Newcastle Big Local spring event agenda

Newcastle Big Local spring event agenda
Friday 17 April 2015, 10.30am – 3.30pm
Great North Museum, Hancock, Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4PT
Arrival, hot drinks and breakfast
Welcome, get to know each other activity and update on Big Local
Debbie Ladds, chief executive, Local Trust
Workshops – choose which workshops you want to attend
Digital activism
Get hands on with different digital platforms and
learn some new skills!
Raise your group’s profile with Twitter and build
an audience. Promote your activities and extend
your reach using Facebook. Discover tools for
crowd-sourcing to fund projects or start petitions.
Northern College is a training provider,
delivering courses for Big Local areas.
Building connections and networks for Big
What can we do to improve our high streets
and town centres?
Dyke House Big Local, also known as '10 years
from now' is putting itself at the heart of
developments taking place in the area. It is
working to ensure that the many partners,
programmes and stakeholders in the area are
connected. This is to minimise duplication but
also make sure that delivery is joined up and
that people have choices.
Over the last few years Julian has been working
on a new, citizen-centred approach to the future
of our high streets and town centres.
Hear examples of small-scale interventions that
communities have used to breathe life into local
high streets and town centres, leading to the
creation of more sustainable communities.
Hear how they are achieving this and explore
how you might do this in your Big Local area.
Kay Sidebottom, Northern College
Sacha Bedding, Wharton Trust and Dyke House
Big Local
Julian Dobson, Urban Pollinators
Margolis Wheel: the wisdom of groups
Social entrepreneurs and Star People
The Big Local game
Everyone has knowledge and experience worth
Star People is an additional source of funding
and support for Big Local areas. Star People
know their local area, the challenges it faces and
the opportunities and have a great idea to
benefit their community. We call these people
social entrepreneurs.
The Big Local game can be used as a tool to
help people think about prioritising and decisionmaking. It gets people thinking together about
different scenarios relevant to Big Local now.
The Margolis Wheel is a problem-solving
technique where people can help each other to
come up with solutions to the issues that they
By taking part in the Margolis wheel you’ll learn
how to use this technique in your own groups.
See how you could use the Big Local game with
groups of people in your area.
Find out how UnLtd support people to create a
culture of entrepreneurship within Big Local
areas, as well as support links between Star
People, Big Local partnerships and other local
and regional partners.
Sarah Donohoe, The National Association for
Neighbourhood Management
Rachel Rowney, Local Trust
Public speaking and presentation skills
Encouraging better money management
Reviewing your Big Local plan
Improve your public presence and engagement
skills to get your message across in a range of
different situations.
Central Jarrow Big Local have decided to invest
£20,000 in their local credit union, Bridges Your Community Bank, to encourage better
money management in the area.
How do you know Big Local is working in your
area? What do you need to know to plan what
you are going to do next?
Discover a number of techniques for
communicating clearly, how to prepare what you
want to say and how to put your point across in
a way that inspires.
Their new two year partnership will raise
awareness amongst residents that credit unions
offer an alternative source of borrowing to
payday loans and door step lenders.
An opportunity to look at what a plan review is
and how you might go about reviewing your Big
Local plan. Find out how Big Local areas have
carried out their reviews, share your experiences
and hear about the tools and help available
Anne Corrigan and Roy Merrin, Jarrow Big Local
Jayne Humm, Local Trust
Northern College is a training provider,
delivering courses for Big Local areas.
Kay Sidebottom, Northern College
Afternoon tea and cakes
What next?
Debbie Ladds, chief executive, Local Trust