Sport Oswestry Minutes 25.3.2015

Sport Oswestry Minutes
Wednesday 25th March 2015
Contact Name
Jo White
Office Manager and Community Partnerships Coordinator - The
Marches School
Club Development Officer – Energize Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin
Inclusion officer – Energize Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin
Community Games & Oswestry Sports Council
Oswestry Sports Council
Crossfit Oswestry + BWLA Club
TNS Community Foundation
Llanymynech Juniors FC
Shropshire Council
MD Warriors
Oswestry Fencing
Shropshire SC
Oswestry Otters
Community Games
Lakelands Academy
The Marches Academy
The Marches Academy
Joe Lockley
Jessica Lightwood
Clive Knight
Susie Hancock
Clare Walker
Niall Broe
Mike Evans
Emma Tomkins
Sean Lowcock
Bridie Lloyd
John Ridgers
Phil Chapman
Paul Milner
Ann Johnson
Sian Scott
Lauren Pike
Apologies: Richard Reeves- Oswestry Table Tennis, Chris Powell – Oswestry Arrows, Neal Martin The Marches School PE Department, Zoe Steenson – UK Triathlon, Joanne Jones – The Marches
School Business Manager, Andrew Harris – Derwen College, Stephen Evans – Derwen College
1. Joanne White opened the meeting by going through the last meetings minutes from 27
January 2015. The actions from the last minutes are as follows, Jo Lockley from Energize is
running a marketing of sports advertising workshop on 28 May 2015. Jo White and Amy
Gregory, PR and Marketing Manager at the Marches Academy, has created a sports
Oswestry tab on the Marches website
Sian Scott organised a clubs fair at school on 27 February 2015 where many Sport
Oswestry members attended. This went very well.
2. Jo White informed the group that as of today all Sport Oswestry members that attend regular
meetings will be entitled to 10% off of all bookings made at the Marches School. All members
need to do is complete a registration form with all of their details and then mention that they
are part of Sport Oswestry when they e-mail or phone to book any of the facilities at the
school. Jo is working on approaching other facilities in the area to ask if they would provide a
similar discount for members. Action: J White to send out Registration forms to all
members. A Gregory to put the registration form on the school website. J White will
approach other facilities and come back to the group next time we meet with an
3. Jessica Lightwood from Energize introduced herself and explained what her role is within
Energize. Jessica encouraged all members of Sport Oswestry to complete an online survey
about disability within their clubs. A copy of the presentation will be attached to the e-mail with
these minutes. Action: J White to e-mail members the J Lightwoods PowerPoint
Clive Knight introduced himself and introduced the Community Games, which will be held on
20 September 2015. If anyone would like to sign up for the games please e-mail Clive
Knight on [email protected] Clive is looking at doing other things in different
locations. For instance the “Work Place Challenge” where individuals challenge themselves
and then record their efforts online. Emma Tomkins from Shropshire Council added that there
is a new scheme called “Neighbourhood Life” which has been introduced, whereby those who
are most inactive can access the swimming pool and gym at Oswestry Leisure Centre for
£10.00 per month. There is also “Walking for Health” more details are available from Emma.
Action: Clubs to speak to Clive Knight if they would like to be involved in the
community games.
Susie Hancock introduced the Sport Awards. There are six categories within the awards
including; Veteran Sports Award, Disability Sport Award, Junior Team Award, Coach of the
Year Award, Contribution to Sport Award, Award for Outstanding Achievement. The awards
are open to anybody; if you would like to nominate anyone please contact Susie via e-mail by
mid-May. The event will be held on 8 May 2015 at Oswestry Cricket Club. Oswestry Sports
Council are introducing new people to their Hall of Fame. Anybody who is on the Hall of Fame
has to be someone who has represented their country in sport. Action: Clubs to e-mail S
Hancock with any nominations for the Sports Awards by Mid May please.
Susie Hancock also discussed the Sports Grant from Oswestry Sports Council. Susie and
Clive encouraged Sport Oswestry members to apply for grants. Terms and conditions are on
the website.
Jo White introduced Amy Gregory, PR and Marketing manager to the group. Amy has asked
for input on what members would like on the school website. It was agreed that Oswestry
Fencing was to be the Club of the Month for May. It was agreed that the Minutes and Agenda
for each meeting would be added to the website. Action: If you want to be on the website
please complete a registration form, attached to the e-mail with these minutes.
Emma Tomkins introduced the “This Girl Can” which celebrates the women who are doing
their thing no matter how they do it, how they look or even how sweaty they get. They’re here
to inspire us to wiggle, jiggle, move and prove that judgement is a barrier that can be
overcome. Emma has asked that if we know of any women who have gone the extra mile in
sport, please let Emma know, Emma will hold a short interview with them to be put forward to
promote Shropshire ladies for the campaign. Action: For clubs to get in contact with E
Tomkins if they would like to put forward any ladies who go the extra mile in sport.
Jo White explained that there will be a Summer Family Fun Day on Saturday 6 June 2015
and if any clubs would like to be involved to promote their club this would be great. Jo was
thinking along the lines of sports tasters and activities, but if a club would like a stand/stall that
would be great as well. Action: E-mail or ring Jo White if you would like to be involved in
the Fun Day or run a taster session etc. Please contact Jo by 25 May to ensure that
you have a stall/space for your activity.
Emma Tomkins spoke about Youth Commissioning and how Shropshire Council will be
looking to commission youth activities out to external providers in the near future. Sports
clubs/organisations will play a crucial role within this process, as they could be potential
deliverers of activity in the future. Action: Emma will keep the group updated
11. Jo White updated the group about the Marches Astro Turf and the results of the survey that
has been carried out. The pitch only requires regeneration and therefore we would need to
find the money to do this. After the regeneration has been done the Astro Pitch will be like
new. The survey has said that the pitch is in good condition but has got to the age where it
needs this attention. Jo asked for ideas for the next meeting for fundraising and also for help
from the group with this. It was agreed that this would be discussed at the next meeting. Jo
thanked everyone in advance for their help with this. Action: Clubs to e-mail J White with
any ideas they have for fundraising
Next Meeting – Thursday 4 June 2015 at 6:00pm at The Marches School, Oswestry
Additional Agenda items by Monday 1 June 2015 please to [email protected]