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- Privatpraxis Dr. med. C. Nicolaus, praktischer Arzt, &
Dr. med. A. Schwarzbach, Laborarzt,
ärztliche Partnerschaft
für zecken-übertragene Erkrankungen
im Gebäude des Borreliose Centrum Augsburg
Patient Information about Lyme Disease Therapy:
Chronic Lyme Compact Treatment
(5 days per Week, Mon-Fri)
The BCA-clinic Augsburg (BCA), a treatment facility for tick-borne diseases and coinfections, was established to offer chronically ill Lyme disease patients not just an
antibiotic treatment, but also (or only) a wide range of accompanying therapies (holistic
therapy approach).
All services of the Lyme Compact Treatment are offered on a private medical basis
according to the medical fee schedule for doctors (in Germany: GOÄ).
Chronic progressions of Lyme Disease can be successfully treated in many cases; only in
very few cases an improvement of ailments and symptoms cannot be achieved. A
comprehensive treatment program and selected “accompanying therapies” can
enhance the effectiveness of the medication (usually antibiotics), strengthen the immune
system and effectively fight Borrelia bacteria and co-infections. The physical and mental
strength can also be improved.
Therapy options:
To be chosen by the doctors and discussed with each patient individually!
Basis: Treatment with Antibiotics
(Long-term treatments, e.g. “Augsburg Treatment Scheme”, either as mono- or combination-therapy
according to the ILADS guidelines and recommendations of the German Borreliosis Society)
Borrelia /
+ pain therapy
(e.g. with pain killers, co-analgetics, and electro therapies)
+ “accompanying therapies“, such as:
Acute / chronic
+ acidification
(severely) weakened
• Milieu corrections (to strengthen organs and metabolism - incl. deacidification +
• Dietary Supplements and possibly Natural Remedies
• Change of Diet (alkaline and anti-inflammatory)
• Oxygen + Electro Therapies
immune system
+ autoimmune
All medical treatments and services in the BCA are offered and provided by the Medical Partnership Dr. Nicolaus
& Dr. Schwarzbach only.
The main focus of every therapy is a highly dosed treatment with antibiotics over several
weeks under the surveillance of the attending doctor (usually an infusion mono- or
combination therapy).
Privatpraxis Dr. med. C. Nicolaus, praktischer Arzt, & Dr. med. A. Schwarzbach, Laborarzt, ärztliche Partnerschaft für zecken-übertragene
Erkrankungen · Partnerschaftsregister AG Augsburg PR 83 · im Borreliose Centrum Augsburg, Morellstraße 33, 86159 Augsburg ·
Tel. (0821) 455 471 -71 · Fax (0821) 455 471-70 · [email protected] ·
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Note: The choice of antibiotics can vary if co-infections exist.
Another very important factor of the therapy is treating chronic inflammations. This is
usually done parallel to the Lyme treatment.
The following effects should be reached with an holistic therapy approach through
supporting “accompanying therapies”, offered in the Lyme Compact Treatment:
Better compatibility and effectiveness of antibiotics
Strengthening of the immune system (holistic)
Pain relief (even for chronic pain)
Milieu changes to create an unfavourable conditions for further
Borrelia reproduction
(5) Lessening of the production of inflammation supporting
cytokines and regulating the Th1/Th2 System
(6) Support of organ functioning (incl. liver and kidneys) and
(7) Improvement of body physics
There are two options to receive accompanying therapies in the BCA-clinic:
Weekly program Lyme Compact Treatment – one or several weeks (please see
Individual therapies: dietary supplements, acupuncture, wide range of oxygen and
electro therapies, photon therapy, infrared therapy, milieu / diet consultation, exercise
programs and naturopathic therapies.
Please note:
Patients, who do not wish to undertake an antibiotic treatment, have the option to
choose an alternative therapy plan (e.g. photon therapy in combination with
naturopathic treatment and other accompanying therapies) after a consultation with
the attending doctor. This is also offered at the BCA-clinic.
If you do not have the time for a long-term treatment at the BCA-clinic, we can
introduce you to the therapy and give instructions to your local doctor to continue the
treatment at home.
Weekly program over 5 working days (Mon.-Fri. in the BCA)
Recommendation: 1-3 weeks (+ continuing at home) or longer
Therapy concept (day medical clinic):
Highly dosed
antibiotic treatment
Pain therapy
(mono- or combination
therapy, infusion or oral
eliminating Borrelia and
possible co-infections
- Improving the effect
of the antibiotics
- Better tolerability
- Eliminates chronic
- Pain killers
- Acupuncture
- High tone therapy
This Compact Treatment increases your chance of healing and has many advantages:
Drs. Nicolaus & Schwarzbach „ärztliche Partnerschaft“ im
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Reduce the stress of your everyday life and surroundings. A recovery requires plenty
of time for yourself!
“Monitoring“ by the attending doctors: if necessary modification of the therapy or
immediate actions in case of “Herxheimer reactions” (possible worsening of
symptoms in the beginning of therapy)
Specific pain treatment (not only pharmaceuticals)
Exchange of experience with other Lyme disease patients and therapists
From our experience we have seen that it can often be very helpful for patients to “switch
off” and “find trust” in a quiet atmosphere and become familiar with and accept the therapy
and recommended lifestyle changes and self-help measures.
Range of services of the Medical Partnership (
1. Specific infusion treatment (highly dosed antibiotics)
2. Pain therapy attendance
3. “Supporting therapies and supervision of treatment program by specialised Lyme
4. Monitoring and review of results (before/after)
Therapy Range offered by the Medical Partnership Dr. Nicolaus & Dr. Schwarzbach
1. For better tolerance and effectiveness of antibiotics:
Dietary supplement (Micro nutrients therapy,
probiotics, etc.)
Natural Remedies (for immune modulation,
stop inflammation, detox)
Electro therapies (finding and eliminating
“hidden” Borrelia from cell tissue and
achieve pain relief)
Oxygen therapy
2. Pain therapy with medicine and other
3. Milieu therapy with change of diet:
strengthens organs, deacidification & detox,
alkaline, healthy and balanced nutrition
4. Improvement of the body physique through
individual exercise programs with experienced
5. Gain confidence and lose your fears: finding
your mental balance again, detect and
recognise depression and causes of stress,
exchange experience with other patients
BCA Immunpaket
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6. Additional therapy offers of the complementary medicine: TCM (traditional Chinese
medicine, primarily acupuncture, herbology and dietetics), homoeopathy,
7. Guidelines for “self-help“ (lifestyle)
8. Deacidification and Detox Programs (especially after an antibiotic treatment)
Please note:
• The aim of the holistic approach to therapy is to help our patients to become symptomand pain-free as soon as possible and to (re)integrate our patients into their private
and professional life.
• All therapies are supervised by doctors of the Medical Partnership.
• The holistic therapy approach does not only decrease the side effects of the antibiotic
treatment but also activates the defense mechanism of the body and strengthens the
immune system.
• The therapies are offered as individual treatments and some also as group sessions.
Explanations of individual important accompanying therapies and the effectiveness of
these therapies:
Please note:
• The general effects of these treatments are described on the first page.
• Additional information on “dietary supplements“ and “self-help for patients“ is available in the
patient information (leaflet) “Dietary Supplements – the ‘BCA Immune Package’ and other
important ‘self-help’ measures during the Lyme disease therapy” (available at the reception).
• Information about naturopathic treatments can also be found in a separate patient information
leaflet available at the reception.
Overview of Treatments and Therapy Approaches
accompanying therapies in the BCA
Dietary supplement products
Better effects and tolerance of antibiotics
Strengthening the immune system
Lack of supplements
Immune-regulating and block of Cytokine
Pain relief
Support with medical pain relief therapy
Acupuncture, Hightone, TENS and
electro therapy
Electro therapies, Oxygen, Light Therapy
and Heat Treatments
Photon and electro therapies (incl.
magnet therapy, Hightone therapy)
Oxygen therapy
Day Light Therapy
Infrared- and Heat Treatments
Diverse plants and herbs to modulate the
immune system and block inflammations
Detoxification and support of organ
Diet/Nutrition Consultation
Milieu advice, dietary advice and change
Deacidification, detox and strengthening
of organs
Instruction for a healthy and wellbalanced nutrition (focus on an alkaline
nutrition / individual session and range of
Chinese dietetics + herbal
therapy/natural remedies
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Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ear acupuncture
Tongue diagnostic
Pulse diagnostic
Deficits and problems are determined
based on a physical examination: pain,
metabolism, blood circulation, flexibility,
coordination, strength and power
“Detox” (after an antibiotic treatment)
Classical homeopathy
Exercise programs
Homeopathic anamnesis
Various homeopathic remedies
Photon therapy, magnetic field therapy
Phyto therapy
Liver packaging, foot bath
Exercise therapy
Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen therapy combined with exercise improves the effects and tolerance of antibiotics.
Good results in case of circulatory disorders, such as acute hearing loss, tinnitus or balance
• Results in an increase of oxygen in the tissue.
• Additionally, strengthens the immune system when combined with vitamins.
• Based on experience, the tolerance of antibiotics can be significantly increased in
patients (less side effects).
Oxygen is an essential substance of our life. It is used to produce energy in our body cells.
Only a few minutes without oxygen can lead to damages in the brain cells. A lack of oxygen
in cells can result from illnesses, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, stress, smoking and
alcohol, but also old age. These deficits of oxygen can lead to fatigue, lack of memory,
weakening of immune system, circulatory disorders, tinnitus, Angina pectoris, or other
illnesses. By taking vitamins and minerals the oxygen uptake of cells and binding of free
radicals can be improved.
A nitrogen-free and minimum of 92% oxygen mix with a flow of 5 – 30 l/min is inhaled.
Improves the blood circulation by increasing the cardiac output per minute, while doing easy
physical exercise.
Infrared therapy
Radiant heat: this energy is adapted so exactly to the body energy that the body absorbs
93% of infrared radiant heat. With this method the body is effectively and deeply warmed
without being stressed by excessive temperatures.
In the infrared sauna about 80% of radiant heat is given directly to the body and only 20% to
the air. Infrared rays warm up the skin and the heat spreads with blood circulation in the
Infrared heat supports and maintains a healthy body and regular sessions can activate
health-improving processes in the body. It can have a positive influence on the self-heeling
powers of the body, improve the resistance to the illnesses and can help to generate deep
Drs. Nicolaus & Schwarzbach „ärztliche Partnerschaft“ im
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Effectiveness of the infrared sauna:
• Positive, deep effect (widens blood vessels, stimulation of blood circulation,
acceleration of blood circulation)
• Can relieve various forms of pain, e.g. headaches, back pain, etc.
• Helps tense and cramping muscles
• Toxins are released through the skin and kidneys are relieved
• Strengthening of the immune system
• Detoxification and purification
Nutrition consultations
Milieu therapy: Instructions about healthy and balanced nutrition taking with a special focus
on alkaline nutrition, as Lyme disease patients are generally overacidified.
By changing the nutrition to more alkaline products, the body’s ph-level is ideally increased
to values between 6.6 to 7.3. By this means, the organism will create an unfavorable
environment (milieu) for the Borrelia bacteria.
If necessary, individual appointments can be arranged with a physician. The costs are
according to the GOÄ and are delivered by the medical partnership.
Exercise Therapy
Exercise therapy describes any program where motion of the body or its parts is done to
relieve symptoms or to improve function. Exercises are individually selected for the patient
and supervised by a therapist/trainer.
Problems and dysfunctions (e.g. pain, metabolism and circulation, flexibility, coordination,
energy and power) are identified during a consultation in the program Lyme Compact
Exercise and motion programs are established individually for each patient. The therapy
aims to help patients become independent and stay that way after an illness or injury. The
physical condition plays an important role in giving quality to life. This is where exercise
therapy helps.
The therapy is supposed to bring back the normal physical functions step by step. It is
sought to keep a good condition or even improve it.
Therapeutic effects are reached by:
Improvement of Joint functions
Activating and strengthening weak muscles
Stretches shortened soft parts (muscles, tendons, joint capsules, skin, scars)
Regeneration of muscle balance
Learning motion cycles
Improves blood circulation
Good for cardiovascular system, breathing and metabolism
Strengthening of the immune system
Improves mental balance due to increased release of endorphins (“happiness
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There are various methods for the exercise therapy which are usually applied to many
different illnesses.
Generally, exercise therapy can be used for the following:
Limitations to movements and instabilities of spinal cord and other joints
Dysfunctions in coordination and palsy
Circulatory and metabolism disorders
Dysfunctions of the organ system (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, respiratory
The patient will also receive an introduction to exercises that can be easily done at home
without a therapist.
Range of Electrotherapies
Range of application:
- Pain relief
- Displacement of Borrelia bacteria from the host cells (intracellular Borrelia) and from
the tissue, in order to increase the effectiveness of antibiotics and the immune
system to fight against them
- Improvement of muscle power
Electrotherapy or electro medicine is the synonym for therapeutic applications of electric
energy in medicine. The main principle of the treatment is that constant and alternating
electric energy floats through the whole body or through parts of it. Appropriate voltage will
be realized by connecting electrodes to the skin surface or electrodes in a water bath.
Magnet Therapy
The therapy using electromagnetic field is gaining increasing attention in the
complementary, sports and scientific medicine. Physiological as well as therapeutic effects
are scientifically proven. The pulsating magnetic field therapy of with the BEMER 3000 is
very effective and shows convincing clinical results. The magnetic field system developed
by Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka is seen as the most recognized and most developed world wide.
Physiological Effects
The significant improvements of the blood circulation are scientifically proven, particularly
micro-circulation (ca. 40%), increase of oxygen partial pressure in the blood, and improved
blood flow, which decreases the risk of thromboses. The cells can then work better.
The BEMER 3000 therapy also influences the protein biosynthesis. One example of this
influence is for example the four-fold increase bone cells formation. This is also very
effective for the healing of bone fractures and therapy of osteoporosis.
A more effective healing of wounds is also accomplished due to the activation of “repair
protein” (HSP70). There is also an increased cell protection against oxidants and free
The effects of the magnetic field are due to different control mechanisms, which activate the
metabolism and protein formation necessary for regeneration. Many illnesses can be
positively influenced with this. The fastest healing success were seen when used as
Drs. Nicolaus & Schwarzbach „ärztliche Partnerschaft“ im
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supporting treatments for injuries (traumata), haematoma, swellings (oedema, mygelosis)
and diseases of the bones and supporting apparatus.
Chronic pain, neuralgia, migraine, headache, insomnia, chronic fatigue, inflammations,
rheumatism, chronic back pain, osteoporosis, joint pain, arthrosis (hips, shoulders, etc….),
arthritis, neck pain, skin diseases, circulatory disorders, cardiovascular disorders and other
diseases and disorders can also be treated with the BEMER 3000.
The system is also used for strengthening the immune system due to its scientifically proven
positive effects on the immune response.
Difference to Electro Magnetic Pollution
Electromagnetic pollution is usually caused by electromagnetic fields, which develop from
alternating currents and high frequencies. This includes mobile phones and broadcasting
equipment, which work in high frequency microwave ranges. In contrast to this, the BEMER
system works with a direct current in the audio-frequency range and very small energy
densities. Often problems due to perturbation and other impacts occur within the cells if are
energetically weak. The BEMER treatment does the contrary by increasing the energetic
status of cells and therefore the power of resistance.
The BEMER 3000 changes alternating currents to direct currents and reduces it to 12 volts.
Usually even people who are electro-sensible can tolerate the system very well.
Are there any Contraindications?
The only relative contraindication can be donor’s organs. The body tends to reject organs
from a donor and this is the reason why medicine is used to suppress the immune system.
The BEMER 3000 strengthens the immune system which is not aimed in these cases.
Cardia valves or cornea do not count into this and are no contraindications. Other so called
contraindications in terms of regular magnetic field therapy equipment, such as electronic
implants (cardiac pacemaker), metal implants or pregnancy are no problem with the BEMER
3000 due to its very low flux density.
Photon therapy
In 1975, Professor Popp proved that there is light in our cells. He named them “bio-photons”
and explained that photons are light quanta, which physically are the smallest elements of
the light. Bio – because they are produced by living cells; the communication between our
cells is performed by the help of these bio-photons. If our body or the cells are sick, the
photon reproduction fails as well as the process of our regulation system – the immune
system. The photon therapy transmits artificial light quanta into the body, so that the
regulation systems of the organism – such as the nervous, hormone and immune system are positively stimulated.
The photon therapy is based on the equipment „Bionec 880“ and has four different
frequency ranges in the infrared field. It has a positive influence on the energy balance,
metabolism and cell regeneration.
Effectiveness for the Lyme Disease Therapy
Cells keep their metabolism balanced due to bio-photons. In case of Lyme disease, the
Borrelia bacteria penetrate into the cells and as a consequence the photon balance
decreases significantly. During the photon therapy the cell seems to be able to transport the
Borrelia bacteria out of the cell and regulate the metabolism.
After removing the Borrelia bacteria from the cells they are accessible for the immune
system and the antibiotics, and so can be eliminated.
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The treatment with Bionic 880 is recommended twice a week. To avoid an overreaction a 2
days break should be between treatments. In total 7 to 12 photon therapy treatments are
Hightone therapy
This is a therapy measure with electric muscle stimulation and it is also a further
development of the classical electro therapy. It is used as a soft alternative to the classic
pain relief therapy (medicines). The high frequency therapy works in frequency ranges of
4,000 to 32,000 Hertz, whereas the electrotherapy low frequencies range from 0 to 200
Hertz and is often used in the middle frequency range of 4,000 Hertz. However, the higher
the frequency, the more energy can reach the patients body.
While the traditional electro therapy stimulates nerves and muscles, the high tone therapy
affects the cell metabolism directly. The defined aim of the treatment is to transfer as much
energy as possible to the body to support the healing process, reduce pain and release
energy blockades. The treatments results in an enlargement of the mitochondria, which
increase in quantity and volume. The energy potential and metabolism in the cells due to
the improved cooperation and communication between cells.
Electrodes are attached to the patient, which transfer soft electronic impulses into the body.
The duration of the treatment depends on the individual disease pattern and symptoms. On
average ca. 10 treatments are required for a long-term therapy success – to begin with two
to three treatments per week are recommended. In many cases patients become free of
pain within the first couple of weeks after beginning of the treatment. After completion of the
therapy most patients are more agile and mobile in their movements.
Main indication are Lyme disease like ailments such as moving joint and muscle pain, back
pain, degenerative joint illnesses (particularly knee arthrosis), diabetic poly-neuropathy,
migraine, heachache, wound healing and oedema treatment.
To reduce the ailments permanently, the therapy should be applied three times per week, 30
minutes for each treatment. Otherwise ailments can return.
Price List (non-commital)
Chronic Lyme Compact Treatment
in the Borreliose Center Augsburg
Below you can find an example of an optimal therapy, including all treatments that we offer.
It is also possible to select individual therapies.
Differences in costs will only appear in the final invoice, if there are any unexpected changes
during the therapy, which could influence the therapy further.
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Example of Costs in the 1st Week
Example of Costs in the 2nd Week
Example of Laboratory Costs in the 2nd Week
Drs. Nicolaus & Schwarzbach „ärztliche Partnerschaft“ im
Seite 11
Please find explanation of invoice codes (“Ziffern) on the next page.
Price List according to the German Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ)
Code (as
Service Description
Consultation, also on the telephone < 10 min.
Repeating prescription, also transmission of results
additional via phone by BCA-Team
Consultation, also on the phone > 10 min.
Prominence of medical results from other physicians
(not BCA)
Examination according symptoms
Complete examination
Whole body status
Surcharge for children up to 4 years
First consultation > 60 min.
Second consultation
Consecutive consultation
Consultation (name of physician shown)
Short medical note
Medical letter by the physician
Dietary Plan written
Therapy plan
Written, expert opinion
Copy Fee for written reports, etc.
Taking blood
Injection s.c./ i.c./ i.m.
Injection i.v.
Acupuncture > 20 min.
Infusion > 30 Min.
Smear test
Immunisation / Vaccination
Additional Immunisation / Vaccination
Ultrasound of an organ
Ultrasound of the thyroid
Ultrasound, up to 3 other organs
Lung Function
Flow plethysmograph curve
Amount in
Euros €
(factor 3,5 unless
otherwise stated
seen on
(factor 2,3)
(factor 2,3)
(factor 2,3)
(factor 2,3)
(factor 2,3)
Electrocardiogram (ECG) / Emergency ECG
(factor 2,3)
(factor 2,3)
Drs. Nicolaus & Schwarzbach „ärztliche Partnerschaft“ im
Seite 12
Code (as
Service Description
Amount in
Euros €
Neurological examination
Verbal Intervention
Removal of foreign particles
Oxygen Therapy
Mask for Oxygen Therapy (one-off fee)
High Tone Therapy (WaDit-Horizontal Therapy)
Magnetic Field Therapy (Bemer) or Magnetic Ring Coil
seen on
(factor 3,5 unless
otherwise stated
(factor 1,3)
(factor 2,3)
(factor 1,0)
(factor 0,476)
Foot-Bath (Body-Detox-Foot-Bath-Therapy) (factor 1,8)
+ 531 (factor 1,8) + 551 (factor 1,8) + 748 (factor 2,3)
Photon Therapy (Bionic 880)
(factor 2,3)
Nosodes for Photon Therapy (one-off fee)
Exercise Therapy: Admission and Therapy Plan
Exercise Therapy in individual sessions (factor 2,3) +
558A (factor 1,8)
Dietary Consultation (Group)
(factor 3,5)
(factor 3,5)
(factor 3,5)
500 ml NaCl + Vitamins + Material Costs
Material Costs
Explanation of which invoicing figures are usually used in the consultations:
First Consultation: A30, Examination (5, 6, 7, 8, 800), 250, material costs
Second Consultation: A31 or 34, A78, 80
7 Week Consultation: A31, 80 (A78)
Final Consultation: 34, 80
Other Consultations: depending on complexity A31 or 34
Drs. Nicolaus & Schwarzbach „ärztliche Partnerschaft“ im