Environmental Teacher Workshop

Environmental Teacher Workshop
Where: Brookhaven National Laboratory
When: July 13-17 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Registration Deadline: June 5, 2015
Make Open Space Stewardship
Program a part of your classroom
and school.
v Explore the interdisciplinary nature of Open Space
Stewardship and how it can serve as a basis for multiple content
v Find open spaces near your school, and develop a plan for
implementing OSSP in your classroom.
v Learn about and practice field and hands-on techniques for
studying the environment.
v Examine ways to incorporate Open Space activities into your
school day.
v Correlate Open Space to local and state learning standards
and expectations.
v Instill an understanding of, and appreciation for, the outdoor
environment in your students.
This practical, hands-on workshop provides an opportunity to experience the equipment and field
techniques that are useful in Open Space Stewardship Program, and is being to offered to
teachers at no charge. Certificate of completion for 40 hours will be presented at the conclusion of
the workshop.
For more information and how to register, contact:
Mel Morris –(631) 344-5963 or [email protected]