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Opening of carrying
Hand cleaning brush
Main drive
Belt drives for prealigners
POMONE has been designed to handle fruit and vegetables of a wide variety
of sizes and shapes with substantial increase in efficiency.
POMONE is a multi-product grader with extreme gentle handling of the
fruit: singulator roller with so contact surface, transfer brushes . . . .With
the latest optical system, GLOBALSCAN ® 6, POMONE shows its efficiency
in fruit analysis: for quality sorting the total surface of the fruit is analysed for
optimised results; three dimensional image reconstitution and a digital high
performance double camera system (color and infrared).
-High weighing precision
-Increase speed of 15 hands/second/lane
-Singulator roller profile accepting a minimum diameter of 35mm
-Sorting according to various criteria: color; diameter; density; shape;
quality; sugar
content; firmness...
-User friendly program interface Orphea with production management tools
such as : labelling of the fruit; traceability; packer output...
-Flexible management of grader outlets: alternating outlets; division of
products by outlet (by weight, quantity or percentage); regulation of outlet
throughput (overflow); automatic and dynamic spreading of the products
over the outlets to give maximum production, automatic infeed control etc...
Pre singulator
Carrier hands
Housing for optical
Protection of hands on
return track
Colour/infra red HD
Drive for belt for bicone rotation
e system allows multi-product handling and corresponds to the flexibility demands of
our customers:
- A wide size and fruit range from a minimum diameter of 35mm.
- e design offers a substantial improvement in efficiency and reduction in labor costs
due to the increased speed of the grader
-Time saving and simplified use are an integral part of the Pomone technical evolution; it
is both more ergonomic and service friendly
- Designed to be equipped with all the latest tecnical features: quality sorting, intern
- e sizer can be used in dry and humid environment.
Centralised greasing
Washing of bicones
Our developers have included easy maintenance accessibility and facilitated user selfservicing. e rotation system is protected against dirt, and the maintenance and
replacement of belts is realised without any need to dismantle the drive system.
In addition the machine is equipped with: automatic washing of the carrier hands;
automatic chain lubrication; independent weighing conveyor (only 45 parts to be cleaned
for 2 lanes); carrier hands are clipped onto the chain to allow easy; replacement; remote
service and fault diagnosis...
In order to facilitate the use of the GLOBALSCAN ® 6 vision system, our designers
have developed:
-Ready to use programs for various fruit and varieties
-A single interface allowing the user to modify the settings while visualising, the quality/
color results.
Main fruit conveyor
Weighing section
Weighing cradle
Load cell
Protection of bicones on
return back