QCF Registration User Guide

Your guide to QCF
Registrations (V2)
WDF QCF guide – May 2015
QCF registrations
CBS has been designed to help you manage the Workforce Development Funding (WDF) application
and completion process. It has taken us a little longer than planned to get this part of the system
ready and populated so thank you for bearing with us during this hiatus.
To view qualifications you can browse the Qualifications category from the main menu or the
External Training Providers category to find out about QCFs offered by a range of training providers
in Lancashire. You can do this directly from www.cbs-lwdp.org.uk and you do not need to be logged
on to do so.
To register candidates on QCFs or view Candidate Registrations, you need to log in as a Training
Coordinator. If you haven’t got Training Coordinator access, please send us an email request with
the subject line ACCESS RIGHTS to [email protected]
Viewing Candidates QCF registrations
Before you register a candidate on QCF, you may want to check their record first to check the WDF
applications linked to that candidate.
You can do so by clicking on View QCF registrations from your Training Coordinator menu:
WDF QCF guide – May 2015
You will be taken to the screen below where all candidates undertaking QCFs will be listed:
You can filter this screen by using the drop-down QCF button.
You will also see on this screen when your training provider has marked this qualification as
New Funding Year Process
LWDP will deactivate QCF units at the end of each funding year. Training Coordinators need to view
their QCF registrations and reactivate any uncompleted units that the candidate is on programme to
achieve. The process is as follows:
From your main Training Coordinator menu, click on View QCF Registrations.
WDF QCF guide – May 2015
You will see a list of your candidates and their qualifications. Choose the candidate and qualification
you want to alter and click Select.
A list of all of this candidate’s units for the qualification will appear. You will now need to select
which unit you wish to make Active.
If a unit registered for the candidate was not completed in the year of registration, it is made
Inactive at the end of the funding year. However by making it Active again, you are notifying LWDP
that the candidate will complete this unit in the new funding year and you are applying for funding
for this unit.
Put a tick against each of the units you wish to make Active and click on Mark Selected as ACTIVE.
That’s it. You will need to repeat the process for your other candidates.
WDF QCF guide – May 2015
Registering Candidates for QCF
Click on Register Candidate for QCF
You will then be asked to enter the candidate’s name. Just type in their name and click Find
If you have more than one employee with the same surname, you will be given a short list to choose
from. Otherwise the chosen employee’s details will come up.
Now click on Register
WDF QCF guide – May 2015
You will be taken to the screen below where you can choose the relevant QCF from a drop-down list
(QCF). Please make sure you have discussed and agreed the QCF and units this candidate should be
undertaking with your chosen training provider.
If you are unsure which code to pick, please take a look at the Ofqual QCFs reference guide at
this end of this document (pages 7-10) or check with your training provider.
Next you can pick your chosen training provider from another drop-down list under Provider:
WDF QCF guide – May 2015
You can decide how to register the candidate on the QCF. You can either:
Pick All Units in the QCF.
We would recommend you do not pick this option unless the candidate is undertaking a
small award (which only contains three or four units).
Pick All Mandatory Units. You can add other units later.
Pick No Units and add units later. This helps if the candidate is doing these units for CPD and
not attain a specific qualification.
 Please note that if you add all units – you will need to delete off any units the candidate is not
doing. Registrations with an excess of 60 credits will not be processed by LWDP until the excess
units have been deleted by the Training Coordinator.
It is recommended that All Mandatory Units or No Units is selected to start with. You can add units
later in the process. This is particularly useful if the candidate is only undertaking a handful of units
at a time. You will spend less time deleting units and searching for the units to be deleted as some
QCFs carry many optional units.
You can find individual unit codes/reference numbers on the Skills for Care List of Acceptable QCF
Units at the following web link: http://www.skillsforcare.org.uk/Document-library/Funding/WDF-15--16/List-of-acceptable-units-2015-16.pdf
Adding QCF Units
Once you have selected the relevant qualification etc, click on Register Candidate. If other
candidates are registered on the same qualification, they will appear on the same screen with the
relevant start/completion dates and status. To view the units this/these delegate(s) are
undertaking, click on Select under View Units
WDF QCF guide – May 2015
Deleting QCF units
If you have chosen to pick All Units, you can Delete any units the candidate will not be taking. Please
make sure you know which units to delete, although you can always add them again later. Optional
Units will be shown with a tick in the Optional Unit column.
At the bottom of the same screen, you can Add Units not already selected. This option is only
available where there are relevant units in this qualification or linked pathways.
Units already selected for this candidate will not appear in the drop-down list.
Units will appear with the appropriate Skills for Care unit reference number. Please check these
with your training provider before registering.
You should only pick Units the candidate is likely to complete within this funding year.
Additional units can be added on as and when required. Please remember the 60 credit cap for
Click on Candidate Registration Details at the top of the screen to go back to the summary QCF
WDF QCF guide – May 2015
If you have any further queries, please email [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as
possible as well as update the guide and FAQs accordingly.
 Whilst you can delete individual units, you cannot delete whole registrations. However the
LWDP team can do this on your behalf so please email LWDP if you have entered a registration in
error and need to amend/delete it.
This also applies if you would like to withdraw a funding application, please get in touch.
Checking the status of units funding and payments
There are three stages to the funding process on CBS: allocation of funding at the registration stage,
approval of funding after completion, and payment. In order to see this information, you will need
to be logged on as a Training Coordinator.
In order to check the funding process and payments for individual candidates and units, click on
View QCF registrations on your main menu then click Select next to the candidate’s registration
WDF QCF guide – May 2015
The following screen will appear
1. Once you have registered a candidate on CBS, the LWDP team will process the claim and
allocate funding to the registration. A unit with allocated funding will show a tick against
Funding Committed.
Please note that this allocation of funding is not an automatic process and is dependent on the
registration meeting Skills for Care criteria and funding being available.
2. Once the unit has been completed, your training provider will need to go into CBS to apply a
Completion Date to that unit. You will also need to submit a fully and correctly completed
Unit Summary Sheet to LWDP.
The LWDP team will check the details of the claim, check your organisation’s NMDS-SC
compliance and check a Completion Date has been inputted by your training provider.
WDF QCF guide – May 2015
If all details are correct, a claim will be made to Skills for Care. Once the funding has been
received from Skills for Care the funding will be approved and payment will be made. The
unit will then show a tick against the Funding Approved box:
3. LWDP processes one payment once funding has been received from Skills for Care. Once
this payment has taken place, individual units will show a Payment Amount (for that unit
based on £17.75 per credit) and a Date Paid. A remittance advice email will be sent to your
organisation with the overall amount paid and invite you to check the system for details of
WDF QCF guide – May 2015