DetOx Pricelist

27-35 / 268 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW, 2022
1300 Cleanse or 1300 253 267 or (02) 9388 9898
Prices relate to the experience of therapists.
Dietary Assessment, Health Programs
BMI Assessments
Nutrition Consultations from:
60min $120.00
Naturopathic Consultations
60min $180.00
90min $250.00
Western Herbal Medicine
Iridology, Sclerology,
60min $180.00
90min $250.00
Ear Candling
Live Blood Analysis
Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment
Refer to DETOXologie website for
package deals
Power Cleanse
Pure internal Salt & Bentonite
powder cleanses
From $20.00
Clay cleanse for internal & external
From $20.00
Oxy Colon
Magnesium oxide and sulphate
From $30.00
Liquid Cleanse
Liver Cleanse
From $30.00
Digestive Tonics
From $30.00
Parasite Tonic
From $30.00
DETOX in a Box
Take home DETOX packs
4 types to choose from:
Cleanse, Rebalance, Rejuvenate & Heal
Refer to DETOXologie website
Herbal Teas 40g / 80g
Home grown, organic selection of the finest teas
available. Cleanse, Rebalance, Rejuvenate & Heal
Colonic Treatment
All treatments are done in the privacy of Detoxologie’s state of the art Hydrotherapy
Room using the latest open system.
A colonic hydrotherapy session involves:
The gentle filling and emptying of the colon with warm filtered water helping to
improve peristaltic movement, which is the muscular contraction by which the colon
moves naturally. The warm water flowing is stimulating the bowel wall keeping it
healthy. When problems such as constipation occur, the colon alters shape as the
bowel stores more waste matter. The action of the colon hydrotherapy treatment,
combined with the massage technique of the practitioner helps to eliminate the
pockets of waste enabling the colon to return to its natural state.
Each treatment includes:
• 45 minute colonic hydrotherapy treatment.
• A refreshing electrolytes drink / herbal tea for improved hydration.
• An Information Package containing sheets on: Post Treatment Care, Hydration
and Food to avoid after treatment.
Colon Hydrotherapy $129
3 sessions $360
Buy 4 get 1 free - Buy 8 get 1 free
√√ Improve bowel function and
√√ Renew energy and vitality
√√ Relieve flatulence and bloating
√√ Feel more youthful
√√ Improve concentration
√√ Relieve lower back pain
√√ Clear Sclera (whites of the eye)
√√ Strengthen Immune System
√√ Better digestion
√√ Relieve headaches
√√ Help IBS
√√ Help with weight management
√√ Improve complexion
√√ Clear skin disorders, rashes and boils
√√ Eliminate parasites
√√ Help with PMT/ PMS
√√ Eliminate foul smelling stools
√√ Help Candida/over load of Yeast/
√√ Bad breath (Halitosis)
Cleanse Facials
Start your skin DETOX journey by choosing a facial
from our ‘Cleanse’ phase. Each facial includes a skin
consultation, deep cleanse and exfoliation.
Mini Pick Me Up
For all skin types
Deep Cleanse
Extractions Included
For all skin types
AHA Purifying Facial
Not suitable for hypersensitive skin
Mens Hydraluxe Facial
Facial includes AHA scrub to
deep cleanse, hydration cream
to soften, rehydrate and relieve
(recommended for dehydrated or
razor sensitive skin types). Facial
is finished with a Skin Nourishing
Rebalancing Facials
Each 45 minute facial ritual includes deep cleanse,
exfoliation, mineral mask plus a 15 minute comforting
upper body hot stone massage. Stones are placed
on the upper Body Chakras to rebalance the energy
flow, while enjoying a relaxing head, neck & shoulder
massage. Choose from:
60min $109.00
Pure Lavender (Sensitive skin)
De-stress, calm and soothe sensitive
skin with our pure Lavender
essential oil Mineral Mask.
Anti–inflammatory ingredients help
de-sensitise, rebalance blemished
skin texture assisting with the
healing process.
Black Seaweed (Oily/Combination) 60min $109.00
Rebalance oily/blemished skin. Our
unique Seaweed-formulated mask
packed with essential nutrients help
to regulate breakouts and control
excessive oil flow.
Pure Rose (Mature/Sun damaged)
Helps to restore sun damaged,
aged and uneven skin types.
The blend of pure essential oil of
Bulgarian rose infused through this
mask assist in cell regeneration and
60min $109.00
24 Carat Gold (All skin types)
Our most extravagant mask! Tackle
signs of ageing by rebalancing
collagen levels within your skin.
Packed with essential nutrients, this
mask also helps to remove toxins
that build up in our skin over the
years, resulting in brighter, supple,
younger looking skin.
60min $109.00
Rejuvenate Facials
Heal Facial
Just as your body needs to be rejuvenated with
essential nutrients and minerals so too does your skin.
Rejuvenation is made easy by using a pure Collagen
Fleece Mask added to each of the facials below. Each
mask is formulated and impregnated with freeze dried
collagen peptides and natural herbs that penetrate
the epidermal layer of your skin to replace depleted
collagen and encourage your skins natural ability to
produce new collagen and cell regeneration.
The last stage of your skin DETOX journey is to heal.
Each facial ritual includes a pressure point and
lymphatic drainage massage to encourage circulation
and toxin removal. A 100% Hylauronic Acid ampoule
is worked into the skin using stimulation methods that
awaken and revitalize skin and mind. Choose either:
Pamper your skin with one of our pure delicious
Egyptian cloth mask facials. Our cloth masks are
embedded and soaked in rich herbal oils which absorbs
into the skin with the help of a hot towel wrap.
Each facial ritual includes a scalp massage and
a relaxing European facial massage using an
Aromatherapy oil blend customized to your individual
needs. Both facials include a soothing collagen eye
mask to brighten and tighten under the eyes. Choose
Pomegranate and Vit C
Suitable for mature, dehydrated,
sun damaged skin
60min $139.00
Rich Caviar
Suitable for dry/dehydrated/sun
damaged skin.
Ultra Calming Aloe Vera
Suitable for sensitive, acne,
blemished and rosacea skin type
60min $139.00
White Truffle
Suitable for Mature/dull/lack lustre
60min $149.00
60min $149.00
MediSkin Clinic
Ageless Peel
45min $120.00
A medical-grade anabolic peel
which contain potent antioxidant
and amino acid complex to
target visible signs of ageing and
sun damage. This revolutionary
peel works on a dermal level
to encourage normalised cell
production resulting in a revitalized,
smoother and more even- toned
Purple Peel
Intensive Skin peeling system
designed to accelerate skin
regeneration and resurfacing.
Uses of blend of Lactic, Glycolic
and Mandelic Acid to peel, renew,
brighten and resurface the skin.
Being such an intensive peel results
will be seen immediately.
60min $150.00
Ask your therapist to design a combination
package for your personal requirements
MediSkin Clinic
Medical Micro Collagen Induction Therapy
(Skin Needling)
Surgical grade stainless steel needles are gently rolled
over the skin, thus creating a natural skin reaction
where circulation is increased and tiny electrical
signals are triggered. This creates a biological chain of
events where essential minerals, proteins and collagen
are discharged and regenerated. After a course of
treatments, the skin is visibly revitalized, strengthened
and replenished. Please see our website for more
information or speak to our in-clinic skin specialists
about an individualized treatment plan.
1 Session
60min $349.00
3 Session
60min $899.00
Ice-Roller Therapy
Recommended after each needling
60min $349.00
30min $249.00
Back exfoliation, extraction &
calming mask
45min $120.00
Eyes are the window
to the soul
Maintain your eyes with our organic range of wax
and tints.
Eyebrow Styling (Wax or tweeze)
Eyebrow Tint
Eyelash Tint
Eyes Package
Including eyebrow shape and tint,
eyelash tint
Lip Wax
Chin Wax
Swedish / Relaxation /
Remedial (Deep Tissue)
60min $100.00
Lymphatic Massage
60min $150.00
Hot Stone
30min $100.00
60min $150.00
60min $120.00
No massage
Anti-Cellulite Cupping
with Massage
60min $150.00
Shiatsu Foot Massage
Thai Stamping
60min $150.00
90min $195.00
Thai Massage
60min $120.00
Other Services
BodyDetox Menu
Colon Cleanse
Liver Cleanse
Kidney Cleanse
Gallbladder Cleanse
Diuretic Cleanse
3 Day Quick Cleanse
Fat Flush / Anti-Cellulite Cleanse
Juice / Soup Cleanse
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De-Stress Cleanse
Energise & Repair Cleanse
Food Intolerance Cleanse
Anti-Aging Cleanse
Clean, Green & Lean Cleanse
Quantum Wellness - 30 Day Full Cleanse
To assist with your DETOX journey, we offer:
Alkaline waters
Organic fresh DETOX juices
Homemade DETOX soups
Herbal DETOX teas
Cleanse, Rebalance, Rejuvenate & Heal
Handmade Glass Infusers
Powder cleanses
Full Herbal dispensary
DETOXologie take home packs
Refer to our therapists to assist you with your
DETOXologie’s DETOX in a Box
Cleanse, Rebalance, Rejuvenate & Heal
Refer to our therapists to assist you with your
DETOXologie’s Foot Patches
DETOXologie’s Foot Wraps
DETOXologie’s Anti-Cellulite Body Wraps
Food intolerance testing