Product Bulletin

Product Bulletin
May 13 , 2015
Trimble LOADRITE Distributor Confidential
Trimble LOADRITE X2350–2D scale for hydraulic
Trimble® LOADRITE® is pleased to announce the availability of the Trimble LOADRITE
X2350-2D payload measurement system for hydraulic excavators. The X2350-2D is a hydraulic
based payload measurement system for backhoe excavators, 12t to 125t class sizes.
X2350–2D Introduction
The X2350-2D system is a dynamic payload measurement system for hydraulic excavators. The
system will enable operators to weigh the material in the bucket in only 1.5 seconds with an
accuracy of ±3% when the machine is on level ground and not slewing.
The diagram below illustrates the components utilized in the system.
1. Rotary Position Sensors
2. X2350 Indicator
3. Pressure Transducers
4. Printer*
5. Data Communication*
*Optional Accessories
The X2350-2D system maintains the full weighing function and data management capability of the
full 3D system.
This document is for informational purposes only and is not a legally binding agreement or offer. Trimble makes no
warranties and assumes no obligations or liabilities hereunder.
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Weighing functions:
• Dynamic weighing
• Split function for truck/trailer loading
• Target mode
• Multiple attachment support (up to 4)
• Bucket overload warning
• Zero function
• Recall/Subtract function
Data functions:
• Product names
• Product short totals
• Product long totals
• Customizable data fields
• Total number of data items
• Auto target function
• Operator login
• On scale reporting
Yes (20 unique logins)
X2350-2D vs. X2350-3D
The X2350-2D system is best suited to customer applications with flat, level ground and where the
operator doesn’t require weighing while slewing. The X2350-3D system is the best option for
applications that require more operator freedom-of-movement, due to the pitch and slew
compensation feature. The X2350-2D is field upgradeable to the X2350-3D.
Your sales team can leverage the X2350-2D price point, or the X2350-3D according to the
customer’s needs and competitive situation. The X2350-3D upgrade kit also provides a follow-up
opportunity for your sales team.
The X2350-2D system does not include compensation for pitch/slew of the machine or bucket angle
during weighing. It is therefore recommended that all weighing is performed on level ground without
slewing, and a level bucket, in order to achieve accurate payload results.
It is not always possible to ensure that the machine is on a zero (level) gradient. Therefore if the
machine is on a gradient during weighing the operator should expect an impact on the weighing
accuracy. The following is a guideline for accuracy impact based on machine pitch (forward/back):
With the machine on a gradient of one degree or more you should expect a reduction
in weighing accuracy of approximately 0.5% per degree.
Although the X2350-2D does not include compensation for machine slewing during weighing we
cannot restrict the operator from doing so. Due to the fact that there is no compensation it is
expected that there will be an impact on the weighing accuracy of the X2350-2D when slewing.
As a guideline the following should be considered:
Slewing at greater than 10° per second while weighing will result in a reducing in accuracy of
If the bucket is not maintained in level position when weighing additional accuracy loss will occur.
30° from level will result in a 2% reduction in accuracy
For dealer distribution only
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Upgrading from 2D to 3D
If a customer wishes to add compensation for slewing, pitch and bucket angle for greater
weighing performance and fewer constraints, then there is an option to upgrade the X2350-2D
system to a full 3D system. There are two upgrade kits available, which include the following:
X2350-2D to X2350-3D Upgrade Kit (AAA-21043)
Part Number
Software Upgrade
Angle Sensor
Trigger Cable
X2350-2D to X2350-3D Upgrade Kit with Bucket Sensor (AAA-21044)
Part Number
Part Name
Software Upgrade
Angle Sensor
Trigger Cable
Bucket Sensor
Bucket Sensor Cable (20m)
The requirements and process of upgrading are detailed in Technical Bulletin 208, X2350-2D
Ordering information
Pricing information is available from the standard ordering portal. Please use the following part
numbers when ordering:
Part Number
Trimble LOADRITE X2350-2D System
X2350-2D to X2350-3D Basic Upgrade Kit
X2350-2D to X2350-3D Full Upgrade Kit with Bucket Sensor
Market Literature and Sales Tools
The following marketing literature and sales tools are available
• Trimble LOADRITE Comparison Sheet – Doc #: 022482-3135
• Technical Bulletin 208, X2350-2D Introduction – Doc #: 022482-3137
For more information
For more information please contact your Trimble LOADRITE Regional Manager.
For dealer distribution only
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