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Optiscan is the latest generation color sorter allowing fruit to be graded according to different color shades
and the area in relation to the surface area of the fruit. OPTISCAN V can be retro-fitted on to all MAF
AGROBOTIC electronics graders and selected competitor model carriers. is allows all MAF customers
access to this updated technology.
OPTISCAN V is designed as a defect presorter for
any type of fruit and reaches an operating speed to a
maximum of 30 fruit/sec/line.
is system allows fruit to be sorted by color and its
various shades and can also be graded by diameter,
length, surface area or volume.
is High Technology equipment was entirely designed by MAF’s R&D department. e most modern
computer and electronic equipment. OPTISCAN V associate:
-Efficient and economic LED lighting
-New CMOS cameras with high definition
-All parameters are defined in the easy-to-use and totally in house developed ORPHEA grading programme.
OPTISCAN V corresponds to the specifications of supermarkets, fruit growers and packers.
OPTISCAN V can be used on a wide range of fruit: Apples, oranges, lemons, tomatoes, peaches, apricots,
plums etc...
e ORPHEA interface based on Windows XP provides:
-Easy programming
-Rapid operation
-Automatic memorising of grading programmes
-Operator programme nodifications while the machine is in operation with real time display on the
computer monitor screen
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