Marion Civic Chorale, Inc. Bylaws Article I Name and Statement

Marion Civic Chorale, Inc. Bylaws
Revised April 13, 2015
Revised July 21, 2011
Previous Bylaws 04/09/07
Article I
Name and Statement
The name of this organization shall be the Marion Civic Chorale, Inc., hereinafter
referred to as the Marion Civic Chorale, or MCC. The MCC is a (501)(c)(3) non-profit
arts organization that includes, but is not limited to:
Performing music in the community to fund music scholarships to high
school and college students to pursue a career in the music field
Perform choral and instrumental music works from all music periods
Present workshops and clinics for singers of choral music works
Provide a means for talented musicians to perform musical works
Enhance audience understanding of choral music through lectures,
program notes, and performance venues throughout the area
Provide an educational music supplement for students
Article II
The MCC shall meet for rehearsals at an appropriate location. The mailing address of the
organization is: P.O. Box 2674 * Ocala, FL * 34478.
Article III
Types of Membership
(Section 1)
Membership in the MCC is open to all singers in the Marion County and surrounding
areas and does not discriminate regarding race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, or
sexual orientation. The director may call auditions to ensure vocal continuity. The Board
may terminate a membership in the case of unseemly conduct.
(Section 2)
Membership in the MCC includes:
1. Active Members
2. Student Members
3. Associate Members
4. Honorary Life Members
Active membership is open to any person interested in singing/performing with the MCC.
Active members obtain membership as specified in the Standing Rules of the
Student membership is open to any high school or local state college student interested
in participating with the MCC. Students do not pay dues.
Associate membership is available for those persons who show interest in the
organization and who would be available to assist in the functions necessary to carry
forth its activities. These members might include: guest singers, accompanists, financial
donors, or other non-musical contributors/participants who do not pay dues.
The Board of Directors may award honorary Life membership to individuals who have
made significant contributions to the MCC. Recipients of such awards must have been
active members for the past five years and do not pay dues. Nominations for Honorary
Life membership may be submitted by any member of the association.
Membership dues are set by the Board of Directors. In cases of financial need, fees may
be waived by the Board. Only members who have paid dues may perform in concerts.
Concert performances are limited to members meeting the criteria in Article III.
(Section 1)
A one-time music fee shall be assessed and paid by each new Active member prior to
issuance of music. The music fee is established by the Board of Directors and set forth in
the Standing Rules of the organization.
(Section 2)
Annual and semi-annual dues for Active members of the MCC are listed in the Standing
Rules of the organization.
(Section 3)
Annual active members whose dues are more than two months in arrears from November
1st, or second semester members whose dues are more than two months in arrears from
March 1st shall be dropped from the membership rolls. Any exceptions will be approved
by the Board of Directors.
Regular attendance at rehearsals is expected. Singers should be registered by the dues
deadlines. Anyone wishing to join after the deadline must have permission from the
director to sing in performances.
Members shall be responsible for acquiring and wearing performance attire as set by the
Board. In cases of financial need, assistance can be arranged through the Board. The
MCC will assume all concert attire fees for student singers. Any singer joining after the
deadline will be responsible for priority shipping of a costume.
Article IV
Board of Directors
(Section 1)
The MCC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of six members from the chorale
and one non-chorale member from the community. Recommendations for the
Community Liaison position may be made by any MCC member to the nominating
(Section 2)
The officers of the board include:
Vice President
Member at Large
Past President
Community Liaison
Non-Voting Membership
The director is a non-voting member of the board.
Terms of Office
Members of the Board of Directors serve 2 terms, with new terms beginning July 1st. It is
encouraged that board members not serve more than two consecutive terms of office in
the same position.
Election of Board of Directors
(Section 1)
The terms of office will begin with elections of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer
who will begin their 2-year term of office on July 1st of odd numbered years. The pastpresident shall remain on the board under the election terms of the President.
(Section 2)
The elected positions of Vice President, Member-at-Large, and Community Liaison will
begin their 2-year term of office on July 1st of even numbered years.
Vacancies of Board of Directors
(Section 1)
A board member may resign by submitting a letter to the President. The vacated position
will be filled by appointment of the Board until the next election.
(Section 2)
If the resignation is from the President, the Vice President will assume the duties of the
President until the next election. The Board will appoint a member to fill the Vice
President’s position.
(Section 3)
In the event the President is elected for more than one term, the Past President shall also
continue to serve. In the event the Past President cannot continue to serve, the position
will be appointed by the Board in the following order:
1. Former Past President
2. Former Board of Director Member
3. Active Member
(Section 4)
A (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors is required to remove an officer for just cause.
Board Responsibilities
The Board sets the direction of the MCC through a yearly Program of Work. The Board
shall be responsible for all activities, property, and funds of the chorale and shall have the
right, power, and authority to perform all deeds necessary to accomplish the goals of the
chorale. The Board shall conduct a performance review of the director as established in
the Program of Work. It is recommended that each Board member serve on one
committee or appointed position to keep continuity of established goals.
Conflict of Interest
The primary duty of the Board of Directors should be to conduct business for the benefit
of the MCC. When the Board is making financial and/or policy decisions, it is the
responsibility of the Board members to disclose any conflict of interest.
Article V
Officer Descriptions
The responsibilities of the officers are to carry out the duties which promote the purposes
of the MCC. To this end, the duties shall be those usually performed by the holders of the
designated offices, as well as those specifically authorized through the MCC Bylaws and
Incorporation. Each member of the Board of Directors shall provide a year-end report
during the Annual Business Meeting.
(Section 1)
1. Be the Executive Officer of the MCC, Inc. and shall oversee the Annual Report to
the membership.
2. Be responsible for notifying the membership of all meetings of the MCC.
3. Preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors and report to the membership.
4. Appoint a parliamentarian to serve at meetings, as needed.
5. Keep the membership of the MCC currently informed of developments involving
the organization.
6. Appoint all standing and special committees and serve in an ex-officio capacity.
7. The President shall appoint, but shall not serve on the nominating committee.
8. Work with the Treasurer in preparing the annual budget.
9. Sign, execute and approve all contracts and other documents authorized by the
Board. Appoint, as needed, another Board member as his/her designee to sign
authorized documents.
10. Confer with the Board of Directors on all matters of importance to the
11. Oversee the preparation and execution of the Annual Program of Work.
(Section 2)
1. Perform the duties of the President during his/her absence, or when the office is
declared vacant.
2. Chair the Bylaws committee and make recommendations to the Board and
3. Maintain a record book(s) in which the bylaws, special rules of order, standing
rules, and amendments are recorded.
4. Serve as ex-officio member to all committees as appointed by the President.
5. Recommend concert venues and coordinate with the Publicity Committee for
advertising and programs.
6. Serve in such other capacities as may be requested by the President.
(Section 3)
1. Keep an accurate record and file of all MCC business to include correspondence,
minutes and historical information.
2. Within 7-10 days after a meeting, submit, via email, a copy of minutes to the Board
of Directors for review.
3. Maintain a complete record of all members to include name, address, phone
numbers and email addresses. (Hard copy directories provided to those who
request it.)
4. Keep the board and members apprised of all communications addressed to the
organization and attend to all correspondence relevant to the office of secretary.
5. Design, prepare and distribute new member information forms in cooperation
with the director, treasurer, and costume chairman.
6. Serve in such other capacities as may be requested by the President.
(Section 4)
1. Maintain accurate financial records, receive all income, make bank deposits and
pay bills, including stipend contracts in a timely manner.
2. Furnish such financial reports as the President, Board, or a majority of the eligible
voting members at a business meeting may direct.
3. Present periodic reports to the Board comparing income/expenses to the budget.
4. Be accountable for MCC funds as outlined in Article III and the Standing Rules of
these By-laws.
5. Maintain all incorporation documents and seal, and comply with state and federal
requirements for the preservation of the organization.
6. Be responsible for maintaining the tax reports and (501)(c)(3) certificate.
7. Prepare the Annual Budget for the next season.
8. Insure financial records are prepared and submitted for audit in a timely manner.
9. Prepare the stipend contracts for the director, accompanist and guest musicians.
10. Assist with fundraising and/or grant opportunities.
11. Serve in such other capacities as may be requested by the President.
(Section 5)
1. Represent all elements of the membership on the Board of Directors.
2. Make recommendations for committee appointments.
3. Provide informational updates regarding liaison organizations including grant
4. Serve as chair of the Patron Committee.
5. Serve as chair of the Social Committee.
6. Serve in such other capacities as may be requested by the President.
(Section 6)
1. Perform the duties of the President when the President and Vice President are
unable to carry out the function.
2. Serve in a consultant capacity to assist in providing continuity in MCC programs,
projects, and activities.
3. Serve as liaison between the MCC and any small groups.
4. Act as Goodwill Ambassador for the MCC (cards, remembrances, etc.)
5. Serve as host toward visitors, student members and potential new members.
6. Serve in such other capacities as may be requested by the President.
(Section 7)
1. Work with and provide support to the MCC Board of Directors.
2. Advocate for the MCC within the community.
3. Troubleshoot, as necessary, controversial issues.
4. Be fully informed of and engaged in the MCC Program of Work.
5. Attend community meetings to promote the MCC, when possible.
(Section 8)
1. Serve as the conductor of the MCC.
2. Announce all section vacancies, auditions, and notify the President and Secretary
of new Active members.
3. Supervise and direct the MCC accompanist.
4. Assist in the selection of the MCC accompanist.
5. Select and arrange for purchase of music and music-related supplies, within Board
approved budget.
6. Develop all concert programs and recommends guest artists.
7. Negotiate artist’s fees within Board approved budget.
8. Make recommendations to the Concert and Set-Up Committees for sound and
9. Provide input for the Grat L. Rosazza Scholarship.
10. Notify the Board of any small groups emanating from the membership.
11. Other duties according to formal job description.
12. Serve as a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.
(Section 9)
1. Accompany all rehearsals for the Chorale.
2. Accompany all concerts and educational performances of the Chorale.
3. Accompany sectional rehearsals for the Chorale when asked by the Director.
4. Accompany any small group(s) or soloists for final rehearsals and concerts.
5. Accompany the Chorale for any special events and workshops.
6. Arrange for a suitable substitute when absent.
7. Listen for accuracy of notes sung by the Chorale and offer positive feedback to the
Director, as needed.
8. Offer suggestions for guest artists (soloists, guest instrumentalists, small groups).
9. Make recommendations to the Director for sound and staging.
10. Other duties according to formal job description.
The MCC may employ personnel and enter into contracts for special services related to
MCC activities with independent contractors.
Standing Committees
(Section 1)
The Board of Directors for the MCC may form standing committees whose functions do
not affect the rules of parliamentary procedure governing standing committees. These
committees are listed in the Standing Rules of the organization and report to the
membership or to the Board of Directors, as the need arises. The President shall appoint
the Committee Chairman.
(Section 2)
The President shall appoint an Ad Hoc Auditing Committee in April of each year,
exclusive of the Standing Rules.
Appointed Positions
The President shall appoint individuals, as needed, to fulfill obligations and duties of the
position. These positions do not require there to be a committee unless the appointee so
desires. Appointed Positions are found in the Standing Rules.
(Section 1)
Meetings of the MCC shall be designated as:
Annual Business Meeting
Special Business Meeting
Board of Directors' Meeting
(Section 2)
The Annual Business meeting of the MCC shall be held annually between March 15 and
April 15, with the exact date selected by the Board of Directors. Notification to the
membership will be given at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date. The primary
purpose of the meeting is to transact normal business, hear an annual report from the
Board of Directors, elect new Board members for the ensuing year, and to meet the
statutes of the incorporation. A majority of Active members attending shall constitute a
(Section 3)
A Special Business Meeting of the MCC may be called by the President with the approval
of 2/3 of the Board of Directors. The primary purpose of a Special Business Meeting is to
present to the membership business of such immediate importance that it cannot be
delayed until the Annual Business Meeting. The membership will be given at least seven
(7) days notice, including time, date, place, and purpose. A majority of Active members
attending shall constitute a quorum.
(Section 4)
The Board of Directors of the MCC shall meet at the call of the President at least four
times each year between the Annual Business Meeting and the next succeeding one. The
President will give at least seven (7) days notice prior to board meetings. In the event of
an emergency situation, the President or any board member may call a meeting with less
than seven-days (7) notice, provided (2/3) of the board members verbally agree. A
majority of voting Board Members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Board
of Directors.
(Section 5)
The Board of Directors shall implement a Program of Work, to include a yearly budget
and calendar of events, in order to effectively carry out the purpose of the MCC. The
Board of Directors shall endorse and oversee any small groups associated with the MCC.
(Section 6)
The MCC will rehearse on a weekly basis at the time and place established in the Standing
Rules of the organization. Special rehearsals and workshops may be called at the
discretion of the Music Director with the approval of the Board of Directors and advanced
notice to the membership.
(Section 7)
Active members in good standing are entitled to participate in all activities of the MCC,
including the right to vote upon business at any Annual or Special Business Meeting, and
the right to hold office.
Student members have the same rights and privileges as Active members, but do not pay
Associate members are entitled to participate in all activities of the MCC but without
voting privileges. Associate members do not pay dues.
Honorary Life members are entitled to all rights and privileges of Active membership, but
do not pay dues.
The Director and Accompanist are paid a stipend.
(Section 1)
The President, upon assuming office, may authorize the Secretary and/or Treasurer to
purchase necessary office supplies and postage, with amount specified in the budget.
(Section 2)
Reimbursement to MCC officers or committee members may be authorized by the Board
of Directors provided it is clearly established that such requests for reimbursement were
necessary for the discharge of the business of the organization. All reimbursements
requests shall be approved by the President.
(Section 3)
Reimbursement for travel, per diem, and incidental expenses, as outlined in Section 2
above, may be authorized by the Board of Directors, but may not exceed the allowances
currently established by Federal IRS laws.
(Section 1)
The funds of the MCC, regardless of their source, shall be entrusted to the Treasurer for
deposit, disbursement, and accountability in accordance with Section 2-5 below.
(Section 2)
All funds of the MCC, regardless of source, shall be deposited as received by the Treasurer
in account(s) in the name of the association in bank(s) incorporated and operating under
the laws of Florida. Deposit slips, receipted by the bank, are to be maintained on file by
the Treasurer in support of such deposits. Monies collected for concerts or special events
will be documented according to the Standing Rules.
(Section 3)
Expenditure of MCC funds over the amount stipulated in the Standing Rules shall be
made by a check drawn against the checking account as a budgeted item and signed by
the Treasurer and President (or President’s designee). Each expenditure shall be made a
matter of record in the minutes of the board meeting. A receipt for each disbursement
will be filed for audit.
(Section 4)
Each month, the Treasurer shall obtain from the appropriate bank(s), a statement of
account with supporting documentation for reconciliation. The Treasurer will also
maintain a current record of all financial transactions of the MCC and furnish such
financial reports as the President, Board of Directors, or a majority of the Active members
at a business meeting may direct. The Treasurer will submit periodic reports comparing
expenditures to the budget line categories. Board approval is required if expenditures for
the fiscal year exceed 10% of the total budget. Any non-budgeted expense over $500
requires board approval.
(Section 5)
The fiscal year of the MCC shall be from July 1 through June 30 of each year. The financial
records of the MCC shall be audited in a timely fashion at the close of the fiscal year by
the auditing committee. The Auditing Committee shall make an audit report to the
membership at a Special Meeting called in September. Audit records shall be kept for a
period of five years. Computer records should be kept indefinitely.
(Section 6)
Upon the dissolution of the organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more
exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or
corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal
government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose. Any such assets not
disposed of shall be disposed of by the Court exclusively for such purposes or to such
organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine, which are organized and
operated exclusively for such purposes.
The most recently revised Robert's Rules of Order shall be the final authority for the MCC
on all questions of procedure and parliamentary law not covered by the Bylaws of this
(Section 1)
Amendments to the MCC Bylaws may be proposed in writing to the Board at any
meeting. Upon approval, by a majority vote of the Board, the Bylaws of the MCC may be
amended after receiving a majority vote of Active members present in good standing at a
legally constituted business meeting, provided the membership has received the proposed
changes, in writing, at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the meeting.
(Section 2)
By-law revisions will be dated and published on the MCC web site.
(Section 3)
Amendments to the Standing Rules may be acted upon by a majority vote of the Board of
Directors at any legally constituted business meeting and will be dated and published.
Revised 07/21/2011
Previous Standing Rules
Active members of the MCC are the singers who have auditioned for the Music
Director, or a designee, and been accepted into the Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass
Dues for Active members are $50.00 annually. Members who join during the 2nd
semester will be assessed $25.00 dues.
A one-time, non-refundable, music deposit of $30.00 shall be accessed to each new
Active member, and is payable upon acceptance. If an Active member chooses to
leave the MCC, all music and folders are to be returned and accounted for by the
Librarian. Active members who wish reinstatement may be assessed the $30.00
new member fee, as determined by the Librarian.
The MCC shall meet each Monday at St. George Anglican Cathedral, Ocala, from
6:45 PM to 9:00 PM. Flexibility in rehearsal time is at the discretion of the Music
Director and will be announced to the membership.
There is no inactive status in the MCC.
The MCC will have a flexible summer schedule.
Standing Committees of the MCC may be, but are not limited to:
Patron (Member at Large, Chairman)
Public Relations/Publicity
Social (Member at Large, Chairman)
Appointed Positions of the MCC may be, but are not limited to:
Bylaw (VP Chairman)
Grant Writer
Section Leaders
Web Master
Monies collected for concerts or special events will be counted by the Treasurer
and verified by another member for audit. All monies should be counted at the
time of collection.
Assistant music director(s) shall be recommended by the Music Director.
Active/Student/Associate/Honorary Life members and contracted personnel are
personally responsible for medical and liability insurance. MCC is not responsible
for personal injuries during any MCC activity.
The Secretary/Treasurer may spend up to $100 for postage and supplies, budget
Checks for expenditures under $350 may be signed by one authorized officer.
Checks exceeding $350 must be signed by the Treasurer and President (or
Rental for the MCC trailer and risers shall be $200.00. Appropriate forms between
the renter and the MCC will be completed prior to release of the trailer/risers.
Small groups emanated from the MCC shall follow the Small Group Procedures
attached to these standing rules, as adopted by the MCC Board of Directors on
When possible, an annual scholarship of $500.00 will be awarded by the MCC to
an area high school senior or community college student. Guidelines for the
award shall be established by the scholarship committee and approved by the
board of directors. If budgeted, multiple scholarships may be awarded.
Scholarship winners will be given lifetime membership to the MCC.
When necessary, the Librarian shall submit to the treasurer for payment, all
reporting forms for music performed by the chorale and small groups in
compliance with ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and