Reviewing your Big Local plan

Reviewing your
Big Local plan
Why we review
What we have learnt about plan reviews from
our evaluation of the early years
The 9 review questions
Tools and templates to help you
Putting you in charge:
its your review, you choose!
Why review?
To see how you are doing
To help plan what you are going to next
To see what you have learnt
To know how the money is being spent
To tell your community what you are doing
To help us to know if Big Local is working
What the evaluation told us
The Big Local journey is up and down not a straight line of
progress – that’s Ok
Not everything works – we are not expecting everything to
work or run smoothly all the time
Some things seem too hard to measure
A pause to reflect and review was helpful… it can be hard to
find the time but its worth it
Some anxiety about reviews and evaluation… It’s too soon?
Where do we start? Do we need special skills and
knowledge? We need to focus on doing the work not
measuring the results? – you are in charge!
The 9 Questions!
What you will review:
Your Big Local plan
1. What has your Big Local area done against
what was in your plan?
2. What money have you spent?
The 9 Questions!
What you will review:
Your progress
3. What impact have you had?
4. What have you learnt?
5. Have you progressed on your vision and
6. Do you need to refresh your
vision and priorities?
The 9 Questions!
What you will review:
Big Local outcomes
7. How does this relate to the achievement of the
4 Big Local outcomes?
Communities will be better able to identify local needs and
take action in response to them.
People will have increased skills and confidence, so that they
continue to identify and respond to needs in the future.
The community will make a difference to the needs it
People will feel that their area is an even better place to live.
The 9 Questions!
So you’ve reviewed!
What next?
8. Do you need a new or revised plan, or will you
continue with the existing plan?
9. How do you know this is
what your community
Your review, you choose!
You decide how to review
You decide when to review
We will support you
Tools and templates to help
you review your plan
Annual review template
Checking your progress toolkit
“Headlines” report posters
Measuring what matters self-assessment
Big Local story mapping
How have areas reviewed?
In Lawrence Weston they used a Red, Amber,
Green (RAG) rating system for their activities:
Traffic Lights Rating
Investment /
Welcome Pack
Contribution to
Amber Green
Image' Project
(a) Annual
Event including
New Parks
Image Project
(c) Website
Will Sabido
Chase & prioritise
Make ALW website
more interesting,
updated articles,
recipes, tips, jokes to
make residents
search it more often
All the background
work done to inform
the design and
Doing the research
was good for the
Steering Group.
When it goes 'live'
the pack will boost
percections and the
image of the area.
Great successs.
Community brought
Confidence raised.
Inspiration for
future. New Parks
popular and wellused.
Within the Big Local
steering group;
informing Ambition
Lawrence Weston
reviews; a growing
appreciation of what
is good in Lawrence
How complex to run.
Level of planning
Costs involved.
How have areas reviewed?
In Allenton they created a step-by-step
approach to their review:
revisiting the vision – how does it sound
a year on?
reviewing the landscape – has anything
major changed locally we need to be
mindful of going forward?
How have areas reviewed?
reviewing the themes and activities
activity headings had short summaries, which
they then followed-up by answering some
quick questions about them together
they then marked all of their activities on a
grid called the Boston Matrix which uses 4
ideas to review progress
looking at the implications of their
review for the coming year and actions
Tools – the ‘Boston matrix’
Donkeys: not much effort, but not much
impact. So why are we doing this and how do
we move forward? Should we drop it?
Question marks: a lot of effort and not yet
much impact. So, what are the cost /
benefits? When and how do we expect
greater impact?
Community cows: low effort and high
impact. Sounds ideal, but how do we keep
this going and when do we know it is time to
Rising stars: a lot of effort and a lot of
impact: So, are we ok with the impact and
effort? What’s likely to change and what
should we do?
Who has done a plan review?
How did you go about it?
What did you learn?
How did you use the information from the
When you review next, what will you do
What is your top tip about reviewing?
What will you do?!
How shall we review?
Review meeting?
As we go along?
Tools and methods?
How have others reviewed?
What help will we need?
When shall we review?
Towards the end of the first year?
After we deliver something, eg the
summer activities?
When does the grant agreement
What info do we already have?
LTO reports on spend and
Evaluation forms from events?
Info from the community?
Evidence from others, eg police?
What info will we need to
Details of money spent from the
What does the community want us
to do now?
Tell us how you get on!
Contact: Jayne Humm
[email protected]
07815 596 487