Teaching and Learning Specialist ROMS 05.18.15

Royal Oak Schools announces the following open position
beginning the 2015-2016 school year:
JOB TITLE: Teaching and Learning Specialist –Royal Oak Middle School
POSITION SUMMARY: The Teaching and Learning Specialist is responsible for
creating and maintaining a vibrant, collaborative, technology-driven Teaching and
Learning Center (TLC) that supports student learning utilizing the MYP philosophy of
inquiry learning; be the catalyst for integrating technology into teachers’ instruction;
develop and strengthen partnerships with local libraries, universities, and businesses;
and provide professional development for teachers.
 Master’s Degree in educational technology, media science, or comparable field
 Knowledge of and demonstrated success at facilitating the integration of
instructional technology within the classroom
 Demonstrated knowledge of International Baccalaureate MYP framework
 Possess strong interpersonal and collaborative skills
 Innovative and energetic
 Effective communication and problem-solving skills
 Valid Michigan secondary teaching certification
 Demonstrated successful experience in teaching or facilitating technology
integration programs
 Work with students utilizing the TLC for support of both on-site and virtual
learning experiences
 Work with teachers to support the needs of students through the differentiation of
 Promote the transfer of technology usage from adults to students
 Collaborate with the Oakland Schools technology integrationist to promote highquality instruction and maximize instructional tech support
 Nurture and support teacher and student collaboration
 Lead stakeholders in the redesign of existing MC space
 Manage/mentor online learning and support blended-learning and supervise
 Work with administrators, teachers, and students to increase literacy and
academic research
 Work to establish partnerships with libraries, universities/colleges, and the
business community
Curate the TLC’s collection of books, databases, technology and other resources
Manage access to TLC before and after school & lunch
Provide professional development for teachers
Work with technology department to provide technology device management
Work with admin and teachers to prioritize the functions of the TLC
Facilitate grant writing to procure resources for the TLC and school
Manage and monitor TLC resources, ordering of resources and budget
Be knowledgeable of best practices of informational technology, TLC resources,
and circulation practices
Building Principal
Appropriate placement on the ROEA salary schedule
June 1, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.
ALL APPLICANTS, apply through the Oakland Human Resources
Consortium at www.oakland.k12.mi.us/ohrc
Royal Oak Schools does not discriminate on the basis of gender, color, national
origin, religion, age, height, weight, sexual orientation, marital status or otherwise
disabled individuals with respect to District education programs, activities and
employment practices.