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The Lotus Cosmetic Surgery Centre + Medispa
is conveniently located one block from St. Joseph’s
Hospital in downtown Hamilton. Our newly renovated
facility, in an historical area, offers a modern, bright
and relaxed atmosphere equipped with the latest
available medical technologies.
Dr. Nicolas Hynes, a Cosmetic and Reconstructive
Plastic Surgeon, is pleased to offer you a range of
clinically proven treatments, offering non-surgical
options to address your aesthetic needs.
cosmetic surgery centre + medispa
Our staff of nurses and medical aestheticians work
under Dr. Hynes’ guidance, providing you with a
high level of knowledge and expertise. At Lotus we
always ensure that your needs are met in a caring
and professional manner.
Call for your Complimentary Consultation today!
cosmetic surgery centre + medispa
199 MacNab Street South
Hamilton, L8P 3C8
(905) 645-5640
For more information on the services and
products available at Lotus, please visit:
+ MEDISPA, 2009.
laser treatments
cosmetic injectables
skin care products
AFFIRM® Laser Treatments
Botox injections are a safe and effective treatment, relaxing
specific facial muscles and resulting in decreased appearance of
lines. Horizontal lines on the forehead, vertical lines between
the eyebrows and fine lines or crow’s feet at the corners of the
eyes are all commonly and effectively treated. Results last 3-6
months. Length of time may increase with repeated use.
“Discover a revitalized you. Get used to compliments”
Anti aging
Skin tightening
Fine lines and wrinkles
Pore reduction
Clinically proven to stimulate and strengthen collagen
production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and correct
loose skin of the face and neck. Ideal for clients seeking
a non-invasive and non-surgical option to treat problems
associated with aging.
(From 300 per treatment)
• Acne scarring
• Stretch marks
• Unsightly scars
Can effectively treat all scars to reduce and improve
(From 150 per treatment)
Sun damage
Age spots
Also known as photofacials, IPL or XPL. This light - based
treatment targets brown spots and redness. It also
stimulates collagen production, improving skin clarity and
resulting in a more even, glowing appearance.
(From 75 per treatment)
ELITE® Laser Treatments
The Alyria line of prestige skin care is available exclusively
through physicians. Incorporating the best ingredients and
technologies and patented delivery systems to enhance the
beauty of your skin.
(10 per unit)
Obagi System®
Cosmetic Fillers
“Do you believe in transformations? You will.”
Obagi is a physician-prescribed skin care system that
actually corrects the function and health of your skin. It
transforms your skin at a cellular level, resulting in skin
that acts younger and healthier.
Cosmetic fillers are highly purified injectable agents used to
rejuvenate the face. They can be used to treat fine superficial
lines, wrinkles and deep folds. They are also used for lip
augmentation. Dr. Hynes will help you decide which filler is
best for you at your cosmetic consultation. Most fillers are not
permanent. Depending on the chosen filler, results can last from
6 months to several years.
Pricing varies with type and volume of filler used.
(From 275-750)
Our trained staff will be pleased to assist you in finding the
best homecare regime for your skin.
Chemical Peels
Biophora lactic, glycolic and salicylic peels and P.C.A.
medium depth peels provide anti-aging benefits, treat
surface lines, improve uneven texture, dull/dehydrated
skin, and give the skin a fresh youthful glow with no downtime. Acne, pigmentation and pore size can also be treated.
Careful diagnosis by a skincare professional will determine
the best treatment plan. Optimal results are achieved with
multiple treatments.
(80-150 per treatment)
Used to treat spider veins in conjunction with laser treatments.
Veins are injected with a sclerosing solution causing them to
collapse and fade.
(From 90 per treatment)
cosmetic surgery centre + medispa
• Laser Hair Removal
Complimentary Consultations are available to discuss
all treatment options so that we can provide you with
an individualized programme that is best suited to meet
your needs.
Our award- winning Elite® laser with Smartcool® is a
state-of-the art system, providing comfortable, efficient
and more reliable results than other methods for effective
permanent hair reduction.
Special package pricing is available on laser treatments
and peels.
(From 50 per treatment)
• Spider Vein Removal (Face + Legs)
Spider veins and broken capillaries on the legs and face are
safely and quickly removed.
(From 100 per treatment)
(All laser pricing is determined at consultation time based on
assessment of the individual’s skin and treatment area size).
cosmetic surgery centre + medispa