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2015 summer camps
Mad Science of Los Angeles is the leading provider of hands-on, interactive science
enrichment programming. For over 18 years, our classes, events, workshops, birthday
parties, and camps have allowed children to cultivate their interest in science by turning
abstract scientific concepts into tangible experiments. It is our mission to foster an
enthusiasm for learning and critical thinking in every student by bringing science to life!
Looking for the best destination for
your chiLd during their summer break?
check out what
mad science has to offer!
This summer, send your budding scientists on a journey of discovery with
Mad Science of Los Angeles! Designed for children from 6-12 years old,
our exciting summer camps help promote a lifetime of scientific engagement
by striking the perfect balance between entertainment and education.
From robotics to space to engineering, Mad Science offers a variety of themes that allow campers to delve deeper
into niche topics while spending an intensive, yet fun-filled week with fellow science enthusiasts. Our campers will
have the opportunity to engage and interact with our highly-trained and dynamic Mad Scientists, who will lead them
through an array of illuminating activities. Depending on the theme of the camp, your mini-Mad Scientist may:
· Interact and take part in a variety of games and activities
· Pour, swirl and mix to create amazing chemical reactions
· Participate in hands-on experiments and demonstrations
with their Mad Scientist
· Investigate scientific principles and the laws of physics
· Explore the wonders of space and aerodynamics
Mad Science Summer Camps aim to bolster your child’s aptitude for science
right from the beginning! From full day to half-day camps, our programming will
provide a truly unforgettable summer for your kids and leave them clamoring
for more!
We will be offering our summer camps throughout Los Angeles and Ventura
counties, between June and August of 2015. Please be sure to check out our
Summer Science Camps Page to find and register for a location near you!
ContACt InForMAtIon:
818.909.6777 [email protected]
Register now by visiting: losangeles.madscience.org
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camp offerings
for 20
(Ages 6-11 Years)
Let your imagination
take flight as we join
Sir Issac Newton and prepare
for aerospace adventures with his laws
of motion. Design, build, and test fantastic
flying creations including kites, planes, rockets,
hovercrafts, and more. Learn all about the Wright brothers
and their numerous contributions to aviation. Discover the
star secrets of the universe with your own planisphere.
Experiment with the laws of physics, gravity and motion
during this amazing week of hands-on fun.
(Ages 6-11 Years)
This is a camp designed to inspire the inventor and scientist
within! Each day campers will be given challenges, which
must be overcome by using basic materials, tips from world
famous inventors, newly acquired science knowledge, and,
most importantly, your mind! Thomas Edison said, “Invention
is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration,” and we say this
camp is sure to be 100% fun!
rED Hot roBotS!
(Ages 8-12 Years)
Join us for a week of fun with a variety of robotics and
automatons. Learn about the uses of robotics in our world.
Spend time playing, building, and experimenting with
different robot designs, as you
learn what makes a robot work.
Use your skills to build your very
own working robot (automaton)
to take home with you at
the end of camp. Join us
this summer in our Mad
Science world of robotics.
Due to the level of difficulty
in our building project,
all campers must be at
least 8 years of age.
This camp will require
an additional materials fee.
(Ages 6-11 Years)
Become a Mad Science secret spy and take
a fascinating journey into the world of
detection, forensics, and classified information. Learn coded
language to send secret messages as part of your mission.
Go undercover and decode messages from other agents using
your top-secret clearance. Investigate a mock crime scene and
sift through clues to crack the case. Join the Mad Science
Bureau of Investigation and sniff out forgeries and counterfeits.
Take home a cool detective kit, spyglasses, and more to
continue your path as an expert investigator after camp!
(Ages 6-11 Years)
Discover how things move with science. Join a team of camper
engineers and build bridges, domes, cubes and pyramids.
Assemble and control pulleys, levers, catapults, and simple
machines. Make your own sidewalk chalk and a bird house.
Take apart pellets to see what an owl cannot digest! View the
world through a crazy kaleidoscope!
(Ages 6-11 Years)
Shake up a flask of fun in the lab as a
junior chemist! These five half days of
chemistry are packed solid with cool
reactions. Campers learn to swirl, pour, and mix like a scientist!
Chill down and heat up at the atomic level with solids, liquids,
and gases. Learn how to handle laboratory tools, build and break
molecules, and pick up some tricks in making changes to the
state of matter. Hop on board the chemistry express this
summer for a high-speed science experience!
(Ages 6-11 Years)
From the Earth’s atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar
system, join us and discover the mysteries of space, planets,
stars, and more! Learn about the four forces of flight, living in
space, and the challenges of space travel.
Last but not least, learn about the secrets
of rocket science and even participate in
a rocket launch. Join our space academy
this summer for some out-of-this-world fun!
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