Case Study: Business Package - 30kW

Case Study: Business Package - 30kW
YEAR 1 - 5 RENTAL PERIOD YEAR 6 & ON $1,746 Cash
Positive Annually $11,537 Cash Save Over $338,000
Positive Annually In Total!
$10,289 Cash Positive
During Rental Period
Jarrett Nissan is a South Australian owned
business that has been running for more
than 60 years. With their impressive
showroom floor and extensive service
business, their electricity bills in 2012
amounted to $20,000 with a usage of
What did we recommend?
A 30kW system which had an out of
pocket expense after rebates of $38,000
or a monthly rental cost of $779 and will
offset $922 per month on average. This is
a cash positive investment from year 1.
Expected Savings:
• Total savings over 25 year investment
• Net Present Value of investment
• $2,057 average annual savings over
and above rental costs in first 5 years
• $11,537 annual savings after 2018 when
rental period ends
Jarrett Nissan, Bridgewater SA
“To know that we could get an investment that was going
to pay for itself in under 4 years and bring over $300,000
in future electricity savings.... it was a very easy decision.”
Electricity production vs consumption
Case Study: Business Package - 30kW
Cash benefits of solar on rental - 30kW Commercial
Alarm enabled monitoring
notifies you and Living
Energy of any downtime
Out of pocket expense - $38,000 or Monthly Rental Cost of $779
for period of 5 years
• System will offset an average of $922 per month
• Expected savings in year 1: $1746
• Expected average annual savings for first 5 years: $2057 pa
• Expected annual savings beyond 2018: $11,537 pa
• Total savings expected over system lifetime: $164,000
• Investing in solar is cash positive from year 1
Experienced in house
installation team