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Join Us for our 74th Annual Meeting
As a credit union member, you are also an owner with a voice and a vote in your
financial cooperative. One way to express this voice is at the Annual Meeting and
Election where you’ll have the opportunity to get involved, get informed, and get
connected to other members.
Every year our members come together in celebration of the cooperative spirit.
It’s a chance to discuss and learn about the state of the credit union including
accomplishments and innovations over the past year; hear from credit union leadership
about future goals; and even take part in the election of incoming credit union officers.
WHAT Annual Meeting
WHEN May 3, 2015
WHERE Pgh Airport Marriot
Sunday Brunch 11:00am- 12:30pm
Meeting & Elections 12:30pm - 1:15pm
Door Prizes 1:15pm-2:00pm
A Breakfast of Distinction
Assorted Juice, Fresh-cut Fruit, Assortment of Breakfast Pastries,
Variety of Cold Cereals, Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Chives, French Toast with
Warm Maple Syrup and Whipped Butter, Bacon and Sausage, Breakfast Potatoes,
Starbucks™ Coffee, Herbal Tea, Decaffeinated Coffee
Annual Meeting – May 3, 2015
Reservation Form
$10.00/member • $5.00/children under 10 • $15.00/guest (non-credit union member)
Spring 2015
We Have the
Financial Products
and Services You
Share Accounts
Share Draft (Checking)
VISA® Credit Cards
IRA Accounts
Christmas Club Accounts
Vacation Club Accounts
Loans For:
Cars and Trucks
Home Improvements
Bill Consolidation
Moving Expenses
Pay Day Loans
…or any other
worthwhile purpose
Name:_____________________________ Phone #:______________________________
Address:____________________________ Member #:____________________________
Guest Names:_____________________________________________________________
# _____ of Adults: x $10 = ______________
# _____ of Children: x $ 5 = ______________
# _____ of Guests/Non Members: x $15 = ______________
Total Enclosed
$ _____________
❏ Check Enclosed
❏ Charge My Share Account
Return in person
or by mail by April 30, 2015.
Little Giant Federal Credit Union
600 Chartiers Avenue
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Holiday Closings
Friday, April 3
Monday, May 25
focuspoints • Little Giant Federal Credit Union
Attention Members
Introduce your family and co-workers to the benefits of membership
in Little Giant Federal Credit Union. Refer a family member or coworker during the month of May and you will both get a free gift.
Simply give them the form below to complete and you can make
copies if you need to and return the completed form to the Credit
Union. The gift cannot be mailed so it will need to be picked up at the
Credit Union Office
Little Giant FCU Membership Application Account #_______________________
Primary Owner Name
Social Security No. (Tax ID)
Home Address (Street & No.)
Date of Birth
Employer (Include Department)
Home Phone
Work Phone
Driver’s License No.
Email AddressMember Relative
Joint Owner Name
Social Security # (Tax ID)
Home Address (Street & No.)
Date of Birth
Work Phone
Home Phone
Driver’s License No.
CERTIFICATION – Under penalties or perjury, I certify that:
1) The number shown on this form is my correct taxpayer identification number (or what I am waiting for a number to
be issued to me), AND
2) I am not subject to backup withholding either because I have not been notified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
that I am subject to backup withholding as a result of failure to report all interest and dividends, or the IRS has notified
me that I am no longer subject to backup witholding (does not apply to real estate transactions, mortgage interest paid,
the acquisition or abandonment of secured property, contributions to an individual retirement account (IRA), and payments other than interest and dividends.)
3) I am a U.S. person (including a U.S. resident alien).
Certification Instructions: Cross out item (2) above if you have been notified by the IRS that you are currently subject to
backup withholding because of underreporting interest or dividends on your tax return.
NOTE: To process your application, both sides of the card must be completed and signed.
I hereby make application for membership in the credit union named below, and agree to conform to its bylaws and
amendments hereof, copies of which have been made available to me, and to subscribe for at least one (1) share.
Statutory Lien if you are in default on a financial obligation to us, federal law gives us the right to apply the balance of
shares and dividends in your account(s) at the time of default to satisfy that obligation. Once you are in default, we may
exercise this right without further notice. By signing this card, you authorize the credit union to obtain credit reports in
connection with this application for membership, services and/or credit, and for update, renewal or extension of the
credit received, if applicable. If you request, the credit union will tell you the name and address of any bureau from
which it receives a credit report on you.
The Internal Revenue Services does not require your consent to any provision of this document other than the certifications required to avoid backup withholding.
Primary Owner (signature)________________________________________________ Date _______________
Joint Owner (signature) ___________________________________________________ Date_______________
Enclose a minimum initial deposit of $5.25. Photocopy of picture ID required.
Joint Share Account Agreement (*Not Transferable)
Little Giant Federal Credit Union is hereby authorized to recognize any of the signatures subscribed in the payment
of funds or the transaction of any business for this account. The joint owners of this account hereby agree with each
other and with said credit union that all sums now paid in on shares, or heretofore or hereafter paid in on shares
by any and all of said joint owners to their credit as such joint owners with all accumulations thereon, are and shall
be owned by them jointly, with right of survivorship and be subject to the withdrawal or receipt of any of them, and
payment to any of them or the survivor or survivors shall be valid and discharge said credit union from any liability
for such payment. The joint owners also agree to the terms and conditions of the account as established by the credit
union from time to time.
Any or all of said joint owners may pledge all of any part of the shares in this account as collateral security to a loan
or loans from the credit union.
The right of authority of the credit union under this agreement shall not be changed or terminated by said owners,
or any of them except by written notice to the credit union which shall not affect transactions theretofore made.
For Internal Use Only
(person represented approval of application)
Teach Your Children Financial
Are your kids on the right track to financial
For many of today’s young adults, the weakest
link lies in learning the basics. According to a
2014 survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of
Junior Achievement USA (2014 Teens and Personal
Finance Survey), 40% of teens do not have a savings
account, checking account, or debit or credit card,
and 59% of teens do not have money management
classes offered at their schools.
Achieving economic prosperity is difficult, and
it’s especially hard for young people who’ve never
learned how to manage money.
Your credit union is ideally positioned to
respond because we believe in the power of
education. We’re here to help you launch the youth
in your life toward financial independence, and
here’s how:
Join. For starters, open a credit union savings
account for each child in your family. As soon as
your children can write, have them fill out deposit
and withdrawal slips. Guide teenagers through
using a debit card and tracking transactions.
Share. Include your children in household
money discussions. Show them how you budget
income and expenses. As their skills improve, give
them challenges – such as finding a better cell phone
plan, calculating the total monthly cost of owning
a car, or sticking to a budget for back-to-school or
holiday spending.
Coach. Remind your children to ask for help
when they need it. And turn to your credit union
when you want help. Our tradition of service and
philosophy of self-help make Little Giant FCU
and all credit unions a natural partner in pursuing
financial security.
We’re here to help. For more information, contact
Little Giant FCU at 412-771-6400.
Vehicle Loans
Remember to contact your credit union for the
best rates in town.
Whether you are purchasing a new or used auto
or if you are considering refinancing your auto with
the credit union. Check with us first for the rates!
Little Giant Federal Credit Union • focuspoints
Member Survey
Account Number ____________________________________________
Place of Employment __________________________________________
Completing and returning this survey will help ensure that you continue to receive
the highest possible quality of member benefits your Credit Union has to offer.
1. What do you like best about belonging to Little Giant FCU?
2. What do you like least?
3. How likely are you to refer a co-worker or family member to join Little Giant FCU?
4. Do you use our website or voice response features?
5. On the scale below, how would you rate customer service at Little Giant FCU?
Average Outstanding
6. Please list below suggestions or anything that you would like to see your
Credit Union do?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey it does help us know how
we are doing. You can go to our internet teller and click on complete survey then
submit it or it can be dropped off at our office or you can mail it to Little Giant
Federal Credit Union: 600 Chartiers Avenue, McKees Rocks, PA 15136.
Signature Loan Special Save 2% APR
Borrow or refinance your signature loan to $7500.00 for anything from
vacation, home repairs or whatever your needs may be at 6.9% APR for up to 60
months. Why not take advantage of this great rate? Payroll deduction is a great
way not to worry about making monthly payments. Apply for a signature loan and
do some of the things that you have been putting off. Give us a call today!
Does not apply to 1st year members.
Help Little Giant Federal Credit Union
celebrate YOUTH MONTH
Color the enclosed picture or stop in the office and pick one
up and help us celebrate National Credit Union Youth Week.
All entries need to be submitted to the office no later than
April 30, 2015.
All entries will receive a Little Giant $5.00 cash match
coupon to open an account.
The top 3 place winners will receive
1st place $20.00
2nd place $15.00
3rd place $10.00
Which will be used to open an account with the Little Giant FCU as well as a
$5.00 McDonalds Gift Card. Please encourage your children to participate. This is
a great way for them to start learning to save.
Accounts must be opened to receive the McDonalds Gift Card. Participants must
be 15 years of age or younger and a parent must be a credit union member.
Good Luck! Winners will be chosen at our Annual Meeting on May 3, 2015.
The Benefits of
Belonging to a Credit
Credit unions are non-profit
organizations. The sole purpose for
a credit union’s existence means that
it should have your best interests at
heart, and not the bottom line of the
Because they follow a cooperative
structure, credit unions are owned
and operated by their members. Upon
making the initial deposit, members
are granted voting rights along with a
surplus income returned in the form
of dividends because cooperatives
are owned and operated by members.
Remember, you, as a member, have a
say in how the credit union operates.
Little Giant FCU is governed by a Board
of Directors. Members can contact
the Credit Union and communicate
questions, concerns, or suggestions
to the Board of Directors. The Credit
Union also has an annual meeting
whereby all members are encouraged to
attend. In addition, you can get involved
and provide direct input. The Credit
Union currently has open positions
on the Board of Directors and various
committees. Contact the Credit Union to
see how you can get involved and make a
VISA® Credit Card
Introductory Rate
4.9% APR*
Do you have credit cards with a
high balance? Why not consider taking
a VISA® Credit Card from your credit
union at this great rate for 6 months.
You can use it to pay off balances with a
higher rate. No balance transfer fees.
Call us today for an application!
*New Cards only
NAME______________________________ AGE______ PARENT NAME______________________________
Start the Year Off Right
Our Condolences
Get Your FREE Annual Credit Report
We have recently lost 2 of our Board of
Directors Harry Bier and Paul Foster. Harry
was an employee of Pittsburgh and Lake Erie
Railroad and was a member of the board
for a number of years. Paul Foster was an
employee of Matthews International and
became a board member when their credit
union merged into Little Giant. They put a
lot of time volunteering into the credit union
with mailings, monthly meetings and helping
the credit union grow and move forward.
They will be sadly missed. Please remember
them in your prayers.
You are entitled to receive one free credit report every 12 months from
each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies (Equifax,
Experian, and TransUnion). This free credit report can be requested online at, by phone, or by mail. When
requesting your credit report through the web
site, you receive a report immediately. It is so
easy! Nowadays credit reports are being used
for everything from setting insurance rates to
evaluating job candidates. So making sure your
report is accurate could save you some money.
Get your free report today!
Little Giant Federal Credit Union
600 Chartiers Avenue
Mckees Rocks, PA 15136
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Contact Us
600 Chartiers Avenue, Mckees Rocks, PA 15136
(412) 771-6400 • Fax (412) 771-2478
Monday-Thursday : 8:00 am - 4:45 pm
Friday: 8:00 am - 4:15 pm
Our Duquesne University Office has moved to:
Libermann Bldg. Room 106
600 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 391-1340
Tuesday and Thursday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Voice Response System:
(412) 771-1383
To report lost or stolen VISA® Card: 800-991-4961
To report lost or stolen Debit Card: 800-991-4965
AFLAC Available
Little Giant is pleased to announce three AFLAC programs available
direct to members. The plans are:• Accident
• Cancer
• Critical Care and Recovery
(includes heart attack and stroke)
These plans can be paid for directly out of your account and are available
to members under the age of 65. Members can protect themselves, their
spouses, and their children up to the age of 26. These plans are all guaranteed renewable and have rate stability, so the amount you pay stays the same
even if you move into a higher age bracket. We have information in our office
that we can send out to you. If you would like to sign up for any of the plans
you can contact the Little Giant AfLAC agent Michael Murtough at 412320-3709 or you can email him at [email protected]