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At Willamette Family, Inc.
Willamette Family Inc.
1420 Green Acres Road
Eugene OR, 97408
We understand the devastating effects of alcohol and
drug dependence on the individual, on families, and
in the workplace.
Our entire staff is highly trained and knowledgeable
The mission of Willamette Family is to provide
about the disease of addiction and will take whatever
readily accessible, quality mental health and
time is needed to assist you. All you have to do is
substance abuse/addiction care for men, women,
pick up a phone and call (541) 338-9098.
youth, and families in an atmosphere that promotes
compassion, respect and well-being for all.
Willamette Family provides quality treatment
at affordable rates.
Oregon Health Plan
Private Insurance
Private Pay
Payment Plans Are Available
Treatment Philosophy
Willamette Family, Inc. offers gender-specific services
for women and families in need of mental health
and/or trauma treatment, as well as substance abuse
prevention and treatment. Our program uses an
integrated, holistic, strengths-based approach to sup-
Willamette Family has been serving Lane County
port healing and growth, including education and
for over 50 years, providing detox and treatment for
intervention for clients and families.
the chemically dependent. Our services include residential and outpatient treatment for men, women,
and adolescents, and an on-site child development
center for women with children ages 0-6 years.
For More Information Call
Willamette Family Inc.
1420 Green Acres Road Eugene, OR 97408
Men’s Treatment
Men’s Residential Services:
Willamette Family provides an intensive residential
treatment program for chemically dependent men in
a safe and non-threatening confidential environment.
The length of stay varies and is determined by assessment, treatment planning, and available funding. There
is a strong emphasis on anger management, relapse
prevention, and developing sober support systems enhanced by a committed and highly trained staff.
Services include education, group therapy, one-onone and family counseling, as well as referrals to
housing, educational, vocational, and employment
opportunities. It is the goal of Willamette Family to
help each client develop a drug and alcohol free life
style. Assisting the client’s transition back into the
community is of the utmost importance.
Education and training topics may
include the following:
Disease concepts of addiction
Denial/defense systems
Family dynamics
Relapse prevention planning
Cognitive restructuring
Men’s gender specific group
Parenting classes
Men’s Outpatient Services:
Willamette Family offers and evidence based outpatient model for chemically dependent men. Emphasis
is placed on abstinences, building support networks,
learning life and coping skills, and accessing community resources. Men’s outpatient services are conducted
in a safe, nurturing, and confidential environment. The
following tools and support are provided for the treatment of alcohol and drug dependence:
Screening and assessment
Group counseling
Alcohol & Drug education Relapse prevention
Individual counseling
Urinalysis monitoring
Treatment monitoring
On-site continuing care
Anger management
Parenting classes
Comprehensive Men’s
Treatment Services:
Screening, Assessment and Placement
Residential — Outpatient — Aftercare
Disease concepts of addiction
Denial/defense systems
Family dynamics
Group counseling
Individual counseling
Family counseling
Treatment monitoring
Anger management
Alcohol & Drug education
Relapse prevention
Men’s gender issues
Services provided by appointment only