
assignment, as it is an opportunity of a lifetime. Information
regarding this mission outreach can be viewed on both of my
networks. I have been blessed to create two online ministries
for women.Women of Divine Faith http://womenoffaith.ning.
com/This site is designed for women of God to network with
other Christian women for support, encouragement and to
empower women in knowing God’s word. First Lady Ministry
and Business Network Connection: This network is designed
exclusively to be an encouragement for pastors and minister’s
wives. This is a safe place to discuss those topics that are hidden
in the deepest recesses of your soul. This is a business network
as well. You will be admitted by invitation only from a member
or myself. If you would like an invitation, please email me at:
[email protected]
The best advice you can give to other pastor’s/minister’s wives:
Know your spiritual gifts and use them for God’s Kingdom;
just be who GOD called you to be and also walk in your own
divine purpose.
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Jayda Atkinson
Personal Chef/Culinary Diva
What is your main goal behind this
mission? When I think of the answer to this
question I think about my purpose in life
period. Overall, I want to generate a spirit
of love, giving and unity whereever I may
be from the inside of my home to being
in the presence of strangers. I’ve found that
sometimes people underestimate the power
of their God giving gifts. Some may say
they have nothing to give, that’s because
they don’t understand the power of their
gifts. I have gifts of cooking, encouraging
others, staying humble and the love of
people, my goal behind this mission is
to utilize my gifts to the fullest extent.
Why? didn’t you just stay in your area? I
had to leave my area due to Hurricane
Katrina, forcing my family and myself out
of New Orleans. Five months following the
hurricane, I had a chance to return to New
Orleans, but I feel in my heart, Atlanta
is where God wants me to be. HE has
shown me how to reach my full potential
and when HE calls me to do something
and stand still in one place, I LISTEN!!!
Let’s talk about your up bringing? My up
bringing was different than a lot of kids, I
was raised by my step family, allowing me
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
the chance to experience growing up under
a Great-Great Step Grandmother, Great
Step Grandmother, Step Grandmother
and Step Father, I hate using the word
Step, but I feel it’s needed to acknowledge
the fact that I was no kin to them, add the
fact that my Step Father and my mom were
never married. My mom had an episode
some years during my childhood where she
wanted to try drugs (crack cocaine), she got
over that hump when I turned 16, which
by that time I was on my own, pregnant
and preparing to raise a child and run a
household. My biological father was still
trying to grow into the adult he is today.
Thank God for the remarkable upbringing
of my Step family I was mature, prepared
and ready for whatever life was to bring my
way. The unconditional love they gave me
is the same love I pour out to everybody I
meet along this journey. I have never held a
grudge against my parents for the times they
missed when I was growing up. Everything
that is apart of my past pays homage
to the wonderful person you see today!
Where do you believe your journey will end?
I don’t think journeys end, you may have road
blocks, detours, vacations,layovers, anything
that can possibly take you to the left or the
Divva Dishes, LLC
is a personal chef
service and community
outreach organization
that provides eloquent
meals and excellent
service, that can
only be described as
to right, but you’re still headed someplace.
What I am looking for at my last stop, is
my Savior telling me WELL DONE my
child, now you can rest in sweet paradise!
What has been the most rewarding
moment for you? The most important
recurring rewarding moment for me is
to bring a smile to someone’s face. We
never know what the next person is
going through, so to have the ability to
bring forth a smile is the best gift ever.
w w w. d i v v a d i s h e s . c o m
Nicole Stevenson has done
book reviews, band reviews, movie reviews as
well as writing and contributing to several sites,
and magazines. She is
the founder of First Cut’s
newsletter around since 2003 and currently working
on upcoming anthology”UnBlock” She also, draws
and paints in her spare time.
My Soul on Paper II:
Even Deeper
Asta Publications, 2007, 139 pages
ISBN: 0977706087
List Price: $14.95
My Soul on Paper II: Even Deeper, by Laquania S. Graham,
is a collection of poems and narratives that delve into a wide
range of topics, such as the trials of “living saved”, self-esteem,
pre-marital sex, racial harmony, and domestic violence.
The young and introspective author writes about her pain
from relationships and her healing through Christ. In her
conversational tone, Laquania challenges us to forgive others
as well as ourselves.
This book is chock-full of positive messages and
profound poetic prose. This is not just another poetry book
- the narratives included are deeply personal, heartfelt, and
uplifting. As a Christian and a woman, I identified with
many issues addressed by the author. Her poems entitled
Bleeding, Pray for the Prey, and Wait Your Turn touched
me the most. Poetry lovers as well as those who need
encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment will want
to add this book to their collection.
Laquania is a motivational speaker and youth outreach
leader in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a graduate of Cleveland
State University, and is currently working towards
completing her Master’s degree in Public Administration.
She co-authored her first book of poetry, My Soul on
Paper, in 2006 with her younger brother, Jermaine
For more information about Laquania and her books,
please visit
©2008 Tameka Delaney Edwards,, lives in Virginia with her loving husband and three wonderful children. Tameka’s writings have appeared in various publications and websites, such as Devo’Zine (Upper Room Ministries), A
Growing Heart: Stories, Lessons, and Exercises Inspired by Proverbs (Kathy
Collard Miller, ed.),, www.FrontStreetReviews.
com, and She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from Regent University.For book review inquiries: [email protected]
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Pebbles from Pastor B.J.
ears ago, the Chi-Lites recorded a popular song,
entitled, “Have You Seen Her”, and it described how
the gentleman see’s her face everywhere he goes, on
the street and even at the picture show. He hears her
voice as the cold winds blow, even in the sweet music
on his radio., and once again he profoundly asks the
question, which I pose to you:.”Have you seen her?”
In Proverbs this woman is described as being a
wonderful homemaker, a courageous businesswoman,
she cares for herself as well as those around her, to the
point that in some cases she intimidates the women
which we are today. Not intentionally, however, we
sometimes attempt to compete with her instead of
emulate her.
So I ask you to locate the virtuous woman within
yourself and develop your God given gifts, talents and
skills with excellence. One of the many challenges
we face as women is accepting the seasons of our lives
with celebration. I was recently asked what is success,
and since I am a journalist, I went back to a journal I
had written in my 20’s, or the summer of my life, and I
now see what was success at that venue of my life has
changed dramatically. I found that success revolved
around exterior things: children, spouse, education,
moving up the corporate ladder and the like.
As I document in this season, which I feel is the fall
of my life, it now revolves around the interior: my
personal relationship with God, my ability to have
peace within myself, to accept the changes in my
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
Have YOU
Seen Her?
“Who can find a virtuous
woman, for her price is far
above rubies…”
Proverbs 31:10
physical being, and celebrate the thought processes
in my mind, and totally submit to the woman I have
become, one filled with Power as only Christ can give. I am now a woman with purpose that only the Holy
Spirit can endow. I am a lady with grace and class that
can only come through development in the principals
of the Word of God.
By accepting the transitions in my life, I now see her,
I see the virtuous woman within myself, I see my
face everywhere I go, a face that has aged gracefully
with the changing of the seasons of maturity. I hear
her voice when I speak words of wisdom, which the
Lord has placed in my spirit. I hear her when I sing
songs of Zion, to soothe a broken heart or to mend a
wounded soul.
Who can find a virtuous woman? Just as I have,
you can find her when you look within yourself. You
will find a woman more valuable than rubies, more
spectacular than diamonds, more precious than gold.
Dr. B.J. Relefourd is the television
CO-Host Of The Gospel Touch, in
Atlanta, and serves as Co-Pastor
of Vision Of Life Ministries, with
her husband.
Ginger Smith
The “Widow-Maker”
vs. Jehovah Rapha
(A Woman’s Journey
Back From Death)
Wednesday, July 2, 11:50
Emergency Room nurse (Nurse
#1) places a frantic call to
another Christian nurse (Nurse
#2) who works in the E.R.
also, but was off shift. Nurse
1, “Wake up! Wake up!” Nurse
2, “What?” (Still groggy from
being awakened from a dead
sleep) Nurse 1, “You’ve got to get
up…NOW!” Nurse 2, “What?
Why? Why are you calling
at this time of night? What’s
wrong?” Nurse 1, “WE’VE
in here!” Nurse 2, “Why are you
calling ME?” Nurse 1, “It’s a
29 year old young woman with
an 8 day old baby! You have to
get up and PRAY…NOW!” (A
“widow-maker” is a term used
for a severe heart attack that is
beyond hope of survival for the
patient…usually.) Earlier that
evening (about 20 minutes)…
Wednesday, July 2, 11:30
P.M. Meredith (the patient)
complained to Johnathan (her
husband) that her heart was
racing. After sitting on the bed
a few seconds, she collapsed and
began to turn blue. Johnathan
called 911 and immediately
began administering CPR.
He had just received his CPR
Certification 2 weeks before.
She responded to some degree
by gaining some color, but
would immediately begin
turning blue again. Paramedics
arrived 8 minutes later and saw
the severity of the situation.
Johnathan called his and
Meredith’s parents immediately
to alert them and tell them to
pray…HARD! It appeared as if
she had just dropped dead, and
he was NOT sure she would
make it. As luck (or rather,
God) would have it, both of
the paramedics were Christians
and began to pray for her as
they immediately began trying
to necessitate her. Her husband
laid a Bible across her feet as
they were frantically trying to
revive her, and began to speak
the Word over her,“You shall live
and not die!” (Psalms 118:17)
“I shall not die, but live, and
declare the works of Jehovah.”
(ASV) They worked on her and
shocked her until they were
finally able to get a heartbeat.
She was transported to the
hospital in a FULL CODE
SITUATION! At the hospital,
she was critical and unstable.
The Life Force helicopter was
called in to transport her to
a larger hospital. She “coded”
(meaning her heart stopped)
11 times before she got there,
and had to be shocked 9 times
to restore her heartbeat. (The
other 2 times, they were able to
turn her over on her side, which
allowed her heart to begin
beating again.) The situation
was “grave.”
As soon as she arrived, she
was taken to the heart cath lab.
She was unconscious and non
responsive the entire time. The
cardiologist discovered a large
blood clot in the main artery
to her heart. The heart was
completely occluded. He put a
stint in and she was transferred
to ICU.
her in a cooling chamber
in ICU, which lowered her
body temperature to prevent
further swelling on the brain
and further brain damage. The
cardiologist told her husband
she had little chance of survival,
and if she did, there would be
brain damage. They would
just have to wait 24 hours to
see if she survived, and then
they would see if they could
later assess the brain damage.
Although she had been non
responsive, she was placed in
a medically induced coma and
given paralytic drugs to keep her
from having seizures, shivering,
or causing any movement to
her body. She was placed on a
ventilator and told they would
just have to wait. She was
completely lifeless in ICU.There
was no improvement Thursday
or Friday. Prayers for Meredith
began almost immediately,
and continued to grow in
scope with people around the
world praying for her, as our
church has an International
org) where people from ALL
and submit a prayer request. So,
in a matter of minutes, people
began praying, GLOBALLY!
As they allowed her body
to begin to warm up on its
own on Friday, they were able
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
to lower the amount of oxygen intake,
and she tolerated it well. At 4:00 pm, she
was partially awake, could open her eyes
about halfway, nod her head yes and no,
and recognized everyone and responded
correctly to questions. The nurses were
ecstatic! We all were! By 8:00 pm, visiting
hours, she was fully awake, able to squeeze
hands, respond yes and no, and even tried
to mouth words over the ventilator. It was
miraculous! Hours after being in a coma,
she was responsive and alert.
Early Saturday morning, they allowed
her father to go and visit her before the
scheduled visiting hours. He told her how
many people were praying and how God was
healing her. He told her she had received
hundreds of calls and visits. She motioned
that she wanted to write something down.
The nurse got a pen and paper. She wrote,
“We have good friends.” The doctor came
and took her off of the ventilator later
that morning. They had been told it could
be several hours or even up to a few days
before she was able to talk or make sense.
The nurse told us as soon as the tubes
were removed, Meredith looked at her and
said, “I’m so glad you took that out of my
throat.” They called for the family to go up.
She immediately recognized them, talked
in complete sentences, called everyone by
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
name, and was completely coherent! One
doctor wrote on her chart – “Awake,”
followed by 3 exclamation marks!!! It was
something they were NOT expecting. By
Sunday afternoon, she was out of ICU
and placed in a Cardiac Care room. The
neurological exam and CT scans showed
NO abnormalities and NO impairment.
Everyone said it was miraculous!
One of the problems her mother
experienced while she was in ICU, was
having to leave her daughter alone so much
of the time. She knew she was unconscious,
but just didn’t want her to sense that they
weren’t there. One night as our Pastor
prayed, he prayed for ministering angels to
surround her and protect her in the night.
It brought such peace to her mother. She
realized now, she would not sense aloneness,
because she would be surrounded by God’s
angels keeping her company. Another
miracle was discovered when she awakened
that next morning. She looked at her
younger sister, and asked when she had
changed clothes. We were confused. She
said, “That’s not what you were wearing
last night, when I woke up and saw you
sleeping over there.” She pointed across the
ICU room. Everyone tried to explain to her
that there wasn’t another bed in there, nor
had she slept there. Later, they realized that
God had allowed her to envision her sister
in the room with her as further answer to
their prayer, so she didn’t sense that she was
She had dozens of doctors and nurses
come to see her and tell her what a miracle
it was that she survived and an even bigger
miracle that she was not mentally impaired.
The neurologist said that he was firing
himself from the case, because he simply
wasn’t needed!
Only 8 days after experiencing a massive
heart attack, being in a coma and ICU,
she was released from the hospital. She
continues to heal at home, and is thrilled to
be reunited with her baby.
“You intended to harm me, but God
intended it for good to accomplish what is
now being done, the saving of many lives.”
Genesis 50:20 (NIV) 
www., www.myspace.
In the Kitchen with WOW!
* 16 ounces lean ground beef
* 1 (1.25 ounce) package taco seasoning
* 1 head iceberg lettuce, shredded
* 1 red onion, sliced
* 1 bunch green onions, chopped
* 1 (15 ounce) can pinto beans, drained
* 1 (15 ounce) can kidney beans, drained
* 2 large tomatoes, chopped
* 1 avocados - peeled, pitted, and cubed
* 8 ounces shredded Cheddar cheese
* 1 (16 ounce) package corn chips
* 1 (16 ounce) bottle Catalina salad
1. Prepare the ground beef as directed
by taco seasoning package and set aside.
2. In a large bowl, combine the beef mixture, lettuce, red onion, green onion, pinto
beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, avocado
and cheese. Mix well.
3. Before serving, add the corn chips
and enough dressing to coat. Mix well and
serve immediately.
taco salad
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Do Your Do with Chiku’
or Summer Bliss, swim lovers
and out door goers should
know what to use to protect
the hair and skin. The rays of
the sun can take the moisture
out of the hair and skin. Below is some
information for getting your hair in top
shape while enjoying the summer and
looking your best.
Swim Lovers
Swimmers need to use a clarifying
shampoo and solution while enjoying the
Nexus Aloe Rid Treatment Deep
Clarifying Solution is the ultimate chelator
that thoroughly removes stubborn buildup,
residual medication, heavy metals, minerals
and harmful impurities from the internal
and external structure of the hair. Aloe Rid
Treatment is ideal for “swimmers hair”; it
effectively eliminates “chlorine green” and
other pool and spa chemicals from the hair.
Chlorine and salt water can make your air
dry and build up a greenish cast on your
hair during summer days, so you need to
have extensive conditioning of hair and
avoid highlighting them the hair.
Use a good ‘clarifying’ shampoo The
main ingredient to look for is EDTA.
It is like a chemical claw that will
remove all the chlorine from the hair.
Chlorine is damaging to the hair and
will also join with copper sulphate in
the hair and turn it ‘swimmers’ green.
Moisture Is Must
Do not forget to moisturize your
whole body during and after your
shower, you will need to moisturize your
skin every day for your sun-kissed skin.
For sun-bathers
When soaking out in the sun, do not
forget to apply a good conditioner with
sunscreens in it. The heat from the sun
will help the action of the conditioner
and the sunscreens will block out the
UV rays, which cause hair damage.
If you are in the sun for long periods of
time,some protection is wise. Sunlight
causes a chemical reaction called oxidation in
unprotected hair, it weakens bonds between
hair cells, causing hair to become dull and
brittle over time. Styling creams, pomades,
leave-in conditioners, and shine enhancers
with sunscreen (look for the ingredient
octyl methoxycinnamate) can guard hairs by
both absorbing and deflecting harmful rays.
Know the SPF
There is no official SPF for hair yet, and
a hair product containing sunscreen doesn’t
offer total protection: It’s hard to distribute it
evenly, and water as well as perspiration, can
Wash it out. Your best safeguard is still a hat.
When hair is frizzy or damaged, its outer
cover, or cuticle, is riddled with lifted or
missing sections that allow the hair’s inner
cortex to soak up hair-swelling moisture.
styling products with silicone as
Silicone smoothes down the cuticle, fills
in gaps, and keeps moisture out. Such
products (look for ‘cone’ ingredients on
the label) leave an imperceptible film on
the hair and shampoo out easily, so there’s
no buildup. If you use styling products
or heavy conditioners, the culprit may
be product buildup, not oiliness. Use a
clarifying shampoo once or twice a week.
If your hair is limp mostly on muggy days,
humidity is the main reason; it causes curly
hair to frizz and it weighs down straight
hair. Look for shampoos formulated to add
lift and volume. Avoid using conditioners.
However, if neither styling products nor
humidity is the cause, use a shampoo
specifically for oily hair. Turn a hot, humid
day at the beach or pool to your advantage.
Slick your hair back or put it up in a
ponytail, since humidity causes hair to
swell, the conditioner will seep in better. If
you’ve slathered on a lot, rinse it off before
diving into a pool. 
©2008 Chiku’ Griffin, a
licensed cosmetologist of 10
years, is CEO/Publisher of
ExpoStyles Exposure Magazine, [email protected]
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Family Values
WOW!: What is your greatest parental reward? Even though
my children are very young, I am humbled in knowing that my
children know the Lord. They talk and ask questions about the
Lord and I am grateful to be the one to teach them.
WOW!: How do you balance church, family, and your home?
Well, let the truth be told, I am still trying to find that balance
between work, family, and church which is challenging everyday,
however, my strength and direction comes from the Lord. I
work full-time but my real full time job is being a mom. I have
to pray for patience and peace. Being married can be difficult
too, but keeping the communication between each other is a
vital key.
WOW!: How often do you take “me” time and what do you do
in your “me” time? Creating that time is challenging. Just the
other day, my “me” time consisted of going to the mall alone,
eating a pretzel and coke, and window shopping in only 1 1/2
hrs, but I really enjoyed it and needed it. I was grateful for just
that little time.
WOW!: How does having Christ in your life change the way
you parent? I know that the way I live my life will have a major
impact on my children’s character, attitude, outlook and salvation
in Christ. I would be devastated to know that as their mother, I
didn’t introduce them to the Savior, Jesus Christ. Motherhood
is more than a job or responsibility, it is a ministry.
WOW!: What was the best advice given to you as a mom, and
what is the best advice you’d pass on to other mothers? The most
memorable advice was not given verbally but demonstratively,
through my Mom’s walk of life as a Christian. My mom is a
God-fearing, faithful and praying woman. My advice to other
mothers is to realize that we will all make mistakes, but we can
learn from them. Our best teacher is God and every answer we
need is in His Word.
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
This month’s WOW! Mom is an example for all
young mothers holding down careers, marriage
and raising young children. She is sold out for
Christ and has a heart for others! Dr. Rindia
Lambert Hunt is a true WOW! Mom!
Residence: BIRMINGHAM, AL (native of
huntsville, al)
Age: 33
Children: Miles, 5, , Zion, 3 1/2,
Heroes: All the women in my family and extended
family are my heroes because they are courageous
and righteous women of God. They all have shown
strength and perseverance through many situations
by having their faith and trust rooted in God’s hand.
Goals: My spiritual goals are to mature in God’s holy
word through obedience to His will and His way. I
pray for spiritual wisdom and knowledge. My career
goal is to become a college professor of the heath
To be featured in WOW! Mom, contact Tamara D. Davis at
[email protected]
WOW! Teenz
Do the
Right Thing!
my sister and me what to do. Many times I did
not want to hear nor do what she would say,
but as I grew into adulthood, I learned that
everything she said was for my own good.
Even in the times when I did not want to
“hear” what she was saying, I respected her
and I would listen to what she had to say.
Because of that, to this day, my greatest joy in
life was burying my mother with no regrets.
2 - Flee Sin and Temptation
From Your Peers
James 4:7 say, “Submit to God. Resist
the devil and he will flee from you.”
The only way for you to resist sin and
temptation from your peers is to submit
to God. When you submit to God, you
give your life completely over to Him.
In doing that, God will pour His power
and holiness in you. Once you have God’s
power and holiness in you, you will find
that the things your friends try to talk
you into doing does not fascinate you
anymore. You must give God your complete
devotion in mind, body and soul. Amen
One thing I have learned in my life is that when I say no to sin and
temptation, the easier it becomes for me say no the next time - and so
on, and so on, and so on until it becomes easy to resist the devil. Before
long, the things I am able to say no to are no longer a temptation to me.
“The best way for you to grow into young
adults, who look back over your lives without
regret, is to stay in the Word of God. The
more you read God’s Word, the more you
will understand God’s plan for your life.”
I am sure that you have all heard adults say, “I wish I
could turn back the hands of time,” or “If I could change the
decisions I made when I was young, I would not be where
I am now,” or even, “If I knew then what I know now.”
The truth is, as adults, we cannot turn back the hands of time.
We cannot go back and change the decisions we have made.
We can only deal with them and suffer the consequences.
However, as adults, we can - help, teach and train our children
not to go down the same paths we have chosen for our lives.
There is great news for you! Begin now,in your teen years,you can make
sound godly decisions from today into adulthood.There are four areas
that are very important for you to take heed to in your life. They are:
1 - Obey Your Parents
Ephesians 6:1 says, “Children obey your parents in the
Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother, which is
the first commandment with a promise: (this means that God
made us a promise if we obey our parents; this promise is) that
it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.”
As children, you must respect honor and obey your parents.
Believe it or not, your parents have gone through the same
challenges you face. They may not have experienced them in
the same degrees that you face today, but they have been there.
A single parent, my mother raised two girls. She always tried to tell
3 - Be a Leader, Not a Follower
Today’s society of youth and young adults have more pressure
on them like never before. So much of the world is all about money,
clothes, sex, etc. When watching TV, there is no much out there,
than ever before. Therefore it is very important for you to know that
God did not call you to become a part of this world. He wants you
to be in the world, but not of this world (meaning not overtaken
by the physical and material possessions of it). Instead, He wants
you all to stand out and be different from everyone around you.
This means, you should not talk as others talk, you should not
dress as others dress, nor should you go places everyone else goes.
Romans 12:1 and 2 talks about being transformed by the renewing
of our minds so we can prove what is good and acceptable in the will
of God. This means, you must know and understand that your body
is not yours to do as you please. We are vessels of the Holy Spirit
(meaning, the Holy Spirit lives within our bodies). Therefore, you
must be mindful of what you think, say, and do at all time. You are
not to follow the crowds and do what your friends tell you to do. You
must be your own individual; living a life before God in all you do.
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
4 - Spend time in the Word of
I cannot stress the importance of
this last area enough. Young people, you
must spend time in the Word of God!
Psalm 1:1, 2 says, “Blessed is the man who
walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,
nor sits in the seat of the scornful. But his
delight is in the law of the Lord, and in
His law does he meditate day and night.”
The best way for you to grow into young
adults, who look back over you lives without
regret, is to stay in the Word of God. You
must read it and think on what you have read.
The more you read God’s Word, the more
you will understand God’s plan for your life.
I know that some versions of the Bible can
seem hard to understand, but I encourage
you today to stick with it; God will give
you the understanding you need. Once you
begin reading he Word, it will grow inside
of you. You will see a difference in your
relationships with your brothers, sisters,
friends and parents. You will find that
dealing with school and life will improve.
Here is one thing I know for sure, if you
begin reading our Bibles and putting God
first in your life, your grades will improve.
The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 1:9
says, “There is nothing new under the
sun.” Nothing you have ever done or
will ever do in life is new to God. He
has given you all the direction you
will ever need in His Holy Word.
Well, there you have it! When you do these
four simple things and apply them to your
life, you will be able to grow into a mature
adult and look back over your life proud of
the decisions you have made. Just always
remember to do the right thing and you
will succeed! 
life coach,
director, and
owner of
Quelynn, Inc.,
is a champion
of life. Currently Deaquelynn serves as founder
and executive director of God’s Star International
Ministries which is the parent ministry to
mPOWERd 4 LIFE Youth Development. www.,
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
Christie Taylor
Living Life!
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Candie A. Price: Tell us a little about
yourself, marital status, children (and ages),
city, state you reside, etc.
Christie Taylor: Okay I’ll try to give the
brief bio which begins with me born
December 30, 1965 in Washington DC. In
1972, my Mom moved me along with my
older sister and younger brother back Down
South to a small rural black community
called Jamestown, it’s about an hour north
of Memphis (TN). I later lived in Tulsa
Oklahoma while attending Oral Roberts
University then moved, in the late ‘80s, to
Detroit. By 1992, my path led me back to
Tennessee where I still reside in Memphis.
I’ve never been married and I have no
children, but we’re definitely open to God’s
endless opportunities in this area of my
life too.
CAP: You’re a very busy woman with her
hands in a lot of things, tell us about your
career and ministry accomplishments
CT: I have to say that my love of the
arts has always had a large impact on
my career and ministry ventures. While
growing up in church, singing was
my big passion and I had dreams of
becoming a professional singer, actually
a Broadway star, because I loved acting
too. However, it was while attending
Oral Roberts University that I fell in
love with radio. So over the past twenty
years I ventured between music and
media. Now as a singer and songwriter,
I’ve worked with Gospel greats like
Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Margaret Bell,
Commissioned, Fred Hammond, Judith
Christie McAllister, Donnie McClurkin
as well as my Grammy Award and
Dove Award-winning producer and
brother, Mooki. Yet music eventually gave
way to media and I worked in various
aspects of radio from Detroit to Memphis
and everywhere in between including
Birmingham and St. Louis. In my most
recent position I served as the afternoon
drive personality in Memphis on 95.7
Hallelujah FM and 1600 Hallelujah AM
in St. Louis simultaneously, and did double
duty as host of the monthly ND Radio
Gospel Talk Show as well as the weekly
public affairs show, The Pulse. If that wasn’t
enough, last year I released my first spoken
word CD, “From My Heart: The Collection
of Inspirational Thoughts” on my own
label – L.LIFE Records and for the past
five years I’ve been teaching throughout
the Mid-South, my Living LIFE Seminar
where I share five God-inspired principles
for living life in full expression. As a matter
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
of fact, just a few weeks ago, I moved beyond
radio to fully focus on launching the Living
LIFE Seminar brand nationally. As part
of the expansion we have weekly Living
LIFE Teleconferences every Monday
morning at 8 AM Central /9 AM Eastern;
have partnered with the Church Health
Center to host free monthly Living LIFE
Lectures; will host Living LIFE Seminars
at the Fogelman Executive Conference
Center and I’m planning to put together a
national Living LIFE Seminar tour. I’m so
CAP: With all that you’re involved with,
what are you most passionate about?
CT: LIFE, and I mean Life In Full
Expression. That is the acronym definition
that I teach in the lectures and seminars.
Candie, let me share something really
personal with you. Beyond all my aspirations
and successes, I still struggled with my basic
desire to live. The reason…I suffered from
the effects of having been sexually violated
at a young age. For many years I lived in
deadening silence. I didn’t even deal with
the reality of the incident until a young
adult and then I wouldn’t face the issues of
my constant feelings of worthlessness until
years later. So between the silence and the
low self-esteem, just living was difficult for
me. However, God taught me how to open
up this area of my life to His light and love
and it’s made a huge difference. So now
just living is my passion. Everything else I
“do” is just an outgrowth of that life.
CAP: What is your greatest challenge as
you encourage and minister to others?
CT: In light of my last answer, I have to
say that my greatest challenge in ministry
is feeling worthy. Oftentimes when I see
what God has planned for me, which is
incredible and awesome, sometimes I don’t
feel like I measure up, like I’m enough.
CAP: How do you handle that challenge?
CT: I have to go back to God and say “Lord
are you sure you want me to do or be this
or that? He then lovingly reminds me that
my intrinsic value is not based “on me” but
rather “in Him”. He reminds me that all
He’s asked me to do is to “let” my light
shine; I don’t have to “make” it shine. So
my self-consciousness can then surrender
to letting Him be seen in and through me.
When I think of it that way, encouraging,
ministering and giving to others becomes
easy again.
CAP: Who would you say is your greatest
source of inspiration and why?
CT: My mother. I can say that without
hesitating. She has been an incredible
source of inspiration my entire life. We
are more than mother and daughter.
We are blessed to be friends. There is
so much I wish I could share about this
incredible woman that God gave to me
and me to, but space won’t allow. So I’ll
just quickly share how just last year at
the age of 73 she returned to college with
the determination to get every degree
she ever wanted. Wow. It’s that kind of
determination to fulfill her life’s dreams
that helps to keep me keeping on.
CAP: You’ve worked with many artists
in the Gospel industry, including but
not limited to Vanessa Bell Armstrong,
Commissioned, Fred Hammond and
Judith Christie McAllister, who would you
say left the greatest impression on you and
CT: Wow. Everyone I’ve had the privilege of
working with have left lasting impressions
upon my life, however I have to sing the
praises of Ms. Jacqueline Selmon. She was
a choir director at Woodstock Church of
God In Christ back when I was a teenager.
My brother, Michael (aka Mooki) and I to
this day credit her for our musical discipline.
We were young, but she still took out time
with us. We would go to her house after
church and listen for hours to all styles of
gospel music from the Hawkins to Andrae
Crouch to Mattie Moss Clark to the Clark
Sisters to Passage. She was the one who
taught us how to read the album liners. She
prepared us be respectful of and respected
by the recording artists we would one day
have the privilege of working with. I’m
eternally grateful to Jacqueline Selmon for
her musical investment into me.
CAP: What could you tell us about yourself
that probably most people that know you
wouldn’t know?
CT: Most know now that I have a little
adventurous spirit since I’ve gone skydiving
and race car riding! But may are unaware
of my strong fascination with the twin
islands of Trinidad and Tobago. I have
yet to go but I’ve met Trinis (as they are
called) throughout my life and I’ve always
felt a strong connection with them. I love
their music - soca. You have to hear their
gospel soca. I absolutely love it. My dream
is to one day have a vacation home there.
Hmmm, I could skydive there too. LOL.
CAP: I always like to ask this question
of those I get a chance to interview, How
would you like to be remembered?
CT: As a philanthropist. I’ve always
said that I want all my other life
accomplishments to afford me the financial
means to be a philanthropist. I want to
be known for financially undergirding
charities and organizations committed to
children and the arts. That’s how I want
to be remembered. I want that to be my
CAP: What more would you like to
accomplish in your lifetime?
CT: A life well-lived. This means I will
endeavor to fully express all of my creative
talents from music to acting to writing
to having a family to enjoying the earth
through adventure traveling; while also
fulfilling God’s call on my life of teaching
others how to realize their purpose and
actualize their dreams. I want to accomplish
living my life in full expression.
To learn more about Christie Taylor and
the Living LIFE Seminar visit www. or call (901)
339-0465. You may also purchase her
spoken word CD, “From My Heart: The
Collection of Inspirational Thoughts on and iTunes.•
WO Funny!
One of my fond memories of growing up was wandering out into the kitchen early one morning,
probably sleep walking for something to eat, and seeing my dad up and sitting at the table. He had
a cup of coffee, was all dressed for work, and had the Bible opened and on the table in front of him.
I do not remember anything else other than that he was there most mornings. The Lord tells us
that if we get up early, we too can find Him. Which begs the question, “Do we?” I pray so.
For Christ’s glory,
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Money Matters with Gil Michel
for College Kids
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
any times a parent will ask me when I think
is a good time to get their children involved
in the subject of investing. I really believe
that the age at which a parent gets the ball
rolling with their child depends on the
financial maturity of the child. For some, it can be as early as
10 years old, although some may not be ready to broach the
subject of investing until they reach college. Now, you may
already be turned off to this article, because you either feel
like you are not a college student, or you don’t have one
yet. No worries, this is still applicable to people who are
not college students.
So let’s assume you are about to send your child away
to college this fall and you want to equip him/her with, at
least, a start in investing. One of the first things that I tell a
teenager who wants to get educated about the stock market is
to start researching a company that they are already interested
in. For example, they know the latest sneakers that are popular
right now. They also know which videogames are extremely hot.
I tell them to find out the company’s stock symbol and go to
a familiar website such as Yahoo Finance and start looking at
how that stock performed in the past month or six months or
for the past year. Once they do that I’ll ask them questions like
why do you think the company did really well in a particular
month? And sometimes they’ll answer, “Well, it could be
because on a particular date, Dwayne Wade came out with a
brand-new version of a sneaker. Before you know it, he or she
will be on Google for at least an hour trying to find out trends
in what has been going on with that company or when certain
models were released. They engage in their own research and go
on a wild goose chase and they don’t even realize that they are
doing what a lot of financial analysts are doing (and getting paid
for) everyday.
Once this teen is now engaged in an investing mindset, it’s
time for them to start putting money behind their research. I
suggest websites such as Share Builder or even starting them
as members in an investment club. Now many times they’ll say
to you that there are no investment clubs in your area or at the
school they are attending. It’s at that point when you can tell
them to go ahead and start one with a group of three or four
friends. Think about it. Would you rather your child sitting in
the front of a video game console for three or four hours straight?
Or would you rather see them with their friends like potential
board members strategizing on how they’re going to become the
next financial moguls in their family?
It’s unfortunate that many high schools and even colleges are not
preparing these young men and women to be financially literate. I’ve sat
down with scientists, teachers and business owners who are very good
at what they do for a living, but who also were not trained in how to
properly invest for the future. So while your teenager (or even you) is off
to dive into a culture of learning why not also let it serve to be a financial
lesson as well. They may finish with a degree in the field that they choose
but they will also walk away with a few financial life lessons of their
own. 
Gil Michel is the president of, a financial
website that is geared towards helping
educate and motivate the Black
community in the area of financial
Thought for Today
“When will we allow the One who instructed us to cast all of our
cares upon Him, to truly and deeply care for us? When will we realize
that He will never hurt us? He will allow us to carry our own cross,
but even in that does He supply help for us to not bear it alone.”
ften times, we traverse through life masking our
hurts, pains and sufferings and we frequently find
ourselves purchasing the ever ‘classic, never go out
of style’ three-piece wardrobe; slacked with guilt,
fastened in shame and cloaked in condemnation,
we can be found parading down the Avenue of the Americas with
a ‘to good to be true’ painted on smile topping off the camouflaged
gear we ironically, but proudly wear, while being constantly
bombarded with the latest apparatus further enabling our addiction
to hide in plain sight. From St. John’s to Chanel, Maybelline and
Mary Kay, Macy’s and Nordstroms; even Wal-Mart and Kmart
have joined this precocious league. But the question yet remains
as to when will we allow the One who instructed us to cast all of
our cares upon Him, to truly and deeply care for us? When will we
realize that He will never hurt us? He will allow us to carry our
own cross, but even in that does He supply help for us to not bear
it alone.
After having just finished a counseling session with some of
my female teens while working at a group home some years ago, it
was then, while rummaging through my own wares, that I realized
that I, too, had joined the ranks of the many attending the ‘Mardi
Gras’ festivities. Looking for a way out, I ran into a mirror with
this reflection, so I penned it for the entire world to have the same
ability and opportunity to view their masks too, and then seek the
comfort of the Holy Spirit to remove the mask and change their
lives. “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not
worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in
us.” (Romans 8:18)
In order to fulfill our God-ordained purpose, the Bible tells us
that we will suffer persecution (Ref. 2 Timothy 3:12), but rather
than use our suffering to help comfort someone else so that they
can get through the same (Ref. 2 Corinthians 1:7), we choose
rather to hide it and convey that life is ‘oh so grand’ and ‘all is well’.
But remember, it is the Lord who searches the true intent of the
heart. “For the masque can not contain the truest intent of the
heart; for out of the heart no truer words can be spoken than those
revealing the secrets of life.” Ladies and gentlemen, it is now the
stroke of midnight and the Masquerade Ball has come to an end,
please remove your masks.
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
ith little to no effort
at all,
She gracefully and
gently lifted herself
from her restless slumber.
Laying her hand to caress the side of
her cheek,
she felt the remains of the last tear
dried up.
She then realized she must hurry if
she’s going to greet her suitors on
She let’s the smooth warmth of the
water flow freely through her fingers,
before applying the roughness of the
cloth to strip away the fears from the
night before.
Then quickly she brushes away all the
impenetrable indecorous language
used to inflict the same abuse to her
invisible intruder.
Next she ponders,
“What color should I wear?”,
as she stares at the tattered, torn
remains of her garments tossed in a
heap on the closet floor.
“No, no that will never do. If I
wear that they’ll say that I did it on
Ah, yes perhaps this bright, lovely
floral ensemble will work.
Cheerful, yet subtle in it’s hues of
yellow, purple and golden orange”.
Time is ebbing away, I must complete
the picture.
She starts with a base to blend her
overall complexion,
while hiding the purplish bruises
under her left eye.
Inheriting a strong bone structure
helps a lot too;
high cheek bones miss blows aimed
to destroy the continuity of the face,
a wide sculpted nose doesn’t break as
and full bodied lips hide the swelling
quite well;
um works every time.
A full sweeping stroke of the powder
gently, not as hard as the strokes from
the night before.
The tingle from the mascara sent a
pleasant chill down her spine,
and the coolness of the lip applicator
soothed the throbbing that still
Finally her crowning glory,
oh what a tangled web we weave.
Slowly, methodically, she loosens
the locks that seem to be seared
But as each tress unfolds, it shines
with all its mahogany brilliance,
until it cascades into its’ original
flowing mane.
Where were they now?
Where had they disappeared?
How could someone conceive such
atrocious behavior?
Melancholy moments,
no time for such pleasures.
With a shrug of her shoulders,
and a sigh of content and defeat,
she stands tall,
eyes fixed,
body poised,
she gallantly glides to open the door,
the door that will lead her once again
to her world.
A world of lies, destruction, guilt and
one she dreads even exists,
but one she must live,
for what is the alternative?
She opens the door
and daylight floods in
beckoning her to follow its path.
Silently she closes the door,
and quietly she trots with the
countless others;
all who’ve been invited to go and
participate in the
What a image of beauty reflecting
back at her;
such grandeur, elegance and
refinement simply stated.
How she reminisced of the days gone
of unlimited hugs and kisses,
promises of unconditional love and
©Patrice G. Parker is a native of Detroit, Michigan and a member of Perfecting Church, Pastor
Marvin L. Winans, Pastor. She is the director of
the Dorcas/Pastor’s Aide Society and oversees the
script writing committee for the Drama Ministry.
She currently resides in Southfield, Michigan with
her son, Michael.
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Vanessa Davis Griggs
They that be with us
And when the servant of the man of God was risen early,
and gone forth, behold a host compassed the city both with
horses and chariots. And his servant said unto him, Alas,
my master! how shall we do? And he answered, Fear not: for
they that be with us are more than they that be with them.”
(2 Kings 6:15-16)
Let me give some background on this. Elisha, who followed
Elijah and saw him as he was taken up by God without seeing
death and asked for a double portion of his spirit, is now being
pursued by the Syrians. The king of Syria was warring against Israel
and somehow his secret plans were getting back to the Israelites.
The king thinks someone in his camp is a spy but is told that Elisha
the prophet is telling the king of Israel the words the king of Syria
is speaking in his bedchamber (God will let you know what your
enemies are up to). So the king finds out where Elisha is, sends a
great host (army) with horses and chariots during the night, and
they circle the city where Elisha is.
Elisha’s servant rises early and, when he looks out and around,
he sees they are surrounded by this mighty army. The servant knows
they are in trouble. He runs to the prophet of God, his master, and
says, “How shall we do?” In other words, we’re in big trouble here,
what are we going to do. Elisha looks and sees and his answer to
the servant is, “Fear not.” But then he goes a step further to let his
servant know why they didn’t need to fear. “For they that be with
us are more than they that be with them.”
Today I say to you who are looking at things compassing you
and the world in which you live: fear not. People digging ditches
hoping you’ll fall, preferably on your face. People talking about you,
some who may not even know you. Gas prices like we’ve never
seen before. Food prices rising as they up the price or give you less
for the same price you were paying two months ago. Depression,
feeling a little down because nothing you do seems to be working
these days. You’re trying to do the right thing, but you feel like
every time you take one step forward something causes you to take
two steps back. Even if you’re not taking two steps back, you feel
for every step forward you take, you end up taking one step back,
which means you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere.
May I have a “Word” with you? They that be with us are more
than they that be with them. We have God the Father, God the
Son, and God the Holy Ghost with us. We refer to them as the
Trinity, but the fact remains: God is with us. No matter how many
people or things that surround us to try and do us harm, they that
be with us are more than they that be with them. In the case with
Elisha, in the seventeenth verse it says, “And Elisha prayed, and
said, Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the
Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and behold,
the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about
God will send angels to surround your enemies when they are
trying to surround and overtake you. Now that’s some kind of
fighting power on your side. So I pray right now that the Lord will
open your eyes. Let you see that no matter what’s going on in your
life, when you feel like you’re in trouble, when you feel like you’re
just not going to make it, when you think the enemy is about to
overtake you, may you know without a doubt and loudly proclaim:
They that be with us are more than they that be with them! 
Copyright © 2008 Vanessa Davis
Griggs All rights reserved Vanessa
Davis Griggs is a speaker and the
author of such novels as: Blessed
Trinity and Strongholds. To
visit her Web site, go to: www.
K e y s
t o
D y n a m i c
B i b l e
S t u d y
Betrayal (Part 1)
hough it was midday,priests
lit two of the sconces on a
wall. A closed door and
shutters fastened at the
windows made the room
dark, as well as cooler on this steamy
Palestinian day, and, most importantly,
free of eavesdroppers. Voices, despite
inner anger, were suppressed to little
higher than a whisper.
“He must be killed. And quickly,”
said one whose beard was not spattered
with gray like the others.
These younger ones don’t think first.
“Passover is too close, too many crowds
are swarming the city to seize him now,”
said the chief of the priests. He paced
around the room filled with bobbing
shadows, amongst assenting heads and
grunts. “There may even be a riot.
“That won’t make the Romans
happy,” said another priest.
“So, we concur,” said the chief priest,
while moving toward the door. “We wait
till the Passover crowd goes home.” They
walked out and behind them closed the
door to a room that stored only secrets.
Merely hours later, they would
reverse their decision about when they
would kill him.
In a home just over a mount from
the priests’ meeting, Jesus was reclining
on padded mats with pillows around a
circular rug used for dining. He was a
guest of Simon, known as “the leper.”
An uninvited visitor snuck her way
forward to Jesus’ side, like a doe in a
wood filled with bobcats. She uncovered
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an exquisite container of high-priced
perfume, and let the contents flow
onto His head. Without consideration
for her own privation, she poured out
the equivalent of a year’s salary. Her
exhibition of devotion was followed by
indignant reproofs at the wastefulness of
her act. Outcries for the plight of the
poor were hurled. Jesus put a halt to the
mistreatment: “She will be remembered,”
He turned toward her, “wherever and
whenever the gospel is proclaimed.”
She would not comprehend until later
that she had been preparing His body
for burial.
Nearby, Judas resolved to put into
effect his scheme. Jesus’ talk of His
impending death—the fourth such
prophecy in weeks—and the loss of the
money, which would have come from
the sale of the perfume, signified the
termination of Judas’ aspirations. These
aspirations, which included sitting
next to a Messiah in his kingdom,
immeasurable wealth, and recognition
he lusted for but scarcely received, even
from the throngs which followed Jesus,
were now as irretrievable as the drained
perfume. Thus, he left Jesus, strode
through the streets and into the priests’
room of secrets to betray him, without
As the priests listened to Judas’
incredulous. The chief priest hesitated.
“We’ll need to know when and where,”
he said. This man truly wants to sell out
his own teacher.
Judas, self assured, strutted over to
the chief priest, perceiving from the old
man’s rigid stature that he had his entire
attention. “First, I need a guarantee of
silver.” Then he said, “I’ll have to do it
before the Passover feast is over, before
he leaves for Galilee again.” About
five minutes later, he walked out with
their pledge, making plans for the most
advantageous time to double-cross one
who had been his friend.
So, the initial plot of the priests
required revision; Jesus’ arrest would
have to take place during Passover.
Three had made plans for the death of
Jesus: priests, a woman, a friend. Mark
develops a narrative, with these three
ingredients, structured like a sandwich:
preparation for death by priests/
preparation for death by a woman/
preparation for death by priests, with the
aid of a betrayer (Mark 14:1-11). This
sandwich technique serves two purposes.
With the woman’s tale in the central
position (like ham and cheese, or peanut
butter and jelly, within a sandwich), her
service to Jesus is accentuated.
Second, on either side of the woman’s
story (like two slices of bread), the
priests, as well as Judas in the later
section, work as contrasting elements to
her selflessness. Her memory is assured,
“wherever the gospel is proclaimed,”
because others attempted to profit,
whereas she endeavored to provide. 
©2008 Barbara Arnold
Women’s Workplace Wisdom
Blessed are the
nearly 90% of people in
America believe in God,
of those more than 80%
claim to be Christian.
Accordingly, we have a
vast number of Christians
suing other Christians.
We have become such
a litigious society and we
are loving every minuTE
of it. One need only
consider the popularity
of the most highly rated
television programs. At
the top of the list are legal
based dramas and reality shows. We have
the People’s Court, Divorce Court along
with the courts of Christian, Hatchett,
Brown and a host of other reality Television
Jurists whose names I can’t at present recall.
In the category of drama, we have four—
yes, no less than four versions of Law and
Order. There are also Boston Legal, and
Shark. Through the magic of syndication,
there has even been a reemergence of Perry
Mason, Matlock, LA Law, and the Practice.
Americans can not get enough of the court
room. I acknowledge that there are many
reading this article who are thinking; “She’s
a fine one to talk, isn’t she a lawyer?” They
“...the messages of peace and
love, in the workplace and
every other place for that
matter, have given-way to the
strong hold of conflict and
Blessed are the Peacemakers for they will be
called sons of God. Matt. 5:9
ften I am asked, “How can I
appropriately demonstrate
my faith in the workplace?”
I think the obvious answer
lies in the direction we
receive from Matt. 5:9 along with John
13:35, “By this all men will know that you
are My disciples, if you have love for one
another.” However, the messages of peace
and love, in the workplace and every other
place for that matter, have given-way to
the strong hold of conflict and litigation.
A recent survey on religion found that
would be correct, my colleagues and I have
helped to perpetuate the phrase “I’ll see you
in court”. Unfortunately, the majority of the
people who follow through on the threat,
“I’ll see you in court”, are often later over
heard lamenting another slogan— that is
“it is easier said than done”.
Most Conflict is messy and exhausting.
However, when conflict progresses to
litigation it transitions into another realm
that becomes time consuming, expensive,
emotionally draining, and biblically frowned
upon. Consider I Corinthians 6:1-8, where
Paul admonishes the church at Corinth not
only for suing one another, but for failing to
resolve their differences within the church.
Indeed, as believers we have a responsibility
to nurture healthy relationships and restore
those that are broken. Litigation leaves
very little opportunity for either.
Those who are caught in the ties of
litigation, come to the quick realization
that that they have very little precious
time for anything else, as litigation literally
ties up their energy, time and resources.
Nonetheless, more and more courts are
finding their dockets packed with cases that
could have been resolved before invoking
the jurisdiction of the justice system. This
is particularly so when the litigants are
WOW! | AUGUST 2008
Christian, as too many are. We will always
have differences; however we do not always
need to resole them in court.
Consequently, this lawyer realizes the
error of her ways regarding the proliferation
of law suits in the resolution of conflict and
has dedicated a portion of her practice to
the process of mediation.
The Process Of Mediation
Mediation is the Voluntary and
Confidential conflict resolution process
in which an Impartial Third Party assists
disputants in finding a Mutually Acceptable
solution to their dispute. There is biblical
support of the mediation process. In Matt.
18:15-16, we are encouraged to keep the
dispute private (between disputants) and to
have impartial assistance where necessary.
Through this process the disputants come
to a resolution that they mutually find
Who Benefits From
Mediation is the best first source of
conflict resolution for church disputes,where
members and/or officers find themselves in
conflict. It is also very useful in resolving
disputes involving the distribution of
heir property and other family conflict.
Mediation is particularly helpful in post
divorce conflict, where additional litigation
would further traumatize children and
polarize the parents. It is especially effective
in the workplace, where disputes are not
limited to employees and managers but also
involve conflict between coworkers. The
process of mediation is useful to believers
and none believers alike. However it is
especially effective for believers, in and
outside of the workplace, as the disputants
have an opportunity to resolve the conflict,
while utilizing and exercising the principles
in Matt. 5:9 and Matt. 18:15-16.
How Has Mediation Been
Effectively Used?
For the family—I recall mediating a
dispute between the parents of a beautiful
five year old. The mother, after five years
was insisting on a court order for child
support payments to be disbursed directly
from the father’s employer. Because of the
nature of his job, her request would have
AUGUST 2008 | WOW!
adversely impacted the mobility of his
career within the organization. Over the
course of several days, I learned that her
request was motivated by the discovery of
the father’s recent engagement to a woman
with children. She was hurt and wanted
him to suffer as well. However, she also felt
that by marrying
a women with
children he would
some how be taking
something from her
child. Through the
process of mediation,
they openly discussed
the impact of his
impending marriage
on his financial
commitment to their
child. They worked
out an agreement
that addressed her
concerns but did
not compromise his
career opportunities.
Had they litigated
the issue, the judge
would have most
likely entered the
order, which would
exactly what she
asked for but with
consequences having long term negative
implications on everyone involved. Because
litigation is always an option, they had
noting to lose by first mediating the
For the work place—I was asked to
mediate an issue of discrimination involving
a Middle Eastern employee who was being
subjected to harassment by co-workers.
The organization was founded and run
by a Christian who was not aware of the
harassment until he received notification
of the impending litigation. Although
the employee was prepared to litigate the
issue, he agreed to mediate it instead. It
seemed that his co-employees teased him
about planting bombs in the workplace
and of being a terrorist. The mediation was
resolved with a monetary award, transfer
of the harassed employee, discipline
for the employees who instigated the
harassment, and the implementation of an
intense training program for all remaining
employees. Through mediation the dispute
was resolved in days verses the years
associated with resolving a dispute through
litigation. By implementing the training
program, other employees were spared the
humiliation of workplace harassment. In
short, the process of mediation allowed
the parties to maintain peace, which is
the most effective way for believers to
Workplace Challenge:
This week commit to exercising
your faith at work through the
mandates of Matt. 5:9 and Matt.
18:15-16. Quickly make an
effort to resolve conflict. To the
extent that it cannot be resolved
between those involved in the
dispute seek the assistance of a
fair impartial third party who will
maintain the confidentiality of the
dispute. Before the issue rises to
the level of litigation, seek out the
assistance of a qualified mediator.
demonstrate their faith in the workplace
and in every aspect of our lives. For more
information regarding the process of
mediation or to request mediation services
you may contact Valerie Hicks Powe at
[email protected]
© 2008 Valerie
Hicks Powe All
Rights Reserved.
HicksPowe is an author
and a former senior
with the federal
government. A practicing attorney with nearly ten
years of experience in all aspects of Employment
Litigation, she is now in private practice. Her
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