Convention Fyler OL

26th Scientific Convention and
Trade Exhibition 2015
Date : 19th of April 2015,
Venue : Pullman Hotel Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur
Time : 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
Message by the President
Greetings from the MPDPA
I am sure all is as well as can be with all of you.
MPDPA welcomes all delegates to this year’s convention and we hope
you will have a good time listening to the lectures catching up with old
friends and visiting the trade exhibition.
We trust you will find this year’s event up to your expectations and be
able to apply whatever you pick here the very next day in your clinic.
Kudos to Dr. Mahendran chairman of the organizing committee and
Dr. Kathiravan, co-chairman, and to the MPDPA committee for their
splendid efforts in organizing this convention
Many thanks to our sponsors and the dental trade industry for their
support. Our deepest appreciation to the speakers for taking time off
to be with us.
Till our next event I pray you all return home safely and take pleasant
memories of your day with us.
Best Regards,
Dr. R. Vijendran