Anti - Aging Laser Treatments Signature Facials

Signature Facials
Anti - Aging Laser Treatments
Dermaplaning Facial
If Deep Exfoliation is your goal, then let one of our
experienced estheticians gently exfoiate your skin to
get it smoother than ever before! This new process
is also an excellent way to rid yourself of peach fuzz
hair! No down time, just Glowing Hair Free Skin!
$125/treatment Non-Members
$69/treatment Members
Years of sun exposure damages the skin. Even tan
skin is damaged skin. The damage accumulates
resulting in age spots,sun spots and liver spots.
These discolorations make us look older, and
who wants to look older? Nobody! Photo-facials
dramatically reduce, and in some cases, erase these
signs of sun damage leaving the skin healthier,
uniform in color and younger looking. Available at
select locations.
TCA Peel
This deep chemical peel is Designed to penetrate
through the epidermis thus increasing collagen and
elastin production. The TCA peel causes significant
peeling within two to five days and full recovery time in
seven days. Ideal for reduction of fine lines, wrinkles,
hyper pigmentation and overall firmness in the skin.
More sessions may be required for optimum results.
$99/treatment Non-Members
$79/treatment Members
Teen Facial
Acne can be a problem for many of us. Stress
levels, hormone changes, even diet can cause acne
breakouts. Bacteria on your skin and in your pores are
the actual cause of acne. Regular facials and careful
extractions will help your skin look it’s best.
Take your treatment to a new level by adding a peel.
We have peels that target anti-aging, acne and for
lightening age spots.
$20/treatment Non-Members
No Charge for Members
Glycolic Peel $10 Members
Custom Massage
Choose from Swedish, Relaxation, Deep Tissue
or Pregnancy
60 Min $85 Non Members
60 Min $59 Members
90 Min $115 Non Members
90 Min $79 Members
Custom Facials • Massage
Pain Free Laser Hair Removal
Pixel Laser Resurfacing
As we age our skin develops fine lines and
wrinkles, larger pores and overall bad texture. If
your skin texture is your primary concern, then
Pixel Laser Resurfacing is what you need. You will
see a smoother texture, smaller pores and even
improvement in skin damage as a result of acne
scars. Available at select locations.
Anti-Aging Skin Tightening With Near
Infra-Red Light
Now you can painlessly boost and build collagen
production with the use of laser technology! You
have heard of collagen, often referred to as “that
stuff of youth”. It gives your skin its elasticity and
tone. By age 40 your body has stopped producing
collagen and to make matters worse - sun exposure
destroys the collagen you have left! Now you
can fight back the hands of time and using laser
technology in a painless, completely comfortable
way, you can stimulate collagen production in your
skin. Plumping up those fine lines and wrinkles and
regaining some of the elasticity to your skin. You’ll
not only look great-you’ll feel great too! The result is
firmer and more toned skin due to the production of
new collagen. Series of 6 treatments done 1x/month
for 6 months.
23425 N. Scottsdale Rd, A-4 • Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal
Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal
Eyebrow $30
Ears $30
Ears $30
Nose $30
Nose $30
Sideburns $45
Lip $40
Beard Chin $40
Front of Neck Sideburns $55
Upper Back $110
Whole Face Lower Back
Front of Neck $75
Whole Back $195
Back of Neck $75
Chest $175
Whole Back $175
Underarms $70
Underarms $70
Upper Arms $95
Upper Arms $95
Forearms $110
Forearms $110
Whole Arms $190
Whole Arms $190
Hands & Fingers $45
Hands & Fingers $45
Bikini Line $90
Bikini Line Scrotum $60
Extended Bikini $115
Buttocks $100
Brazilian Bikini $150
Buttocks $100
Upper Legs $150
Upper Legs $150
Lower Legs $160
Lower Legs $160
Whole Legs $285
Whole Legs $285
Feet & Toes $45
Feet & Toes $45
Whole Head
Laser Hair Removal Club Pricing available
Laser Hair Removal Club Pricing available
Signature Facials
Skin So Smooth Facial
Our crystal free microderm machine will exfoliate
dead skin cells quickly and gently. Say goodbye
to red irritated skin caused by the traditional
“sandblasting” type of microderm. With soothing
ultra-sound and high-frequency vibration, you can
remove up to 60% of your dead skin cells to reveal
your healthy new, and glowing baby smooth skin.
$75/treatment Non-Members
$59/treatment Members
Non-Surgical Facelift
Going to a party, reunion or special event? Look 5
years younger with this extraordinary Nano-current
face lift machine. Nano-current is a high frequency
electrical device that works with cells of your body in
a completely pain-free relaxing way. This electrical
Nano-current tightens and tones the muscles of the
face giving a youthful, relaxed and uplifted look.
$75/treatment Non-Members
$59/treatment Members
Acne Facial
Acne is a problem for many of us, not just teens!
Stress levels, hormone changes, whether from birth
control or menopause, even diet can cause acne
breakouts. Bacteria on your skin and in your pores
are the actual cause of acne. Using a special LED
(light emitting diode) machine, you can safely and
comfortably kill the bacteria and thereby greatly
reduce or eliminate acne breakouts. For more
problematic acne, you may consider coupling the
LED treatment with our specifically formulated acne
mask and careful extractions to help your skin look
its best! LED available at select locations.
$75/treatment Non-Members
$59/treatment Members