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Liteye Systems and Unmanned Experts Announce the
Release of New UAV Thermal Payload, Powered by DRS
The “Aquila Micro” thermal UAV payload begins shipping to pre-booked customers today; it is the
first UAV system to receive a “Powered by DRS” product accreditation.
Centennial CO, USA, May 5th, 2015 – Liteye Systems, Inc. (www.Liteye.com), a
designer and manufacturer of covert thermal cameras, and Unmanned Experts,
(www.unmannedexperts.com), a top provider of unmanned consultancy, training, and
services, today released their first collaboration in a line of thermal imaging UAV
payloads. This new payload is the first of its kind to carry the “Powered by DRS”
accreditation. (www.drsinfrared.com).
The new Aquila Micro thermal payload was designed for easy integration into today’s
most prevalent Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s). With full on-board controls
accessible, the unit only weighs 95g and features in its small, but rugged, IP67 housing;
DRS Technologies’ Tamarisk® thermal camera core with 320x240 resolution
and uncooled VOx Microbolometer
60fps, NTSC or PAL output
Polarity, 1x-4x zoom, & DRS’ proprietary Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE™)
Integrated automatic shutter for high-quality imagery
The built-in automatic shutter is a vital component for UAV pilots who require detailed
and reliable image quality and accurate thermal data. This is distinct advantage over
competing thermal payloads with shutter-less operation that often requires additional
design investments or altered flight plans to compensate for the lack of a shutter.
“Today we are launching a product that has been needed in the UAV and UV markets”
Said President of Liteye Systems, Tom Scott, “We are very proud that all our efforts
have been rewarded in being the very first UAV payload to receive the coveted
Powered by DRS accreditation”
The Aquila Micro will have three lens options available: a 42°, 24°, and 16° horizontal
fields of view. All three are athermalized, hard coated, all weather lenses, providing the
user years of crystal clear images.
“The whole payload has been designed from start to finish to last.” Said David Prall,
Chief Operation Officer at Unmanned Experts. “When Liteye and Unmanned Experts
teamed up we wanted to bring a payload to market that would not only withstand the
early flights of a novice pilot, but also the rigorous life of a service UAV that is flown
commercially, on a daily bases, sometimes on dangerous missions. We wanted the best
image quality without compromising on toughness, and that’s what DRS Tamarisk
thermal core helped us accomplish!”
With over 600,000 drones sold to date in the US the Aquila Micro will have a large
audience. From the do-it-yourself enthusiast to the commercial UAV pilot this payload
will be easy to integrate and even easier to use.
“We’ve seen the demand for thermal imaging in UAV applications steadily grow over the
past few years,” said Todd Brown, DRS Technologies’ Senior Director of Worldwide
Commercial Sales and Marketing. “Through strategic collaboration, innovative products
like the Aquila Micro will provide the comprehensive payload solutions that the end-user
The Aquila Micro begins shipping today to pre-booked customers and is available for
immediate orders. The unit ships with cable terminated in power, video, and 3 JR style
servo connectors that connect to Aux channels on an RC receiver. This allows the
operator to select polarity settings, zoom, as well as different levels of image
enhancement in real time. Providing the best possible picture, day or night, any weather
conditions. Custom mounting, DVR recorders, and other accessories available, contact
us today to discuss your needs.
For more information on the new Aquila Micro visit www.Liteye.com – or contact a UAV
expert at either [email protected] or 720-974-1766, ext.111.
About Liteye Systems (www.liteye.com)
Liteye Systems, Inc. is a world leader in rugged head-mounted-displays (HMD), micro imaging
viewfinders, Blighter ground surveillance radars, and its ‘Aquila’ line of thermal surveillance systems. All
of its cutting edge solutions feature revolutionary designs in optics, electronics, ergonomics, and form
factors that enable a broad range of military and commercial applications. Liteye’s research and
development team delivers sophisticated custom packages to some of the world's largest companies,
government agencies, and military organizations. Headquartered in Centennial Colorado, the company
has offices in the UK and representatives worldwide.
About Unmanned Experts (www.unmannedexperts.com):
Unmanned Experts is a Colorado Corporation providing world class UAS training, consultancy and
Managed Services. Our Team of professionals has over 25,000 flying hours on UAS platforms and over
35,000 flying hours on manned aircraft. Unmanned Experts is staffed by UAS and Remotely Piloted
Aircraft System (RPAS) pilots, operators and maintainers as well as specialists with expertise
In all areas of unmanned operations, providing dependable; approachable and affordable mentorship in
the UAS sector.
About DRS Technologies (www.drsinfrared.com):
DRS Technologies is a leading supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces,
intelligence agencies and prime contractors worldwide and is a two-time recipient of the Defense Security
Service Award for Excellence in Counterintelligence as well as three James S. Cogswell Awards for
Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Finmeccanica
SpA, which employs approximately 70,000 people worldwide. DRS’ Commercial Infrared Systems line of
advanced electro-optical sensor systems to include cooled and uncooled infrared camera modules, and
thermal detectors is developed and manufactured in Dallas, Tex. and Melbourne, Fla.
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