Letter 37 – Celebrations - Low Moor C.E. Primary School

Low Moor C. of E. Primary School
Park House Road, Low Moor,
Bradford, BD12 0NN
Tel: 01274 600797, Fax: 01274 414066
Website: www.lowmoor.bradford.sch.uk
E-mail: [email protected]
Headteacher: Mrs Y.C. Broadbent
23rd April 2015
Stars of the Week (week ending 17th April 2015)
R Shine: Ruby Beck – For always being a good friend, taking turns and sharing. Well done Ruby!
R Sparkle: Kaitlyn Glen – She is a shining star in her phonics group. She can write all three
sounds in a word by herself. Clever girl! Well done Kaitlyn!
1 Amaze: Lacie Rushworth - For always being kind, working well with others and for her
consistent hard work. Well done Lacie!
1 Dazzle: Amelia Davies - For super work in her new group, encouraging all the other members to
do great work. Well done Amelia!
2 Flourish: Lauren Papworth - For coming back to school after the holidays with a fantastic
hardworking and positive attitude. Well done Lauren!
2 Endeavour: Lewis Walker - For excellent effort in Literacy, writing about animals this week. Keep
up the positive attitude. Well done Lewis!
3 Imagine: Lilly Rogerson – For an improved week listening and concentrating during whole class
sessions and independent work. Well done Lilly!
3 Discover: Amelia Fletcher – For being enthusiastic during our Stone Age workshop day. Well
done for getting the most out of the day!
4 Believe: Chloe Turton – For making a fantastic PowerPoint for her homework to share her
holiday activities. Well done Chloe – you holiday looked really interesting!
4 Explore: Jamie O’Donnell, Hassan Butt, Alfie Barnes, Reniece Ramzan-Grant, Carys
Barrans – You all showed excellent communication between you and worked well as a team during
P.E. Well done everyone – you showed a very mature attitude!
5 Unite: Jacob Potter – For a super first week back, very focused and excellent Maths work. Well
done Jacob!
5 Inspire: Amy Randle – For a super return after the Easter holidays. You stayed focused and
contributed well to staff with discussions. Well done Amy!
6 Challenge: Saif-Ali Shah - Well done for settling down more quickly to all morning starter
activities and thoughtful answers to our PSHCE work on relationships. Keep up this great attitude!
6 Vision: Bobby Pointon - For the huge improvement that you have made in your writing skills.
Well done Bobby and keep focused!
The number of Achievement Texts sent home (w/e 17th April 2015) was 140 - well done to
everyone who received one.
School Attendance – The Whole School attendance for w/e 17th April was 97.2%. The class with
the highest attendance was 6 Vision with 100%. Well done to everyone in 6 Vision.
Home Awards shared in our Celebration Worship:Jasmine Dickens in 4 Believe for obtaining a badge at Brownies for completing various activities
over the Easter break. Well done Jasmine!
Millie Foster in 3 Discover for a obtaining a Junior Jam award for completing various activities over
the Easter break. Well done Millie!
Jade Reardon in 5 Unite for getting a medal at a Judo competition over the Easter break. Well done
Emma Camden in 2 Endeavour obtained a certificate for completing an Easter egg hunt. Well done
Jessica Richardson in 1 Amaze for achieving a purple belt in Judo. Well done Jessica!
Evan Thornton in 2 Flourish for winning a football medal. Well done Evan!
We have updated the class pages on our website with information relating to this terms learning,
events, visits and visitors. Please have a look at your convenience.
Class Newsletters will be sent home next week.
Yours sincerely
Mrs Y. Broadbent