MALIN CORPORATION PLC Malin Raises up to €330 Million Malin

incorporated Irish-­‐based global life sciences company, today announces it has raised up to €330 million made up of committed gross proceeds and additional investment commitments, referred to in further detail below. John Given, Chairman of Malin, said: “We are delighted at the quality of global, UK and Irish investors who have participated in the offering and who share our long-­‐term vision for Malin. This alignment will help us achieve our goal of creating value for shareholders by building a globally significant life sciences company with world class scientific and business leadership from our Irish base.” Dr. Adrian Howd, Chief Executive Officer of Malin, added: “We are very gratified at the level of investor support and commitment we have received in this process. Malin can now deploy capital to our operating businesses and we are excited about future opportunities that will now arise with the completion of the placing. The Malin team look forward to applying our operational expertise to unlock the significant potential and create value for shareholders” Placing Highlights: • Total gross proceeds of approximately €302 million in Placing. • Additional investment commitments of up to €28 million secured (primarily by Woodford Investment Management LLP (“WIM”), on behalf of funds under its management and subject to the achievement of certain conditions by WIM, (further details set out in “Additional Investments” below). • Aggregate of 30,207,167 New Ordinary Shares at a price of €10.00 per share (the “Placing Price”) to be admitted to ESM. • Admission and commencement of dealings (other than in respect of Ordinary Shares which may be issued under the Additional Investments) are expected to take place on the ESM market of the Irish Stock Exchange at 8.00 a.m. on 25 March 2015 (“Admission”) under the ticker MLC and ISIN IE00BVGC3741. • Total issued ordinary share capital on Admission will be 32,387,143 Ordinary Shares and following additional investments will be 35,300,694. Cornerstone and other investors: As part of the Placing, the Company received investment commitments from a number of investors, including WIM (on behalf of funds under its management) and the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund as cornerstone investors: o The Company entered into a cornerstone subscription agreement with WIM, whereby WIM has subscribed (on behalf of funds under its management) for 19.50% of the total issued share capital on Admission. In addition, an entity related to WIM has separately agreed to subscribe for 740,000 New Ordinary Shares for an aggregate subscription price of €7.4 million. o Malin has entered into a cornerstone subscription agreement with the National Treasury Management Agency, as controller and manager of the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (“ISIF”), pursuant to which ISIF has subscribed for 5,000,000 New Ordinary Shares for an aggregate subscription price of €50 million. • Additional institutional and individual investors comprise many leading figures in the European and global life sciences and investment community, including Aviva and the UK Pension Protection Fund (“PPF”) (each of whom will own over 5% of the Company’s shares on Admission). Additional Investment WIM has entered into a subscription agreement with the Company under which it has conditionally agreed to subscribe for between 2.1% (approximately €7 million) and 6% (approximately €21 million) of the Conditional Enlarged Voting Share Capital (the “WIM Additional Subscription”) subject to conditions including WIM raising additional funds on behalf of its clients. In addition, WIM has agreed (on behalf of funds under its management) that it will, on completion of the WIM Additional Subscription, subscribe for such additional number of Ordinary Shares at the Placing Price as would bring its holding to 19.5% of the Conditional Enlarged Voting Share Capital. Use Of Proceeds The net proceeds will be used to acquire Malin’s interests in the initial seven operating companies (described in the Appendix of this announcement), to fund their future development, to make a number of future acquisitions and investments, and to provide working capital for the Company. For further information, please contact: Davy Corporate Finance (ESM Adviser) Eugenée Mulhern / Daragh O’Reilly Tel: +353 1 679 6363 Malin Media Relations Tel: +353 1 9015717 Jonathan Birt, Sutton Belmont Tel: + 44 7860 361746 2 Appendix Summary information relation to the Placing and listed share capital of Malin at Admission and subsequent to the Additional Investments is set out below. Placing Statistics: Placing Price €10.00 Number of New Ordinary Shares issued pursuant to the Placing 30,207,167 Number of Ordinary Shares in issue following Admission 32,387,143 Gross proceeds of the Placing €302.1 million Estimated net proceeds of the Placing receivable by the Company €290.6 million Estimated market capitalisation at the Placing Price upon Admission €323.8 million ESM Symbol MLC ISIN code IE00BVGC3741 SEDOL code BVGC374 Statistics in relation to the Additional Investments: Placing Price €10.00 Maximum Number of New Ordinary Shares to be issued pursuant to the Additional Investments 2,913,551 Maximum number of Ordinary Shares in issue following completion of the Additional Investments 35,300,694 Maximum gross proceeds of the Additional Investments €27.9 million Estimated net proceeds of the Additional Investments receivable by the Company (based on the maximum share issuance under the Additional Investments) €27.9 million Expected Timetable of Principal Events: Expected date of Admission and commencement of dealings in Ordinary Shares in the 8.00 a.m. on 25 Company expected to commence on ESM March 2015 CREST member accounts credited (where applicable) in respect of the New Ordinary Shares issued in connection with the Placing 8.00 a.m. on 25 • March, 2015 March 2015 Expected latest date for despatch of definitive share certificates (where applicable) in respect of the New Ordinary Shares issued in connection with the Placing 8 April 2015 Expected date of completion of Additional Investments 1 May 2015 Company Overview: Malin is a newly established, Irish incorporated public limited company. Malin will apply its long term capital and proven operational and strategic expertise to a select number of private life science companies. The Company will acquire majority or significant minority equity positions in private, pre IPO, pre trade sale operating businesses in the life sciences industry with post-­‐investment valuations in the $10 million to $250 million range. Through its “hands on” operational involvement, Malin will 3 work with these companies to enable them to reach the full potential of their value proposition and to achieve commercial and sustainable success wherever possible. Malin will broadly categorise its interest in the life sciences industry across therapeutics, devices and diagnostic market segments. Malin has already identified and entered into acquisition and investment agreements or binding heads of agreement with seven operating companies listed below (“Initial Acquisitions and Investments”) which meet its criteria, and has total committed expenditure in respect of these companies of approximately €100 million with a further amount of up to approximately €120 million of follow-­‐on investment options or investments subject to contingent commitments. Malin will also seek to make a number of further acquisitions and investments post its flotation. The following is a broad overview of the assets being acquired as part of the Initial Acquisitions and Investments: • Viamet: a novel small molecule drug development platform targeting metalloenzymes; therapeutic applications include dermatology, women's health and multiple orphan/rare diseases. Fellow shareholders include Novartis Venture Fund, Lilly Ventures and Woodford Investment Management. • Kymab: a spin-­‐out from The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge, UK; focused on the development of a broad pipeline of fully human monoclonal antibody therapeutics via its proprietary Kymouse™ platform; current investors are The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The Wellcome Trust. • Novan: a nitric oxide based drug development platform with broad therapeutic applications; lead product candidate is in late-­‐stage clinical development in the field of dermatology; additional applications may include infectious disease and oncology. • Xenex: a marketed, next-­‐generation, automated robotic disinfection device, effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses associated with hospital acquired infections. The recent Ebola virus outbreak has increased demand for more effective disinfection systems. • Emba Medical: a novel vascular embolisation system device; regulatory filings for lead product in U.S. expected Q1 2015 and in EU in Q2 2015. Fellow shareholders include Woodford Investment Management. • An2H Discovery: an innovative drug discovery company, targeting Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway System (UPS) dysfunction implicated in cancers, neurodegenerative, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. • Serenus: a Pan African biopharmaceutical commercial and distribution platform; capabilities will include targeted and specific late-­‐stage drug development as well as broad in-­‐licensing, registration and commercialisation of therapies approved in other territories. Malin's head office is in Dublin, Ireland with subsidiary offices located in New Haven, Connecticut and Durham, Research Triangle, North Carolina, USA. Defined terms used in this announcement have the meaning given in the Admission Document being published by the Company today, unless otherwise indicated. IMPORTANT NOTICES This announcement is an advertisement and not an admission document or a prospectus and investors should not subscribe for or purchase any shares referred to in this announcement except solely on the basis of information in the Admission Document to be published by the Company in due course in connection with the Placing and Admission to trading on ESM. 4 The distribution or publication of this announcement, any related documents, and other information in connection with the Admission and Placing may be restricted by law in certain jurisdictions and persons into whose possession this announcement or any document or other information referred to herein are required to inform themselves about, and observe, any such restrictions. 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